TeaParty Republican Takes on Nancy Pelosi for House Seat in SF

I know this campaign is occurring outside of Arizona, but it was too good to pass up.

See John Dennis’ TV campaign ad portraying Nancy Pelosi as the wicked witch.  I also like the little dig at McCain/Feingold at the end.  :)

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s John Dennis on Fox News

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to keep the teaparty momentum going and poke Nancy Pelosi in the eye, send a few bucks John Dennis’ way. (Even more so since San Francisco democrats donated to Arizona Grassroots, McCain’s PAC to defeat conservative Arizona republicans for offices like PC and county chair positions.) http://www.johndennis2010.com/


  1. Let’s not forget our own home town candidates Janet Contreras and Ruth McClung who are also running as TEA Party candidates! They can also use your time, talent and treasure!

  2. Oh my gosh, the little jingle at the end of the John Dennis ad, the music to ding dong the witch is dead, is HILARIOUS.

  3. Is there a reason thses two fine candidates were left out of the shin-dig at GOP headquarters on the 20th of September?

  4. john dennis rocks

  5. whooa! IRS flying monkeys! Ha!

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