PART ONE: Raising Hell in Arizona: Shaking Hands With the Devil

Excerpts: President Bill Clinton’s Remarks to the People of Rwanda (March 25, 1998)

“…4 years ago in this beautiful, green, lovely land, a clear and conscious decision was made by those then in power that the peoples of this country would not live side by side in peace.

The Government-led effort to exterminate Rwanda’s Tutsi and moderate Hutus … the killers … armed mostly with machetes and clubs …

It is important that the world know that these killings were not spontaneous or accidental … They were most certainly not the result of ancient tribal struggles. Indeed, these people had lived together for centuries…

These events grew from a policy aimed at the systematic destruction of a people. The ground for violence was carefully prepared, the airwaves poisoned with hate, casting the Tutsis as scapegoats for the problems of Rwanda, denying their humanity. All of this was done, clearly, to make it easy for otherwise reluctant people to participate in wholesale slaughter.

We cannot change the past, but we can and must do everything in our power to help you build a future without fear and full of hope.

We owe to those who died and to those who survived … our every effort to increase our vigilance and strengthen our stand against those who would commit such atrocities in the future, here or elsewhere. Indeed, we owe to all the peoples of the world who are at risk because each bloodletting hastens the next as the value of human life is degraded and violence becomes tolerated, the unimaginable becomes more conceivable—we owe to all the people in the world our best efforts to organize ourselves so that we can maximize the chances of preventing these events. And where they cannot be prevented, we can move more quickly to minimize the horror.

So let us challenge ourselves to build a world in which no branch of humanity, because of national, racial, ethnic, or religious origin, is again threatened with destruction because of those characteristics of which people should rightly be proud. Let us work together as a community of civilized nations to strengthen our ability to prevent and, if necessary, to stop genocide.”

As the Obama Adminstration and Democratic Party political demonization, harrassment by legal suits, and isolation of Arizona continues for the audacity of SB1070, where are the Democrat Party Icons,  the  Clintons?  How pathetic to see that now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who as First Lady, stood at her husband’s side on the blood-soaked soil of Rwanda, is apparently nothing but a cynical, willing tool in of the Democratic Party in the Obama Administration to create just the sort of divisions, condemnations, false accusations, and racial and ethnic  demonization against the citizens of Arizona which are indistinguishable from the opening salvos of the extremist Hutu propaganda campaign against the Tutsi, begun at least two years before the Hutu president of Rwanda’s plane crashed, the trigger for the actual genocidal onslaught.   Was Hillary not listening or was it simply another phony Democrat posturing to cover up yet another horrific failure?

Where are the Clintons?  Hillary and Bill said they were like “co-presidents.”  They told the world they’d learned from Rwanda. Why are they not both, Bill Clinton as former president and Hillary today as Secretary of State, standing up for Arizona instead of being either AWOL or producing divisive rhetoric and patently absurd international complaints against Arizona’s elected leadership and her lawful citizens?  They talked a lot about “never again, lessons learned.”  Does this mean their pious speech of peace and conflict resolution is not ever to be taken as if they actually mean it?  Hillary Clinton fancies herself presidential material, but instead of distancing herself, she’s complicit in just the sort of political low down corrosiveness that the extremist Hutus began against the Tutsi to neutralize them as political rivals … not just for the next election cycle, but  permanently. 

With the overwhelming horror overshadowing all, about the Rwandan genocide, there is a critical warning to be learned that is often overlooked:  The radical Hutus used the blunt tool of genocide to stop a comprehensive peace agreement and power sharing government brokered by the U.N. between moderate Hutus and Tutsis.  They deliberately incited mob violence to upend a lawful process being agreed upon by the majority of Rwandan citizens.  Tyrants, Communists and anarchists have long used violence and physical intimidation to overturn Rule of Law.  Rwanda was just one of the more extreme outcomes of the same process. But once started on this downhill road, it’s not always possible to brake to stop the  momentum to total chaos.

 Who with a (D) of the lofty rhetoric of civil rights and human dignity will correct the Democratic Party’s un-Constitutional and dangerous undermining of our nation’s domestic tranquility?  Or is that waaay too much to expect of anyone who associates with a political party that was so committed to slavery it dragged the country into a bloody civil war rather than give slavery up peacefully?

Arizonans may search, but they will find no one in the Democratic Party willing or interested in defending the rights of the PEOPLE. If a catastrophe like Rwanda leaves Democrats from school boards, to town councils, to city councils, to mayors, to representatives, to president publically repentant, but privately uncaring and unchanged, how puny and insignificant the squeaks from some U.S. state must seem in comparison.

But the issue at heart is a hostile Federal Government’s mis- use of  Federal power levers, rank public pilloring, destructive boycotts, negative propaganda and pure demonization to upend a normal, correct and fair law-making by duly elected state officials.  Arizona has done nothing wrong, has nothing to be ashamed of or is guilty of anything.   Unknowingly, Arizona evidently seriously disturbed a Democratic Party national political plan.  With no legitimate means to stop Arizona, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party  have chosen poorly;  isolating the target, personalizing the target and now seek to destroy the target.  Radical Saul Alinksy wrote those words and he dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to “Lucifer.”  Yes, that Lucifer, the Devil.

Arizona’s stand then is not just to protect her lawmakers, her law enforcement officers and her people, but to stand for Rule of Law against anarchy, to stand firm for what’s good and right against those who would carelessly break it all to pieces.

(“Shaking Hands with the Devil”  -  from Lt. General Romeo Dallaire’s Rwanda memoire, “Shake Hands with the Devil.”)