PART TWO: SHAKING HANDS WITH THE DEVIL: “Gasoline on the fires” Rodriguez’s MACHETE death wish against Arizonans.

Stephen Holder of the New York Times, in a  Mt Olympus sort of 2,500 or so miles away, weighs in on the new movie,  MACHETE. “Conveniently timed to sprinkle gasoline on the fires of the immigration debate, Robert Rodriguez’s splatter comedy “Machete” has already riled up hardliners … Although laughter is the appropriate response to this pulpy, lighthearted gorefest, its pro-Mexican, anti-American stance is so gleefully inflammatory that some incensed nativists may refuse to get the joke … Funny throwaway jokes include the casting of Lindsay Lohan in a flashy cameo as April, a rich, scowling slut who dons a nun’s habit to wield a machine gun … She and her sexy blond mother, June (Alicia Rachel Marek), divert Machete in a threesome. Completing the unholy trinity of rotten, greedy Americans, along with McLaughlin and Booth, is Von (Don Johnson), a border vigilante who keeps his own army ready to slaughter any encroaching Mexican horde.

The only American with a conscience, Sartana (Jessica Alba), is a hard-nosed immigration officer who switches sides. The movie’s heroine, Luz (Michelle Rodriguez …) a taco stand operator known as She (pronounced Che), also runs “the network,” a secret revolutionary Mexican army waiting for the signal to rise up.”

Boy Howdy, we’ve literally circumnavigated the globe and lived on three continents and NO ONE we’ve met from Timbuktou to Katmandu, is able to yuk it up the way ol’  sophisticated Stephen Holder can at the sight of people getting their heads cleaved in two by machetes.  Even though it left New York Times film critic Stephen Holder in stitches,  the  Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists would be appalled to watch such a disrespectful depiction of a Catholic nun.  Religious people  respect  those who commit themselves to  piety,  but evidently, they’re more sophisticated at the “Grey Lady,” than those rubes.

But hullo.  That New York Times review is in stark contrast to this review, evidently from one of the “nativists”  Holder turns his nose up at:

Writer/Director Robert  “Rodriguez’s message is clear — if the racist gringos in Arizona (and Texas and California) prevent this illegal influx — the border crossing Mexicans, not Mexicans crossing the border — the reaction will be bloody carnage by way of machete, the preferred execution tool of drug cartel thugs fond of cutting off the heads of their victims.” – Kurt Nimmo –

There is just no common ground here; could it be there are two versions of MACHETE; one hilariously, by tony Manhattan standards, side-splitting,  and one  horrifyingly skull-splitting, by totally humorless rube standards?  So which review of MACHETE correctly captures the spirit of the “splatter comedy gorefest Machete”?  The oh-so-ironic detached aloofness of the New York Times review or the analysis of the “nativists” as the “do as I preach not as I do” New York Times indulges in some old-fashioned hypocrisy, insensitivity, and  bigoted  “code words” ?  Or is the NYT enabling bigotry but trying to pass it off slashing and hacking as funny?   Kenyans wouldn’t find any hilarity- nearly 2,000 killed, many by attackers armed with machetes, over 200,000 chased from their homes.

Following Classic Progressive Infallibility Requirements,often used by the New York Times, only those who actually were part of the film can say anything about it, so we  dismiss the dueling reviewers in favor of the words of the MACHETE lead actor:

 “… Danny Trejo proclaims the film is an angry response to Arizona’s attempt to prevent a huge influx of not only illegal immigrants but Mexican cartel drug traffickers targeting the state’s police officers.”

Oh, that’s incovenient, “angry response.”   So, “comedy” isn’t the genre.  That proves that Stephen Holder of the New York Times doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so we  go to the review that perfectly matches actor Danny Trejo’s statement and see what other mischief is up:

“The image of a bloody machete in a clenched fist, now plastered across the Latin American world to promote ‘Machete’– spotted recently by a listener in Puerto Rico– holds a double meaning. “Todos con Machete” is more than just a rally cry to join the hero of this Mexploitation film; the machete is the common symbol for peasant uprising in Mexico, Central and South America– the weapon of a disarmed population.”  – Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes –

“The message of ‘Machete’ became politicized back in May shortly after director Robert Rodriguez leaked a trailer with a special “message to Arizona” that stirred fierce debate about the film. Rodriguez backed off of the fiery rhetoric however, after scenes from the script and warnings from Hispanic members of the film’s crew confirmed its overt racial overtones and prejudiced violence. Rodriguez told Ain’t It Cool News that he simply had ‘too much tequila‘ and that many of the most controversial scenes would be cut. ..”

So we had to take the word of a director/writer who hides behind a Tequila bottle as his defense. MACHETE is now playing in theaters across Arizona so the public can confirm that director Robert Rodriguez lied about toning  down it’s “overt racial overtones and prejudiced violence.”   Suitably, Tequila as a liquid is completely transparent, totally fitting to the quality of his claim.‘machete’-producers-lied-about-racist-bloodbath.html

Stephen Holder of The New York Times wasn’t wrong though on one crucial and chilling element of MACHETE:  “Conveniently timed to sprinkle gasoline on the fires of the immigration debate …”   Gasoline on the fires is NOT what this nation or Arizona needs now , or ever. 

Excerpts: President Bill Clinton’s Remarks to the People of Rwanda (March 25, 1998)

“…4 years ago in this beautiful, green, lovely land, a clear and conscious decision was made by those then in power that the peoples of this country would not live side by side in peace.

The Government-led effort to exterminate Rwanda’s Tutsi and moderate Hutus … the killers … armed mostly with machetes and clubs …It is important that the world know that these killings were not spontaneous or accidental …These events grew from a policy aimed at the systematic destruction of a people. The ground for violence was carefully prepared, the airwaves poisoned with hate …  scapegoats … denying their humanity … to make it easy for otherwise reluctant people to participate in wholesale slaughter.

We owe to those who died and to those who survived … we owe to all the peoples of the world who are at risk because each bloodletting hastens the next as the value of human life is degraded and violence becomes tolerated, the unimaginable becomes more conceivable.”

According to “warnings from Hispanic members of the film’s crew” the spirit behind the film is more than disturbing, but frightening enough for some Hispanics working on the film to leak that they were worried about the EFFECT this film would have in the form they were seeing develop.   The name to remember is self-described Tequila-dodgy Robert Rodriguez, closely associated with James Tarantino, who ‘specializes’ in revenge-driven, self-absorbed film gore-fests. The multimillionaire actress to remember is Jessica Alba.   She can’t say she needed the money. Evidently behind Alba’s pampered pretty face is a hard-core racist, “I love your money, but I hate you all.”  Remember actor Danny Trejo, fresh from proclaiming the film ” an angry response to Arizona,” beaming on the red carpet, blinking with delight in the flashes of paparazzi and publicists – a movie star hoping for sequels to slice and dice and carve his way through “gringos” to Jessica Alba’s level of wealth made off  “gringos.”  Trejo is fully expecting to make beaucoup bucks  as MACHETE is distributed throughout Latin America.   But why pick on just them?  What were Robert de Niro, Lindsey Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson  and Stephen Seagal thinking?   They need the money?  Maybe Lohan needed to post bail.  That’s a legit excuse, and certainly sums up the morally and ethically vacant quality of her decision-making in life, and in totally degrading herself  in her role in MACHETE.

But what’s red machete to red carpet Danny Trejo angry about?   How many Mexicans are being killed in Mexico, kidnapped and killed in the United States by Mexicans? Who killed 72 Central Americans two weeks ago in Mexico?  Who is responsible for the murder rate in Tijuana and a dozen other cities across Mexico?  The drug cartels are not made up of aliens from Mars, yet they get a free pass of who they are and from where they came.  How much of the drugs that enrich these cartels end up in elite Hollywood parties, forced through the border properties of hard-working American citizens, on the backs of Mexicans and Central Americans so dehumanized by their fellow “Hispanics,”  they are called “mules?” Who abandons those “mules” to die in the desert rather than be caught with them by our Border Patrol?

Yet, none of this matters! The LIE is what will move people, and film media is an extremely potent and effective way to create not a false reality, which isn’t possible, but a false PERCEPTION of reality, which is sufficient to energize people to do things they would not have done otherwise.  MACHETE characters argue lawlessness, and that people are defined only by their ethnicity, not their citizenship.  American citizens, specifically Hispanics,  should sell out their nation if ethnicity demands it.

With the Obama Administration in un-Constitutional,  full public pillorying of Arizona, through applying the full force of the Federal government against the state for the Audacity of SB 1070,  mobilizing presidential cabinet officials to re-engineer their departments to harass Arizona, Arizona governance, and Arizona law enforcement,  encouraging boycotts to economically hurt Arizonan citizens – the business owners, the employees – and all coordinated by the same political party, the Democrats, in a highly partisan, highly ideological attack aimed to overturn one law,  a film like MACHETE,  re-written  to name Arizona in an on-screen threat,  released at a time like this,  is spelled I-N-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T.

Conspiracy to Murder: The Rwanda Genocide and the International Community “Linda Melvern … documents the extensive preparation for the genocide by extremists within the government of Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana going back at least to 1991. When the genocide began, they had bought and distributed the equivalent of one machete for every three Hutu males and, with breathtaking cynicism, manipulated the media and state institutions to stoke anti-Tutsi passions to a fever pitch.”

As the L.A. City Council voted to boycott Arizona to “hurt the state,” director Rodriguez smirked as he retooled his “vision” to contribute to the Obama and Democratic Party theme of “hurt Arizona;” a vision that evidently was created while Rodriguez claims he was drunk, and as such would have been totally without normal inhibitions. Any given two minute scene in a movie takes hours, even days to produce.   That’s a lot of Tequila.  Has Rodriguez had his liver function checked recently? Or is he just lying? Is it lying enhanced by copious Tequila?

We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will be killed with Our Families:  Stories from Rwanda by  Philip Gourevitch : “In 1994 … in April, … Hutu husbands picked up machetes and killed their Tutsi wives … during May … the leading pop singer in Rwanda urged his Hutu countrymen over the state-sponsored radio to “Kill the cockroaches-“the Tutsis … in June, neighborhood “work groups” of Hutu men and women gathered to go over “hit lists” prepared by the government. During the time it took you to read the above, at least five Tutsis were killed, day by day, week by week, through July.”

The Democrats under Bill Clinton’s failed leadership averted their eyes when Lt. General Romeo Dallaire, head of the United Nations Mission in Rwanda, warned of a buildup in violent rhetoric and political assassinations, and provided detailed intelligence of the plans of the extremist Hutus in the Rwandan government.  President Bill Clinton hid behind his State Department, which he tasked with spending its time dodging in a manner that would become his shameful trademark: ‘ the meaning of ‘ … “genocide,” while Clinton refused to mobilize anything to stop it.  With the failure of American leadership in this crisis, the United Nations dithered, paralyzed; then worse, withdrew troops.

A Democratic Party Administration presided over the worst single slaughter of a targeted group of human beings since World War II – 800,000 murdered in 100 days –  then played mealy-mouthed contrite and hung their heads and claimed to the surviving Rwandans, “We didn’t really know what was happening.”  How grotesquely similar is the current Democratic Party Administration’s dodgy rhetoric and lack of action today as Arizonans repeatedly warn of the increasing lawlessness at our southern border, the bankrupting of the state from unreimbursed costs,  asking the Federal government to do their duties?  The pleas are falling on willfully deaf Democrat ears, from Obama to Pelosi to Reid, and every Democratic Party-controlled  Department head in-between.  Obama promises 3,000 troops to the border, and lets Arizona sit on the curb until he finally sends … 30, with no more authority or means  as any random  United Nations unarmed “observers.”

The extremist Hutu cabal in Rwanda, refusing to accept any peaceful power-sharing with Tutsis,  very deliberately used relentless radio broadcasts for months before they made their move to seize control and begin the “Final Solution” to their perpetual Tutsi problem, to propagandize Hutus that the Tutsi were pushing them off their ancestral lands, that Tutsis looked down on Hutus as inferior, would make Hutus subservient to them, were exploiting them, and ominously, would destroy them if they weren’t destroyed first.  Thus informed by the extremists, many Hutus acted in what they believed to be national and ethnic self-defense.   The GHOSTS OF RWANDA:

The extremist Hutu arguments were identical to the extremist Atzlan arguments against Americans. Just swap “Hispanics” for “Hutus” and “Americanos” for “Tutsi.” The machete is indeed the “poor man’s weapon” even in Africa, and is the trademark of violent Salvadoran M-13 gangs which have already well  infiltrated U.S. states up and down the Eastern seaboard. The Hutu extremists shipped in and distributed machetes by the thousands to equip their Hutu gangs as they indoctrinated them with hatred for the Tutsi.

It just takes the right combination of rhetoric and depictions of injustice, no matter if manufactured, to stir righteous rage against “evil suppressors.”

Roberto Rodriguez is a cheap soul brother to the extremist Hutu media propagandists, using film to cynically prejudice Hispanics against Americans, while trying to make a buck and an edgy name for himself.   While wanting to be paid in U.S. dollars, not Mexican pesos, Rodriguez purposely singled out Arizonans to be sure the hate has an identifiable target, “Throughout the script, groups aligned with political attempts to curb, restrict and/or control illegal immigration are thoroughly demonized. Minute Men and militia are portrayed as wanton killers, picking off illegal children in the desert “like jackrabbits” and slinging derogatory terms like “wetback.”

Should we accept Hollywood’s standard weasel dodge, their self-serving fig leaf derision against the public it seems to hate, only useful for whatever leftover cash is in their pockets?  That “it’s only satire” or “it’s free speech” or that we say nothing despite discovering the  snarky open insult of writer/director and bigot Rodriguez’s “Tequila Defense?”  Rodriguez didn’t “sprinkle gasoline on the fires of immigration, ”  he POURED it.

It doesn’t really matter now if MACHETE doesn’t have much of a theatre audience, does it?  DVD sales – legal and pirated copies – will quickly spread this toxic flick’s poison across the country, across the continent, to be watched again and again and again, dehumanizing Americans and Arizonans – “gringos” again and again and again.  Actions have consequences.   Hollywood elites can afford electric fences, security gates and personal bodyguards, so they obviously do not care about consequences of  their destructive behavior.

Lt General Romeo Dallaire, wrote his memoir of the Rwandan genocide to tell the world what happened, and to hope that by that, other genocides would be averted. The magnitude of the horrors still eludes his human understanding of it, but he remembers one thing clearly, meeting the masterminds of the Hutu extremist cabal who had designed and were directing the slaughter, in a darkened hotel room that reeked with alcohol. Dallaire suddenly, and totally unprepared for it, saw not men confronting him, but things otherworldly, the embodiment of evil.  And there he asked himself a question he never dreamed he would ever ask: “Do I shake hands with the Devil?”

The answer is “NO.”

We don’t need any fraud exploitative films about MACHETES; we already have them, the real thing:

To add insult to injury, this is tax-payer supported film-making through political hacks on The Texas Film Committee. How did we get to this place?  Politicized committees handing out other people’s money to subsidize films which demonize or in this case, graphically slaughter those very same people, using the crudest, most derogatory racial stereotyping, and dehumanizing of Americans as justification for murder?  The Texas Film Committee has foolishly shaken hands with the duplicitous Devil in Roberto Rodriguez and his Hollywood cabal of soulless mockers. 

Will innocent Arizonans be the ones to pay for their folly?   Potentially, with Arizona’s open carry of firearms, Arizonans may not be the first ones to pay, but rather Americans in Democratic Party-controlled states and cities where lawful citizens have been disarmed by Progressive Liberal Left laws, and undermined by Democratic Party “sanctuary city” enabling of illegality.   Despite the terror it evokes, a machete is no match fora gun.  The Democratic Party’s poor choices in promoting lawlessness, and inciting violence, while reducing the self- protection capabilities of the lawful may well  backfire on them.  Even the New York Times Stephen Holder, between fake gaffaws petending it’s all a joke, admits that MACHETE is: “gasoline on the fires.”


  1. Conservative Commentary at Arizona’s Sonoran Alliance.

  2. Understanding the reality of Azatlan efforts and Liberation Theology, more Arizonans should be outraged at the Ethnic Studies programs and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) programs in our state.

    This is not a matter of ethnicity but of philosophy.

    Marxism, ethnicity based classroom placement (AKA segregation), and subversive tactics…all philosophical and practical implementations of their “social justice” mantra. Justice for whom?

    With romanticized images of Che’, movies such as this one, and purposeful efforts to sideline the reality of their purpose, this effort will produce a passive cultural acceptance unless we push back and inform.

  3. That is quite a rant over a movie that very few people will ever watch. The next time a movie like this comes out, take a few deep breaths and relax.

  4. from DRUDGE this morning:
    Long Island man arrested for defending his home against a gang. Violent M-13 suspected…

  5. Joe Says:
    September 8th, 2010 at 6:52 am
    That is quite a rant over a movie that very few people will ever watch

    You willing to bet on that? It’s NO.2 at the box this week, and is already heavily marketed thru Latin America, and is guaranteed a very wide audience thru DVD, legit and pirated. The target audience is Hispanics, not “gringos.” So while “gringos” go about clueless, Hispanics are watching “gorefests” celebrating gratuitous mayhem against inflammatory, dehumanizing stereotypes of “gringos.”

    If the Tutsis had believed all those Hutu radio broadcasts would be able to incite their own neighbors, who they knew by name and grew up with, to kill, they would not have been caught out as they were – minding their own business, doing the normal routines of life. How much easier is it to jack people who don’t know the people they are being conditioned to hate?

    On what basis do you dismiss the seriousness of this? You have any experience in your life with anything of this sort? Most Americans don’t, living in a very controlled country.
    I have, though. Maybe I know the warning signs and collection of necessary variables comging together that enable this sort of thing and you don’t.
    I don’t expect “genocide,” it’s not that easy for a mostly foreign minority to trump a majority, but a measurable deterioration of civility and a ramping of violent encounters against innocent people, which will lead to more deterioration, a vicious cycle. The Federal government is patently and Un-Constitutionally taking sides: vocalizing it will not do its job to secure the border or deporting illegals if discovered by local law enforcement, and dumping one harassing lawsuit after another on AZ law enforcement to hinder their ability to function. No good will come that. It’s dangerous behavior on the part of the Obama Adminstration and the entire Democratic Party.
    The demographic is idle young males, which the Hutus organized to carry out the Rwanda attacks, which on this side of the Atlantic, make up the M-13 and other violent gangs. What does the article linked to above state, “Estimated 2,000 M-13 very well-organized gang members in the county.” That’s county, not country, and only M-13, not including other rival gangs, and that’s nowhere near the border – in Long Island! That’s what the Hispanic cast members who leaked the script are worried about, and they were worried Hispanics would be ultimately the ones who would suffer most because of it.
    The cynical Hollywood elites working on that film didn’t care, but there were some people working on it with still intact senses of decency and morals.

  6. Longest ….. Post ….. Ever.

  7. Longest


  8. Most


    You’d look better if you had nothing to say if you’d said, ah, nothing.
    Why don’t you watch GHOSTS OF RWANDA and inform yourself as to how badly Clinton botched that? Some of it’s on Youtube, the DVD can be ordered.
    Bad governing does have consequences, some worse than others. We have a dangerous convergence of bad governing and raw political manipulation that is going to jack violence in this country. It’s not a matter of IF, but by how much, and where it will start manifesting first before it spreads.

    These posts would be shorter, but so few Americans are informed about these sorts of things that one can’t assume ANY background amongst the readers.
    This wasn’t the case forty years ago, the public school system and the news actually conveyed information, but not now.

  9. Desensitizing process as explained by former child soldier:

  10. nightcrawler says:

    I saw the movie and liked it. I encourage the readers of this blog to do the same. It is a spoof, with a jab here and there. Relax and let yourself be entertained.

  11. nightcrawler Says:
    September 9th, 2010 at 12:12 am
    I saw the movie and liked it. I encourage the readers of this blog to do the same. It is a spoof, with a jab here and there. Relax and let yourself be entertained

    It’s obvious that being carved up by machetes to you is a total fantasy. If you had even a peripheral glimpse of the real deal, you won’t think so. Do you ever stop to be thankful of your very sheltered life here in the USA? Made possible by professional law enforcment, national security and a level of civil society not found in many other countries. Or do you think that’s normal – “don’t everybody?”

    We lived in Ivory Coast when Foday Sankos’ rebels swept through Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown with machetes to teach everyone a lesson. They asked the terrified people, “Short sleeve or long sleeve?”
    Short sleeve – they hacked your hand off at the elbow, long sleeve they hacked off your hand at the wrist.
    You go to Freetown today and see the hundreds of handless, armless survivors of that sweep. Missionary friends of ours, amongst the first and few foreigners to go back to help one of the churches repair what had been wrecked during that terror. They brought back photos of handless mothers carrying handless babies.

    What is so funny about ANYONE being ethnically cleansed by machetes?

    That movie was deliberately changed to market an open threat to Arizona, so when it’s watched by drug-jacked gangs to hype themselves, they won’t see humor, they’ll see total justification to kill and be hyping themselves to try it. It was never innocent, but the director made a decision to overtly politicize it, making it a rallying call to violence.
    You think the Phoenix Police liked having bottles thrown at their heads during the last protests? What do you think is going to be thrown at them next protest organized by Leftist radicals after the extremists get pumped on MACHETE?
    Isn’t buying a ticket to the MACHETE movie like blood money? Buying diamonds out of Sierra Leona during Foday Sanko’s machete terror are known as “blood diamonds” to evoke how many murders were necessary to bring them to market.

  12. So a lawsuit in a federal court is parallel to the Rwandan genocide. Seeing a movie is comparable to taking part in violent civil war backed economy. Is anyone still taking wanumba seriously?

  13. With that logic, who takes YOU seriously? HOW did you come up with THAT out of the piece?

    The director LIED about his purpose for the film, and he’s marketing it with an open threat of violence to Arizona, and you think he deserves honest money for that?

    What’s the market for this film? Self-loathing “gringos” like drug-wasted Lindsey Lohan and Hispanic gang members. Not exactly a film any FAMILY would take their KIDS to, AMerican OR HISPANIC. Definitely not a “date movie” or “chick-flick.”

    And Hillary CLinton is all a twitter about some guy saying he’s gonna torch some Korans, claiming it’s PROVOCATIVE, but is AWOL when a film opens with a very angry HIspanic guy, threatening with a machete saying “look out ARizona.”

    The point is, because of a combination of factors that aren’t usually present around stupid films we have a more dangerous potential here. The GOVERNMENT is part of this. Hillary informed ARizona on foreign TELEVISION that the Democratic Party Administration as POTUS Obama was going to SUE ARizona. A totally prepared slam against Arizona, not accidental at all. A complete insult, and a message to foreigners that the USG will side with them over US citizens. Unprecedented. Very dangerous.
    WHere’s that favorite word of Leftists “Hypocrite” for Hillary who saw the graves in Rwanda? Or is “Cynical Liar” sufficient?
    The federal government is in gross un-Constitutional harrassment of AZ, thru boycotts, media smears, lawsuits, blackmail. The New York Times reveiwer was 100% right on this: MACHETE is indeed gasoline on the fires.

  14. Todd #13
    The answer to your question is “NO”

  15. ………………….
    The Klute Says:
    September 11th, 2010 at 2:07 pm
    Your argument, as I understand it, is

    You don’t understand it. Or, being a Democrat, you do and want to make sure it goes away under copious pontifications of nothingish. So, thanks for the opportunity to reiterate the points:

    It’s about dangerous Obama Administration and Democratic Party Abuses:

    1)Democratic Party coordinating a corrosive political attack against a US state and US state lawful government and the lawful citizens of this state.

    2) Obama as POTUS in gross un-Constitutional violation of “to promote domestic tranquillity” by orchastrating a Federal and Democratic Party attack against a state for upholding laws.

    3) This attack is based on a campaign of demonization and harrassment of political opponents and demonization of the Arizona state government, Arizona state, county and local law enforcement, and Arizonans as citizens.

    4) The behavior of the POTUS and the Democratic Party exposes the thuggish tactics of Alinsky’s stated, “Select the target, personalize the target, destroy the target.” Used most recently by a national government in its most complete manifestation in Rwanda. Used also to devastating effect in its complete form in the German Holocaust slaughter of the Jews.

    No government should ever set its feet on that path, because it leads to destruction, but Obama has set the Democrats’ feet on it. No good will come of it.

    5) Alinksy dedicated his book to “Lucifer” AKA Satan, the most hate-filled entity in the universe. Rwandan Hutus explain quietly that “When Satan has control of you, you will do anythng.” Instead of totally repudiating Alinsky, the Democratic Party is promoting his cynical, abusive mindset. No good will come of it.
    One cannot shake hands with the devil without losing one’s soul.

    6) The major tactic is to select one group to inflict mayhem and even murder on a target group. The OBama ADministration and the Democratic Party have identified the Hispanics as a mallable tool to mobilize to inflict pressure, threats and violence in order to undermine a popular law. The extremist Hutus wanted to wreck a lawfully settled peace agreement and powersharing, they used the Hutu population as a tool against the Tutsi to achieve that.

    7) Next time the Democrats claim they care, they’re lying. Self-described CO-Presidents Bill and Hill CLinton refused to do anything about the Rwandan genocide, even when begged for help. 800,000 died by vicious violence, Bill and Hill lied that they didn’t know, and then gave a grand speech to the survivors that they would be committed to doing more in the future to prevent the stages of demonization of a population that clearly demonstrates a march to violence.

    Hillary must have had earwax. Fancying her giant ego to be POTUS material, she’s a willing partner in the smearing of Arizona to CHina, to the U.N., to the international community of nations, declaring administration intentions in a manner that projects to the world that the Obama ADministration will support foreigners over citizens. Even as our worst ever Secretary of State, she’s already showing she has no respect for the “preservation of the domestic tranquillity” as set out in the Constitution.

    8) With an administration of Democrats who publically state they admire not George Washington, but his antithesis, CHairman Mao, the murderer of millions of his own countrymen in his zeal for power, the actions in the opening salvos against Arizona do not bode well for PEACE – that is TRANQUILLITY – of ANY sort, domestically or internationally.

  16. lindsay lohan out after 15 hrs in jail?? thats all for multiple court order violations?? MAN imma be an addict now too!!!

  17. Isn’t it amazing how 1 individual can find somebody funny as well as the subsequent person not?My brother’s think Lee Evans is brilliant. I feel he is dire.Ten years ago I believed Harry Hill was the funniest man on the planet,no-one else I knew obtained him in any way. I lauigh like a drain at Al Murray yet my entire family do not get him in any way.My dad thinks Jethro is the funniest comedian within the world. I discover him as funny as piles.I’m not a large fan of Brand but do feel he is a really interesting chap and really appreciate his TV products.

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