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I initially wasn’t going to post this video on Sonoran Alliance but after reviewing the video, I think it’s important for many Republicans to realize the “battle” taking place here in Arizona over the direction of the Republican party. This video clip shows an incident that occurred in Legislative District 19 on Thursday night. Earlier a vote had been taken and agreed to by the quorum present to close voting at 7:40 PM. Minutes prior to the time deadline, warnings were issued for everyone to get in line in order for their ballots to be accepted in the ballot box. The man seen here in the plaid jacket stood in front of the ballot box for an unreasonable amount of time as many people witnessed him attempt to conduct a stalling maneuver. Once the voting was announced to be closed, the following incident occurred.

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Leadership of the meeting finally allowed him to vote at which point he placed a multitude of ballots into the box.

For the first time in four years, the room was packed with people who had never shown up at a district meeting. Many of the party faithful were wondering who or where these precinct committeeman came from not ever having attended a meeting for the district. One of the most diligent members of LD-19 who has overseen the attendance of precinct committeemen for over a decade, asked the questions everyone else wanted to know. Who are you? Where did you come from? And will you be coming to the future meetings? Many of the new people were not TEA Party members from either the Red Mountain TEA Party or East Valley TEA Party. Regarding the man in the plaid jacket, many TEA Party members claimed to have never seen the man in attendance at any TEA Party events.


  1. Who WAS the man in the plaid jacket?

  2. This is a sad testimony to the state of the Republican party and its ability or lack of ability to unify all Republicans.

    Unfortunatly behavior of this nature can be witnessed in many Republican legislative Districts today. Simply put, it is a matter of power and control for we have too many whom want to control everything and unfortunatley, many today do not understand what it means to be a Statesman” in both action and behavior. In my opinion, all involved here have demonstrated immature behavior. All Republicans need to understand that strength and power is not manifest in behaviors of this nature. Shouting, yelling and agressively demanding serves no constructive purpose. Although I do not personally know the individuals at this meeting I am ashamed of all.

  3. protectourliberties says:

    I was also there. The bottom line is, the man was in line before the appointed time deadline, and they still attempted to take the ballot box away before he could put his ballots in. That was wrong. No matter how long it took him to finish filling out his ballot, they were required by their own rules to allow him to complete them and turn them in because he was in line before the deadline. PERIOD. Do we live by the rule of law, or not? It is a clear-cut case.

    OF COURSE there were people at the meeting who had never been there before. Many new PCs were elected in August, the election results finalized in September. This LD19 meeting was held in November, only 3 meetings later. Actually, I was one of those new PCs, and I was accused of never having been at a meeting before this famous LD19 Election meeting, but it was actually the 3rd meeting I had attended since my election in August. You can’t possibly memorize every person who comes and goes in those meetings.

    And, to the previous commenter, yes, sometimes you have to shout to stand up for what is right when your whispers go unheeded. The district leaders continued to carry the ballot box away after the man pointed out that his ballots needed to still go in. No voices were raised until they ignored him and continued to carry the box away.

    But, let’s not let these facts get in the way of a good story.

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