Grassroots Interviews with LD 4 Senate candidate Shawn Kohner

In an effort to catch up on posting my interviews here and in keeping w/ the Kohner-Bundgaard-Harper series of LD 4 interviews from, I’m posting Shawn Kohner’s interview. Scott saw Shawn’s interview, understood that Shawn was attempting to run to Scott’s right, and Scott wrote me saying, “Good luck with that!” LD 4 voters can decide for themselves who is more conservative in the LD 4 Senate race.

Shawn Kohner interview

Grassroots Interviews with LD 7 Senate candidate Brad Buch

Tonight on, I interviewed LD 7 candidate Brad Buch. He’s one of 4 candidates for the one open seat. Ray Barnes, Nancy Barto, and Bob Green are also running for the seat. As always, I’d like to encourage the voters to do their homework and vote for the most conservative candidates up and down the ballot. In my opinion, voting for the most conservative candidates will be the best possible thing you could do for your state and country.

Brad Buch interview

“Where Are We?” by James Allen

At the request of James Allen, I’m reposting his article here. You can find the original at

In the current condition of our political landscape, we Republicans could say that we are in exile, captivity, or wandering in the wilderness. We hear things like “conservatism in exile” on the Sean Hannity Show and “refounding America” on the Glenn Beck Program. Witnessing this phenomenon in the news and also from the R.N.C. leadership harping on the need for a bigger tent, the question of who will lead the Republican Party in 2010 and 2012 haunts the airwaves.

I find this idea laughable. The Republican Party is not in need of a charismatic spokesman or master rhetorician. First, we need to rediscover the principles that separate our party from its opposition—call them progressives, the left, the Democrats, etc.—before a legitimate leader can even be identified. All the talk about who will become the next Reagan assumes that someone out there actually understands what Reagan did.

It has been said that it would be rather simple to just train a leader, if there were one, to reiterate the correct message. However, such a statement misses the point entirely. The message is clear because it has been conserved from Mount Sinai to Greece to Rome to London…and then finally to Philadelphia in the Constitutional Convention and boldly consolidated in the Declaration of Independence. As Russell Kirk taught us, the permanent things remain. In essence, these are the universal principles that make America unique and will give the Republican Party a great advantage. I am a conservative because I am conserving these permanent principles against the prevailing skepticism of our day, and I am a Republican because I believe in a Republican form of governance. (I hope you realize that we live in a republic and not a democracy. If you do not understand this, please stop reading now because you will be wasting your time.)

So, are we in exile? This is an interesting question, and the answer is simple: No. We are not in exile—we still live in a right-of-center country. We see this in the discontentment of Americans taking to the streets during the first nine months of the current administration. With Cap and Trade and the Health Care bills going to the Senate, we are witnessing the goals of the Progressive movement coming to fruition—the state control of the individual in every detail of his life. Please understand, this goal has been a well-calculated plan for over eighty years, and we (conservatives) must put a plan in place to return to the promised land of liberty, equality, natural rights, consent of the governed, religious freedom, private property, the rule of law, constitutionalism, self-government, and independence. These are the “ten plagues” that will destroy the Progressive movement and the ten principles that Matthew Spalding has so eloquently expressed in his book, “We Still Hold These Truths: Rediscovering Our Principles, Reclaiming our Future,” a must-read if you are interested in destroying this notion that we are in exile.

So, are we in captivity? This is not as simple of a question to answer because we are free to act on our liberty if we want to, but without the knowledge of the previous mentioned ideals, we are stuck in an Egypt of our own ignorance and on the way to wandering in a wasteland of statism. Our founders made a very bold statement in saying, “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” As a political community we must indeed hold these truths, but those truths were only self-evident at that time due to the culture. They have been forgotten, and we need to teach these truths, and the principles upon which they stand, to each generation to prepare our heirs with the proper arguments and understanding to face the challenges of the day. These truths are not known by intuition, experience, or social experimentation, and they are not merely a result of what we like, but they are known through inference and education. As President Reagan noted, “We didn’t pass it on to our children in the blood stream.” We must learn to argue for these positions, stand on the shoulders of the giants of Western Civilization and realize that this is an ideological battle, age-long, and often agonizing.

So, are we wandering? Yes! We are indeed wandering in the wilderness trying to be everything to everyone. We have been trying to make our tent so big that the tent is collapsing. We are falling into the relativistic thinking of our opponents because we have been unwilling or unable to show how our principles, and the truths upon which they stand, are clear. Recently, the 2008 Republican Party Platform was taken down from the AZ GOP website. Naturally, you must be asking yourself, “Why?” Could it be a broken link, broken thinking, or maybe a broken party? I would suggest that it is broken thinking, and thankfully, it is back up at the GOP website. However, it is still very difficult to find—as if we should be ashamed of our conservative platform. The current administration is doing us a great favor by moving so fast with their progressive platform that it is shaking the ordinary citizenry out of their apathy. It is driving the average person back to these first principles and the truths upon which they stand, and it is creating a desire to understand the American ideal. This momentum—if backed with a concern for our history and heritage and the willingness to do the hard work of overcoming objections—can leave us with hope that our country will improve dramatically.

With a renaissance of conservative thought, the Congress can be taken back in 2010 and the Presidency in 2012, but if we stop there it will not be enough. Just as a person learns to become a carpenter or an engineer, we too need to learn to become citizens and not mere taxpayers.

I still hold these truths—do you? If you say yes, you’d better be ready to give an argument, because traditions change. The internal rules of institutions are not universal, and our country requires a common goal, but truth is clear and can be shown by reason. The truths enumerated in our founding documents are precious and are in need of our care. We have been given a republic if we can keep it, and what was self-evident to our founders is no longer self-evident today.


 A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In a bizarre speech in front of Legislative District 6 last night, delusional Republican Senate candidate Jim Deakin tried to explain his outlandish claim that he currently is polling at 20%. Disrespectfully cutting off an audience member who tried to question him, Deakin growled, “You don’t get to respond!” Utilizing math skills that would make an Enron accountant envious, Deakin demonstrated his much-touted command of business by explaining that he reached this number by adding the 7% who said they are voting for him in the most recent Rasmussen poll, plus 14% from “undecided” and “other candidates” in other polls. Huh?

Next, he said he is running for office in order to “raise awareness.” What about actually FIXING problems and coming up with SOLUTIONS? Sounds like he wants to “raise awareness” of himself. This self-promoter forgot to mention any tangible actions he would take on behalf of the public.  Boosting your own image is not a legitimate reason to run for office. As long as he stays in the race raising his name recognition, only able to capture a small percentage of votes, he is accomplishing nothing for the rest of us, and is instead taking votes away from JD Hayworth.  JD Hayworth says it best in the clip, “A vote for Deakin is a vote for John McCain.” This guy is reminiscent of another candidate who was a relentless self-promoter interested in change.

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The Tea Party Race of the Year

Steven Robinson

In this election year there exists numerous forces that converge to create the “Mother of all Political Tsunamis”!  From the TARP vote in 2008, the Stimulus vote that spawned the famous Rick Santelli Rant where he called for a New Boston-style Tea Party; Obama’s all out assault on the doctor-patient relationship, and his radical restructuring of the Health Care system; the attempted stranglehold of American industry with the “Cap and Trade” legislation; to the repeated exposes of Democrats’ scandals, and ultimately, the emergence of the Tea Party Movement; this election cycle unlike any other, including 1994 and 2006, will result in the most spectacular political change since the early 20th Century. A brief history lesson is in order.

Beginning in 1896, with William Jennings Bryan, the Progressive movement began the political transformation of our country, into the big government, high tax, statist party that produced Woodrow Wilson and both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt.  And this radical transformation occurred in one short generation when, by 1912, all three presidential candidates, Wilson, Taft and Roosevelt were Progressives.

Over the past 75 years, Progressivism/Neo-Marxism has propelled us to this place and time.  We face alternatives like never before: will we complete the “Fundamental Transformation” into the statist, socialist country Obama envisions?  Or, will we remember how our country achieved its unparalleled greatness, and ultimately return to those values that made our real progress possible?  This is the choice we face today, never have our options been more clear.

That brings us to the election that can define our movement, if we’re up to the task.  We have seen some profound Primary elections thus far, Sharron Angle in Nevada, Mike Lee in Utah, and Marco Rubio in Florida; which have placed the Tea Party’s powerful influence on full display. Yet, the one election that can best define the Tea Party influence occurs on August 24th, in Arizona.  The race that can stamp our movement, is the Republican Primary between Arizona’s powerful, Progressive Senator John McCain with all the power of his incumbency, and his challenger, the “Consistent Conservative” JD Hayworth, who in spite of his twelve year in congress, JD is really considered a “grassroots” or Tea Party candidate. 

Capitalizing on his popular afternoon drivetime show on KFYI 550-AM, Hayworth entered the race, after intense urging from his listeners, strong encouragement from conservative Republicans, and powerful allies like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Senators Ron Gould and Russell Pearce.  Even before JD entered the race McCain, fearing his entry  and concerned with JD’s support, began running commercials attacking Hayworth, EVEN on KFYI!  So the stage was set. Now this race really can shape and propel the Movement for years to come; primarily because never has the choice been more clear. Another remarkable aspect of this race, is the veritable David and Goliath nature of the candidates.  In spite of his twelve years in the House, JD is the huge underdog, partly due the McCain inspired DOJ investigation after his loss in 2006; that ultimately proved to be devoid of any suspicion of wrongdoing .  Grossly underfunded, with none of the progressive media support, nor national endorsements like  his opponent, JD faces a daunting task.  McCain has everything going for him, money, endorsements, savvy campaign managers; indeed everything but the popular support by Arizonans, who are fed up with John’s constant selling Arizona down the river.

And the reasons for their disgust with McCain are clear.  Both candidates have more than rhetoric; they have legislative records, which very clearly illuminate their values and political philosophy.  McCain’s record is clear and obvious, no honest evaluation leads us to any other conclusion other than he is a Progressive.  McCain’s ratings and evaluations from independent conservative groups are abysmal.  Just look at his grades from the NRA, American Conservative Union and the National Journal.  With a C- from NRA, a pathetic 82% (73% for 1999-2008) lifetime rating from ACU and overall terrible rating showing him slightly more conservative than our Maine ladies Snow and Colling. For an allegedly staunch conservative, they are pathetic.  Perhaps that is why he attempted to obfuscate his record stating, “I never considered myself much of a Maverick.” Clearly the John McCain’s record disappoints everyone who supports a more conservative agenda: principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and national sovereignty.  Perhaps that agenda is best exemplified in the phrase: “Restore our Constitutional Republic.”

The list of people that are very disenchanted with McCain, and certainly oppose his re-election is a “Who’s Who of conservative talk show hosts and political analysts.  Such luminaries include the king of Conservative talk, Rush Limbaugh, who recently stated, “The era of John McCain is over!”; the hottest cable show’s Mark Levin, author of “Liberty and Tyranny” the wildly popular Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, and Ann Coulter. All of them have roundly condemned and parodies the 2008 GOP candidate for president.

By contrast, JD Hayworth has tremendous support among conservatives and Tea Party leaders throughout the nation.  Additionally local officials, including ‘America’s’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County GOP Chair, Rob Haney and Executive Director Tom Husband have also endorsed Hayworth.  There exists overwhelming support for JD among conservatives.

Yet, it’s not enough just to desire McCain’s departure from the US Senate.  The Tea Party movement should support a true conservative in Congress.  JD’s record should meet our expectations.

When you examine him with the same standards, JD outshines the four-term incumbent.  With an ‘A’ rating from NRA, a 98% lifetime ACU rating and a very positive National Journal scorecard, it’s obvious that JD Hayworth is the Tea Party candidate with the record to prove it.

JD, through his afternoon drive-time radio show on KFYI has clearly established his support for, and solidarity with the Tea Party movement.  He promoted the original Tea Parties in Arizona, interviewing the organizers, talking about the hot topics, and keeping his large audience aware of events over the last year.  Now he often speaks to Tea Party groups throughout the state, as he campaigns.  He’s quite at ease, meeting with Tea Partiers in often small group settings, though  crowds are as large as 300 or more. The Arizona Tea Party movement has called JD a friend .

Lastly, the critical issue that catapulted Arizona to the forefront of American politics this spring is Illegal Immigration and Border Security after the Arizona Legislature’s passed SB1070.  Hayworth has been at the forefront of this huge battle, even writing a book on the subject.  By contrast, McCain is a “Johnny-come-lately” to protecting the border, IF you believe him, that is. If you do, I have ocean-front property in Sierra Vista or Yuma for sale!

If Tea Party Nation and other groups make this race their highest priority, and the Arizona voters elect JD Hayworth as the Republican nominee for US Senator, and ultimately the Senate, the strength of the movement will be unquestionably established; the nation, no the world will stand up and take notice.

Grassroots Interviews with LD 4 House candidate Jack Harper

After the firebombs Scott Bundgaard threw at Jack Harper in his interview, I was expecting Jack to come on and fire back. All in all, it was a pretty tame interview. I even asked Jack about what his detractors had to say about him and Jack sailed through it all with aplomb. As a conservative with a pretty proven track record down at the Capitol, I’d like to wish Jack a lot of luck in his House race.

Jack Harper interview