Senator Sylvia Allen Releases Proposition Recommendations

2010 Arizona Propositions
By Senator Sylvia Allen

“Let the People choose” was the slogan of a proposition a few years ago. It gave the false impression that, if the people choose, it will be a far superior choice than if we allow our elected representatives to make our laws. Passing laws through the proposition or referendum process directly by the people’s majority vote has far-reaching consequences for us and future generations. It is a heavy responsibility and one we should not take lightly. Remember, we have no one to hold accountable but ourselves and, once a law is passed, the likelihood of reversing it is very slim.

The problem with the rash of propositions that have appeared in the last few years is that we, the voters, rarely take the time to be informed or involved. When determining whether or not to support a proposition, it would be wise to follow these guidelines.

  1. Is it Constitutional?
  2. Does it increase the size of government and require more of our money?
  3. Is it the proper role of government?
  4. Will it remain accountable to the people or create more government bureaucracy?
  5. Will it be a burden to future generations?
  6. Does it corrupt the law?
  7. Will it weaken the fiber of society and thus harm families?
  8. Does it infringe upon our individual or property rights?

Proposition 106 – Health Care Freedom Act – YES

This proposition would amend the Constitution to prohibit any law from compelling participation in any particular health care system. It is written to give Arizona patients the ability to opt out of federal mandates. The proposition protects individual freedoms in choosing health care.

Proposition 107 – Stops Special Treatment for Some – YES

This repeal of affirmative action policies allows for fair opportunities for all job candidates and those applying for universities or colleges and amends the Constitution so that no preferential treatment or discrimination can take place based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.

Proposition 109 – Protects our Individual Rights – YES

This proposition asks voters to establish hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife as constitutional rights for Arizona citizens. It prevents any law or rule that would restrict these rights. Arizona’s citizens greatly benefit from the outdoor activities offered by our bountiful natural resources. Proposition 109 is an important step toward protecting our ability to practice those sports and activities.

Proposition 110 – Protect Military Bases – YES

It asks voters to amend state land laws to allow for the exchange of public land. Approval will enable the military to work with the State Land Department to protect both state land and the military operations that bring billions of dollars in economic benefit to the state each year.

Proposition 111 – Lieutenant Governor – NO

If approved, this proposition would change the title of Secretary of State to that of Lieutenant Governor in 2015 due to the fact that the office of SOS is next in line to the governorship. My biggest objection is that the Governor and Lieutenant Governor candidates would run together.

Proposition 112 – Increase deadline for filing propositions – YES

This proposition increases the time for filing an initiative petition to no less than six months preceding the date of the election for the proposed measures. This will allow the State and County to have more time for signature verification which is very important when moving to create a new law.

Proposition 113 – Protect Right to Privacy – YES

This proposition would amend the constitution. The right to vote by secret ballot is a fundamental right. If unions attempted to institute a “card check” instead of the secret ballot, workers would face intimidation to support union organization.

Proposition 203 – Marijuana – NO

Please take the time to read this entire bill at the Secretary of State website. This bill is vast and complicated. This issue needs to go through the legislative process for hearings and changes. If the people pass this bill, it will almost be impossible to make changes if, in the future, we see we have opened a “Pandora’s Box.” For instance, it is not clear whether or not a person with a prescription can drive under the influence without being ticketed or whether employers can drug test. It allows some to grow the plants in their yard. There are many loopholes that will allow for abuse. California has seen a huge increase in the use of marijuana among young people since legalizing medical marijuana. Please vote NO. More info –

Proposition 301 – Redirect Land Money – YES

The state of Arizona is in a budget crisis, and we need permission from our citizens to redirect money from the Land Conservation Fund ($123 million) to the General Fund. Arizona is mostly open space due to federally controlled land around us. We don’t need this money to buy more; we critically need it to fund K-12, healthcare, and agencies.

Proposition 302 – Redirect Early Childhood Money – YES

Yes, the state is in terrible trouble due to years of overspending and creating new programs, and then the recession hit, and now we have to make very hard choices. If the people are not willing to reform two programs that are not critical programs then how can you expect the legislature to have the courage to reform and reduce government also? Prop 302 is asking to re-direct money out of a program that is duplicative. We have many state agencies and programs that help children. This agency has no oversight and has created a huge bureaucracy to administer this new program. $345 million would be re-directed to children’s healthcare programs.

To read the Propositions’ entire language, go to:


  1. I agree with your analysis. After reviewing the propositions, this is how I will be voting.

  2. To Tell The Truth says:

    Does she know how to read? Prop 109 will COST THE STATE LOTS of MONEY!!! Prop 302 was passed by the voters and it is something we need. Why would we give her the money to let her spend it on something else? She sold the capitol and spent the money in one day. How long will it take her to spend the FTF money? Maybe two minutes? Please send someone to help her read the prop’s!

  3. Stephen Kohut says:

    Looks a lot like the early ballot I already mailed in.

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