John McCain Again Turns to Homosexual Mark Buse to Lead Re-Election Campaign

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

McCain has a long history of flip-flopping on gay marriage

Yet veers to left in Senate reelection campaign by hiring homosexual lobbyist to run campaign

Looks like John McCain is veering back to the left already on gay marriage, having hired an openly gay lobbyist to manage his campaign, Mark Buse. This is more in line with his wife and daughter’s views, who openly opposed California’s Prop. 8 ballot initiative which stated that marriage is between a man and woman. Cindy McCain has a photo of her opposing that initiative as her Twitter profile picture, and both women have campaigned against it. It is clear McCain doesn’t want the Christian conservative vote.

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  1. It’s not like there are that many gay Republican campaign managers. McCain went out of his way to pick one who is gay — just to stick it to the family values voters. What a jerk.

  2. I don’t support gay marriage. But I also don’t think sexual orientation should matter in choice of a campaign manager. I won’t be voting for McCain, but not because of this.

  3. McCain can’t stand Christian conservatives. He is always sticking his finger in their eyes. I receive his campaign emails, which all come from Mark Buse, his name is in the From line. I bet McCain grins everytime he thinks of us being reminded of his support for gay rights everytime we get an email from Buse. His disrespect of the Christian right is why I won’t be voting for him. Had enough abuse.

  4. Lordy Lordy says:

    I hope you aren’t wearing any clothes by a homosexual designer or have watch a television show with homosexual actors. C’mon people. Is this what the race has devolved to?

  5. Buse was a high-paid lobbyist for Freddie Mac, who was shunted over to McCain to shut him up about high executive pay. That is even worse.

    McCain’s chief of staff Mark Buse, whose sexuality was recently put under the spotlight by activists Michelangelo Signorile and Mike Rogers, was hired by mortgage giant Freddie Mac a few years ago to work with McCain because they feared the Arizona Senator “was too outspoken” on the issue of executive pay, the Washington Post reports:

    “Mark Buse, a longtime McCain adviser who had been staff director of the Senate commerce committee, signed on as a Freddie Mac lobbyist, and his firm, ML Strategies, earned $460,000 in lobbying fees in late 2003 and 2004, according to lobbying disclosures. Buse is now chief of staff at McCain’s Senate office. Buse was one of many strategic hires made by Freddie Mac in its efforts to sew up support and manage opponents on Capitol Hill, a push that peaked in 2004 with the retention of 34 outside lobbying firms. Over the past decade, Freddie spent more than $95 million on lobbying, while its sister company, Fannie Mae, spent more than $79 million. …The story of how Buse came to get involved is emblematic of the interconnections among Fannie, Freddie and the lawmakers whose support was critical for their business.”

  6. McCain is such a jerk. We expect something like this out of him.

  7. I know AzJack and I can tell you that he loves Gay Sex too. He loves it in every orifice just like this campaign manager. PRobably more than this guy. Now you watch he’s going to deny it, but i can tell you that he loves it. He loves 18 yr old asian men, and invading their bodies. He’s married but he lies to his wife and tells her he’s going to be hoem late, and then hits the Asian Massage parlor on 32nd and Indian School. That’s his thing. And he’s a J.D. fan!

  8. And that guy travis he loves horse-man videos. He’s a real sicko.

  9. Last gasp of a lost JD Blowme campaign.

  10. Seriously, how low can you go?

  11. Pretty weak article.

    The 24th can’t come quick enough. Bye bye JD. I can see the sun setting on the horizon of your career.

  12. Arizona Ranger says:

    The open admission that McLame has hired an openly GAY individual is another huge slap in the face for all conservatives! Please remember this: JOHN MCCAIN IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE! Is he a flaming liberal? No, but is a very, very, very liberal individual who is definitely more in line with the standard Democratic thinking than ANYTHING the conservative Republicans would ever be part of!!

    Once again, here is the main take-home point:


    Soooo…..if you ever think that he will vote for or support the issues that we conservatives want to see enacted…forget it! He will not do that. Example: He is against SB 1070 and he is FOR amnesty for the illegals! Forget the cute little ads “Get the danged fence built”. This is just smoke and mirrors for the easily manipulated folks. He is NOT for getting the fence completed; he would rather build a bridge over it!

    Another point to remember is that by hiring an openly GAY invididual, he is now reaching out to the traditional Democrat voting bloc of people—the GAY vote! He is getting more and more desparate and will now SAY ANYTHING to ANYBODY for their vote! John McCain has resorted to the lowest of possible political positions-he is a political prostitute and will sell his services to anyone-if they will just vote for him!!
    On the other hand, JD Hayworth is a real Conservative and will remain so. JD has made some fairly stupid political decisions but he is now a much wiser and more mature person. He doe NOT support the gay issues and does support the concept of traditional marriage. JD deserves our vote and our confidence-he IS a real conservative and the right man for a difficult time in Congress.
    Eistein said the most stupid idea on earth was continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome. We now need a truly “different outcome” and it is time for a new voice in Congress:
    JD Hayworth is a man whose time has come!

  13. Michael Holliday says:


    JD Hayworth’s 100% pro life record and anti-gay marriage stance is the defintion of character.

    JD Hayworth is proof positive that character matters!

    JD Hayworth understands the true spirit of the U.S. Constitution and his views more accurately reflect those of our Founding Fathers than do wishy washy McCain’s.

    As we’ve seen with the recent judicial activism of legislating from the bench — when a gay federal judge overturned the democratic votes of 7,000,000+ plus Californians to oppose gay marriage — gay activism on every issue seems to be part of the innate homosexual cause celebre.

    Transforming traditional society, through activism, would seem to be inherent in the militant gay socio-political “DNA.”

    Traditional conservatives have to realize that the gay world view is different from the majority heterosexual world view. Everything is seen as filtered through the morally refractive lens of the gay myopic.

    Just as a Socialist, liberal, progressive like Maobama sees America, past, present and future through the Marxist gospel of hate — while decent Christians see America through the gospel of love — so to the majority of homosexuals see America through their own particular gospel of homosexuality: the gay world view.

    This effects how they see things according to their own moral vision of how the world has worked, works, and should work.

    Up until recently, homosexuality was acknowledged as a legitimate psychosexual pathology — a mental illness that could be treated or controlled for one’s own good — by a majority of the psychological community, before gay activists succeeded in perverting them into accepting the unhealthy as healthy.

    To the gay world view, there is nothing “wrong” with homosexual behavior; hence, traditional Judeo-Christian morality is seen as “sexual repression.” There’s something wrong with the Christians. They are the intolerant haters of what is good, right and natural.

    Coincidentally, this “sexual repression of the 1950s theme” is the standard Marxist line. Funny how the Marxist revolutionaries and liberal evolutionaries use any social division to foment unrest and dismantle traditional “bourgeois” (middle class) society. And it seems to be working.

    Hence, in denying the gay lifestyle be preached to every man, woman and child, you are denying them their fundamental right to do what’s (in their world view) morally acceptable and Constitutionally ordained, but which just happens to be against the historical majority consensus throughout the ages, including that of our Founding Fathers.

    Changing their mind to consider your position that they are wrong is like trying to change that 1+1 = 2.

    Being gay and gay is good, is axiomatic to them. Denying gays the ability transform society to the new homosexual “normal” is like denying that the earth is round. It’s absurd and hateful and anti-progressive to many of them. Gay rights in everything = progress = liberalism = a just society in their minds.

    Hence, any sane society must have compassion on their mental disorder (love the sinner but hate the sin) and legally restrain (limit) their ability to reshape society in their own gay image, against the the good and wishes of the majority.

    Call it an act of charity, on the behalf of 7,000,000 California voters, to reign in the minority forces of societal chaos by voting down gay “marriage.”

    Allowing them to “marry” is like allowing unruly, immature children to run amok. It’s simply absurd. It’s silly.

    It doesn’t mean attack them. It doesn’t mean deny them their humanity. It doesn’t mean persecute them. It just means limit their ability to do damage to themselves and society. Treat them with compassion and dignity and respect as people.

    Hey, give ‘em some paint brushes and some cloth to do some interior decorating. I’ve seen a lot of flamboyant gays prancing around on TV that do a mean job of decorating a house and whatnot.

    Give ‘em a frying pan and some eggs and let ‘em cook up a JD Hayworth for Senate Victory cake or a frilly french omelet “all the way” as they used to say in the Army.

    Just kidding…

    But really, look at the great gay artists and fashionistas we’ve got carrying the torch of popular culture to heights of bliss, and sometimes absurdity. Many of our most cherished artists and creative people are gay. We all know that.

    Continued below…

  14. Michael Holliday Says:
    August 11th, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    “JD Hayworth is proof positive that character matters!”


  15. Michael Holliday says:


    In the larger picture, really, hetero-phobia or moral-phobia is just another twist on Marxist hatred of traditional middle class values, like “borders, language and culture” (Michale Savage term) and fits into the remake the “culture” portion of the destructive equation.

    This was communist theorist Antonio Gramsci’s strategy: attack the culture of the West. That is why you will see liberal ACLU types attacking the rights of Christians yet advocating for the rights of Islamic terrorists or any other questionable group. As long as it attacks and weakens the Christian West, it’s useful and to be employed. Militancy is the watchword.

    Oddly, some gays refer to the conservative 1950s as a period of “sexual repression,” not one of family values or a golden age for middle class America. Marxists view the anti-communist 1950s the same way: backward, bourgeois, sexually-repressed, obscurantist, etc.

    Funny that they both share the essence of the same world view.

    Because the types of sexual practices that gays often engage in are physically, mentally and spiritually unhealthy, (read Dr. Lorraine Day’s book AIDS WHAT THE GOVERNMENT ISN’T TELLING YOU) the only way they can advocate for the insalubrious lifestyle is to deceive themselves and others by severing morality from sexuality.

    The link between sexuality and morality requires a quantum leap, much like Kierkegaard’s “leap of faith” that many simply cannot make. Although many have no difficulty, like Marxists, of making the quantum, evolutionary leap between apes and man. As a matter of fact, some see homosexuality as the next evolutionary “step” of mankind’s progress.

    Call it situational sexuality. Or, if it feels good, do it!

    Continued below…

  16. Aardvark – see if you can get someone to read this to you so you understand. First, here is a link you can try to follow.

    and here is another one

    The DOJ found NO wrong doing on the Abramoff issue by Hayworth or his campaign. You just want to spread alarmist lies like McCain. McCain said two important things. One is he would rather lie than lose and the other is character counts.

    Now explain TARP, Keating and McCain Feingold. GO

  17. Roger-I can’t find anyone to read that to me so I won’t try. I attended public school.

    By the way the Freedom in Truth trust is JD’s organization that paid off his legal debt.

    Anything on there must be true.

  18. Bobby Baby says:

    Besides making personal attacks on everyone and everything connected to the McCain campaign, now JD’s folks are taking on the opposition’s pen names to further confuse the issues and the voter. Too bad nothing that is posted on this site matters.

  19. Aardvark – Had you been able to read it, you would have found the statement for the DOJ that there was no wrong doing. A quick check of the DOJ investigation itself will confirm. Just do a little work.

    You still didn’t answer the questions on TARP or the other things McCain is famous for doing with Democrats.

  20. Just because Buse is reportedly gay doesn’t necessarily mean that he supports gay marriage. Not everyone who is gay automatically supports gay marriage. Elton John, for example, who just attended Rush Limbaugh’s wedding is openly gay but doesn’t support gay marriage. (And I certainly don’t hear anyone calling Rush Limbaugh “soft on gay marriage” because he is friends with someone who is gay).
    And did Ronald Reagan’s gay son make Ronald Reagan “soft on gay marriage”? Did his leftist daughter make him a leftist? Of course not.
    This post is even stupider than the last two times you posted something like this.

  21. ………………….
    Lordy Lordy Says:
    August 11th, 2010 at 9:32 am
    I hope you aren’t wearing any clothes by a homosexual designer or have watch a television show with homosexual actors. C’mon people. Is this what the race has devolved to

    Uh, no. and no. But no “agenda.” The gay designers are usually too expensive for our household budget, they don’t “Do” dreary canvas workwear, and we don’t have TV.

    WHO CARED until multimillionaire never-been-hungry-or-without-designer-clothes-in-her-life Cindy $$BUCK$$ McCain got all holy righteous-duct-tape-in-our-face?

    We ALL got Perez Hilton’s message in quadruplicate triplicate in multimedia all over the internet and 24/7 news. IF EVER there was a call for DUCT TAPE it was the month after that pageant, and the HETREOS out-screeched the gays, 100 to 1. A few ROLLS to shut up the STRAIGHTS!

    Maybe Cindy McCain can peel off that tape and TELL us what her POINT is? Because NO ONE in the GAY “Community” has been SILENCED on “gay marriage.”

  22. One last gasps of desperation in a failed campaign. This post just proves that Hayworth and Shane know it’s over. Maybe next week we will see a post claiming that McCain accepted a contribution from someone who knows someone who has a friend that used to work with a person who had a neighbor who liked to use small puppies for target practice.
    It’s time for JD to start looking for employment.

  23. Tucson Vice says:

    Are you people proposing that we keep gay and lesbian people unemployed, too? Wow. You must hate them even more than I thought.

    Bigotry, hypocrisy and ignorance. The hallmarks of the modern republican party.

  24. No Tucson, just the JD Hayworth/Rob Haney branch. They are self-limiting through their own self-destruction.

  25. Michael Holliday says:

    #Tucson Vice Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 6:48 am

    Are you people proposing that we keep gay and lesbian people unemployed, too? Wow. You must hate them even more than I thought.

    Bigotry, hypocrisy and ignorance. The hallmarks of the modern republican party.

    # Ann Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 6:51 am

    No Tucson, just the JD Hayworth/Rob Haney branch. They are self-limiting through their own self-destruction.

    You two clowns only employ basic liberal name-calling techniques because you cannot field a decent moral or ethical argument.

    You put words in people’s mouth and portray conservatives as bigots, hatemongers, racists, etc.

    That game is coming to an end.

    It’s the same tactics that all fascists use to stifle legitimate dissent.

    I see. To allows gays free reign to spread their gospel of sexual deviancy in any way they want is self-limiting?

    That’s right. Morals consist in drawing a line of acceptable behavior.

    Take a look at the health statistics on the gay lifestyle. Just in terms of raw physicality, they are very unhealthy people.

    You two clowns are deluded. Instead of raising people and elevating them up to the truth you want to employ the John McCain “big tent” strategy and bring America down to the level of the third world.

    Easy to do from an rich, elite position of invincible wealth.

    John McCain is the liberal progressive, Eastern Establishment’s best friend.

  26. Michael Holliday says:

    #Tucson Vice Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 6:48 am

    Are you people proposing that we keep gay and lesbian people unemployed, too? Wow. You must hate them even more than I thought.

    Bigotry, hypocrisy and ignorance. The hallmarks of the modern republican party.

    JD Hayworth is a man of principle and stands up for the spirit of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

    John McCain and his silly wife and daughter look like idiots with their “Big Tent Republic” pro-gay shenanigans. They can only do this because their fabulous wealth has insulated them from reality and shielded their invincible ignorance through
    invincible affluence.

    They don’t operate in the workaday world of most middle-class Americans. They frequent the provincial, insulated, elite circles
    of American society. In this respect, they display the arrogance and foolishness of your average Hollywood actor.

    They act in favor of the left-wing, Eastern Establishment and cannot wait, indeed are licking their chops, to “regularize” illegal aliens and grant them amnesty against the will of the majority of decent American people.

    The peons and silly little middle-class Americans be damned. They’re too hateful, bigoted, and unenlightened for their own good. Only John McCain, his wife and scatter brained daughter, and his highly-paid staff of political flunkies knows what’s going on and best for the serfs.

    Or do they?

    Perhaps the McCain clan is just to dang out of touch with reality after having been wined and dined up and down the Potomac River, in Washington, for the last 28 years.

    Let me enlighten the obscurantist fool above as to reality.

    A friend of my was employed as a medical researcher at LAIR (Letterman Army Institute of Research) at the former Presidio Army base in San Francisco.

    LAIR employed some of the nation’s brightest doctors, scientists and researchers in biology, etc. The problem was, they kept getting very sick and spreading their diseases to loved ones: wives, husbands and children, etc.

    As it so happens, there were numerous homosexuals working there, at various stages of HIV infection, that were immuno-suppressed/immuno-compromised and, themselves, kept getting very sick and missing work, etc.

    This is because HIV attacks the body’s immune system and decreases its ability to ward off infections. AIDS doesn’t kill people as much as the host of virulent diseases that finally do them in.

    The problem was that since their immune systems were destroyed they carried multi-drug resistant forms of tuberculosis, influenza virus, pneumonia, etc. and lowered the overall “herd immunity” of the workers at LAIR. Everyone was always getting sick.

    This is basic epidemiology 101. If a group of animals is in close proximity to another sick animal, that animal must be segregated from the others or the whole group will fall ill; hence, the term herd immunity.

    The greater good for the greater many. Or, one gay person’s civil right to be sick and spread disease shouldn’t override everyone else’s civil right to labor in a safe work environment.

    But, to many, gay is sacrosanct and special and a protected class of people. So, to hell with everyone else’s rights, right? Some people, gays in particular, have more rights than others. I mean, we wouldn’t want to limit their behavior to protect themselves and others, that might be a hate crime, or at least overtly bigoted.

    Also, if someone at LAIR that was not HIV infected got sick, they easily spreading their sickness to the immuno-suppressed AIDS infected workers and ended up hurting them inadvertently.

    Because of “genetic drift” the strains of disease that the homosexual men harbored were extremely intense and resistant to drugs. HIV infected people were literally walking around harboring numerous diseases and getting everyone else sick and diminishing productivity and the ability of research to continue.

    What should LAIR have done with those having Kaposi’s sarcoma facial boils oozing infection from their faces? Allowed them to spread disease?

    Believe it or not, there are those with the McCain clan’s mentality towards reality that advocate complete freedom of gay people to do as they wish, others be damned.

    Of course to the dolts like Ann and Tucson Vice above, gay trumps all and anything and anything but 100% freedom to do what they want, even if it’s unhealthy to themselves and others, is seen as hateful and bigoted right-wing politics.

    Truly, these types of people that ignore basic science, facts and immunology, are some of the most dangerous, apathetic and moral imbeciles of them all: call it the John McCain Syndrome.

    They call themselves “open minded,” “tolerant,” “progressive” and “big tent” Republicans.” They’re a bunch of fools. A bunch of scared useful idiots of the left and a menace to society.

    LAIR finally had to send these HIV infected people home for extended periods to protect everyone else, as well as the gay population from further harm. So much for the “healthy” gay male lifestyle. By the way, basic epidemiology 101 worked, as it has in the past and throughout history.

    For further enlightenment on the topic I suggest AIDS: THE UNTOLD STORY by Dr. Stan Montieth.

    However, the deification of the illegal alien and homosexual deviant seem too high on your list of priorities to bother with a balanced view of reality.


  27. Write on Michael…you prove yourself to be so horribly ignorant with every lengthy post.

    You are the fan every opponent hopes for.

  28. ………………………
    Tucson Vice Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 6:48 am
    Are you people proposing that we keep gay and lesbian people unemployed, too? Wow. You must hate them even more than I thought.


    Wow what? Got some actual FACTS for that outlandish and purposefully inflammatory accusation? The only thing you think about is projecting onto the innocent your own “bigotry, hypocrisy and ignorance.”

  29. Back to this:

    “WHO CARED until multimillionaire never-been-hungry-or-without-designer-clothes-in-her-life Cindy McCain got all holy righteous-duct-tape-in-our-face?”

    Cindy McCain inserted herself into public debate with a snobby insult. She must be walking around with the duct tape over her mouth, because she conveniently won’t make herself available to explain her accusation.

    She used her wealth, her connections and her vanity to promote herself nationally. The “rubes” who she aimed her insulting message at aren’t permitted to be annoyed – or be permitted to challenge her.

    Must be nice living in a exquisitely appointed bubble world of luxury and noblesse oblige where everyone tells you how wonderful you are. One is confident one can dodge the collapse a little longer than the rest of us.

  30. Michael Holliday says:

    #Ann Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Write on Michael…you prove yourself to be so horribly ignorant with every lengthy post.

    You are the fan every opponent hopes for.

    Hey, ding bat. Hey, twit. Hey, liberal shrew. You are, indeed, a silly little… creature:

    Why don’t you demonstrate where my analysis is wrong instead of adopting the John, Cindy and Meghan McCain strategy of attacking conservatives, ad hominem, and not countering facts and legitimate analysis but employing, instead, political rhetoric and name calling as an illegitimate substitute?

    Oh, I know why. That would take integrity and brains…

    JD Hayworth, the “consistent conservative,” stands tall once again.

  31. Yet…another example of maturity and articulate thought brought to us by JD and his merry band of “men” as they objectify and marginalize all that does not meet their need.

  32. ……………………………..
    Ann Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 2:55 pm
    Yet…another example of maturity and articulate thought brought to us by JD and his merry band of “men” as they objectify and marginalize all that does not meet their need.

    It’s a different “manly” culture no doubt…

  33. This is literally the dumbest post I’ve read on this site, and that is quite the accomplishment.

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