Mike Barnicle on John McCain

From the mouth of liberal, Mike Barnicle today:

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Everyone was stunned and didn’t know what to say.

Some things are just plain sacred.


  1. Stephen Kohut says:

    The correct comment would have been that McCain showed no fear of Obama because if he lost, as he did, he was still a sitting Senator and it was only a lost opportunity, nothing more.

  2. That’s exactly right. It was simply a lost opportunity, a safe gamble.

    Can’t stand the discredited media hacks like Barnicle resurfacing as retreads in other venues. His comment was pathetic … his usual shallow drivel dressed up to mascarade as a erudite sound-bite.

  3. Pragmatic Conservative says:

    It is interesting none of the Dem’s big guns have jumped into the Senate race. Their polling must show McCain a clear winner in the primary and they know they can’t beat him in a general election. Their only hope for Rodney Glassman would be if JD won.

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