Party Moves Forward – without Randy Pullen

Party Moves Forward

Sea Change in the Arizona Republican Party

A clean Sweep tosses out Old Guard as District 11 DID NOT re-elect Randy Pullen, the Arizona Republican Party Chairman as a state committeeman.  You MUST be a state committeeman in order to be elected as the party chairman.

Last night at the LD 11 statutory meeting where elected Precinct Committeemen elected their State Committeemen and their new district officers, they voted in new fresh voices to move their district forward.  Warren Whitney was elected as their District Chairman, Ron Carmichael as 1st Vice Chair, Danny Seiden as 2nd Vice Chair, Michelle Marini as Treasurer, Ginnie Schmitt as Correspondence Secretary, and Ashley Bunch as Recording Secretary.

Randy Pullen lost last night because he is viewed as untrustworthy and ineffective by the grassroots in the party.

Credit should go where credit is due.

While the Republican National Committee normally works through the state chairman and the state party in coordinated get-out-the-vote efforts, this year they chose to circumvent Randy and work with the Yuma County Republican Committee.

This is noteworthy given that Randy Pullen serves as the RNC’s Treasurer.  Hmmm, there must be some fascinating back story on this.

The Republican National Committee worked with the Yuma County Republican Central Committee raising funds and getting out the vote in several congressional and legislative races, notably Schweikert in CD 5, Paul Gosar in CD1, as well as keeping CD 3 republican by electing Ben Quayle.

Yuma County also participated in several republican legislative districts picking up seats in district’s 11, 23, 24, 25, 26, as well as playing in statewide races for Tom Horne for Attorney General, Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns for Corporation Commission, and Doug Ducey for State Treasurer.

Congratulations LD 11 and Yuma County Republican Committee for outstanding election victories this year.


  1. Could you please explain a little bit more about what the LD 11 and Yuma County Rep. Committee election results mean? Are the new officers conservatives? RINOs? Forgive my ignorance.

    And, if Randy Pullen is out as a candidate for state chairman, who is the best announced conservative candidate?

    Also, were all of the LD 11 state committeemen elected conservatives?

    And, are you aware that in LD 6 on Monday night all of the officers elected and all 69 of the state committeemen elected are constitutional conservatives and many of the new officers and state committeemen are brand new precinct committeemen recruited at tea parties?

    Thank you.

    For Liberty,
    Cold Warrior
    PC, LD 17

  2. Cold,
    Rob Haney was not elected LD11 State Committeeman either. That should tell you all you need to know.

    Pullen has been enemy #1 of the RINO wing since he was Most Valuable Player in passing Prop 200 against illegals receiving taxpayer funded benefits and a way to sneak into the polls.

    McCain and his big government lackeys including Marty “We have to reelect Jon Kyl” Hermanson are turning cartwheels today.

  3. Yes, the backstory is John McCain, the Democrat and backstabber, as it ALWAYS is in Arizona.

    There’s really nothing more to it than that.

  4. @Tortoise, anyone know what role did McCain play in ousting Pullen? The truth to that answer will tell me everything else I need to know.

  5. Also, did you see the post on Wes Gullett running for mayor of Phoenix?

    Wes was McCain’s chief of staff years ago and has been a “consultant” and lackey sucking on the McCain-machine teat ever since.

    Wes was a “Republican for Janet” Napolitano as well.

    These are the “Republicans” who took over LD11 last night.

    Wes Gullett, the Lynch-es, and the Verdones were instrumental in the turnover.

    It’s just the same old retread RINOs over and over.

  6. Jane,
    “The Republican National Committee worked with the Yuma County Republican Central Committee…”
    You need more than that?


  7. The elected PC’s of that district were lined up out the door to vote. Obviously, they must have all been in a zombie like trance being led by the mysterious guiles of John McCain. Having left all their own sense of purpose and thought long ago, the huge number of otherwise normally appearing folks do the bidding of the newly re-elected Senator…who by the way trounced JD, then Glassman, in a statewide vote.

    Who knew the majority of elected PC’s in LD11 and voters in the entire state, at least 60% of it…were under a magical spell and had lost the ability to think for themselves?

  8. Last’s night’s meeting was a kangaroo court run by headmaster Kathy Petsas. She beat up on fellow nominating committee member Charlotte Reed to the point that the 71 year old recent widow was in tears. Some much for compassionate Republicans

    Whitney is the constant working hand for Betsy Bayless, having lived in her shadow for several years and current is staffing the CFO job at Maricopa County Health with a six figure salary. Maricopa County Integrate Health Systems adopted their own personnel rules, different from the rest of the county, allow employees like Bayless and Whitney to run for party offices.

    Bunch wasn’t even at the meeting – she’s still out of state finishing up the New Mexico guv race.

    Bunch and Michelle Marini both work for political firms – perhaps this is part of the deal, have the consulting firms now take root in LD11.

    People were saying it will now be the sleepy old social district they had under Tom Haney. Crumpets & coffee.

  9. Let’s elect a State Party Chairman who will not spend most of his time bad-mouthing and working against his own party.

    To those who have followed the Pullen/Haney Hate Coalition: If you don’t plan on working together toward a HUGE Republican victory in 2012. Just go away.

  10. @8.

    Ann, please.

    Those people who were “lined up” haven’t been to a meeting in TWO YEARS.

  11. @10

    Travis, please.

    We just want to elect REPUBLICANS, not Democrats who register R to get elected.

  12. @9


    You can solve the Betsy Bayless problem very easily =


    McCainiacs lost BIG TIME in LD6 and LD7.

  14. Oberserve:

    THE REALLY GOOD NEWS: You don’t define people.

    THE REALLY, REALLY GOOD NEWS: Now, Randy Pullen and Rob Haney don’t either!

    One day, you may realize that your hate-filled rants aren’t Republican either.

  15. Travis,

    Only a lib defines documented facts as “hate filled rants” – because they contradict the lib’s agenda!

    There you have it! :D

  16. GOP Angler says:

    Given the overall tone of this blog entry, I have to say that Randy Pullen has actually handled himself dignity given his defeat stating on his Facebook account:

    “Randall Pullen It has been an honor to serve these past four years as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. I want to thank all of the volunteers, precinct committeemen and women, candidates and elected officials with whom I have had the opportunity to meet and work with to secure an unprecedented sweep of state offices and super… majorities in both houses of the legislature.”

    I have to say that even if I did not agree with him on everything he did during his tenure. I appreciate any person, regardless of how we choose to label them intra-party, who furthers our ideals, even if we differ slightly on our means to a mutual end, or in defining exactly where our end shall exist in terms of our cause.

    I hope that Randy will continue to the help the party in any manner he can, his experience is no doubt valuable. I he stays gracious in leaving office, and that he is replaced by somebody who can further our goals and build upon the momentum of this election cycle.

  17. Steve Calabrese says:

    Can we abolish the term “RINO”?

    65% of the party voted for McCain.

    You may think they are deluded, but that is a solid mathematical fact – a powerful majority of Republicans think McCain is marginally better equipped to represent Arizona than JD Hayworth.

    35% of the Republican party is NOT enough to stop the Obama machine. It is NOT enough to stop the Aztlan doctrine being pushed by the Mexcian government.

    We must unite, NOW, because things are going to get worse.

    We have a choice: purge those who may disagree with you on SOME issues and thereby guarantee that we will suffer under the increasingly heavier boot of an all-powerful government that seeks to control every aspect of our lives, or unite and stop the damage before it gets worse.

    McCain is a deeply flawed senator. In my opinion, and with all respect to DSW, Hayworth was a deeply flawed candidate. Many, many people – including myself – did NOT vote for McCain because of any great faith in the man, but rather because of a belief that Hayworth was far too damaged and tainted by his own big-government actions to be effective.

    McCain is done. This is his last term. I sincerely doubt he will run again.

    Randy Pullen was also a flawed chair. A good meeting chair, a gentleman to those who worked with him, he also made several grave misjudgments that contributed to Republican losses. Also, he would engage in litmus tests and thereby alienate some people due to personality conflicts or because of perceived shortcomings in ideology.

    Let us heed the words of William Buckley and work to put forward the most conservative Republicans WHO ARE ELECTABLE. I have men like Andy Biggs and Eddie Farnsworth representing me, in my district, LD22. You don’t get more conservative than that. I’d be perfectly willing, though, to have someone half as conservative as those men running against – and winning against – Kristen Syemia. Would I accept such a weak conservative in LD22? Of course not. But I would love to have even a marginal R in Kristen’s district.

    This is a game of inches now, to paraphrase Al Pachino in “Any Given Sunday” – we need every single inch we can get. Our country is dying, bleeding cash and rights away by the day. McCain won. He’s not an ideal Republican. Still, he will be with us on several issues. He’s not going anywhere for 6 years. Let’s stop fighting the battles of the past and starting winning the battles of the future.

  18. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

    @ Ann you crack me up girl! reading your post remeinded me of the above mentioned comedy. Incompetent cop “Frank Drebbin” played by Leslie Nielsen has to foil an attempt to assasinate Queen Elizabeth of England who is coming to town, and “Vincent Ludwig” has plans to assassinate her using a brainwashed baseball player. Ends up Drebbin himself gets brainwashed and he spends the rest of the movie walking around in a trance mumbling “must kill the Queen” “gotta kill the Queen”

    So, how many proxies did Leslie Nielsen aka
    Frank Drebbin have in his hand last night as he joined the long que of the other trance like people muttering “kill the King and his Merry little men?”

    I say “Mission Accomplished”
    (sorry about the implied cod piece reference)

  19. Randy Pullen and Brett Mecum have been the worst thing to happen in Arizona Republican Politics. They can’t raise money, build relationships, or even get people involved or excited. Glad this nightmare is over!

  20. The AZ GOP had absolutely nothing to do witht the victories this year. They were more of an issue than anything.

  21. # Oberserve Says:
    November 18th, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    Those people who were “lined up” haven’t been to a meeting in TWO YEARS.
    Clearly, LD11 needs some house cleaning at the PC level. It’s also clear that what RINOs call harmony in their camp is called hate-mongering in a true conservative. Travis needs a vacation.

    Btw, whoever misrepresented this, but McCain did not get 65% of the party vote.

  22. The perception I’m getting from this meeting is that the same people who derided Rob Haney over the last few years have turned into the very type of person they accused Rob Haney of being.

    It’s so sad.

  23. The is more of McCain’s retaliation against any who dare have an opinion different than him. He bought the election and lied to the voters. As usual and as he said he would in his own book. The whole country knows this is true and the political comedians are scoring big pointing it out. These links tell the sad story of McCain’s loss.

    There is much truth in this humor.

  24. Elected:
    DUGAN, Margaret
    GUTIER, Alberto
    NYHART, Stephanie
    O’CONNOR, Scott H
    DONLEY, Ted
    WIGHT, Pamela S
    BAYLESS, Betsey
    FANNIN, Paul Robert
    HORNE, Tom
    MCGILL, John R
    DUCEY, Doug
    HULL, Jane Dee
    KUNASEK, Andy
    LEFF, Carolyn
    FANNIN, Elizabeth
    PERRY, Russ
    WHITNEY, Warren
    LYNCH, John
    RAJCHEL, Susan E.
    TULLY, Stephen
    MCGEE, Kate Brophy
    BOLICK, Shawnna L. M.
    LYNCH, Bob
    LYNCH, Jane
    TAYLOR, Karrin Kunasek
    ALLEN, Dick
    MAGRUDER, Sandy
    GULLETT, Deb
    SHIPLEY, Colin
    LANGSTON, Kerry R.
    BERRY, David
    MARKLE, Charlie
    BUNCH, Ashley
    MARINI, Michelle S
    VERDONE, Shiree Lynn
    BAUGHMAN, Todd
    SCHMITT, Michelle
    BROPHY, Marilyn
    GULLETT, Wes
    HULL, Michael T.
    MORALES, Mindy
    CORDOVA, Ephram
    WONG, Barry
    DELL’ARTINO, Marcus
    ASHLEY, James
    BROPHY, Stephen M
    ALTMANN, Jon C
    BURNHAM, Becky
    KAITES, John
    ORCUTT, Stephen A
    SEIDEN, Danny
    VERDONE, Armand
    BARBEY, Pamela
    KAMPS, Spencer
    SCHMITT, Ginnie
    BOHANNAN, Robert H
    CHARLTON, Susan
    KATSENES, Thomas J
    CHAPMAN, Tom
    DUGER, Meghaen
    MORRIS, Paulina
    SEIDEN, Ann
    ALLEN, Tyler
    CHEATHAM, William R.
    NORTON, Jacqueline R
    PETSAS, Kathryn
    SIMPSON, Jini
    COLEMAN, Bert
    MUELLER, James W.
    SCHMITT, Tim
    CHEATHAM, Deborah F.
    HYDE, Troy
    SLOAN, Eric
    BOYD, Liz
    LOZEVSKI, April
    NOVKOV, Mark W
    ENGELMAN, Mark R, MD
    HAMWAY, Mary
    SMITH, Florence
    CELLEY, Scott
    PARKER, Edward G.
    HANSON, Erik
    EDWARDS, Nancy V.
    HECKSEL, Rebecca
    MASON, Tom
    NAVA, Bettina
    WRIGHT, Austin
    FLYNN, Tanner
    GALVIN, Lori
    GOODWIN, Susan D
    LUDWIG, Martha
    MEYERS, Deede
    POTTS, John
    STAVROS, Susan
    HAYES, Peter M
    NEWELL, Paul
    REED, Charlotte
    SIGMUND, Eileen
    CUPRAK, George W
    HAWKINS, Patricia
    HIENTON, James R
    STUMP, Nancy
    WEST, Eric
    COLLINS, Frank
    PETSAS, Bill
    PITTMAN, David
    RUTT, Beverly
    TUNNELL, James
    COBURN, Marlene
    HEGELER, Jane B
    MCEWEN, Doug
    MOONEY, Annie
    THOENY, Bruce C
    HOBERG, Lisa Marie
    KAUFFMAN, Catherine
    LEFF, Barbara
    MORALES, Matthew
    MCGEE, Bob
    MELBY, Flossie
    ROSANELLI, Robert
    CURTIS, Tracee
    LEACH, Brandon
    PULLEN, Katherine
    WASTCHAK, Daran
    NAJAFI, Sallie Brophy
    TODARE, Cindy
    HUSBAND, Tom
    KLOTNIA, Paul

    Not Elected:
    WARNER, Russ
    WILDER, Andrew
    TEEGARDEN, George W.
    WILKENS, Marilyn Lee
    LYNCH, Anne
    PURCELL, Helen
    HANEY, Rob
    HUSBAND, Laura Ann
    TEEGARDEN, Shirley
    JARVIS, John H
    KRAFT, Beverly J
    PULLEN, Randy
    DUGAN, John Michael
    WESSEL, Brandon
    MARKLE, Jena
    FISH, Mary V
    HANEY, Marne
    MARSHALL, Wendy
    MILNE, Robin
    GEYER, Sally Jo
    HESKETH, Roger
    LUDWIG, David
    MEYERS, Donald
    SPRINZL, Gary
    CASHMAN, Donald
    SCHMITT, Brian
    WRIGHT, Jennifer
    CASHMAN, Lillian
    DAVIS, Kathleen
    GANGLUFF, Elaine
    PACHECO, Andrew
    PITTMAN, Patrice
    PONCZAK, Matthew D
    RYAN, Howard
    SMITH, Thomas C
    BARON, Frank
    GUTHRIE, James E
    NOVKOV, Sandra Kay
    NYHART, Brant
    POTTS, Shelba Ione
    SMITH, Patrick
    CHRISTY, Marshall
    GILBRETH, David
    HELLER, Barbra Rae
    JACKSON, Gloria J
    KELLAR, William
    MCGREW, Debra C.
    TODD, Pat
    WALSH, Agnes
    BASS, Thomas W
    CAVNER, Paul
    DAVIS, Tim
    HESKETH, Susan
    HUMPHREY, Patricia
    MCKAY, Gibson
    POORE, Carol A
    RHODES, Amy
    ALLEN, Joanne
    CHRISTY, Susan
    HELLMAN, Larry D
    HIDDE, Sandra
    HILLMERT, Larry
    KELLAR, Patricia
    TODD, Vicki
    TURBIDY, John
    BIELY, Debra Ann
    ERKER, Annette
    GALEENER, Buffalo Rick
    GILES, Allison
    GUTHRIE, Alma T
    LANGSTON, Sheron B.
    MCGREW, Bob
    NEWELL, Shirley
    NORDVOLD, Norris
    WICHT, Jack C
    BASSETT, Jacqui
    ERKER, Steve
    FLOWERS, Judith C
    HASHEM, Judith Ann
    HUTCHISON, Marie
    PRASSA, Anna
    TURBIDY, Constance L.
    BERTA, Carolyn
    BIELY, John Adam
    PARKER, Vernon
    RUFFNER, Mary Ell
    DEMLAND, Debra
    GONOS, Susan
    HANSEN, Nickolyn
    LASOTA, Timothy
    RIVERA, Frank C
    YOUNG, Adell
    HANSEN, Patricia
    HASHEM, Gerald F
    STAVROS, George
    WISHON, Jackie
    WITOWSKI, Brian
    HARRIS, H Darrell
    KITCHEN, Terry
    KRAFT, James
    MAYNARD, Bob
    RAMBO, Bette
    WITOWSKI, Janet Sue
    HARRIS, Joanne
    WRIGHT, Sandra V
    YOUNG, Marc
    CAVNER, Lita
    KOBRZYCKI, Doris L
    TEUTSCH, Margaret
    UPHAM, Charles
    WRIGHT, Charissa
    WRIGHT, Shawn , MD
    TEUTSCH, Marvin
    DRIGGS, Adam
    DRIGGS, John
    DRIGGS, Gail
    DRIGGS, Leonore
    MADINE, J Peter
    WICHT, Cathrine Ann
    HUMMELL, Brian
    JONES, Julie
    LUDDERS, Ronald
    LOZEVSKI, Phillip
    TAYLOR, Sheryl
    ADAMS, Deborah

  25. Barry Wong?!

  26. DSW–is that in the order of the vote count?

  27. Kathy Petsas says:

    Would you all please live up to the words of your idol Sharron Angle and “man up” when you sign off on your “views”.
    p.s. your list is incorrect

  28. Where is the correct list?

  29. Who wrote this garbage?

    “Randy Pullen lost last night because he is viewed as untrustworthy and ineffective by the grassroots in the party.”

    This literally could not be further from the truth. Randy Pullen represents the grassroots more than we have ever been represented before and the rest of the post proves my point. Why did the RNC give the state party the run around and use Yuma county? The answer to that question is the real reason Randy lost last night.

    Earlier this year the McCain campaign tried to force the state party to violate Federal election laws and hand over control of its victory fund to McCain’s staff. The members of the Executive Guidance Committee, who are selected by every congressional district’s state committeemen, rejected this disgusting and all too typical power grab unanimously! I see last night’s election as payback for that decision, pure and simple.

    This poster is either intentionally dishonest or simply ignorant of the facts. Either way whoever is writing this garbage is flat out wrong.

    What’s more, these election results make no sense. The most conservative election year in over a generation and LD11 moves to the left instead of to the right??? To answer every conservatives question of whether or not the Republican party got the message on November 2nd at least in my district I think it’s clear they certainly did not.

  30. Here you go…calling everyone who is not Pullen or Haney or their gang to the left. Maybe they are just sick and tired of the lies, distrust, and deceit not to mention the arrogance of this crowd.

    Illegal? How about Pullen REFUSING to hand over the bank records or taking the illegal campaign money?

    Not liking the Pullen-Haney crowd does not make one less conservative.

    Face it…the politics of gang rule has come to an end and the people…a majority of PC’s, elected by a majority of Republican voters…have spoken. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make them wrong. It just makes you totally out of touch.

  31. CESMM is correct.

    McCain is a progressive.

    His ends justify his means.

    So the rich fat cats who want to employ illegals live in LD 11. So what?

    Watch things play out in the other LDs over the course of the next couple weeks.

    Oh, and did you hear how the unprincipled McCain folks tried to steal the LD 22 election last night, too, with improperly carried proxies?

    Bottom line, the McCain supporters will reap what they sow. Try reading the Party Platform. And try supporting it. ALL of it. Our platform is AGAINST AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS. PERIOD.

    Jon Kyl is going to face a firestorm in 2012. Unless he FIGHTS in the Senate with every possible Senate rule for our rights and with every ounce of his fiber.

    If he doesn’t, I aim to make that firestorm happen.

    Thank you.

    Cold Warrior

    P.S. Remember this?

    Why didn’t Sen. Kyl make this information public on his own? Why did I have to do it? Simple. He had no STRATEGY to defeat Obama’s agenda and no COURAGE to defeat Obama’s agenda.

  32. Libtard RINOs voted out Randy Pullen. Good job on that, morons!

    And saying that the State Party did nothing is to help during this last election is ridiculous. The pompous party elites hated Randy Pullen. Some of those people refused to donate money to the Republican Party because they were upset that Randy opposed illegal immigration & amnesty.

    But even with that boycott of donating done by some lib RINO Republican money families, my family still received many mailers paid for by the Arizona Republican Party touting our Republican candidates. And guess what happened? We gained a legislative seat here in LD26 & beat out the socialist who currently occupies that seat.

    Now, LD26 will be represented by another conservative in the State House. We now have 2 conservatives & one mostly conservative representing us in the State Legislature. And that’s from having 3 liberal RINOs representing us only 4 years ago. So, Pullen has done a heck of a job.

    Pullen also helped us get rid of the lib RINOs who ran the Pima County Republican Party. We did not win this year in spite of the Arizona Republican Party. We won in large part because of Randy Pullen’s leadership of the party.

  33. Interesting says:

    Tyler M —

    You should ask your new State Rep in LD26 if she supports Randy Pullen. Answer may surprise you.

    You should also ask Randy Pullen why he tried to extort thousand of dollars out of Ruth McClung’s campaign and then refused to send election lawyers to help her when she refused to pay the extortion (they tried to skim an extra $10,000 for mailers to pay off their debts, in case you were wondering).

  34. Cold Warrior,

    I actually feel more stupid after reading your post.

    1. You didn’t make this public on your own. Sen. Kyl basically told a gazillion people about this exchange with the president, including the media.

    2. Sen. Kyl does fight for our rights and is personally responsible for getting two of the most conservative, constitution believing justices on the supreme court (Roberts and Alito). He doesn’t really need any help from you.

    3. As for the firestorm, is this the same firestorm that got rid of McCain? Good job on that one. Keep up the idle threats.

    As for the other comments about Pullen, the grassroots whiped Pullen out. Spin it out you want to, Haney, but you guys lost. They didn’t have to buy the election or do anything dirty. They did exactly what you did when you originally took over LD 11-they picked up the phone and counted votes.

    The sheer audacity and organizational ability of getting that many pcs to blackball you both when there were 135 vacancies is just plain stunning. Call it what you want, but it’s democracy, simple as that. The sour grapes comments on this blog to the contrary are pathetic.

  35. RINO HUNTER says:

    Well the LYING LEFTISTS of the McCain Mob did win round one! If that doesn’t awaken the Tea Party Conservatives throughout the state, nothing will! saw this coming a long time ago. Every County Committee with any clout, and ALL of the rest of the LDs better see this as their clarion call. Pinal, Yavapai, and Mohave Counties: You better be paying attention!

    This is war, for the soul of the Arizona Republican Party. Tea Party People in the party — IT’s TIME to Stand Up and Fight! Learn how the game is played and play it smarter AND to WIN! And We Will Win, we have the superior numbers, we just better marshall our forces and make it happen!

  36. The Bottom Line:

    The major industry of Arizona is tourism.

    This in turn, creates a need for cheap, unskilled labor

    The GOP “ruling elites” were furious about the anti illegal immigration movement and Proposition 200!

    Randy Pullen, Rob Haney & Russell Pearce were instrumental in crafting and putting forth that proposition.

    The establishment was after their heads ever since. And now they’re getting their way!

    Of course we’ll be treated to the paen sounds of “party unity” after the R.I.N.O. victory and listen to screeds against Obama (by people who will cut deals with him behind the scenes at the drop of a hat)

    But the saddest part of this tale lies with the poor gullible fools who get taken in by establishment Republican b.s. to their own detriment.

    Our “leaders” hate and despise the lower middle classes while at the same time conning them to achieve and stay in power.

    Polemical November is over and the reality of January is arriving.

    California here we become!

  37. Cactus Jack says:

    What’s all this about LD-11 PCs following prescribed procedure to turn their name in on time to get on the ballot for State Committeeman and then getting left off the ballot? Smells like a game changer is in the air.

    At a minimum there were obviously unreasonable time constraints involved for voting. Helen Purcell may make a credible witness.

    I think the Tuesday night LD-11 elections will be thrown out before this is all over.

  38. From Carlist:
    “What this episode really demonstrates is the lack of sophistication which plagues the conservative movment in Arizona…”

    He couldn’t have made it plainer, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. McCain’s hacks are numerous as hacks go, but deluded. You will always know when you are getting too close to one of their delusions when “Ann” pops in to defend. Case in point, “we are conservatives too.” The truth is that two opposing factions inside the AZ GOP want control: liberal progressives and conservatives. What’s pathetic is that McCain liberals think they are conservative because they’re in the McCain camp and he’s a registered Republican. They are progressives. For 2012, conservatives will have to reconcile, the left eats connivance for breakfast. Just like George Soros plots to short the dollar, the McCain camp is out shorting the GOP. Someone said it before, this is a war; that’s true. And conservatives will have to put boots on the ground and excel at the things McCain & cronies cannot do: enjoy people and tell them the truth.

  39. Interesting-

    I will ask Rep.-Elect Proud the next time I have a chance to talk with her. I’m also sure that there’s another side to that “extortion” story with the McClung campaign that you mention.

  40. Jane 001:

    Thanks for the addendum!

    If anyone thinks John McCain, Grant Woods and Wes Gullet are “conservative”, they’re in dire need of mental enema!

    And it’s long past due to hold the Kyls, Shadeggs and Flakes to some sort of accountability!

    A leadership which will behave after January as it does prior to November is desperately needed!