Review of the LD 15 CCEC Debate

During the opening statements, Rep. Sinema, an ultra-left-wing incumbent legislator who is termed out of the House and seeking a seat in the Senate, claimed that the Republicans are evil because they’ve cut spending and the state has lost jobs. Kyrsten has no clue what she’s talking about. First, the economy as a whole has shed jobs. It is only to be expected that Arizona, an epicenter of the government-caused distortions of the housing bubble, would be hit hard. It is not the state legislature’s fault except that it spent way too much in the Napolitano years and is now having to scale back. The housing bubble has been in the making by BOTH Republicans and Democrats at the federal level for decades. Second, Arizona has NOT cut spending. We’re still spending at 2009 levels. If anything, the legislature has kept spending in check when we SHOULD be cutting. So, what Sinema is really whining about is that we’re not spending MORE! Um, we’ve already been shown during the Obama Administration that Keynesian spending is a losing proposition. It always has been and it always will be. Whenever the government tries to meddle in an economy it does nothing but prolong recoveries, create distortions, cause downturns, etc.

The best route is to get government out of the way and that’s what Bob Thomas, the Republican candidate opposing Sinema for the Senate seat, proposed. Thomas is a military veteran and a small businessman. While Sinema whines about jobs, Thomas has created them and has never laid any employee off. He’s not a career politician like Sinema and Thomas doesn’t have the self-aggrandizing Congressional aspirations that Sinema has.

Katie Hobbs, one of the Democrat nominees for a house seat, seems to be a little clone of Kyrsten Sinema. She could have just said, “ditto” after Sinema gave her answers and she would have been as effective at the debate.

This portion of the debate gave me the biggest belly laugh. Sinema, of all people, talked about the lack of civility and decried extremists being nominated or holding office. Excuse me? Ms. Sinema started out the debate bashing Republicans. She’s the Asst. Minority Whip and she drops all else to jump in front of cameras and mics to attack Republicans. She has no compunction about lying about the facts while on the air. The prime example of this was claiming, on the radio, that S.B. 1070 would allow law enforcement officers to inquire about the status of those reporting crimes. That’s patently false and the Phoenix law Enforcement Association called Sinema out on the issue. Sinema is also a left-wing extremist, so, her cries about extremist being nominated are absolutely hypocritical. Just take a look at her scores from Goldwater and Americans for Prosperity. She scores at the bottom consistently. If she were some kind of moderate, her scores would be in the middle.

The CCEC then asked what dream legislation the candidates would like to pass. While Bob Thomas was concerned that more children are adopted, Sinema, on the other hand, wanted to rewrite the tax code to tailor the economy to her whims. The hypocrite said that the Republicans had created Swiss cheese out of the tax code, but then she admitted that she wanted to create Swiss cheese of her own by providing incentives to solar companies and other leftist causes. She wants the government to pick winners and losers in our economy. Sinema’s stupidity didn’t stop there. She said she wants to “close corporate tax loopholes,” and she wants to force those mean and evil corporations to pay “their fair share.” That’s Leftist code for wanting to raise taxes. In the middle of a recession, she wants to burden business expansion and job creation by sucking more money out of the private sector. The other stupidity to Sinema’s statement, and the stupidity in general of many Democrat pronouncements about increasing taxes on corporations and the rich, is that corporations simply pass on increased taxation to their consumers. That’s right, Sinema wants to impose new taxes on YOU. We can’t afford Sinema’s impact on our pocketbooks.

Mini-Sinema (a.k.a. Hobbs) wants to reinstate all-day kindergarten. Perhaps if kids were actually taught to read in Kindergarten, I remember reading before Kindergarten, I might actually think this is worthwhile, but Arizona kids aren’t required to read until 3rd grade. That’s appalling.

Paul Yoder had a good idea for dream legislation: tort reform. He’s absolutely right that we have a litigious society and that lawsuits make lawyers fat and rich while imposing increased costs on the rest of us. One area where this is very evident is health care. People love to sue doctors because they are considered deep-pockets. This is why malpractice insurance premiums are so high that doctors are forced out of business, the supply of doctors is artificially depressed while demand for services is high, and we have to pay more for medical services.

The candidates were then asked about Obamacare. Of course, Sinema supports it. She was one of Obama’s point men on his Health Care Task Force. Thanks to her, we’re already seeing our health care premiums go up. Thanks for taking health care LESS affordable, Kyrsten! We appreciate it! We WANTED to pay more for health care because it wasn’t expensive enough! Thanks to Sinema, we’re also seeing businesses simply drop their health care coverage. Yeah, just what we need, Ms. Sinema: less coverage and fewer benefits. The Dims all talked about forcing insurers to cover those with pre-existing conditions. Guess what that does to the rest of us? Drives up our premiums? BINGO! We’re already seeing insurers being driven out of our markets and we’ve heard that some companies may be dropping their health care coverage all together. Mini-Sinema, taking her cues from Big Sister Sinema, gave a one word answer that she supports Obamacare.

Bob Thomas has two doctors and three nurses in his family. He understands health care well. He understands that Obamacare will blow another $1.1 BILLION hole in the budget each year for the next ten years. Guess where the state government is going to go for that cash? That’s right, they’re going to try to tax you if Sinema and Obama have their way. Again, times are tough and YOU need your money, not the government. We can’t afford Sinema. Bob Thomas also understands the constitution well enough to know that Article 1, Section 8 simply doesn’t permit the federal government to require U.S. citizens to purchase anything. Sinema, on the other hand, thinks we have a national government of general powers and whatever the feds do is OK and the Supremacy Clause covers anything the feds want to do.

The CCEC asked about stimulating job growth. The Leftists all talked about picking winners and losers, tailoring the economy to fit their whims. They’re entirely command economy types. The greatest illustration of this was Kyrsten Sinema’s crowing about tailoring the economy to fit her whims by providing incentives to solar companies to come to Arizona. Solar companies? This is Arizona. Solar companies should be FIGHTING to come here, not be BRIBED to come here. Want businesses to come here? Do the opposite of what Sinema suggests: make taxes on businesses universally low and cut regulation. Sinema also is crazy enough to think that meddling in the economy can somehow kill the cyclicality of economics. Yeah, Bill Clinton claimed he defeated the business cycle. How’s that working out for us right now? Sinema’s economic policies would either worsen our economic downturn, or prolong it.

The debate turned to immigration. Sinema said she opposed SB 1070. She openly admitted that she supports amnesty. What she didn’t tell you is that against the will of 70% of Arizonans, she urged Gov. Brewer to veto S.B. 1070. What Sinema also failed to tell you is that she thinks if you report illegals to the authorities, you should go to jail. She favors illegals over U.S. citizens. It’s disgusting that someone like Sinema can even get elected in America. Mini-Sinema trotted out the loser line that we need to rely on the feds. Um…Ms. Hobbs, they haven’t done anything to secure the border and they have no desire to either…Oh! That’s right! That’s the Left’s aim: open borders and amnesty for all! Lela Allston, the other Democrat nominee for the House in LD 15, opposes deporting illegals with American born children. The Democrats look for ANY excuse to allow illegals to stay in this country.

Bob Thomas is endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce. He believes that we should secure the border before we deal with other immigration issues. He opposes amnesty.

Thomas, Condit and Yoder, the Republican nominees, have challenged the Democrats to a second debate on October 5th at Orangewood Church. The Democrats have given false excuses for not debating. Hobbs and Sinema claim they have class on the 5th while the ASU website proves that Sinema’s class is on Monday the 4th. Sinema is also a raging hyprcrite on the issue since she has criticized Brewer for refusing future debates with Goddard on Twitter. Hey, Sinema, if you’re going to criticize Brewer for not debating, shouldn’t you be showing up at Orangewood?

Kirkpatrick Calls for More “Spending Projects”


October 2, 2010


Stefani Zimmerman


Gosar Wins Yavapai Tea Party Forum

Kirkpatrick Calls for More “Spending Projects

PRESCOTT, AZ – This evening, Dr. Paul Gosar won the Yavapai Tea Party Forum by demonstrating his commitment to a smaller, less regulated government.  Liberal Ann Kirkpatrick admitted that she was in favor of more spending projects.  In these challenging economic times, the last thing Arizonans need is more wasteful, government programs that treat the taxpayer’s money like a blank check.  As a small business owner, Dr. Gosar understands this and that is why his performance at tonight’s debate demonstrated that he is the only candidate that will rein in government spending once and for all.


CLAIM: In her introductory remarks, Kirkpatrick claimed she is concerned about spending.

FACT: Kirkpatrick voted for H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which cost the American taxpayer $787 billion, increased mandatory spending by an estimated $267 billion over 10 years, and increased discretionary spending by $308.3 billion over 10 years.

CLAIM: Kirkpatrick touted her support for H.R. 1 and said that teachers and firemen were glad for her vote.  She then went on to say that she is “always looking for more spending projects.”

FACT: H.R. 1 has not helped small businesses, the backbone of Arizona’s economy.  As of June 30, 2010, reports that Arizona’s First Congressional District has received $709,260,804 in stimulus funding, yet only 3,610.6 jobs have been created.  That means, the cost to create or save each of these jobs was $196,438.48 per job.  Meanwhile, the median household income in the district is $41,997.

CLAIM: Kirkpatrick claims she read the entire health care bill and that she supports the bill because it will protect seniors impacted by the Medicare doughnut hole.

FACT: The health care overhaul legislation contains approximately $500 billion in cuts to Medicare.  Medicare Advantage alone would be cut by more than $100 billion.  7.4 million fewer seniors could be enrolled in Medicare Advantage because of the cuts and some seniors may lose the Medicare benefits they now enjoy.

CLAIM: Kirkpatrick claims the health care bill will save $140 million over time.

FACT: The bill does not include the prevention in a pending 21% reduction in Medicare payments to physicians, which would by itself wipe out the “savings” that the White House and Congress continue to take credit for.  Furthermore, the final health care package raises taxes, penalties and fees by $525 billion and taxpayers earning less than $200,000 a year will pay roughly $3.9 billion more in taxes in 2019 alone.

CLAIM: Kirkpatrick said she has always pushed to secure the border.

FACT: As a state legislator, Kirkpatrick voted against allowing the National Guard to defend the border if a state of emergency is declared by the Governor.  (HB 2766)

CLAIM: Kirkpatrick said she is opposed to amnesty.

FACT: As a state legislator, Kirkpatrick sponsored legislation to give tax credits to people seeking amnesty. (HB 2847)

CLAIM: Kirkpatrick said she is a strong supporter of second amendment rights and has an “A” rating with the NRA.

FACT: As a state legislator, Kirkpatrick received a “D” rating from the NRA.

CLAIM: Kirkpatrick said her number one priority is to bring jobs back to Arizona.

FACT: Since Kirkpatrick has been in Congress, Arizona’s unemployment rate has increased 20%, and more than 30,000 jobs have been lost.

CLAIM: Kirkpatrick said that border security is about national security and that she believes in securing the border to fix the problem with the drug cartels.

FACT: As a state legislator, Kirkpatrick voted against creating a border security fund that would have created a border radar system with cameras and voted against denying bail to illegal immigrants charged with felony offenses. (SB 1273 and HCR 2028)

CLAIM: Kirkpatrick stated that she will “listen to the voices of the American people.”

FACT: Yet in 2009 Kirkpatrick walked out on constituents during a health care town hall meeting.


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You Gotta Love These Awesome Conservative Women!

Hosted Thursday night, Winning With Women held an Arizona “grand finale” right here in Phoenix. Many of our incredible women candidates attended including, Brenda Barton, Terri Proud, Wendy RogersBrenda Burns, Linda Gray, Janet Contreras and Ruth McClung. Lesley VanBorssum gave an impassioned speech to rally the ladies!

Here’s a great video of that recent gathering previewing the women we will be electing this November.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, if we could only get organizations like the Grand Canyon State Leadership Fund to give our conservative women some attention! C’mon gentlemen, let’s get behind these bold conservative women and help them win!