Gila County GOP Chairman Jeff Loyd Responds

FROM Jeff Loyd, Gila County Republican Committee

TO Everyone who received a Press Release from Joe Jaraczewski, Candidate for CD-1

Re: “Gila GOP Chairman Lloyd and Jaraczewski Agree to Terms” Press Release of 1/31/2010

First off, it is annoying that I even have to deal with this issue – and that you have to read about it.

A press release was sent out today from Joe Jaraczewski saying that I (Jeff Loyd) “worked over the weekend to come to an agreement in principle to negotiate during a meeting at a neutral site in Payson on March 6.”

What actually transpired was this: On Friday afternoon Mr. Jaraczewski called me and asked if he could come and speak to the Gila County P.C.’s at our next scheduled meeting. I answered that he could and that he could have 10-15 minutes to do so. That P.C. meeting will be March 6th, 2010 in Payson. The End.

Mr. Jaraczewski then went on in the press release to say:” Mr. Lloyd represents one of the most vocal Tea Party groups in the state and Phoenix Lobbyist candidate, Rusty Bowers, has refused to meet with them. Jaraczewski hopes to facilitate an agreement with Prescott’s Jan Smith, chairwoman of the Yavapai County Republicans, the staunchest Republican group in the state.”

I was immediately troubled by this email and replied immediately to Mr. Jaraczewski about the press release. Apparently it went all over now cause my phone has been ringing all day with people wanting answers to questions.

Mr. Jaraczewski inappropriately used my conversation with him to springboard off onto a statement regarding false information about another candidate – Rusty Bowers. Mr. Bowers was not even mentioned on the phone call between myself and Mr. Jaraczewski . This press release alludes to the fact that Mr. Bowers has thumbed his nose at Gila county, when in reality he has been nothing but gracious and kind to our PC’s and citizens – he even attended a Tea Party candidate forum event here in Payson.

So to set the record straight:

  1. My Last name has 1 “L” in it. Loyd. If you knew me, you’d know that.
  2. Rusty Bowers is a good candidate who has spoken to our PC’s and tea party people already. He has not refused to meet with us.
  3. I am Chair of Gila County Republican Committee and I have no involvement in the Tea Party (let alone representation).
  4. Mr. Jaraczewski acted recklessly in his use of words and therefore caused me a few hours out of my Supposed-To-Be-Relaxing-Sunday to clear up a silly mess.

This message serves to clear the air and save Jan Smith possible pain in the future, should Mr. Jaraczewski choose to issue a press release about her. :)

Feel free to forward this message as you see fit.

Jeff Loyd
Gila County Republican Chairman


  1. This guy, Joe Jaraczewski, seems like a complete idoit. His announcement of candidancy was a smear piece againist the other Republican candidates in the race. His second press release was not written any language I could understand but still seems to have caused a headache for Mr. Loyd.

    Hopefully, the blogger here at SA will ignore Mr. Jaraczewsji until he grows-up and starts acting like a child.

  2. From Prescott says:

    Put yourselves in the guy from Gila’s shoes. Folks out there have to deal with this nutt job.

    But its entertaining.


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