Video of Jim Ward’s Immersion Plan for Illegals: Amnesty

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Jim Ward, pro-amnesty candidate for Congress

Jim Ward uses the language of amnesty, sounds like Obama

A member of the Sonoran Tea Party has posted a video comparing CD5 candidate Jim Ward’s position on illegal immigration to President Barack Obama’s.  Disturbingly, both believe in a program that prepares existing illegal immigrants to be U.S. citizens.

To be fair, Jim Ward has said repeatedly, that he does not support amnesty.  But when it comes to articulating the details, he demonstrates both a lack of conviction on the matter, and gross misunderstanding.

Whether Jim Ward has made a series of verbal gaffs, or he actually believes in the ill conceived policy of “immersion” he espouses, many voters have made note of his response when asked to clarify.  Jim Ward has said that “the immersion program you were referring to is a program for legal immigrants to the United States.”

But, by Jim Ward’s logic, everyone who is here on a temporary work visa, student visa, or other visiting status would have the right to U.S. citizenship under the Jim Ward Immigration Plan.  In other words, Ward’s back peddling only made his claim sound sillier and more ridiculous.

If Jim Ward tells you that he’s not for amnesty – press him on the issue.  Because whether he tells you to go to his website, or waffles back-and-forth, Jim Ward told Barry Young and his audience the very same thing that Barack Obama continues to tell the American people – we need a program that allows the existing folks left here illegally, on our side of the border, to become U.S. citizens provided they follow the law.

For more information on politicians who say they are against amnesty, but use the hidden language of amnesty, go to Sheriff Arpaio and Senator Russell Pearce’s Ban Amnesty Now website.

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  1. Jim Ward is also a carpetbagger from San Francisco who moved here last year just to run for office, sidling up to McCain and running as a team with him. We need to get rid of politicians like them who promote amnesty, not elect them!

  2. Trust me Jim, they know how to open a bank account and use banks just fine. Go to a bank on friday afternoon around 2-3 pm. They are there and yes, they are banking.

    What an idiot. Does Ward really lack so much understanding of illegal immigration in Arizona?

  3. Hatshipsuit says:

    Jim Ward is an arrogant opportunist who is in the McCain camp. This is not surprisnig that he is for amnesty for Illegals. He doesn’t have a chance in hell to be elected, thank God! David Schweikert will go to Washington in November.

  4. Redbear95 says:

    The only straight talker on border solutions is Dr. Chris Salvino. Fence completed pronto with barbed wire—watch towers every mile(like Israel) —-minimum detention facilities to hold every law breaker 30 days—fingerprint and photo each lawbreaker—-no catch and release policy—publicize this change so no one can claim ignorance and will know of severe 30 day consequence. —notify all that if caught 2nd time a 60 day detention is mandatory (like Lindsey Lohan)—-and best of all, place all 17,000 border guards within 1 mile of border—not 30-40 miles back doing highway checks or sitting in facilities doing computer reports .Insist that all our “players are on the line of scrimmage” Do the Chris Salvino plan and illegal crossings will drop 90%–maybe only a few will get thru a day.

  5. Robert H. Stevens says:

    I agree. Schweikert and Salvino are the only two I trust. Both are ideologically honest. Mr. Ward is not.

    This district needs a leader we can trust to be honest with the voters, listen to our concerns, and work for us!

    No Amnesty!

  6. One more reason I stand behind David Schweikert!

  7. Go David!

  8. Carlist says:

    It’s obvious that Ward (and McCain) are visualizing a re-enactment of Simpson-Mazzoli which will replicate California’s recent history.

    The Dems will reap the political benefits as those granted amnesty will find a way to the polls. This will guarantee them long term political hegemony (for at least two generations)

    Meanwhile, the Republican restaurant, hotel and construction elites keep the cheap unskilled labor pool (for a time, until the Dem political machines either organize them or force benefits) In the long term they’ll sell out and go on to bigger and better things, usually out of state!

    And of course the tax paying middle and retiree classes are left holding the bag!

    Candidates like Schweikert, Andy Thomas, Bill Montgomery, Sam Crump and J.D. see through the charade and so do office holders like Russell Pearce, Ron Gould and John Kavanaugh.

    It’s long since past time that we separate the wheat from the chaff within the G.O.P.!

  9. Let’s see…

    “Carpetbagger”… check.

    “San Francisco”… check.

    “Jim Ward = John McCain”… check.

    “David Schweikert is the realest, truest, bestest Conservative Ever!”… check.

    You guys are slow today. It’s been like 4 hours and nobody has made up some rumor from Jim’s past at LucasArts yet.

    Is it the heat?

  10. I heard Jim was really CP3O and McCain programed him.

  11. Realize says:

    Is there even really a competition here? I say Schweikert wins by 30 points against Ward.

  12. I say Schweikert wins by 100 points! Because he’s just that conservative.

  13. In his last election, David won the primary by a whopping 2 points (1,021 votes) and lost the general by 10 points (26,868 votes)… but I’m sure 30 points over Ward in the primary is a solid prediction.

    @Realize… you may want to stay out of Vegas…

    Also, I am so disappointed by the lack of the term “RINO” on this post. You guys are seriously slipping.

  14. wanumba says:

    Maybe the first stretch of fence should be between AZ and CA.

    Let’s see. They’re the ones who fenced their border, forcing everyone through the more dangerous desert stretches of S. AZ. Then they have the chutzpah to boycott AZ for reacting to what they caused. They fully plan to suck AZ dry of our electricity and water without giving anything in return. They’re exporting professional agitators to help organize protests in our streets. Now we’re getting their political wanna-bes who want to install failed CA policies here.

    Hmm. If this was international relations, Arizona would be justified in a official blockade of California.

  15. Vote Lee Gentry says:

    Lee Gentry will win with more votes than are cast in the election! He will win by 200 points!

    Lee Gentry is that good!

  16. ……………………….
    otasan Says:
    July 26th, 2010 at 2:23 pm
    Let’s see…
    You guys are slow today. It’s been like 4 hours and nobody has made up some rumor from Jim’s past at LucasArts yet

    Best endorsement EVAH:

    “It’s true. I read it on Sonoran Alliance” -otasan

  17. Serious Sally says:

    Jim Ward is the one sounding like Obama not David Schweikert. It is very clear that Mr. Ward does not understand AZ after living here such a short time. No one had to tell me he was a carpetbagger. I read his web site and did my research. He lies by omission and if it wouldn’t make a difference, why didn’t he state it himself up front. What else is he omitting? What else is he saying and not meaning?

  18. Conservative 2 the Bone says:

    It’s not too late to jump back in to Schweikert’s camp. This teenage girl scorn act is getting old!

  19. We don’t need any more amnesty prone people in office. We jneed David Schweikert. I Know David and he is the person for the job.

  20. Look at this!

    What is Jim Ward trying to pull? This man has never even served in an elected position in the state of Arizona. Why is he lying and saying he voted for and co-sponsored SB 1070? This is not the type of person we want representing CD5.

    I didn’t think any person running for political office could really be THIS STUPID. I mean, really? Who does he take the people of CD-5 and the state of Arizona for? And if he isn’t posting these, are the other candidates in the Republican party like Susan GUTTERSMITH posting this “claim” on Ward signs?

  21. Alex,

    You just posted gossip from a Democrat site and then added more lies to it.

    You must be a Democrat or work for the Schweikert campaign.

    You act like one or the other.

  22. Bob

    It might be from a Dem blog but seriously why did Ward claim that on a sign… He hasnt served in public office right? So he could never have co-sponsored it or voted for it…

    While I am usually skeptical of this stuff Ward should come out and explain it… Especially if this is a pattern. I honestly have not seen one of these signs yet.

  23. It doesn’t make sense that Ward would even try to claim that. Maybe Schweikert campaign did it. Last cycle his campaign got caught forging signatures in Ahwatukee, there was a story about in Ahwatukee Foothills News. He also got nailed by AZ Republic when he claimed he got an endorsement from AZ Republic on one of his mailers when he didn’t so it wouldn’t surprise me that his campaign was behind this sign business.

  24. Wow amazing. I really adore studying these posts


  1. [...] by the way, what does Jim Ward stand for outside of not being David Schweikert?  Not real border security.  Not free trade.  Not protecting taxpayers or demonstrating a fiscal conservative record.  [...]

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