Something’s Rotten in LD 8

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something’s Rotten in LD 8

In a move reminiscent of the Obama administration, LD8 Chairman Jim Burke informed the membership at their monthly meeting on September 9, 2010, that all the campaign finance reports had been filed and the fines paid. He even donated the money for the fines from his failed 2006 bid for the AZ House. However, all is not well.

Truth is the only thing filed 9/9/10 with the SOS was a new Statement of Organization (note “Last Amended Date”), naming Burke as Chairman and Rex Routh as Treasurer. This should have been done in January 2009. The campaign finance reports (see previous link) were finally filed 9/20/10 with the Secretary of State, a delay costing an additional $275 and bringing the total fines for the State to $1,570.

The initially filed reports were grossly different from information contained in the monthly finance reports to the LD8 membership and have been amended. However, numerous questions remain. For example, over $3,200 is unaccounted for on the June 30 Report. The ending cash balance for the June 30 report was $5,349.34 whereas the amount reported in the newsletter was $8,572.14. That’s quite a difference. And how can you list over $3,000 in cash contributions with no identifying names attached (i.e. pages 3 & 6, “Breakfast” $1,560 and $842 and $423)? These could be from corporations or labor unions, both of which are prohibited.

The County campaign finance reports are the same story, only worse. NONE of the country reports were filed until 9/21/10 with fines totaling $1,300 and they reflect the same discrepancies as the State reports. All told, this district paid over $2,800 in unnecessary fines and can’t account for over $6,000 ($3,000 in contributions, $3,200 on reports).

This administration only had to continue what should have been a routine task. Obviously, the current treasurer could not meet his fiduciary responsibilities and should have been removed after the first report deadline was missed by more than 30 days. But the chairman refused to step up to his responsibilities either and is ultimately to blame.

Given the multiplicity and severity of the financial reports’ discrepancies, swift action is indicated. The executive board doesn’t appear troubled by any of this ineptitude and deceit.  Just like Obama, the strategy is to deny, lie and ignore until people get tired and move on to something else.  It is up to “we the people,” represented by the district PCs, to insist on accountability. The membership of LD8 should demand an immediate audit by an independent, outside party because something is rotten in this district.

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