David Schweikert responds to Harry’s lies

Here is the latest ad released by David Schweikert in response to Harry Mitchell’s lies and congressional voting record.

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Harry Mitchell’s Attack Ad on David Schweikert Proven False

Brahm Resnik with TV-12, ran a factcheck on the latest Harry Mitchell ad claiming David Schweikert is a slumlord. The verdict: Harry Mitchell guilty of political slander and perjury!

The court of public opinion will certainly judge Harry Mitchell no longer worthy nor qualified to serve in the US Congress. Since elected to Congress, Harry Mitchell has continually deceived the voters on issues from Obamacare to veterans. Haven’t the voters of CD-5 had enough bailouts, takeovers and let downs from Harry Mitchell? It’s time to restore the Republic by electing David Schweikert.

Grassroots Interviews with State Mine Inspector Joe Hart

Interview with State Mine Inspector Joe Hart

Recently, I was honored to have Joe Hart, our State Mine Inspector, as a guest on my show, Grassroots Interviews. I spent about 45 minutes talking with Joe about the mining industry in Arizona, his background and experience and the campaign. I talked with Joe about his opponent’s, Manuel Cruz’s, spurious claims that Joe doesn’t have the required experience for the office.

To me, the most interesting aspects of the interview is that Arizona has a lot of uranium it could mine in the north, yet we’ve got the Left opposing any and all attempts to capitalize on those resources. This draws a bright-line distinction between the Left and the Right to my mind: the right wants economic expansion and opportunity. The Left wants inertia, poverty and government restrictions on all aspects of human behavior.

This is a pre-production copy of my interview with State Mine Inspector Joe Hart. It’s all greenscreen. As I said, we’re still tweaking the show to come up with something that works seamlessly.

Kirkpatrick Vote Funds Pornography

Kirkpatrick Vote Funds Pornography

America is in crisis.  As our nation’s economy continues to suffer, thousands of Arizonans families out of work and a national debt that is staggering out-of-control, how does Ann Kirkpatrick respond?

She votes to spend YOUR tax dollars on pornography!

•    $50,000 for a homosexual porn theatre in San Francisco. (House Resolution 1 – Stimulus Bill, 2009)

Ann Kirkpatrick, another big spending Washington liberal that has completely lost touch with Arizona and its values.

Vote NO on Ann Kirkpatrick.

Paid for by Paul Gosar for Congress

David Schweikert’s new television ad blasts Harry Mitchell for lying, spending

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

Friday, October 1, 2010

Denounces Mitchell for lying about Schweikert in TV advertisements

Mitchell is trying to hide his record by putting out lies about Schweikert

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Grassroots Interviews with Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Nominee John Huppenthal

Link to video interview with Republican nominee for State Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal

We recently started taping Grassroots Interviews again. Accept no imitations! The interview with Sen. Huppenthal is our second show. Of course, he’s the Republican nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction. I thought education was one of my weak points, but this is an exhaustive 1.5 hour interview.

We’re still working out the kinks, so, expect changes to future interviews. If you’re running for office in a contested race and want to be interviewed, or you represent a ballot initiative, look me up on Facebook and send me a message.