J.D. Hayworth Launches 1st Campaign Communication with State Republican Voters

JD HayworthFor Immediate Release: January 28, 2010

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. JANUARY 28, 2010. Just days after signaling his intent to soon declare his formal, conservative challenge to 24-year incumbent U.S. Senator John McCain, the Hayworth campaign has launched pre-recorded calls to tens of thousands of Republicans statewide.

The calls were launched Thursday morning. A copy of the script is below. An audio version can be supplied upon request. The tone and tenor stand in stark contrast to Senator McCain’s highly negative, false and sometimes buffoonish attacks launched earlier this month on Hayworth.

For example, someone’s faulty research led the McCain campaign to criticize Hayworth on spending despite McCain’s nearly 3-decade tenure in Washington, registering an even lower McCain score with Citizen’s Against Government Waste than Hayworth enjoys.

One publication has even called the McCain tactics “scorched-earth” and “angry,” leading best-selling author and national conservative talk-show host Mark Levin to blast McCain on-air Tuesday and endorse Hayworth.


Hi, this is JD Hayworth calling. If you share my opinion that John McCain has admirably served our country but that 28 years in Washington is just too long, then I want you to know that I will soon be announcing my

candidacy for the United States Senate. Arizona’s Republicans deserve a choice and an alternative to Senator McCain¹s moderate record on taxes, social issues, the border, and bailing out the banks. I will be a consistent, faithful conservative that you can rely on to put Arizona first. This is going to be a great debate, and I need you. Please get involved by going to JD2010.com.


  1. Cactus Jack says:

    J.D. wasted taxpayer money on pork barrel projects when he was in Congress. His constituents kicked him out of office because he lost touch with his conservative principles.

    Has he found them behind a microphone over the past few years? No.

  2. Oberserve says:

    My donation is on its way the day I get 100% confirmation that he’s in this till the end.

  3. Pragmatic Conservative says:

    I like Hayworth but the question is “Can he win” or is he a Ross Perot type spoiler who will give us six years of Rodney Glassman or whatever Democratic can win the primary? Can he win the moderate Indendent vote he needs to win the general election? JD may win the primary because the liberal Indendents cross over to vote for him because the Democrat’s have already said JD is beatable, McCain is not.

    History should teach Republicans a lesson but it looks like it may just repeat itself. Remember, Rush was pragmatic enough to vote for McCain and I know I am too.

  4. LD11 Rules says:

    JD crushes Glassman in the general. The primary is the challenge, but I like JD’s chances in that one a lot. Time for a change everybody. No more tired old politicians.

  5. Cactus Jack!

    McCain tried to switch parties twice.

    Let’s make it permananent!

  6. Pragmatic Conservative:

    Do you really think this state is trending Democratic?!!

    But I’m curious! Who do you think the Dems can field who can finance hisher own campaign and stands a chance against J.D. in the general?

    Or perhaps the “John” will emulate DeDe Scuzzofava and throw his support leftward after August and then follow in the footsteps of his buddy, Arlen Spector!

    Look for Grant Woods or the “Burger Baron” to head up “RINOs for Whomever”!

  7. Oberserve says:

    Re #3, Pragmatic:

    Could Scott whatever his name win in MA?


    But he did.

    End of story.

  8. The problem with the arguements about not voting for JD because there is some big Dem with mass appeal waiting in the wings is just do dumb.

    No Dem is willing to be a sacraficial lamb and run in this race when they are JUST HOPING MCCAIN LOSES.

    I will admit McCain would not lose the general to any Dem but that is why there is no credible dem who would run.

    So if JD wins the primary he faces this Glassman guy who has no chance against anyone, JD doesnt have to worry about a Phil Gordon or Jim Pederson jumping in the race. On top of this no one can jump in after the primaries are over so you cant even make that argument.

    So please stop with that BS argument. If you dont like JD you don’t like JD but the electability argument is a joke.

  9. Let me explain first who I am. I am one of the survivors of the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty June 8,1967. John McCains father was instrumental in helping to cover this attack up. We have asked Senator McCain to take a look at the evidence that we have and he won’t give us the time of day. Senator McCain says we will leave no veteran behind. Well I beg to differ as he contiunes to ignore the Liberty survivors.
    I have no use for him and don’t mind saying so. Lets get ready to rumble.

  10. No candidate has a lock on the Republican primary. McCain managed to survive despite being one of the Keating five. Hayworth lost his office (at least to some degreee) due to his association with Jack Abramoff. Chris Simcox and Jim Deakin both have more positions on their web site that people can either agree or disagree with.


    I will look forward to seeing if JD Hayworth comes forward with a solid position on the Federal Reserve. All of his opponents (even John McCain to my surprise) have positions and only time will tell if Hayworth does.

    It is sadly true that there are no Democrats actively engaged at this point.

  11. My check is in the mail. Money well spent.

  12. What was JD Hayworth doing at Food City last night? And why was he wearing clown shoes that squeak?

  13. He was pretending to be McCain working on his new amnesty bill.

  14. kralmajales says:

    This and all posts like it delight me to the heavens.

    I am delighted because I honestly think that JD shakes McCain and McCain supporters to the core. If it didn’t, they would simply ignore him and post by his supporters…like that did those of Simcox. JD, because of the tea party, is a REAL threat to McCain…see the first two supporters for the tiredest type of arguments and attacks that will be used to silence him.

  15. Clown shoes? Food City? I knew he secretly loves illegals!

  16. hotflashholly says:

    JD hayworth is a mess..His campaign has been calling all over looking for people to raise money…to no avail…gonna need a whole lot more that 25 dollar donors to fill up the coffers…plus everyone knows that the money will just go to pay his wife when she undoubtedly lands on the payroll..I bet JD will be on the payroll as well through his pal Jason rose. When it is all said and done after all Blow hard now needs a job..maybe JD can call up his buddy Jack Abramoff in Prison and get some money there..

  17. Who the heck is Rodney Glassman? Nevermind, no one cares.

  18. With the exception of Observe in #7, you are all forgetting one thing. Americans are angry! They are angry with the Obama Administration. They are angry with the Democrats and they are angry with Republican enablers like John McCain. I have never seen John McCain pretend to be this conservative. He knows he is in trouble which is the reason why he is trying to shut down a challenger before he loses control of the voter mood. Republicans DO NOT TRUST John McCain because he has burned us too many times. I will continue to be one of his most vocal critics. Yes, I applaud him (as a Navy veteran) for his service to his country and yes, I did support him as the nominee of the party for President but he has let us down when it comes to so many major issues.

    The 2010 Senate Primary in the State of Arizona will boil down to one thing: “Who will the voters trust more?”

    His time has come and gone. It’s time for him to retire. The horses are tired, the fire is out, the sun is setting.

  19. And when John is sent packing in August, he’ll be taking his entourage with him.

    Arizona will be well rid of Woods, Hellon, Coughlan and the rest of the RINO/RINETTE herd!

  20. DSW, couldn’t have said it better myself. You did forget one thing, McCain sure sounds desperate. His radio ads, turning his lawyers loose, all of these posts from McCain staffers.

    They are scared because McCain is vulnerable.

    Desperation makes a funny sound but it goes something like this: #12, #15, #16, Grant Woods, that throaty lady on the radio, Verdone, Hellon

  21. He has to be scared if he showed up at a Republican state convention.

  22. Yah, right! says:

    McSame has a ton of money, and JD still comes off like an idiot.

    I would put my money on McCain, unless he strokes out.

    He will get Sarah to come here and dance for the far right, and they will swoon like the programmed fools they are, and deliver it right back to him. He only leaves office feet first.

    Might as well ask if Jan can beat Dean- that is the real race right now.

  23. Stephen Kohut says:

    Conservatives and Tea Party types are just a wee bit peeved at Palin for backing McRINO. Based on all the blogs and talk at meetings she did herself a world of hurt by backing the wrong horse in this race. So us
    “programmed fools”, AKA conservatives, won’t be lining up to support McRINO just cause Sarah told us to.

  24. kralmajales says:

    Trust me…Rodney Glassman is not to underestimated, DSW.

    That said, I agree with all above about McCain shaking in his boots.

    In primaries, only the most active and hardcore show up to vote. The moderates that might support McCain will be less likely to show up. Plus who is going to come out and pound the pavement for McCain versus that “army” of radio nuttos that will be out pounding it for JD.

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