JD Hayworth Overwhelms John McCain in Maricopa County Straw Poll!

John McCainMultiple sources are reporting that JD Hayworth overwhelming beat Senator John McCain among the Republican faithful at the Maricopa County Republican Committee elections today.

The straw poll showed that the former congressman and conservative, JD Hayworth, beat Arizona’s senior senator 68% to 10.5%. The poll reflects the growing dissatisfaction by grassroots and elected precinct committeemen even in John McCain’s home county.JD Hayworth

This poll also mirrors the results of an earlier poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen in which JD Hayworth was within striking distance of John McCain 45 to 43 percent. (Rasmussen Reports, November 20, 2009)

Will this lead to an upcoming announcement by the biggest name amongst Arizona conservatives? We can only wait and see.


  1. Truth Squad,

    Give it up…if, out of hundreds of people, only 3 people voted and 2 were anti-McCain the headline would scream a 66% victory.

    The straw poll was irrelevant to most people there. Nearly 1600 votes were available from over 1000 people yet only 228 votes were cast. That doesn’t mean 228 people, due to proxies.

    Basically, 86% of the votes available did not bother to participate. Cheap McCain supporters or supporters without passion?

    Wouldn’t that make them supporters none the less?

    I do not think so but I do think they all got it. A fundraiser with no real meaning.

  2. @DeAnn: There is another way to go with this poll, and that is that one that was previously mentioned by another commentor above. Everyone knows Rob Haney and the Pullen crowd, the ones who ran the “fundraiser” would use the money to actively fight against McCain. So then why give money to shoot yourself in the foot? The answer is there is none. So therefore the only people who voted are the Haney/Pullen crazies.

  3. @Ann: Yes, you are right. Expect for the give it up part. :)

  4. Defender AZ says:

    az truth squad and ann,
    Yep! I agree with you both. I didn’t vote in that ridiculous poll on Saturday. I’m glad McCain didn’t come to that meeting run by McCain haters, it wouldn’t have ended well for anyone.

    Down with stupid polls. Up with reasonable conservatism.

  5. Haney and Pullen don’t need to spend money to fight against McCain, he is doing it himself. His ads are killing his chances at re-election. I have heard person after person telling me that they have cast their last vote for McCain. They are SICK of his dirty politics and disdain for the grassroots of the party.

  6. Defender AZ says:

    to Carlist,
    “McCain is the Arizona GOP version of Martha Coakley!” What?! That doesn’t make any sense. Which doesn’t surprise me.

  7. Defender AZ

    Listen to how each responds to opposition.

    Coakley must have stayed up for 25yrs listening to the PPOW!

    And both have assumed that entrenched cliques will protect them!

    Not this time around!

  8. Stephen Kohut says:

    For those who missed the results at the Maricopa GOP elections on 1/16 the conservatives are firmly in charge and the McCainiacs are badly ournumbered. The same is happening throughout the PC rolls in the other counties . If you think all these new, conservative PC’s are going to get out the vote for McCain in the primary I’ve got some nice AZ swamp land to sell you. The grassroots will be working their butts off to send McRINO packing so he can help Cindy sell more beer.

  9. Sylvia Smart says:

    Although I do not support J.D. Hayworth – I refuse to vote a “RINO” like John McCain in for another term. He is a foundational part of the Washington DC problem. McCain is all about the Big Tent and reaching across the Isle to compromise our basic national foundation and the constitution. He is just another Obaminite. All of the sudden he is fighting against earmarks, against the health bill, against spending – where was he for the last 8 years? He was busy playing footsie with his friends – the Progressives. He is a Progressive – and we need to weed out these “want-to-fundamentally-change” America ideologs. He doesn’t support the Tea Party Patriots because he cannot sit on a fence and be a Patriotic American – this is what Progressives do – they sling mud at anyone who opposes them. When I asked McCain to explain amnesty at the PC meeting in Pinal County – he answered that he had already explained it – and he refused to talk about it – but the truth is – he has never explained why he supports amnesty for illegal activities i.e., infiltrating our country against the law!

  10. Republican Voter says:

    I hope to God That Hayworth beats McCain! John is a RINO JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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