reports on fed lawsuit against Arizona

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Again, Arizona Republican voters must ask themselves which John McCain do they believe?

MSNBC Schultz on McCain: ‘Biggest political opportunist of the country’

Leftist MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz rips into John McCain in a tag team with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Yes, both are liberals but listen as they describe the John McCain they once could work with.

The big question to Arizona voters is do you really trust John McCain?

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Grassroots Interviews with LD 17 House candidate Donald Hawker

Last night on Grassroots Interviews, I interviewed Donald Hawker. He’s the only Republican running for the House on the ballot in the primary since Augustus Shaw got kicked off the ballot for not living in LD 17 (according to the courts). Of course, Wendy Rogers is the Republican running for the Senate in LD 17. Ms. Rogers will be on the show AFTER the August 24 primary since she is running uncontested. I wish Donald Hawker a lot of luck in his race. I hope he can win a seat in the House come November!

Donald Hawker interview