The Ol’ Progressive Rears his Ugly Head – McCain Hacks Steal LD11 Seats

So-Called “Sound Advice” claims there was a ‘Sea Change’ in LD11 elections.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  This McCain hack is simply propagandizing the real story of what happened in the home District for Progressive Senator John McCain.  McCain’s faux conservatism is gone now that the election is over.  Instead, the Grant Woods/McCain wing of Democrats in Disguise worked a deceitful sleight of hand and stopped the election of solid Conservatives, like Randy Pullen and Rob Haney to the State GOP Convention. When “Sound Advice” (Lisa James?) wrote that Randy is viewed as untrustworthy and ineffective by the grassroots in the party, nothing could be further from the Truth!  He/She is simply trying to mislead everyone.   Spin is just another word for lying!

The real story of what happened was aptly explained at “Seeing Red AZ” article at the following link and pasted below: s-attempt-to-wrest-az-gop-control/

McCain forces attempt to wrest AZ GOP control

The Republican intra-party activities playing out in legislative district meetings around the state are anything but benign. Precinct committeemen, who were elected on the August primary election ballot, are now engaging in the important elections for their own district officers and state committeemen posts. They in turn, will elect state party officers.

The normally routine elections are fast turning into a referendum on McCain‘s influence. Last evening, in McCain’s home District 11, the long knives were out as the liberal wing of the Republican Party took out conservatives in a bloodbath that included keeping state Republican Chairman Randy Pullen from serving as a state committeeman. This means he is not able to run for reelection as the state chairman.

Pullen is currently Treasurer of the Republican National Committee.

This McCain power grab is stunningly inconsistent with the citizen activism witnessed in the retaking of congressional seats being reclaimed by conservatives in CD 1 and 5, as well as the exceedingly close races waged by GOP Platform-based newcomers against entrenched liberals Grijalva and Giffords. The Arizona state legislature is solidly in conservative hands.

The McIdeologues are beholden to the open-border business interests desirous of a continued flow of exploitable, low wage illegal workers. American citizens should come first, particularly in these difficult economic times, but when you’re married to an Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship heiress and have millions left from a failed presidential bid, fiscal policies take on a different hue.

We are watching another dose of top-down politics, pushed by the McCain/Kyl establishment.  It matters not that it has resulted in grand losses in the past. This is being foisted by an angry contingent who should ply their trade in alleys rather than in the inner circles of respectability.

 One bright note is the state committeeman slot won by Tom Husband.


  1. Different Tom Husband. That Tom Husband lives in LD8 and was not elected as a PC…again.

    Shane has said time and again that Lisa James does not contribute to this site so, once again, that truth will never get in the way of the McCain hatefest.

    It is just too much for some to consider that they are not the majority, in fact, far from it. It is clearly over your head that people can appreciate the conservative candidates elected in Congress and reject the Haney-Pullen style. They are not mutually exclusive.

  2. As it always was and always will be the question remains…

    Can John McCain be trusted?

  3. 6 more years says:

    Thane- McCain blew out the competition and you will have 6 more years to ponder such deep thoughts as ” can McCain be trusted “

  4. ham sandwich says:

    somewhere between the two accounts of this meeting lies the truth. The Haney folks didn’t have their act together from the get-go. Perhaps because their leader wasn’t running?

    The new leaders of LD11 ran a calculating, scorched earth, litmus test campaign that would have made Haney proud had it benefitted him. They were so petty, in fact, that they did not include senator-elect Driggs to their slate, presumably because he was supporting the non-slate candidate for chairman.

    The only good news to come from this, is that a couple of the newly elected officers actually have real conservative grassroots credentials.

  5. “…Progressive Senator John McCain.”

    Are you kidding me???

    You can re-name it, but it is still a RINO.

    ‘Ya think that nearly $20,000 the RINO’s had last cycle to elect RINO PC’s had any bearing on this election?? ‘Ya think??

  6. I have a very solid policy of not revealing the identities of writers who post here on Sonoran Alliance.

    But one thing I will definitely confirm is that Lisa James does NOT write for this blog.

  7. And to my “good friend” John McCain, who I know reads this blog, I do not write every post on Sonoran Alliance.

    And, Senator, some of your supporters have been afforded the privilege to post here and remain completely anonymous thanks to my protection and commitment to keeping my word.

  8. The “Tom Husband” who won the state committeeman slot is the son, not the dad. Dad is no longer a PC.

  9. ham sandwich: where are the “conservatives” in the slate group?
    Two of them work for political consultants – one for Bert Coleman (who is a LD 11 PC) and the other for Gordon James. One of them was not even at the meeting that elected her – she was still working on wrapping up a campaign. What a joke. The insiders who control the money and make money are now controlling LD 11. Also, look on the Maricopa County records and you’ll see that the new district chair is embroiled in an ugly divorce and there is some sort of order of protection. If these are “friends” who runs someone who has been in a divorce for many months and asks him to talk the lead, what kind group is that?
    What you have is a new group trying to dummy up the district so Kyl has no one talking about him and Gullett has a base of support so he can run to be Phil Gordon’s new employer.

  10. ham sandwich says:

    BillyBob, Seiden just accepted a job with County Attorney-elect Montgomery, I guess he’s a RINO now that he’s elected? And Carmichael doesn’t seem to be the go-along to get-along type. I agree that Whitney will be a disaster (and thought that prior to his personal issues) — he didn’t even wait the 30 minutes after voting was closed to see if he’d won. Anyway, through their performance, I guess we’ll find out who was right.

  11. Jon Kyl: “I always have the view that the role of the state party is to elect Republicans to office. Period. The role of elected officials is to take positions on issues and to represent the people of the whole state. The political parties are more to represent the people within the party in a political context. What that means is, they need to register voters. They need to raise money for the candidates. They need to get-out-the-vote on Election Day. Those are the main things a political party does.”

    So shut-up and stuff those envelopes!

  12. RINO HUNTER says:

    @Ann, If you look closer, you’ll see that the article, does not stated definitively that it was Lisa James, but questions whether Ms James is a poster. Shane has confirmed that he is not. Shane has also been cryptic about the identity and whether Lisa has blogged here in the past. But using a question as the basis for attacking the veracity of the article? Well, that’s just plain silly!

    @BS! Hello, I believe that among Conservatives a “Progressive” is as much a perjorative (That means “bad word”, Ann) as “RINO”. I do agree, McCain is definitely a RINO!! LOL

  13. “McKyl” is far from the only problem!

    What this episode really demonstrates is the lack of sophistication which plagues the conservative movment in Arizona which allows charlatans like these to continue to hold office and their lap dogs to run the party.

    The same forces which turned California into America’s “Greece” are still holding power here and businesses fleeing the “Golden State” are well aware of it.

    They’re wisely heading to Texas!

  14. RINO Hunter, the author sounds a lot like Jeff Vast.

  15. Cactus Jack says:

    What’s all this about LD-11 PCs following prescribed procedure to turn their name in on time to get on the ballot for State Committeeman and then getting left off the ballot? Smells like a game changer is in the air.

    At a minimum there were obviously unreasonable time constraints involved for voting. Helen Purcell may make a credible witness.

    The Tuesday night LD-11 elections will be thrown out before this is all over.

  16. ham sandwich says:

    Cactus Jack,

    What became clear at the LD11 meeting is that we could all use a course in Roberts Rules of Order as well as the proper procedures for running a Republican LD reorganization meeting. However, there is no basis to throw out the results.

    As for Helen, based on the tenor of your comments, I can assure you she is not on your side.

    From my perspective, she is part of the problem — long time incumbent who is sedentary, status quo and unwilling to enforce many of the duties of her position.

  17. Cactus Jack says:

    Basis to throw out the results? Prescribed nomination procedure for State Committeeman was not followed, I hear.

  18. LovinLivIn7 says:

    The LD11 nasty crew piloted by the Witches of McCainLoveVille (Jane Lnych, Annie Lynch, Cathy Petsus), engineered their little proxy deal in LD11 well. They got more votes in to get their gang in. You will next see they will raise some money and turn around make sure the consultants are taken care of. Look to the PC roster in 11 and you’ll find Bert Coleman – and you find that Bert Coleman now has an employee as an officer. You’ll find lobbyists in there from several firms and the some mainstream business groups.
    The sad fact is that the LD 11 power elite in their rich homes cannot take back a seat from a Dem. This time they proved even bigger and better that they are the best crowd to elect a Dem to the House – the margin of votes between the front running R – Kate (remember my middle name is Brophy) McGee (like “hee, hee, I won and screw you Eric West because the only team I know is MYTEAM or ITEAM) — the margin is about twice as great than it was in the last two terms with Driggs running. Clearly, McGee engineered a single shot campaign – along with Dem Eric Meyers single shot campaign to Dems and I’s …. well you get it.
    Count on LD 11 to do absolutely nothing. They won’t because a bunch of them know they most likely will be department with redistricting. Damn, I’m glad I live in 7. At least we can elect Republicans.

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