Russell Pearce rolls up sleeves for jobs

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Job growth is job one – challenges AZ CoC to do the same


Nobody says it better: “Deport an illegal alien today; hire an American tomorrow!” It is the precise clarity and simplicity of Senator Russell Pearce’s common sense approach to the issues confronting us that drives the left mad. Unlike the convoluted, always expensive and counterproductive “solutions” promoted by so called progressives, Pearce presents us with options that we know actually work, which is consistent with his desire to promote Arizona as job friendly, family friendly, and bad guy unfriendly to ensure safe neighborhoods.

Pearce is now President Elect of the Arizona Senate, and has made it very clear he intends to get government off the backs of business and families once and for all.   Pearce promises to make Job creation the #1 issue, and now has the clout to do it.  It might be nice if the Arizona Chamber of Commerce would do the same instead of protecting employers who hire illegals in place of citizens and legal residents.  Arizonans are struggling under the weight of a 26 year high in unemployment, but the Chamber still protects employers of illegals to the detriment of honest employers and the American worker. 

The Arizona Chamber should listen to the people. When Proposition 200 was passed overwhelmingly by the citizens of Arizona in 2004, the Chamber, along with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund(MALDEF) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), sued Arizona to stop it from requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, and to prevent authorities from requiring proof of eligibility to get free stuff from the taxpayer, otherwise known as welfare. 

The Arizona Chamber also sued over The Employer Sanctions Law (Legal Arizona Workers Act). That law was supported by 80% of the public, but the Chamber sued to protect employers that hire illegals, take jobs from Americans and pay under the table, while we, the taxpayers, spend $2.7 billion each year to educate, medicate and incarcerate the illegal aliens. Our reward has been violent crime, identity theft, drug trafficking, human smuggling, child molestation, rape, beheadings, contract murder, the killing and maiming of 12 Phoenix, and the murder of rancher Rob Krentz, which occurred even as the debate over SB1070 raged on.  Illegal aliens have heaped this abuse on us, and more, in addition to stealing our jobs.  What does it take for the Chamber to care?  How do you walk away from that?  We are tired of those who benefit from the invasion of illegal aliens, while Americans painfully pay the price in blood and treasure. 

There is a light in this tunnel not cast by an oncoming train. We are fortunate to have Senator Pearce, as Senate President, now in a position to move forward as never before to make these issues our priorities. Most jobs are created by small business, and what business needs to succeed is an environment conducive to profit. Pearce is targeting this challenge with an agenda to lower taxes and reduce the regulatory burden on businesses. If the Legislature follows his lead, it is almost axiomatic that job opportunities will expand in Arizona as the economy rebounds.

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