Russell Pearce – Senate President Elect

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Thursday, November 4, 2010


As you know, I have served in the Legislature for 10 years, 8 of those years as Appropriations Chairman, making the tough decisions with our limited dollars and promoting strong fiscal accountability in the process.  I served as Chief Deputy for America’s most famous Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, which is the 4th largest Sheriff’s office in the nation. I was the Director of Arizona’s MVD, and I also served as a Judge. In every one of those positions I have been vigilant in service to our citizens, in reducing cost, improving efficiencies, requiring accountability and operating with transparency.  I promise to be as committed and vigilant, while serving as the Senate President.
In the past I have chosen not to run for leadership, as I have given priority to our state budget, to stop out of control spending, to enforce the rule of law, secure our borders, stop abuse of private property rights, school choice for Parents, the 2nd Amendment, to stop government discrimination by eliminating Affirmative Action in government hiring, promotions, contracting and education, etc.  However, I recognize things have changed with the significant turnover in the Senate, and I was approached by several of our members, to consider this leadership position. Today I am humbled by my fellow Republicans decision to put their trust in me as the Senate President.  I promise I will be vigilant in the promotion of the core values that our Founding Fathers so long ago sacrificed and committed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for this Republic.

Leadership, practiced at its best, is the art and science of calling to the hearts and minds of others. It is engaging others in an enterprise of sound strategic focus, where they can experience a sense of ownership, of making a difference, of being valued and adding value.

Last Tuesday’s election we saw America stand up and say “NO. We do not like the direction we are headed and want to change course”. We all know this as the Tea Party movement, that I am proud to be a member of. A movement of like minded, freedom loving “can do” American’s made their voice heard at the polls. It was a tough battle, and we had a lot of great victories, but we are certainly not out of the woods as our recession continues, our businesses and our families are over taxed and over regulated and demands on our tax dollars continues to increase.  In 2010 we passed some tremendous legislation that has made Arizona a national leader. We have passed legislation to enforce the laws of the land, improve school choice, protect mothers and their babies, restore our lost 2nd Amendment rights, Healthcare Freedom Act to protect your choice in healthcare, elimination of Affirmative Action and much more.  Thanks to my follow colleagues in both the House of Representatives and the Senate we are a national model as to what states can do;  we passed SB1070, Freedom to Carry Act SB1108, put on the ballot Healthcare Freedom Act, Proposition 107 to eliminate government discrimination and the Marriage Amendment. We also made much needed reduction in spending and have begun the long process of restoring fiscal sanity to our great state.

You know where my heart is. You know it is with this great Republic of ours and its citizens. We are the greatest country in the world because of freedom loving people like you, the freedom loving people of America. I will continue to fight everyday to protect your freedoms from government encroachment. It is America’s commitment to that freedom, personal responsibility and moral government that make us strong. Not more government. I want to make sure everyone knows, we, in the Senate, will govern from the bottom up, not from the top down.  Declaration of Independence, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed … But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security …  that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. – And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”  I consider this to be the Tea Party Senate and we intend to take back America one state at a time.

For God, Family and the Republic, Stay free, stay safe and never surrender … God Bless America.
In Liberty,

Russell Pearce

Tea Party Senate President-Elect

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  1. Can someone let Russell know he was elected as a member of the Republican Party, and that it’s the US Constitution that formed our government, not the Declaration of Independence.

  2. obamanation says:

    Russell is a conservative. I could care less about his tea party links, I’m just glad he’s no RINO who only calls himself a Republican when it’s politically expedient. I am glad that he has faced persecution from these liberals and moderates and refuses to back down. As far as a Declaration of Independence I think we can all look at Tuesday as a declaration that we refuse to head down a Socialist path that is buoyed by a President who can’t even give a coherent speech without his teleprompters.

  3. “Tea Party Senate President-Elect” Pearce will now be known as RINO Russell.

  4. Russell Pearce is a Patriot. Too bad so many in Arizona are blind to the fact that with the invasion of illegals Russell Pearce has so valiantly protected us the legal citizens of this great state with his out of the box thinking. Thank you Russell.

  5. So if he is unable to solve the budget crisis within two years and restore the economy to its pre-depression levels, will you make an oath to campaign and vote against him in 2012?

  6. As President of the Senate, Pearce will be able to make some real reforms. His direct, no nonsense approach will be damn refreshing.

    It’s easy to tell he is doing a good job. The liberals scream the empty heads off. The more and louder they scream, the more we know he is on the right track.

  7. What a repudiation of Jeff Flake and his filthy campaign against Pearce two years ago.

    How about Jeff Flake pulls a Shadegg in ’12?

    How many John McCain endorsing AZ Senators voted for Pearce for Senate President?

  8. Drain the swamp/ Let the redistricting begin.

    Congratulations Russell Pearce!

  9. Alicia Gegner says:

    If Russell is a RINO, George Washington was a communist.

    Give me a break! Everything this man does, or attempts to do, is for the genuine good of the people of Arizona, which translate to helping the nation. Russell Pearce is a genuine American hero. We ought to feel blessed to have him represting us.

  10. …don’t inhale russell!

  11. “Drain the swamp/ Let the redistricting begin.”

    Start bt combining CD7 and CD8 – Giffords or Grajulva must go!

  12. Hey, Preview, maybe you missed that day in history class when they discussed the Declaration of Independence (unless, of course, you attended school after 1970 when they all but quit teaching it). The Declaration of Independence is one of our founding documents. The Left loves to leave that little piece of history out of history; probably because it has several references to–brace yourself–GOD! Russell Pearce loves the Founders and our founding documents. And for that the left call him radical. The left trashes the Founders and our founding documents and they call themselves “progressive.”

  13. Once your orgasms subside, you will realize that Russell Pearce is not God.

  14. Is that so what a Democrat would say! The Right wing gets its orgasms the old fashioned way, the Left just talks about them obsessively, projecting what they’re not getting in any and every venue or subject.
    Thus, Right Wingers can discuss politics in a rational manner without getting all weird on everyone the way cranky and tense Liberals do.

  15. Klute:

    The “old fashioned way” is the opposite of the trendy Left’s “San Francisco Way”

    The right has the common sense to sit down and keep it’s mouth shut regarding orgasms!

    And since the Right believes in procreation, its political future is more secure!

    Getting back to the topic at hand, Russell Pearce is a breed of Republican who believes in, and backs up his rhetorical stands.

    This infuriates our “Ruling Class” RINO establishment types and their social climbing acolytes!

    So much the better!

  16. Klute, are you implying women can’t be right wingers?

  17. Heh.
    The Democrats here can’t quit talking about what they can’t get.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us want to talk politics.

    And no, not going to mention it again. It was a Democrat who started it, and Democrat who wants to obsess over it. It’s too tedious to have to explain simple things to Liberals who only have a theoretical grasp of them.

  18. Sam Gerard says:

    Preview Said on November 4th, 2010 at 10:32am “Can someone let Russell know he was elected as a member of the Republican Party, and that it’s the US Constitution that formed our government, not the Declaration of Independence.”

    Well, Preview, the sheer inanity of your comment is proven by the lack of response to your slliness. First, party affiliation is not relevant when talking about “Tea Party Principles”, and Russell is a Tea Party Patriot in the strictest sense of the word. He’s an American and Arizona Hero!

    Second, our Founders framed the Constitution! Our country was formed with the “Declaration”, AND if you bother to read the words, perhaps you’ll understand that these noble men, Patriots All, debated and challenged the concept of a loose confederation of states versus a strong central government. That debate continues to this day, even though the Constitution, which replaced the Articles of Confederation was indeed a noble document; the inherent dangers of a centralized power have been exposed by this Marxist President Obama.

    I really wonder why you even made the comment, and exposed your ignorance!

  19. Sam Gerard says:

    Klute, you may not be a cheap date, but you are a $2 whore (politically speaking, I mean!) You and your progressive monkey friends have been playing for a much longer time, but we have two crucial advantages that you’ll never understand. First,the Tea Party movement which is not a Republican movement and no amount of lying by you will change that fact; WE demand restoration of our Constitutional liberty and know the truth of our founding. This yearning for liberty will not take 100 years to be restored. We have the same passion that our Founders displayed and we will work as tirelessly to restore our Constitutional Republic.

    Second, we WILL expose your lies, since we have truth on our side and your elitist attitude will be exposed, and you won’t just lose some ‘dead wood’, you and your Neo-Marxist allies will be put to flight.

    Here’s my last word to you “If YOU want to be enslaved by the government, go to Cuba. If you want ME enslaved by the government, GO TO HELL!!”

  20. Sam Gerard says:

    Lastly Klute, You and the Progressives are the “Big Brother” that was so dangerous and destructive to Winston. Are you to dense to see that? We’ll demolish all of the Progressives in the Republican party, just as we’ll destroy the progressive, statist movement as a whole. Your days are numbered.

  21. ………………………….
    Ah, the words of wisdom from a Democrat:

    “we will turn 2012 into a goddamn three ring circus that will drive so many Americans back into the arms of the Democrats, you’ll think country will tip over.”

    That makes me smile.”

    Makes me laugh out loud. Like GUAM?

  22. But we have a solution to put Democrats’ minds at ease who think capsizing continents and islands is as real as global warming…

  23. Wow, look at those responses to my remark about the Declaration. I know it as the document that created 13 states out of 13 colonies, each state becoming free and independent of the other. It did not create the union, or this nation. The Constitution did that.

    Elected officials take an oath to support the Constitution. Not the Declaration. Why do you think that is? What does Russell think about this oath? It matters a great deal that he get his thoughts straight because he’s now the president of the Senate.

    More to my point, when Russell keeps saying “throw off the government” exactly which government is he talking about?

  24. Preview Says:
    November 6th, 2010 at 9:35 am
    Wow, look at those responses to my remark

    This is why: the Progessive Left promotes the idea that nothing is related. But the more traditional understanding is that the present is a direct result of past actions.
    The Declaration of Independence set out an articulation of the PROBLEM and the general parameters of the SOLUTION as crafted by the Founding Fathers.

    The Constitution was created to be in harmony with the statements made in the Declaration and as reiterated in the Preamble of the Constitution – providing very clear guidance for subsequent generations in how one should interpret the intent of the Constitution and the Amendments.

    A Conservative reads Russell Pearce’s statements with that understanding in mind. A Liberal who can’t connect past and present flips out, can’t ‘get’ it, is hamstrung by absurd stereotypes favored by the Left, and so starts blathering on about totally ridiculous analogies and non sequiturs.

    But those are the ‘useful idiots’ as the communists so endearingly call them. The core Progresives actually don’t want to accept the common sense and good governance established by a very remarkable set of minds over two hundred years ago, they want power for themselves…exactly the kind of egotistic tyrants our Founding Fathers had in mind as they built the Constitution to defend the People.

    Of course Liberals hate the Constitution, it blocks theeir power grabs.

    Then in an totally hypocritical act of intolerance Liberals start demeaning the Conservative cultural identity by the use of patently silly rumors, exaggerations, and racial and gender bigotry favored by narrow-minded people who are too afraid to consider other world-views.

  25. Klute:

    Since the T.E.A. Party stands for “Taxed Enough Alread” and the Democratic Party’s liberal wing, of which you’re a pround member, believes that every moving thing should be taxed, why should T.E.A. Parties support Democrats?

    I agree though that Republicans should not be the recipients of T.E.A. party assistance unless their records match their campaign rhetoric.

    And that constitutes a REAL problem within the G.O.P. establishment.

    As to sexual obsession, you raised the question first and I believe the mainlining of perversion is a high agenda item within your neck of the woods with critical assistance from the country club set of “Ruling Class” Republicans

  26. ……………………….
    The Klute Says:
    November 6th, 2010 at 10:07 am

    I’m glad you got the reference. I know you’re basically a stimulus/response creature, I throw those things in there to prove you’re paying attention to what I write.

    Thanks for for living up to expectations

    Okay. So you don’t get anymore peculiar tingles up your leg hoping feverishly I’ll respond to you, I’ll quit reading your comments from now on.

    Works for me.

  27. Decisions, decisions… to be a dreary, tax-jacking, tense Democrat who don’t get none or a Conservative religious guy who gets the princess after he cuts everyone’s taxes…

    Tough call, eh?

  28. Klute:

    You make the common mistake of thinking that all non Dems are really establishment GOPPERs.


    If you took notice there were several bitter primaries throughout the country as well as Arizona.

    The country class is taking on the “ruling class” which of anything, is closer to the Dems regarding the welfare-warfare state.

    The only difference being the Dems gain politically while the R.I.N.O.s reap in the lucre!

  29. Sam Gerard says:

    Wanumba & Carlist, The Klute is so easy to analyze. There are three basic reasons for the outrageous, dishonest and utterly insane comments by him; none of which includes logical reasoning.

    First, understand that this man(?) in black (goth) is from Illinois via south Florida; think Alan Grayson country. They don’t even allow live birth of any child without the corruption and deceit gene in BH Obama country! If you understand those facts then the three reasons make perfect sense.

    1. There is a natural “Bush Derangement Syndrome”, inherent in anyone who loved the Clintons and all things ‘Democrat’ so that anything Republican HAS to be discredited at all costs.

    2. He completely hates the principles that form the framework and foundation of our country’s founding, because it represents everything decent and positive which he opposes with every fibre of his being. He just can’t stand the greatness of the United States as originally conceived by our Founders.

    3. Lastly, he is utterly resentful of the grassroots efforts of Patriotic Americans who are standing up and getting active, to save our country; AND the incredible success that “We the People” in the Tea Party movement have had in an incredibly short time! Thus he demeans everything with pathetically and pathologically dishonest diatribes, which barely make any sense and displays virtually a zero percent amount of logic. In short, he “Slams” everyone whom he despises that he considers to be ‘conservative.

    He’s just a pathetic loser who wants to rain on our parade!

  30. …………………………
    Sam Gerard Says:
    November 7th, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    It’s just hilarious.

  31. Good thoughts in Sunday’s paper by Mr. Robb on Russel Pearce…

  32. Sam Gerard says:

    Hey Klute, First, don’t delude yourself into thinking you are worth one dime’s worth of effort to track you down, and get rid of you. Having people see what the lunatic left is all about HELPS our cause! Perhaps the stalker you’re referring to was an ol’ boyfriend?

    Second, PLEASE don’t call Tom Jenney a “Tea Party” person. He’s a libertarian, ‘open borders’ promoting globalist, whose organization is committed to free trade schemes that would continue the destruction of the American economic system. He’s much closer to you in libertarian philosophy, and almost anti-American, in my humble opinion!

  33. Sam Gerard says:

    Don’t flatter yourself TK. I simply have a reputation for exposing (not literally!) dishonest bloggers and trolls. Now, to be honest I don’t consider you to be a troll, just an utterly misinformed nitwit who blindly attacks anyone who has a moral value system greater than a dog in heat!

    Oh yes, going to your pathetic page twice does not an addict make! I know enough about you to be disgusted and repulsed. I’ve accomplished my goal: to expose any and all wackos who lie and demean true American Patriots who stand for the values that our Founders built our great country! You have the freedom to dress up in a full-length black leather coat, wear masks on hot summer days in Phoenix BECAUSE of those Patriots who have fought and died for your right. BUT you do NOT have the right to expect ANY respect for your utterly pathetic stupidity and perverse lifestyle, born out of some desperate desire for significance. NOR do you have any right to expect us to pay any attention to your mindless drivel.

    IF anyone does, they have the right to waste their time. I’ll just focus on your lies… I won’t let them stand unchallenged.

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