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Prediction: Cameras and other recording devices will soon be banned from TSA checkpoints.


  1. Tramatize a little boy – why?? Because Janet & Obama want total control over We the People. Afterall they are NOT looking for terrorists because their aren’t any – remember these are man-caused disasters.

  2. There are reports that the TSA is confiscating cameras or telephones if they catch anyone recording TSA in action.

  3. And now they’re working on getting unionized. Wonderful.

  4. The bright side:

    Government run “airport security” will give us a good indication about its capabilities in dealing with health care!

  5. TSA was brought to us by Republicans and Bush.

    Chertoff’s company produces the machines.

    Don’t try to make this a Democrat thing.

    Both Republicans AND Democrats were wrong.

    Republicans created an internal domestic spy agency to harass and surveill Americans. What did they expect would happen when Dems took it over?

  6. “Security” LOL.

    Before the 1968 GCA act, the most airport “security” asked you is if you wanted to stow your gun in the coat rack or above your seat.

    Guess how many hijackings there were?


    Follow the constitution.

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