Stand with Arizona – Where was John McCain?

The Arizona Tea Party Movement just released the following video:

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McCain makes time for Town Hall in Mesa but not to debate JD Hayworth

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Monday, May 31, 2010

John McCain has all the time in the world to put on Town Halls in Arizona, but for some reason is not available to debate JD Hayworth. He put on a Town Hall this past weekend in Fountain Hills. This Friday, June 4th, he’s putting on a Town Hall in Mesa at 11am at the Mesa High School auditorium.

It has been 95 days since Hayworth asked McCain to debate. There are less than two months left until early ballots are mailed out. What is McCain hiding? He had no problem debating Obama. Why not Hayworth?

It is because McCain doesn’t want the truth to come out. He is not a conservative, he only plays one on TV and during election years. He has been attacking Hayworth for being a big pork spender, and doesn’t want Hayworth to be able to respond and prove to everyone that McCain is lying. Hayworth has a 98% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union over his 12 years in Congress – impossible to get if you’re really a big porker. McCain has an 81% lifetime rating, which sunk to a low of 63% in 2008 when he voted for and even proposed some of the billion dollar pork TARP bailouts. Hayworth merely voted for a couple of transportation and border security bills in the past where other members of Congress had tacked on pork – now McCain is trying to falsely use that to tarnish Hayworth.

McCain won’t debate Hayworth because he’s too busy debating himself with his flip-flopping back to the right this year. We urge our readers to show up at the Mesa Town Hall on Friday and ask him the tough questions he should be asked in a debate – like why he voted for the billion dollar pork bailouts, and why he keeps flip-flopping on border security.

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Unfit for Public Office?

On Friday, May 21st, two Democrats hosted a film documentary on Senator Barry Goldwater by his grand-daughter. Current State Representative Nancy Young Wright and Senatorial candidate Cheryl Cage neither spoke at the event nor identified themselves as progressive-socialist Democrats. Both attempted to engage attendees in conversation after the film.

To the surprise and chagrin of Wright and Cage, two Republican candidates attended the event: candidate for State Representative Terri Proud and candidate for State Treasurer Barbara Leff. The SaddleBrooke Republican Club asked both candidates to comment on the bizarre behavior of Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage.

 In part, Terri Proud stated, “. . . we must never lose our vigilance and get distracted by liberals or moderates who dress up in conservative values and sound bites . . . Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage, both very liberal Democrats running for State office, held an event where they brought the grand-daughter of Barry Goldwater to show how conservative they are, in an attempt to appeal to a demographic they have both scorned before . . .”

 “Barry Goldwater left a legacy of true conservatism of limited government, lower taxation, and individual rights in which Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage both oppose as outspoken supporters of Obama and Giffords. We must watch to make sure that those people we vote into office actually believe in his legacy as opposed to just using the sound bites and trading in on his good name.”

 Barbara Leff commented, “I thought it was odd that two Democrats, who did not live in SaddleBrooke, put on an event and did not advertise it as a Democrat event. I spoke to several attendees, telling them I was visiting SaddleBrooke, and wondered who was sponsoring the event. They all said Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage. . .”

“It seemed that Nancy and Cheryl were trying to position themselves as moderates, hoping to attract a variety of people to their event by using Goldwater . . . Not mentioning that they were the Democratic candidates seemed less than honest . . . Nancy and Cheryl were not happy to see Terri [Proud] there. It was fun to see Cheryl’s face when Terri introduced herself . . . Next time they should just be honest and call it a Democrat event   . . .”

Let’s see. President Obama campaigned in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts and lost two governorships and one Senate seat.

 Seeing the proverbial handwriting on the wall with adverse poll results and angry constituents, at least four Democrat Senators and ten Democrat Representatives have announced they are not running for office in the next election.

 Now we have the likes of Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage slinking in a darkened room showing a Goldwater documentary, not acknowledging their affiliation with the Democratic Party and attempting to convince attendees they are something they are not by name association. Their behavior can only be described as disingenuous and deceptive.

GOP Leadership Races Loom Large In 2010 Primaries

While GOP legislative leadership positions will not be elected until November, several primaries are already over as candidates are running unopposed in many districts, so campaigning has already begun for leadership positions in the 50th Legislature.  Here is a quick look at ongoing and potential matchups.


The main theme here is turnover.  Due to resignations and term limits, 10 of the original 18 Republican Senators are not returning to the body.

PRESIDENT – Sen. Russell Pearce will be running, as will Sen. Steve Pierce.  Also sounding out legislators about support is current Rep. Steve Yarbrough who is running for the Senate.  It is unlikely that Yarbrough will win, after all he will be a freshman in the Senate and moving directly into the office of the President would be most unusual.  Former House Speaker Jim Weiers attempted that move and failed, and he failed while he was the powerful Speaker of the House.  Additionally, would the entire Senate want to be stuck behind a President with eight years of service left?  It would tell the entire body that they will never be President.  That means its Pearce versus Pierce, and while the initial advantage goes to Pearce, several right versus left primaries will need to be resolved before either can claim victory.

MAJORITY LEADER/MAJORITY WHIP – These two fields have yet to solidify, but Capitol observers expect to see Senators Frank Antenori, Al Melvin, and possibly Sylvia Allen to run for one position or the other.  Allen has a tough primary in front of her with Rep. Bill Konopnicki, but could be in a very strong position if she prevails.  Antenori would be an energetic leader while Melvin is able to work well with caucus members across the ideological spectrum, an important characteristic that pretty much rules out Senator Ron Gould (we’re kidding here, mostly, as Gould as not actually been mentioned for any leadership race.)



14 of the original 35 Republican House members will not be returning, yet at least one of the races will feature familiar faces.

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE – A rematch of the 2008 race between former Speaker Jim Weiers and current Speaker Kirk Adams is on tap.  The 2008 race was close, and the outcome of this race will likely be determined on August 24th when the primaries are settled.

MAJORITY LEADER – Right now, its Rep. Andy Tobin’s job to lose, although Rep. Laurin Hendrix could be a real challenge if he is re-elected out of a crowded primary field that also includes former State Rep. Eddie Farnsworth.

MAJORITY WHIP – Representatives Russ Jones, Debbie Lesko, and Steve Montenegro are the three names being bandied about most at this time.  Each would bring an element of diversity to the leadership team, and none can really claim a lead at this time.  Each has a general election contest (Lesko also faces a primary) that they would be small favorites to win, so if you have to bet, put your money on Montenegro.  He has benefited from a large amount of national media exposure resulting from his transparency bill, the ban on race-based preferences (co-authored with Sen. Pearce) that will be on November’s ballot, and SB1070.  So he is a proven commodity in terms of dealing with the media and he can do so in English and Spanish, no small thing in a state like Arizona.

McCain stood with Janet Napolitano opposing Prop. 200, the anti-illegal immigration initiative

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Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words.


McCain would like you to think he cares about the danged fence now, by spending millions of dollars on TV ads saying so, but in 2004, he stood with Janet Napolitano opposing Prop. 200. Prop. 200, Protect Arizona Now, passed with 56% of the vote in Arizona and requires individuals to show proof of citizenship before registering to vote or applying for public benefits.

The truth is that McCain is more aligned with Democrats than a majority of Arizonans.

(photo from



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Grassroots Interview with Ed Winkler, CD-3

Here is the interview with congressional candidate, Ed Winkler who is running for the Republican nomination in CD-3.

Grassroots Interviews with Paula Pennypacker

Here is one of the latest interviews by Grassroots Interviews of Penny Pennypacker who is running in Legislative District 8 House.

Shouldn’t Paulina Vasquez Morris Be Running In The Democrat Primary For Congress?

Replacing John Shadegg with Paulina Morris should make every Republican shudder.

Just consider her shocking track record of contributions to Arizona political candidates and causes.

Some already know about her financial support for Planned Parenthood, a radical pro-abortion organization.

But others may not be familiar with eye-popping contributions to Harry Mitchell and . . . Alfred Gutierrez. Yes, that far left Democrat Alfredo Gutierrez! There is no more aggressive advocate for open borders and illegal immigration than he.

So what was Vasquez Morris thinking when she gave him money?

This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to this RINO. As Drudge says, developing….

McCain and the POW Coverup

YouTube Preview Image

clip about John McCain opposing efforts to bring home POWs taken from the film Missing, Presumed Dead: The  Search for America’s POWs

There is a longstanding story of POWs in Viet Nam, even ones who have returned home and are living today in the US, who were betrayed and forgotten.  

In a recent article written by Ron Unz, former publisher and owner of American Conservative monthly magazine:

Vietnamese refused to return their American POWs unless the U.S. government agreed to pay reparations. Nixon signed a document promising to do exactly that, but the Vietnamese, being cautious, kept many of the POWs back until the money was delivered. Then Congress refused to authorize the funds because “America doesn’t lose wars.” Nixon and later U.S. leaders never acknowledged the fate of these captives lest the American people become outraged. And as the years and decades went by, and various schemes to ransom or rescue the POWs were considered and rejected, their continued existence became a major liability to numerous powerful political figures, whose reputations would have been destroyed if any of the prisoners ever returned and told his story to the American people. So none of them ever came home.

John McCain is one of those politicians whose reputations would have been destroyed by the late return of POWs from Viet Nam after, as Congressman and Senator from Arizona, he opposed efforts to work with veterans groups and the Vietnamese to bring home US vets.

Additional testimony regarding John McCain’s actions detrimental to the POW/MIA movement and efforts to bring vets home, along with testimony of witnesses that John McCain produced 22 (some say 32) propaganda films on behalf of the North Vietnamese and against US interests (since sealed and classified by the federal government), can be found in a documentary entitled:

Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs

If you have some time, read “Was Rambo Right?”, by Ron Unz and get a hold of a copy of Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs.


JD Hayworth on with Crossroads with Van

JD Hayworth was on with Van of KXXT today. Here is that interview:

Sandra Day O’Connor: Arizona must show it is NOT bigoted after passing 1070

Sandra Day O’Connor yucked it up with former Clinton flak George Stephanapoulos on ABC’s Good Morning America today.  Though she refused to answer Stephanapoulos’ direct questions about whether she would have voted for SB 1070 or whether it was constitutional, she left little doubt what she thought:

“SB 1070 has been enacted, and I think what we have to look at now is, what does Arizona do now? How do we put a good step forward to show that Arizona is not as a whole, a biased state. And that we appreciate and respect the Hispanic population in our state very much.”

Maybe Justice O’Connor can use her elite Stanford Law School education to educate us on how we might possibly prove a negative–that we are NOT a bigoted state.  And why in the world do we have to apologize essentially for passing this law?  There is nothing bigoted about it–as Russell Pearce says, illegal alien is not a race.

Who is Bill Montgomerey? Arizona Republic hasn’t a clue

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Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona
Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Arizona Republic, is not a trustworthy source for news. There was a time in years gone by, when you could pick up the latest edition of the local paper, and be reasonably sure the news was fairly complete and accurate. Today, it is hard to discern between the editorial page and front page headlines. 

Bill Montgomery

The Republic just published a list of candidates for public office in Arizona. One of the most critical races in the upcoming primary is the contest for Maricopa County Attorney. In the left corner is Rick Romley, friend of the illegals who recently begged the Governor not to sign SB 1070.

When she did sign it, Romley quickly came out with a new program designed to undercut the new law and render it ineffective. Romley wants to be the County Attorney, but finds it inconvenient to enforce the law.

On the right is attorney Bill Montgomery, the only conservative in this race, who also wants to be County Attorney, but unlike his RINO rival, is primed for challenging the burden illegal immigration places on each and every citizen of the State of Arizona.

The Arizona Republic either does not know, or does not want to know that Bill Montgomery is running for office. After all, has there ever been a stronger advocate for illegal immigration than the Republic? You can look for Montgomery’s name in their list of candidates, but you won’t find him. He isn’t there. Is that ignorance or malevolence? You make the call, but either way, there is no excuse for the company that claims to be the paper of record.

Bill Montgomery is a Conservative Republican, seasoned prosecutor, former Deputy County Attorney, West Point graduate and Gulf War veteran who is running on a simple platform: Enforce Our Laws – All of Them. “While the Interim County Attorney  has signaled ‘retreat’ on fighting illegal immigration, and wants to appease those who do not want to see serious enforcement of our laws against illegal immigration, I vow to enforce all our laws, when I am County Attorney,” said Montgomery. “The days of “cafeteria” enforcement – picking and choosing which laws to uphold, based on personal whims or on which direction the political winds are blowing on a particular day – will soon be over”. Bill Montgomery’s conservative record and commitment to enforcing all of our laws, stands in stark contrast to Rick Romley’s record in just the last month.

“I am committed to enforcing all of our laws and working with law enforcement to give them the tools they need to do their job,” said Montgomery.  “Unlike my opponent, I welcome the passage of SB 1070 and would not beg the Governor to veto it like Romley did.  But more importantly, I will not use loopholes and excuses to avoid prosecuting illegal immigrants in Maricopa County who break the law like Romley has.”

Bill Montgomery’s bid to become our next County Attorney continues to rack up impressive, high-profile endorsements. His campaign has garnered support from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA), the Arizona Police Association (APA) and U.S. Representative Trent Franks, who have all joined the chorus of calls for a conservative Republican for County Attorney.

To learn more about the Bill Montgomery for County Attorney Campaign or to schedule an interview with our next County Attorney, please contact Ron Meritt at (480) 225-0722  or  (480) 225-0722

John McCain Begging for Money???

An astute Sonoran Alliance reader received the following email yesterday. In fact, I’ve received several email over the last 12 hours from outraged conservatives who say that John McCain has some nerve. Here is the email.


My Friend,

Today I need your help. Early voting for my primary reelection will begin in just 63 days, and to ensure voters hear our message we must continue to advertise on radio and television across Arizona.

We’re releasing a series of new ads about my work on behalf of the people of Arizona and about my opponent’s record of support for wasteful earmark spending. Our target is to raise an additional $30,000 in the next 72 hours to help expand our advertising buy and I hope you will respond immediately with a generous contribution of $25 or more right away.

Unfortunately, instead of finding solutions to our state and nation’s many challenges, my primary opponent, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, would rather spend his time misrepresenting both my record and now, history itself. Congressman Hayworth can’t seem to get his facts straight lately. Not only has he launched false attacks on me, but he recently erroneously stated the United States never declared war on Nazi Germany during World War II. We simply cannot afford to send someone to the U.S. Senate who plays loosely with the facts. The American people deserve better.

And we certainly cannot afford to send a failed former Congressman who supported thousands of earmarks worth billions of dollars before voters kicked him out of office. Let me just give you three examples of his outrageous earmark votes when he was in Congress: $5.8 million for Vermont snowmobile trail, $250,000 to control Maui seaweed, and we all remember the infamous $223 million “Bridge to Nowhere.”

The Obama Administration and Congressional Democratic leaders have pushed our country farther to the left than anyone could have imagined. We need strong and committed fiscal conservatives to stand up and oppose their out of control spending. I have a record of fighting against pork barrel spending and am not afraid to confront President Obama or any Member of Congress who supports wasting taxpayer funds. Arizona and the nation can’t afford JD Hayworth.

My friend, your past support has allowed my reelection campaign to respond to my opponent’s attacks with effective advertisements. However, because this is the most competitive reelection campaign I have ever faced we must remain on the air with a strong advertising campaign from now until Election Day.

This means our campaign must raise $30,000 in the next 72 hours to help fund our latest ad buy. I ask that you help us reach this goal with an immediate donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more. Your contribution in advance of our deadline will ensure I am able to communicate the facts to millions of Arizona voters.

I am committed to our shared conservative values and pledge to continue representing and fighting for these if reelected. So I ask you to please renew your commitment to my campaign today with a generous donation of any amount.

Thank you for your continued friendship and generosity.


John McCain

Since the radio and television attacks began on JD Hayworth (before he was even a candidate!) John McCain’s campaign has spent around $3 MILLION on attack ads. Now he has the gall to beg for more money to make more attacks on JD Hayworth!?!? Give us a break!

Let’s remind our readers of the fabulous life that John McCain leads…

YouTube Preview Image


Border Troops NOT Going To Be Used To Catch Illegals -We Are All Charlie Brown Now

All those troops coming to the Arizona border…..they are not going to be used to catch illegals. LLPOF.

US National Guard troops being sent to the Mexican border will be used to stem the flow of guns and drugs across the frontier and not to enforce US immigration laws, the State Department said Wednesday.

The clarification came after the Mexican government urged Washington not to use the additional troops to go after illegal immigrants.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday authorized the deployment of up to 1,200 additional troops to border areas but State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters, “It’s not about immigration.

He said the move was “fully consistent with our efforts to do our part to stem, you know, violence, to interdict the flow of dangerous people and dangerous goods — drugs, guns, people.”

He said the extra troops would be used to free up civilians engaged in support functions so that law enforcement personnel can be increased along the 2,000-mile-long (3,200 kilometer) border.

Suckered again.  We are all Cahrlie Brown now…

Treasurer Martin Questions Obama’s Border Security Commitment; Napolitano’s Effectiveness National Guard are soldiers not Bureaucrats

For Immediate Release: Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Well Defined Mission to Secure the Border is Critical to Success

Phoenix, AZ – Today, Dean Martin questioned President Obama’s commitment to securing our southern border. Just weeks after Homeland Secretary Napolitano made the outrageous claim that the southern border is “as secure as it’s ever been,” President Obama has now ordered 1,200 troops to the southern border.

As long as Secretary Napolitano in charge, I have little confidence President Obama’s recent token attempt to secure the border by claiming the National Guard might be deployed,” said Dean Martin.  “The mission as defined by the President is unclear, and Secretary Napolitano thinks the southern border is already secure.”

Treasurer Dean Martin, a long-time border security proponent, six years ago Martin called for the Arizona National Guard to be put on the border and the fence to be finished.  As Governor, Dean Martin would deploy 3,000 Nation Guard troops to the Arizona border, finish the fence, as well as provide an additional $50 million in state money for local law enforcement to beef up enforcement.

“This is a national security priority. Arizona needs more border patrol resources, not force reductions as Napolitano has ordered.  Nation Guard soldiers should not be deployed to desks to push paper, but to the border where they are needed most.  This latest stunt by the administration to look tough on the border is too little, to late” continued Treasurer Dean Martin.

“The National Guard should have a well defined mission to protect our borders, we cannot wait any longer.  If the Federal government will not secure our border, Arizona should.  We can not afford to bear the brunt of illegal immigration, nor can we wait for this administration to deploy more troops with only a mandate to push red tape around.”

Dean Martin is the State Treasurer for Arizona, a statewide elective office, where he oversees $9.3 billion in investments from State and Local governments.  Martin is a former state legislator who has a long record of providing transparency in government and real solutions for tax relief and border security for Arizona families.

Secrets Exposed! The book Game Change reveals unprofessional personal behavior of McCain

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Top national political reporters Mark Halperin and John Heilemann wrote a popular book about the 2008 presidential election entitled “Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime”. These are excerpts from the portions written about John McCain. After reading them, one wonders: Would you want to work with this man or be married to him? The kind of shocking personal conduct revealed in this book perhaps explains why his voting is so erratic.


Alleged affair with a lobbyist

A former high school cheerleader, Vicki Iseman was a lobbyist for telecommunications companies. As chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee in the late nineties, McCain held sway over regulations that affected companies she represented. Iseman supported McCain in his 2000 race and helped him raise money for it. In February 1999, she and the Senator flew down to Miami and back together on the corporate jet of one of her clients to attend a fund-raiser….When a rumor that McCain started having an affair with Iseman started flitting through Washington, his advisers blanched. Some thought it was true, some thought it was false, but they all feared that it could pry open a can of worms.


The publication of the story might also incite more unwelcome snooping around in McCain’s bedroom – which would be bad enough by itself, but potentially devastating in a party dominated by religious conservatives who didn’t trust McCain to begin with. …At the same time, the campaign was coping with an incipient revival of the story about Cindy’s alleged extramarital wanderings; McCainworld heard that there might be an incriminating surveillance videotape of her and another man.


Behind the scenes, no single issue was consuming more of the staff’s time or psychic energy than the Iseman problem – and nothing was weighing more heavily on the candidate’s mind.


McCain discussing the possibility that the New York Times would run a story on his alleged affair: “They’re out to get me, boy….They’re coming after us….They’re going to f*** us.”…On a conference call with Davis and the rest of the campaign’s top brass, McCain said “F*** it, I’ll talk to Keller.” [the executive editor of the New York Times]


To help with handling the media circus that was about to ensue, McCain hired the Washington power lawyer Bob Bennett, who had served as Bill Clinton’s personal attorney during the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.


Meanwhile, Iseman hired a lawyer of her own – actually, her second – and was in a bad way. She felt sick, wasn’t eating, had lost a parlous amount of weight; her paranoia was stratospheric. (p. 305-309)


The New York Times story that broke about the alleged affair contended that, in 1999, some of McCain’s aides and advisers had confronted him over an alleged affair with Iseman, and that McCain had “acknowledged behaving inappropriately and pledged to keep his distance” from her. It also recounted the Weaver-Iseman dustup, with Weaver [a McCain staffer] confirming by email and on the record that he had told Vicki to stay away from John. Weaver’s chief concern, he said, was that Iseman had been bragging to others that she had professional sway over McCain, which threatened the senator’s image as a reformer.


Cindy was distraught, had clearly been weeping. John was hardly in better shape. He was he was sure the campaign was over. That the story wasn’t politically survivable. That he wouldn’t be the nominee. “I don’t know how we get through this,” said McCain. (p. 314-315)


McCain’s treatment of Cindy

“F*** YOU! F***, F***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***!!!”McCain let out the stream of sharp epithets, both middle fingers raised and extended, barking in his wife’s face. He was angry; she had interrupted him. Cindy burst into tears, but, really, she should have been used to it by now.


If their daughter, Meghan, out on the stump, complained to her mother about blogosphere attacks on the family or annoying staffers assigned to her, Cindy would throw a fit. She’d agree to attend events and rallies, and then cancel abruptly.


The McCains fought in front of others, during small meetings and before large events, to the amazement and discomfort of the staff. Things could escalate quickly. She cursed him; he cursed her. She cried; he apologized. Cindy fought back too. I never wanted you to run for this, she said. You ruined my life. It’s all about you. When it came time to film campaign videos of the couple, the camera crews had to roll for hours to capture a few minutes of warmth. (p. 279-280)


Cindy’s alleged affair

In the spring of 2007, whispers from Arizona reached Salter and Weaver that Cindy had been spotted at a Phoenix Suns basketball game with another man. The man was said to be her long-term boyfriend; the pair had been sighted all over town in the last few years.


McCain appeared distraught, but not surprised. He seemed aware of the situation, and, incredibly, suggested it was a matter he preferred to be dealt with by staff….McCain called his wife….You’ll have to come out on the road with me, he told her. You’ll have to travel more now. People will need to see us together. (p. 281)


Temper, profanity

Visiting a campaign office and seeing it packed with people: “What the f*** are all these people doing here?” he yelled at his campaign manager. “Where are we getting the money to pay for all of this? What is it they do? Get rid of half of them.” Not long after, McCain examined the personnel lists, looking for cuts, and grew incensed. “Why do we need all these people? Who are these f***ing Bush people? Where is the f***ing money? (p. 278)


“We started too f***ing early. We should have waited. I shouldn’t be running right now.” (p. 279)


After several staffers quit: “I guess I should have never f***ing run. I’m gonna do what I need to do, everything I need to do, and then we’ll probably lose.” (p. 285)


Lindsey Graham predicts victory the night of the primary. McCain snarled, “Don’t say that, you don’t know that. Shut-up.” (p. 312)


At a scheduling meeting to discuss Meghan’s graduation, McCain learned that the commencement was a multiday affair that would require him to make several round trips to New York. “How many f***ing times to I have to go to f***ing New York this week?” he yelled. “How many f***ing times can you f***ing graduate from f***ing Columbia?” (p. 283)


Remarks about conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and people at his town halls when his advisors suggested he tone down his amnesty position: “They’re going to destroy the f***ing party…Why would I want to be the leader of a party of such a**holes?” (p. 284)


Prepping for a debate: “John, what is the difference between a gay marriage and a civil union?” McCain replied, “I don’t give a f***.” (p. 391)


McCain musing on what would happen if his teleprompter failed during a debate: “If that happens to me tomorrow night, we’re f***ed.” (p. 372)



McCain advisers discuss how they think Palin is mentally unstable…Some on her staff believed that Palin was suffering from postpartum depression or thwarted maternal need. (p. 400-401)


Politico reported that “a top McCain adviser” called her a “whack job.” (p. 414)


Several of McCain’s lieutenants agreed that should McCain’s electoral prospects miraculously improve and winning in November become likely, they would have to confront the nominee as he started to plan how his administration would function. It would be essential, they believed, that Palin be relegated to the largely ceremonial role that premodern vice presidents inhabited. It was inconceivable that Palin undertake the duties of a Gore or a Cheney – or that, if McCain fell ill or died, the country be left in the hands of a President Palin. Some in McCain-world were ridden with guilt over elevating Palin to within striking distance of the White House. (p. 415-416)


McCain & Hillary

All along, he believed that he would be running against Hillary Clinton – and relished the prospect. He liked Hillary, respected her, and had become friendly with her in the Senate. They had traveled to the far reaches of the globe together and enjoyed each other’s company. (The vodka shots they’d shared once in Estonia had become the stuff of lore) His disappointment when she lost was palpable. (p. 325).


This is Arizona’s last line of defense?



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JD Hayworth: A border security advocate before it was cool

Reviewing the file on who has been a stronger advocate for border security, Congressman JD Hayworth stands head and shoulders above John McCain. For those of you who may have been persuaded by McCain’s political makeover, here is the trailer of  a movie put out by Citizens United in 2006. The film, Border War, was awarded Best Feature Film of 2006 at the Liberty Film Festival and was voted Best Documentary of 2006 by American Film Renaissance. Congressman JD Hayworth was featured as the public policy authority in the film.

YouTube Preview Image