Press Release from Keep AZ Drug Free


Sept 28, 2010

The Glaucoma Foundation warns patients of dangers of using marijuana.

In their newsletter released late on Sept 27, 2010, the Glaucoma Foundation
warned patients with glaucoma not to use marijuana. They specifically
criticized efforts by pro-marijuana forces to use incomplete evidence in
their quest to make marijuana acceptable. Although marijuana does decrease
intraocular pressure, it is very short-acting and would have to be smoked
every few hours day and night to be effective. Otherwise, people will suffer
rebound spikes in intraocular pressure which could trigger glaucoma attacks.
Marijuana can also decrease blood supply to the optic nerve, also worsening

The American Glaucoma Society has already warned against using marijuana to
treat glaucoma, but highlighted their concern in a February editorial in the
Journal of Glaucoma warning patients not to use marijuana. This came after
their position statement of August 2009, also saying that marijuana was not
recommended for glaucoma. However, the warnings are getting stronger as more
evidence comes in.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has also warned that marijuana could
be harmful for people with multiple sclerosis. And the American Cancer
Society has said there is not enough evidence to recommend marijuana for
anything.  The Institute of Medicine, an independent agency, did the most
complete review of the research on marijuana and came to the conclusion that
marijuana is not medicine.

Ed Gogek, M.D. is an addiction psychiatrist and steering committee member of
Keep AZ Drug Free, the committee opposing Propositon 203, the so-called
medical marijuana law on November¹s ballot in Arizona.

Dr. Gogek says, “The demand for medical marijuana is not coming from doctors
or patient care organizations. It’s coming entirely from pot-smokers.
They’re running a million dollar ad campaign in our state trying to convince
people that marijuana is medicine, and that is simply not true.  Based on
almost no evidence, they’ve been pushing the idea that marijuana is good for
glaucoma, but now the evidence is coming in that it’s actually dangerous.
That’s one more reason these medical marijuana laws are so harmful. You
don’t prescribe a medicine on one person’s story or wishful thinking; you
have to look at all the research. That’s what the FDA does and that’s why we
should trust the FDA instead of a bunch of pot-smokers.”

From their website: The mission of The Glaucoma Foundation (TGF) is to fund
groundbreaking research and to educate the public about the disease and the
importance of early detection to prevent blindness. Founded in1984 by Dr.
Robert Ritch, TGF is one of the premier not-for-profit organizations
dedicated to eradicating blindness from glaucoma through vital research and

Newsletter release 9-27-10

Warning not to use marijuana:

February 2010 Journal of Glaucoma

American Glaucoma Society Position on Marijuana

Website for Glaucoma Foundation

Here’s the Marijuana Policy Project, still claiming marijuana is good for
glaucoma despite statements from the American Glaucoma Society from over a
year ago. (Also note, they say IOM supports them but they just took one
sentence from the complete report. The IOM’s conclusion is that marijuana is
not medicine.)

Contacts at Keep AZ Drug Free, a ballot opposition committee registered with the Secretary of State to oppose Prop 203

Ed Gogek, M.D.
(928) 713-0721 cell     928 771-8998 land line

Real taxpayer groups holding press conference tomorrow to denounce sham AZ Taxpayers Association

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Americans for Prosperity holding press conference at the Goldwater Institute

Real taxpayer leaders to speak and denounce Democrat Party Chair and union boss behind sham taxpayers organization

Beware of fake taxpayer group pushing left-wing agenda

Sign from fake taxpayer group

Sign from fake taxpayer group

Join us for a news conference this Friday, October 1

Dear AZ Taxpayer,

Please let your friends and neighbors know that a fake taxpayer organization, the “Arizona Taxpayers Association,” has been created to defend Big Government policies in the November 2 ballot proposition battles. The group (if it can even be called a group), which has been set up by Democratic political consultant Bob Grossfeld and labor union officer Jim McLaughlin, opposes several propositions that will actually BENEFIT Arizona taxpayers, producers, and consumers, and increase our freedom.

The so-called Arizona Taxpayers Association has no members and no history of ever lobbying on behalf of taxpayers, and appears to have been operating in possible violation of Arizona campaign finance laws (the organization placed campaign signs but apparently did not file with the Secretary of State prior to conducting its political activities, as required by Arizona law). A photo of one of the signs is posted at, under What’s New.

Three of the propositions opposed by Grossfeld and McLaughlin and their fake organization are especially vital to the future well-being of Arizona taxpayers, producers, and consumers:

Prop 106 – The Arizona Health Care Freedom Act
Prop 107 – The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative
Prop 113 – Save Our Secret Ballot

In order to expose this leftist sham perpetrated by Grossfeld and McLaughlin, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP Arizona) is holding a news conference this Friday, October 1, at 11:30 am, at the Goldwater Institute, at 500 E. Coronado Road (one block north of McDowell, just west of 7th Street).

AFP Arizona, which has served the taxpayers of Arizona since 2007, grew out of the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers Associations (AFTA), which served from 1980 to 2007, producing an annual “Friend of the Taxpayer” legislative scorecard every year from 1984 to 2006. Representing the “old guard” of AFTA at Friday’s news conference will be former AFTA chairmen Rep. Rick Murphy (R-Peoria) and Mr. Bob Burges. Also present will be spokespersons representing several of the propositions attacked by the fake organization.

Please support your REAL Arizona taxpayer watchdog, Americans for Prosperity. AFP Arizona asks all of its members to invest at least $10 a year in our efforts. You can invest in AFP Arizona by clicking on the Contribute button in the upper righthand corner of our homepage, Or, you can send checks to:

Americans for Prosperity, AZ
One East Camelback Road, Suite 550
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Thank you so much for all you do to fight for the Arizona taxpayer!

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
(602) 478-0146

Read more:

Brown Baggin’ with Mike Broomhead!

Here’s a special event you’ll want to make!

Arizona Republican Party Presents,
Brown Bag Lunch with
KFYI Talk Show Host, Mike Broomhead
Wednesday, October 13th
12:00 – 1:00 PM
Arizona Republican Party Headquarters
3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016
RSVP to Carolyn Leff at
or call (602) 957-7770 by October 11th

Yes on 107 Campaign Challenges U of A President to Sacrifice his Position for “Diversity”

University of Arizona President Robert Shelton stated in a recent interview with the Arizona Daily Star that he opposes Proposition 107, which would ban race and gender preferences in government, including in higher education. Mr. Shelton further stated that, if 107 is adopted by voters, he “will not back off one bit” from the university’s efforts to promote “diversity” and recruit more women and minorities.

The university’s diversity goals, which are posted on their website, include hiring specified percentages of women and minorities. These hiring quotas include goals for women to comprise 63% of new Assistant Director Administrators, 73% of Animal Technicians, and 56% of the Faculty in Fine Arts. Goals for minority hires include 53% of General Maintenance positions and 59% of Supervisors in Service/Maintenance.

“President Shelton appears concerned that if Prop. 107 passes, the university won’t be able to put ‘diversity goals’ ahead of ‘most qualified’,” said Proposition 107 campaign chair, Rachel Alexander.  “I bet there’s a woman or a ‘minority’ that meets the minimum

qualifications to be president of the University. I challenge President Shelton to walk his own talk and step down for the sake of ‘diversity’. His $549,400 position could be given to an affirmative action applicant. Or perhaps he believes that discriminating quotas should only apply to other people, but not to him?”

# # # #

Health care bill creates ‘Obamacare University’

by Diane Cohen
Goldwater Institute

The program is unassumingly titled the “United States Public Health Sciences Track,” and it’s among the many items hidden inside the massive, 2,000-page health care reform package adopted earlier this year. But it is anything but innocent. Instead, it is a first-of-its kind, federally funded and federally administered civilian medical school that grants advanced degrees (post-graduate, post-doctoral and technology) in medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy, among others.
It will be run by Obama administration officials, namely, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, who will determine the number of students who can enroll, and the Surgeon General, who will decide how to admit students, to recruit instructors and to write the curricula, among other tasks. Administration officials will act like college deans with the Surgeon General in charge of operations and the HHS Secretary in charge of funding.
Like the grants and contract sections of the health care reform law that require the use of race-based criteria for awarding federal money to hospitals and schools for medical training programs, the Surgeon General is required to create race-based selection procedures for admitting students into what I’ve named “Obamacare University.”
The more we know about the health care reform bill, the more unconstitutional and problematic it gets. The establishment of Obamacare U and its race-based provisions reinforce the importance of the Goldwater Institute’s efforts to strike down this law.
Diane Cohen is an attorney with the Goldwater Institute Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation.

Janet Contreras on “Her Politics”

One of my clients, Janet Contreras, was on Her Politics on Monday evening. In case you missed the show, here is the video featuring Janet Contreras and hosts, Shawnna Bolick and Sophia E. Johnson.

Is Raul Grijalva the “sleeper candidate?”

Here is a brief video sent in to Sonoran Alliance in which Congressman Raul Grijalva catches himself falling asleep during a candidate forum in Tucson.

YouTube Preview Image

This sorta gives new meaning to the term “sleeper candidate” which we believe actually belongs to Ruth McClung who is about to snatch this seat away from Raul Grijalva in the coming weeks.

Democrats create fake taxpayers group; post signs opposing ballot initiatives

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Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

Monday, September 27, 2010

Former Arizona Democrat Party chairman Sam Coppersmith and union boss behind fake taxpayers organization

Sham organization posts signs all over Arizona pretending taxpayers oppose the ballot initiatives

submitted by a reader from the website

A couple weeks ago the Yes on Prop 107! Campaign (end “affirmative action”) in Arizona had someone attend a National Organization for Women (NOW) meeting because the opposition group to 107, Protect Arizona’s Freedom which is led by ultra-left state representative Kyrsten Sinema, was presenting their plan of attack at the meeting.

The PAF representative, Sarah Luna, told the group that they were working on a plan with opponents of other Arizona initiatives to run a “Vote No on Everything” campaign.

Because of this, it was not all that surprising that Arizona started to see “Vote No on All Ballot Propositions” signs popping up.

What was surprising, however, was the headline, “Save our Constitution” and that the group sponsoring the signs is the so-called “Arizona Taxpayers Association at 2600 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ.”

The disclaimer jumped out at me because it was written in larger font than what is typical for a required campaign finance law disclaimer.

First, Propositions 106 (healthcare freedom), 107 (End Affirmative action), 113 (Save the Secret Ballot), all typically enjoy support from taxpayer and tea party organizations.

The messaging “Save our Constitution” and the name of the organization are clearly meant to confuse voters.  Since the left’s ideas are not popular with the public (especially this election cycle) this appears to be a national trend amongst leftist organizations.  For more on the national trend see

Second, finding information on this so-called “Arizona Taxpayers Association” was difficult at first because the address that is printed on the signs has one digit wrong.

There is actually an Arizona Taxpayer Association at 2800 (not 2600) N. Central Phoenix, AZ.  This organization was founded by two individuals who push the extreme left agenda.

Bob Grossfeld is one of the founders – he also started the left’s internet news source, “The Arizona Guardian.”   Jim McLaughlin is the other individual listed – he is the President of Arizona’s UFCW Local 99.  (Note: that UFCW Local 99′s logo is printed on the signs)

  • Jim McLaughlin tells his union membership to be careful believing advertisers, little do they know that they should actually be careful of what their president says:

  • Also, you’ll note that 2800 N Central Phoenix houses labor law attorneys, a newly formed Arizona Hospital and Healthcare group, and former Democrat party chairmen –  Jim Pederson and  Sam Coppersmith.

Finally, after searching the Arizona Secretary of State’s campaign finance database an organization named “Arizona Taxpayers Association” cannot be found which makes the disclaimer on the sign utterly useless.  Because a statement of organization and campaign finance reports have not been filed, concerned citizens (and average voters) cannot visit the Secretary of State’s website and see who has organized and is funding this group. The organization has filed paperwork instead as an independent expenditure committee.

Liberals have proven once again that they will say and do anything to push forward their radical Obama Agenda.

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Something’s Rotten in LD 8

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona
Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something’s Rotten in LD 8

In a move reminiscent of the Obama administration, LD8 Chairman Jim Burke informed the membership at their monthly meeting on September 9, 2010, that all the campaign finance reports had been filed and the fines paid. He even donated the money for the fines from his failed 2006 bid for the AZ House. However, all is not well.

Truth is the only thing filed 9/9/10 with the SOS was a new Statement of Organization (note “Last Amended Date”), naming Burke as Chairman and Rex Routh as Treasurer. This should have been done in January 2009. The campaign finance reports (see previous link) were finally filed 9/20/10 with the Secretary of State, a delay costing an additional $275 and bringing the total fines for the State to $1,570.

The initially filed reports were grossly different from information contained in the monthly finance reports to the LD8 membership and have been amended. However, numerous questions remain. For example, over $3,200 is unaccounted for on the June 30 Report. The ending cash balance for the June 30 report was $5,349.34 whereas the amount reported in the newsletter was $8,572.14. That’s quite a difference. And how can you list over $3,000 in cash contributions with no identifying names attached (i.e. pages 3 & 6, “Breakfast” $1,560 and $842 and $423)? These could be from corporations or labor unions, both of which are prohibited.

The County campaign finance reports are the same story, only worse. NONE of the country reports were filed until 9/21/10 with fines totaling $1,300 and they reflect the same discrepancies as the State reports. All told, this district paid over $2,800 in unnecessary fines and can’t account for over $6,000 ($3,000 in contributions, $3,200 on reports).

This administration only had to continue what should have been a routine task. Obviously, the current treasurer could not meet his fiduciary responsibilities and should have been removed after the first report deadline was missed by more than 30 days. But the chairman refused to step up to his responsibilities either and is ultimately to blame.

Given the multiplicity and severity of the financial reports’ discrepancies, swift action is indicated. The executive board doesn’t appear troubled by any of this ineptitude and deceit.  Just like Obama, the strategy is to deny, lie and ignore until people get tired and move on to something else.  It is up to “we the people,” represented by the district PCs, to insist on accountability. The membership of LD8 should demand an immediate audit by an independent, outside party because something is rotten in this district.

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Harry Mitchell lies about David Schweikert in act of desperation!

By Intellectual Conservative, Arizona

Democrat House incumbent Harry Mitchell is so desperate to save his seat in Congress he is spreading a smear campaign about Republican challenger David Schweikert. In video ads, he claims that Schweikert preyed upon victims losing their homes to foreclosure. He claims that Schweikert even bought a home that an owner was in the process of saving. All of these accusations are FALSE. Schweikert has NEVER bought a property from a homeowner in foreclosure. He has never even owned someone’s mortgage or deed of trust. He has never loaned money to anyone. He buys property from BANKS and trustees. The banks have already foreclosed on the homes he buys. After Schweikert purchases these properties, he fixes them up and rents them. This is standard practice for any typical real estate investor.

Mitchell can’t get his facts straight on business because he doesn’t understand it. Apparently he would rather prohibit investors from buying foreclosed homes from banks? Just let the properties sit with weeds growing as the banks own them? It makes no sense. We NEED investors to purchase these properties. Especially investors who will fix them up instead of just letting them sit deteriorating. Schweikert actually fixes them up and puts them back out on the market for people to rent, he doesn’t just sit on them and wait to sell.

We hear Mitchell is the one with real estate problems. Apparently something is about to come out regarding his rental property. Maybe the Democrats should have checked Mitchell’s properties first before they launched this bogus attack on Schweikert.

Will this self-important goon ever go away?

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona
Friday, September 24, 2010

It’s All About Grant

Grant Woods has yet again proven he is not a conservative let alone a principled conservative.  He is supporting ultra liberal Felicia Rotellini over Republican Tom Horne in the Attorney General Race.

Woods is opposed to SB 1070 and has made a career out of bashing Republicans.  Woods is entitled to his views – which always seem to be based on what’s in it for Grant Woods.  But, don’t insult our intelligence Grant by clinging to the conservative label.

When Woods was called a liberal for supporting Rotellini his response was to invoke his honorary chairmanship of Governor Brewer’s campaign to prove he is a true Republican.  I’m sure Governor Brewer, who has endorsed Tom Horne and is riding the wave of support for Russell Pearce’s handiwork – SB1070, really appreciated that.  Indeed, she should be furious with Woods and immediately remove him from her campaign.

Those who know Grant Woods know it’s always about Grant.  In typical Woods fashion he recently issued a press release to let us all know he would not be running for Mayor.   

Republicans who know what’s going on saw it as a big mistake for Brewer to agree to have Woods and Mary Peters, who proves the Peter Principle (no pun intended), as her honorary co-chairs.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that Brewer’s chief political consultant Chuck Coughlin arranged these self-serving honorary do-nothing appointments with the hopes it will benefit him down the road.   

Here is a link to a great story in the Tucson Citizen.

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Raul Grijalva in Los Angeles raising money from radical Hispanic activists

In case you missed it, Congressman Raul Grijalva was recently in Los Angeles to raise money from “many long time Latino community and political activists.”

The San Fernando Valley Sun reported today that one of the activists present was Rodolfo “Rudy” Acuna.

In the article, Acuna is quoted:

Raul Grijalva is the most progressive legislator in the country and is under attack by the right wing. Just last week one of these zealots contributed one million dollars to defeat him because of his leadership in fight SB 1070.

SFVS further reported:

Acuna said the fund raiser proves that Californians supports the fight against racism in Arizona and will support courageous politicos such as Grijalva. “He is fighting our fight,” Acuna said. Acuna’s book “Occupied America” has also been targeted for removal from Arizona classrooms along with recent legislation passed in Arizona to ban ethnic studies classes.

Who is Rodolfo “Rudy” Acuna other than a good friend of Raul Grijalva?

Acuna wrote a book entitled, Occupied America: A History of Chicanos, which is currently at the center of controversy in Southern Arizona school districts where it has been taught until the Governor and Legislature passed a law (HB 2281) prohibiting the indoctrination of students through ethnic and race-oriented studies for specific ethnic groups. Acuna’s book would be removed from the curricula under the new law.

Rodolfo Acuna recently appeared on a segment of Democracy Now in which he called Arizona lawmakers and the Governor xenophobic for wanting to stop the teaching of his book which asserts that The United States invaded Mexico. Here is the video clip from Democracy Now:

YouTube Preview Image

In another video clip, Acuna sits down with The Nonprofit Network and challenges Arizona officials calling the Arizona law “draconian.” In this clip Acuna unleashes on Arizonans and elected officials calling Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Senator Russell Pearce a Nazi!

YouTube Preview Image

Watch in the following video clip as Acuna calls Governor Brewer a “loser” and the Republican party, racists! At 2:30 into the following clip, Acuna says that Arizona is heading for violence insinuating a race war in our state.

YouTube Preview Image

I find it irreconcilable that Raul Grijalva who claims to have backed away from his call for a boycott of Arizona is now in Los Angeles raising money from Hispanic activists who support a radical agenda.

Perhaps Grijalva should resort back to his original position against Arizona and her citizens in order to be consistent with “putting his money where his mouth is?”

The race for CD-7 in Southern Arizona is closer than the pundits think. Three recent polls show Ruth McClung in a dead heat with Grijalva and with revelations of Grijalva tapping Hispanic activists for money, it could only get worse for Mr. Grijalva.

Let’s help get Ruth McClung elected in her race against Raul Grijalva. Visit her website right now and make a donation to her campaign and let’s sent Grijalva to a place he feels more “at home!”

Arizona economy will grow with highways and freight trains

by Byron Schlomach
Goldwater Institute

Arizona’s economy seems to be headed for a long, gradual recovery. Policymakers have the opportunity now to set the stage with thoughtful decisions about what kind of infrastructure will support future economic growth.

A recent story in the Arizona Republic described a luncheon sponsored by the Salt River Project and the East Valley Partnership to discuss future infrastructure needs. It is clear from the story that many policymakers understand that additional transportation options will be key to Arizona’s prosperity.

The state’s almost 7 million people are relatively isolated by geography. The nearest large metropolitan areas to Phoenix are hundreds of miles to the east and west. That means we have to make it convenient and inexpensive to move goods and the raw materials to make goods into and out of our state, whether by rail or by truck.

Fortunately, two years ago the Arizona Legislature foresaw these needs and reformed the state’s public-private partnership law to make it easier for private investors to help fund new highways.

Arizona isn’t as well positioned with rail, but we could be. Policymakers could make it easier to get freight through the state by approving projects such as the Union Pacific rail line expansion that has been held up for years in a public relations battle.

There is also the danger of infrastructure policy heading in the wrong direction. One option discussed at that luncheon was high-speed passenger rail. Robert Poole of the Reason Foundation has done a good job of explaining its shortcomings: the vast expanse of the United States and a lack of passengers willing to pay the true cost of high-speed rail means taxpayer subsidies would have to be much larger than Arizona can afford.

We need transportation infrastructure options with benefits to the economy that clearly outweigh the costs. The way to achieve this is to make sure users pay for most of the construction and operating expenses. Roads and freight rail meet these criteria. High speed rail, on the other hand, would be taxpayer-subsidized forever and would offer limited economic benefit.

Byron Schlomach, Ph.D., is an economist and director of the Center for Economic Prosperity at the Goldwater Institute.

Why ask Why??


A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Yvonne Wingett, reporter for the financially troubled Arizona Republic, has once again hit a discordant note with another of her infamously vituperative articles. Ms. Wingett, frequently called “Wingnut”, discusses a conflict between the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and certain other elected officials who she criticizes for running up legal bills for lawsuits against the board.

“Wingnut” seems to accurately describe the alleged journalist who acts as a PR agent for elected officials who not only are not up to the job, but work actively against the public interest.

The Board of Supervisors has enthusiastically championed the expenditure of about one third billion dollars on a courthouse project that nobody needs, and whose vital records have been hidden away and locked up preventing public scrutiny. In fact, this board has done so many things that are over the line, they have practically invited the lawsuits against them.

Ms. Wingett said not a word about that, but excoriated those who have been forced to defend themselves against this ruthless Board of Supervisors whose hands have been caught in the cookie jar too many times. The Board has repeatedly attacked several departments that have cried foul over the handling of the court house fiasco, and the slashing of much needed budgets.

Of course, there is nothing new here. This news is so old, it has cobwebs growing on it, but Ms. Wingett soldiers on, perhaps goaded by an overly enthusiastic editorial staff at her gradually eroding organization. If Ms. Wingett has a firm grasp of the obvious, and would like to do us all a service, she should look into why.  

What is the root cause of all this conflict?  If she really digs just a little she might find that the BOS has let their top dog, David Smith, assume way too much authority.  He makes no effort to work with the other elected officers and constantly interferes in their business either by withholding support or trying to take over.  

David Smith leaves behind him a trail of bad decisions and very suspicious behavior. There is not a hint about that from Ms. Wingett who actually gives support to Smith’s misdeeds by skewing the truth. Maricopa county has become notorious for government by the most unscrupulous or unsuitable people. It is sad that journalism has ceased to exist as a profession, now ranking at a level normally reserved for another human occupation that we usually call the oldest of all professions.

I Think I’m Seeing A Pattern In Raul Grijalva

I was looking on Raul “The Boycotter” Grijalva’s website today, and I noticed a very interesting pattern.  Let’s see if you can pick up on it.

Latest News

Friday September 17, 2010

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today congratulated five tribes in the Seventh District for receiving Department of Justice (DOJ) grants through this year’s Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) program. The grants total $3,287,766 and come from a variety of DOJ offices dedicated to different law enforcement, victim awareness and public safety missions.

Read more

Friday September 17, 2010

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today congratulated the University of Arizona and the Arizona Department of Health Services on newly announced grants of $299,200 and $100,000, respectively, from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Read more

Friday September 17, 2010

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (CIS) Office of Citizenship has awarded a $100,000 grant to Pima Community College to expand services for legal permanent residents seeking citizenship. The competitively awarded grant is part of a program in 27 states and the District of Columbia funded through the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2010.

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Wednesday September 15, 2010

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today hailed the Department of the Interior (DOI) announcement that oil and gas companies must permanently plug any Gulf of Mexico wells that have been idle for at least five years. The announcement comes after Grijalva wrote an August 2 letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar calling attention to idle rigs in the region and prompting Salazar to push responsible companies to dismantle outdated rigs using local labor.

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Wednesday September 15, 2010

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today congratulated the Arizona Office For Children, Youth and Families and Catholic Community Services Of Southern Arizona (CCS) on their newly announced $2,672,988 grant and $338,000 grant, respectively, from the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women.

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Wednesday September 15, 2010

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today highlighted the $211.8 million Arizona is set to receive as part of the recently passed $10 billion measure to save teacher jobs nationwide. The federal funding is expected to save about 4,000 teacher positions around the state, according to Department of Education information.

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Tuesday September 14, 2010

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today congratulated Arizona on receiving a $235,829 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to improve HIV/AIDS testing and reporting services statewide. The total includes $145,567 for expanded testing aimed at prevention and early detection and $90,262 to improve health test reporting between public and private labs.

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Friday September 10, 2010

Each year, I have the privilege of nominating five individuals to each of our nation’s Military Academies. In order to represent Southern Arizona fairly, I rely on a diverse group of individuals to promote applications and encourage interested students to learn more about this prestigious opportunity.

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Friday September 10, 2010

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today congratulated the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) on its new $1.9 million grant for diabetes treatment and the Colorado River Indian Tribe (CRIT) on its new $70,000   for reducing motor vehicle injuries. Both grants come from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

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Thursday September 09, 2010

Arizona received approximately $45.4 million yesterday from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), which the state can use to purchase foreclosed homes at a discount and rehabilitate or redevelop them. The money was authorized by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Did you catch it?  Looks like the ONLY thing The Boycotter is good at is…..spending your money.  And this represents only one week.

So if you are down with endless federal grants sucking the life [and money] out of your checkbook, vote for Raul come November.  If you are tired of his greedy fingers in your pockets,  it’s really time to check out Ruth McClung.

Democracy for America Praises Raul Grijalva for Boycott of Arizona

Sonoran Alliance has obtained an email by the national progressive organization, Democracy for America, praising Raul Grijalva for his effort leading the boycott against Arizona:

What is ironic and hypocritical about this email is that this national group as late as last Thursday was praising Grijalva who supposedly reversed his position on the boycott against Arizona! Oh really? Then why would Grijalva tell constituents in his district one thing at the same time he is raising money out of state by telling donors another thing???

One final note is that the email reveals that this national organization believes that Grijalva is in “the fight of his life” over this race.

Here is that email:


From: Jim Dean <>
Subject: Raul Grijalva
Date: Thursday, September 16, 2010, 12:21 PM
DFA members won a big fight in New Hampshire on Tuesday when progressive Ann McLane Kuster beat Blue Dog Katrina Swett in the Democratic primary. Our joint phonebombs with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee generated over 18,000 get-out-the-vote calls to voters in Kuster’s district and now another corporate Democrat — who still supports tax cuts for the wealthy, still supports her mentor Joe Lieberman, and who actually called herself a Sarah Palin Mama Grizzly — has been defeated thanks to your hard work.

But the fight to make sure progressives win in November is only just beginning. Republicans and the big corporations that prop them up are targeting specific progressive leaders across the country in their campaign to take back the House of Representatives and they’ve set their sights on Rep. Raul Grijalva.

Congressman Grijalva is a progressive champion that not only fought with us for stronger Wall Street reforms and the Public Option every step of the way, he also fought for progressives back home in Arizona after the state government passed a well-publicized, bigoted, racial profiling law early this year. Raul had the guts to call on tourists and businesses to boycott Arizona to pressure a change in the law.

His reward for bold leadership? Republicans and corporations have vowed to beat him. As Chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congressman Grijalva has stood up for us time and again — it’s time we stand up for him.

Contribute $5 right now to help a progressive champion fight back against corporate attacks.

It’s easy to see why Republicans are threatened by Congressman Grijalva — he’s a fighter. He doesn’t cave when the right-wing attacks or when lobbyists pressure him.

Now, with Republicans and their corporate sponsors waging war on Social Security, Congressman Grijalva is organizing progressives in Congress to not let it happen. He won’t just hold the line for no cuts to Social Security, he’s going on offense and demanding Congress strengthen it.

Traditionally, Congressman Grijalva hasn’t had to fight too hard to keep what is typically a Democratic seat in Arizona. But thanks to his bold progressive leadership and effective caucus organizing, he’s facing the toughest challenge of his career. Raul is one incumbent that progressives can’t afford to lose.

It’s time for us to back him up with the full strength of our people-powered organization. Contribute $5 now to help him fight back against the corporations trying to tear him down.

Raul Grijalva has fought for us time and again — now he’s in the fight of his life. Contribute $5 today and defend a progressive champion.

Thank you for everything you do.


Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

New health care law forces affirmative action on medical schools

by Diane Cohen
Goldwater Institute
President Barack Obama’s new health care law doesn’t just radically transform our nation’s medical system; it contains provisions that require discrimination on the basis of race.

It starts at page 516 of the more than 2,000 page law, in a section that allows the Obama administration to give grants and contracts to training hospitals and medical schools. In awarding this federal money, the law requires the administration to give preferences to hospitals and schools based on the racial makeup of their student body. Moreover, hospitals and schools who receive these federal funds must engage in race-based student recruitment as well.

In several letters to Congress, the U.S. Civil Rights Commission called on Congress to reject these discriminatory provisions and consider “proven methods of improving health care outcomes.” But the Civil Rights Commission said forcing medical schools to use race-based admissions policies assumes differences in the health of people from different races are caused by a shortage of doctors from those races. This misdiagnoses the problem, the Commission said, pointing to studies that show health care disparities do not result from a lack of medical professionals of particular races.
Further, the Commission stressed that congressionally-mandated affirmative action is likely to be thrown out as unconstitutional.

Certainly, attracting talented people to medicine is a worthy goal. But individuals should not be singled out and given special benefits based on their race to reach that goal. Likewise, the Obama administration should not force hospitals and schools to recruit students based on race to obtain federal money.

There is something we can do right here in Arizona to ensure equal treatment under the law. The Goldwater Institute is working in federal court to strike down the entire health care bill. Also, Arizona voters will consider Proposition 107 during the Nov. 2 general election. Called the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative, Prop. 107 offers an amendment to the state constitution that forbids race-based policies for any taxpayer-funded agency or program. The citizens of Arizona have the power to say “yes” to equal opportunity for all Arizonans, and “no” to unfair and unlawful policies that focus on anyone’s race or ethnic background.

Diane Cohen is an attorney with the Goldwater Institute Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation.