Predictions Anyone?

In just 24 hours the polls will close and millions of Americans will hopefully assuage the anger that has dominated our political culture since November of 2008.

It has been a long two years. Let me say that again. It has been a long two years.

Many great people have run for public office over the last year and a half. Some did not make it past the primary but I know they will continue to do great things. I look for some of them to return.

As we head toward the finish line tomorrow at 7 PM, I hope and pray all the hard work that we have done will pay off. Given the currentĀ politicalĀ temperature, I sense it will be a “hot” evening for Republicans.

So without throwing my predictions out on the table, I’d like to hear from our readers on what to expect.


  1. Schweikert beats Mitchell by 7!!!

  2. Hey that was my number!

  3. There Will Be Slurpees.

    Oh, and Ed Pastor will be the only Democrat in Congress from Arizona.

  4. Shane, if my AZ history is accurate, should Jesse Kelly and Ruth McClung win their Congressional races, it will be the first time in State history that Southern Arizona will have two serving Republicans. In fact, I think Jim Kolbe was the first Republican elected to Congress from Southern AZ. May history be made!

  5. OK Shane…here goes…

    R’s will take 7 of 8 Congressional seats; Every seat held by an R, will stay an R.

    R’s will take all statewide seats; Gov, SOS, AG, Treas, Sup’t of Public Inst. and Mine Inspector. :)

    House-LD20 will go all R, LD 10 will hold, and at least 2 other state House seats will flip to R.

    No incumbent R’s will lose in the Senate and at least 1 D will lose.

    But my big stretch is that Bill Montgomery will win as Maricopa County Attorney.

    I hope I undershot.

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed says:

    OK I think S Az will go like this-

    Giffords will win by a small margin
    (makes me sad)

    McClung too close to call

    Vic Williams will still be the top vote getter in LD 26 and Nancy Young Wright will keep her seat-barely

    Melvin will lose to Cage in a tight race

    Antenori wins LD30 Senate by a wide margin

    Brewer wins by double digits over Goddard

    Thats all for now-

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed says:

    Oh yes and John McCain will win huge but before the first polls even close
    Rodney **assman will say “just kidding, I am running for Mayor of Tucson”

  8. Jeff Flake, John McCain and Jon Kyl will find themselves surrounded by Arizona congressmen who will actually stand against their long hoped for North American Union.

  9. 7/8 congressional districts go Republican

  10. “But my big stretch is that Bill Montgomery will win as Maricopa County Attorney.”


    That’s funny!

  11. The only upset statewide I see is Horne going down. All other GOP candidates running for state office are going to win easily.

  12. Brewer wins by 20 points

    McCain wins by 30 points

  13. Stephen Kohut says:

    State Races
    GOP sweeps statewide offices
    AZ House 40/60, Fillmore/Pratt take LD23
    AZ senate 20/30, Smith takes LD23 by 4

    US House 248/435, +70
    7/8 AZ CD races
    Gosar by 9
    Schweickert by 6
    Kelly by 4
    McClung by 2

    US Senate 50/50, +9
    Tea Party Winners
    Rubio – FL, by 19
    Lee – UT by 25
    Buck – CO by 4
    Angle – NV by 4
    Miller – AK by 5
    Paul – Ky by 11
    Johnson – WI by 9
    Tea Party Loser
    O’Donnell – DE by 6

  14. Oberserve says:

    Kohut, you forgot teapartier John Dennis running against Pelosi.

  15. Rosco P Coltrane says:

    I predict McCain will win, and he will revert to the liberal RINO he really is. And everyone who supported his election bid will continue to blindly support him even as they watch the damage unfold around them.

    I predict at least a House majority for the republicans. And nothing will change. Bills will pass that expand government, spending, foreign wars, and the inexorable encroachment upon our freedoms.

    I predict people will rejoice immediately after the election at the results. Just like they did after the democrats took the house, senate, and presidency in 2008 from the war-mongering, torture-loving neocons. And the honeymoon will be over even faster this time.

    People will get even madder next year, and thanks to the political machines of both parties and the mass media, they will still be clueless enough to believe that it’s not THEIR senator or THEIR representative who is part of the problem.

    I sure hope I’m wrong about these.

  16. Kirkpatrick loses and other Dem seats stay Dems seats.

  17. Well, here’s a prediction that I somehow missed yesterday. RealClearPolitics moved the CD8 race from “toss-up” to “leans Republican” for the first time. This has got to scare the heck out of the Dems. Their only possible candidate for Senate in 2012 losing to a political newcomer! How sweet it is!

    The change in ratings couldn’t come at a better time for Republicans & Jesse Kelly.

    I pick that he will beat Giffords by 4 or 5 points & that Grijalva will lose by just as many too.

    Gosar will win by 8. And Harry Mitchell will lose by 6 or 7.

    Happy day to be a Republican. Even better day to be a Conservative!

  18. My prediction is related to the election, but is for the future: When Harry Mitchell loses tomorrow, the scales with fall from the majority of Tempeans’ eyes and they will see him for the hapless, do-nothing, good-‘ol’boy lapdog that he is. He will no longer be the darling of every event in Tempe and without the power to bestow perks and gifts to the power-hungry Dem network, they will abandon him completely and never name another park, statue, building, school, bridge or street after a Mitchell again – oh and Marky will cry bitter tears over the Congressional seat he will now not inherit.

  19. Radical American Patriot says:

    About 6 weeks ago I predicted that the House would see a change of about 63-69 seats and the Senate would change 11 seats. At tht time it was considered by many to be an outrageously insane guess. Well. the Gallup Poll generic numbers show 55% Republican and 40% Democrat. Gallup said that this figure is in UNCHARTED territory! By contrast, just before the 1994 elections the generic had a 7% difference. It appears that I was being too ‘conservative’ in my estimate! Now certain people within the party, I guess those not given to ‘irrational exuberance’, and who even stated that I was ‘crazy in my estimate, might want to ask “What were you smoking?” or perhaps say “You were just lucky.

    Bill Krystol bet Juan Williams lunch on Fox News Sunday, that the House will change 65 to 70 seats. I now say that I won’t be surprised IF we are over 80 seats and the ‘ridiculous guess’ by Dick Morris that Ann Coulter sharply criticized him for making, 100 seat change is indeed possible. Further, I wouldn’t be surprised to see as many as 13-14 Senate seats! I’m not say EITHER of these numbers are true, just saying there is a possibility!

    NO matter what happens, there’s two questions to ask. 1. Just what does this mean, IF there is such a tidal wave. 2. Where do we go from here?

    1. I am calling this era, “The 2nd American Revolution”. Today, November 2, 2010, will be the equivalence of either “The Shot heard ’round the World”, April 19, 1775 or perhaps July 4, 1776 our Declaration of Independence. The point is this, This IS a huge statement of the American people and we should embrace what is happening and engage in the battle to “Fundamentally Restore our Constitutional Republic”!

    2. This is why I came up with the idea for Mohave County gathering on Election Night, to essentially begin the battle for 2012. The themes that I considered were, “This is JUST the Beginning” or “We’re JUST Getting Started”. Politically speaking, the Republican Party is the avenue chosen by the Tea Party movement to elect “Constitutional Conservatives” into the House and Senate. As Pat Caddell and others have aptly stated, ‘this is not an endorsement of the Republican Party, but a repudiation of the policies of big government, outrageous spending, and special interest control of Washington that has ‘Plagued’ both parties. The GOP should not take this as a ‘slap on the back’ as it should ‘A Gun to the Head!’ Americans are now saying, Things are NOT going back to ‘business as usual’.

    There are some that wanted this gathering to be a ‘Thank You’ to all the workers and activists here in Mohave County: and Yes, we Do need to thank everyone who have worked so tirelessly over the last few months. There are many. But much more than that, we need to acknowledge that many who have embraced these values, “Constitutional Conservatism” and who have fought tirelessly for them.

    In our county, Ron Gould stands out in my mind as one who has fought diligently to support the principles of our Founders. Now I’ve met many other wonderful patriots as well, but our county, due to the huge GOP numbers has been acting in a dazed manner, almost in autopilot, just cruising along. If we’re so conservative, why have so many voter registrants left the Republicans or refused to join it here? As Larry Adams so aptly stated, “Independents are nothing more than ‘pissed off’ Republicans!”. So here in Mohave County, we have a lot of work to do, to win the hearts and minds of those disenchanted citizens.

    But nationally, we should be working towards victories in 2012, as well as 2014. Also, we need to look at local school board elections so that we can take back control over our schools. This is one of our biggest battle fronts in the future.

    But today, we begin wiht the first step to Fundamentally Restore our Constituitonal Republic!

  20. 17, IDIOT ALERT!

  21. Goodbye Gabby! Adios Grijalva!

  22. Eph, I’m glad you caught my humor…but you must be kidding!

    Rotellini is literally a mini-Nappy…shorter, but more vicious and less ethical than she was. Horne is up in every statewide poll and will follow the same R trend.

    Do not be fooled by the ads or the rhetoric, she is not now nor will she ever be a serious prosecutor. She has serious political ambition. That is where her qualifications end.

  23. Blazing Ballots says:

    Remember, it’s a tidal wave! Irresistable force of American patriots will sweep away the liberal/socialist/progressive thugs and their useful idiots.

    In the US House: + 90 GOP
    In the Senate: 50/50

    AZ will have 7 GOP Reps in the House.

    AZ statewide debacle for Dems, GOP from gov to mine inspector

    AZ state house: + 5 GOP reps + 2 GOP state senators.

  24. Molly,

    I see your point about State AG, but my concern is that the folks who voted for Thomas in the primary will not vote for Horne today. Thomas put a serious hurt on Horne during their battle

  25. Let’s not write Janet Contreras off! The campaign has had hundreds of volunteers on the phone and in the field.

  26. Stephen Kohut says:

    CD4, Pastor by 7 (unfortunately)

  27. Republicans win in AZ1, AZ3, AZ5, and AZ8.

    This big suprise is that Jesse Kelly will win by a bigger margin than thought. He will win by 5+.

    Dems will hold AZ4. Reps will hold AZ2 and AZ6.

    McClung v. Grijalva will go to the courts after election fraud is discovered so it may be weeks before we know. I predict the courts will then give election to Grijalva.

    Republicans will win all statewide seats and will gain seats in legislature.

    Props – Most pass expect 107 (which would suck). Also the so-called medical Marijuana will pass (also sucks).

  28. Prop 107 will easily pass.

    Dont think “pot” will pass.

  29. DSW,

    I hear voting in inner cities this morning is very low – some less than 20%. If that holds for Phoenix than Janet has a chance

  30. DSW– Well great minds think alike! :)

  31. Mr. Mustachio :{O says:

    Agree with Rosco Coltrane
    But hope its wrong

  32. Wow look at off these predictions were… 90 seats??? 7 of the 8 CDs… I mean guys you really have to get out of your bubble…

    Very nice wins for schwierkert and gosar last night, as anyone who wasn’t blind could see nominating kelly cost us a seat in cd-8, paton wins that race by 5 points…

    And now just 6 more years of mccain, that ass hat wouldn’t run again right?

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