Gila County GOP Chairman Jeff Loyd Responds

FROM Jeff Loyd, Gila County Republican Committee

TO Everyone who received a Press Release from Joe Jaraczewski, Candidate for CD-1

Re: “Gila GOP Chairman Lloyd and Jaraczewski Agree to Terms” Press Release of 1/31/2010

First off, it is annoying that I even have to deal with this issue – and that you have to read about it.

A press release was sent out today from Joe Jaraczewski saying that I (Jeff Loyd) “worked over the weekend to come to an agreement in principle to negotiate during a meeting at a neutral site in Payson on March 6.”

What actually transpired was this: On Friday afternoon Mr. Jaraczewski called me and asked if he could come and speak to the Gila County P.C.’s at our next scheduled meeting. I answered that he could and that he could have 10-15 minutes to do so. That P.C. meeting will be March 6th, 2010 in Payson. The End.

Mr. Jaraczewski then went on in the press release to say:” Mr. Lloyd represents one of the most vocal Tea Party groups in the state and Phoenix Lobbyist candidate, Rusty Bowers, has refused to meet with them. Jaraczewski hopes to facilitate an agreement with Prescott’s Jan Smith, chairwoman of the Yavapai County Republicans, the staunchest Republican group in the state.”

I was immediately troubled by this email and replied immediately to Mr. Jaraczewski about the press release. Apparently it went all over now cause my phone has been ringing all day with people wanting answers to questions.

Mr. Jaraczewski inappropriately used my conversation with him to springboard off onto a statement regarding false information about another candidate – Rusty Bowers. Mr. Bowers was not even mentioned on the phone call between myself and Mr. Jaraczewski . This press release alludes to the fact that Mr. Bowers has thumbed his nose at Gila county, when in reality he has been nothing but gracious and kind to our PC’s and citizens – he even attended a Tea Party candidate forum event here in Payson.

So to set the record straight:

  1. My Last name has 1 “L” in it. Loyd. If you knew me, you’d know that.
  2. Rusty Bowers is a good candidate who has spoken to our PC’s and tea party people already. He has not refused to meet with us.
  3. I am Chair of Gila County Republican Committee and I have no involvement in the Tea Party (let alone representation).
  4. Mr. Jaraczewski acted recklessly in his use of words and therefore caused me a few hours out of my Supposed-To-Be-Relaxing-Sunday to clear up a silly mess.

This message serves to clear the air and save Jan Smith possible pain in the future, should Mr. Jaraczewski choose to issue a press release about her. :)

Feel free to forward this message as you see fit.

Jeff Loyd
Gila County Republican Chairman

Gila GOP Chairman Loyd & Jaraczewski Agree to Terms

Joe Jaraczewski


Jeff Loyd, Chairman of the Gila County Republican Party, and Joe Jaraczewski (R), Cottonwood, Yavapai County candidate for the 1st Congressional District, worked over the weekend to come to an agreement in principle to negotiate during a meeting at a neutral site in Payson on March 6.

Mr. Loyd represents one of the most vocal Tea Party groups in the state. Jaraczewski hopes to facilitate an agreement with Prescott’s Jan Smith, chairwoman of the Yavapai County Republicans, the staunchest Republican group in the state.

To quote Jaraczewski, “Our party needs to organize differently. The first step is to give the Tea Party one of the best seats at our table.”

Bowers Responds to Sec. Vilsack Visit

Rusty Bowers


Congressional Candidate Rusty Bowers Reacts to Secretary’s Resolution Copper Visit

It was a great honor to have Secretary Vilsack come to Superior, and visit rural Arizona. It is important that he see first hand how badly we need the jobs created by this mine, and the true economic stimulus this will bring to all of Arizona. We the people support this mine, and it was vital the secretary see that.

As for Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, it is too little too late. She has been unenthusiastic at best about this land exchange, and it is demonstrated by her ineffectiveness at getting her land swap bill passed in the House of Representatives. Senators Kyl and McCain who are not even members of the majority party in the Senate have already succeeded in passing a land swap bill in the U.S. Senate.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is an issue of values. You’ll fight for the values you treasure. Hard work, jobs, and the families that need them. This mine represents the difference between the values that hold human life and prosperity first, instead of politics and radical environmentalism.

I treasure the values of life and earning an honest living. This land swap represents that; that is what I’ll fight for!

Rusty Bowers is a Republican candidate for Congress in district 1. Visit to learn more about his campaign, and the rural values it stands for.

Leggo My Logo

Bouie Campaign LogoFormer NFL player and failed 2008 LD6 State House candidate Tony Bouie has officially kicked off his new 2010 State Senate campaign in LD4.  Certainly no stranger to controversy, Bouie’s latest effort features a logo that seems very familiar to Capitol observers.  Maybe its the fact that the Super Bowl is just around the corner?  In any case, we’ll be curious to see if the NFL cares about its copyright being used in a political campaign?


East Valley Tea Party Holds “Superbowl of Candidates”

Today, the East Valley Tea Party organization conducted its first “Superbowl of Candidates.” Like the Tea Party movement across the country, it was a roaring success. Plenty of candidates attended including more gubernatorial candidates than I knew were running (Tim Willis, Bruce Olsen, Steven Slaton, Ray Yount, Buz Mills, Governor Jan Brewer and Treasurer, Dean Martin). Other statewide candidates included John Huppenthal, Margaret Dugan, Ted Carpenter, Thayer Verschoor, Barbara Leff, Brenda Burns, Gary Pierce, Taj Oladiran and Congressional candidates, Janet Contreras, David Schweikert, Chris Salvino, Eric Wnuck, Easton Kelsey and Jeff Smith. County Attorney candidate, Bill Montgomery also attended.

State legislative candidates also attended including Russell Pearce, Kirk Adams, James Molina, Adam Armer, Kelly Townsend, Brett Petillo, JD Mesnard, Jeff Vance, John Fillmore and Scott Bergren.

US Senate candidates Chris Simcox and Jim Deakin rounded out the list but the biggest pleasant surprise to appear was former congressman and soon to announce US Senate candidate, J.D. Hayworth.

Hayworth was a big hit with the crowd and he was continually prompted by supporters to challenge John McCain in the Republican Primary. The recent conservative talk show host is planning to formally announce some time in the next three weeks but is raising money in what will be a challenge against McCain’s multi-million dollar political machine. Grassroots supporters are already coming out of the fields asking how to give to his campaign. The campaign website is up and running and taking donations online and the support is coming in from all over the country.

Here are a few photos from today’s event featuring JD Hayworth and Congressional candidate, Janet Contreras, whom we helped debut right here on Sonoran Alliance.

JD Hayworth & Janet Contreras

This photo captures the Smart Girl Politics activists alongside JD Hayworth.

Smart Girl Politics & JD Hayworth

Apologies to any candidates I missed or whose site was missed.




(PHOENIX, AZ) January 29, 2010 – Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Munger released the following statement:

After suffering a crippling defeat in federal court, the Citizens Clean Elections Commission has decided to spend $2 million of its $12.6 million 2010 budget on a public relations campaign designed to promote itself as having been created “by the people, for the people.” 

No amount of whitewashing can cover up the recent U.S. District Court ruling that Arizona’s Clean Elections Act violates the free speech rights of traditional candidates through the use of matching funds.  And there’s no getting around the fact that the “people” who ultimately benefit from the Act are professional politicians who use it as a money trough to fund their election campaigns.

$2 million can buy a lot of PR.  But Arizona voters are smart enough to look past the hype and see the scam that “clean elections” has unfortunately become.


Red State’s Brian Faughnan makes the case for Hayworth, against McCain

Red State

Excellent assessment on RedState by Brian Faughnan regarding the upcoming nationalized primary between John McCain and JD Hayworth. In his piece, “Arguments I Never Expected: Hayworth Is No More Conservative than McCain,” Faughnan disputes and derails the charges McCain has been throwing and trying to make stick to Hayworth through a series of radio ads.

Attacks have ranged from JD Hayworth being a big spender to being best buddies with convicted lobbyist, Jack Abramoff. Faughnan’s post easily shoots down each of McCain’s falsehoods revealing them as nothing more than “let’s hope the voters never fact check the true record.” Better yet, Faughnan goes on to show how McCain’s assertions are nothing more than an effort to avoid his own miserable and unstable record.

To me, the central question Arizona primary voters must decide is who is going to represent them better in the Senate for the next 6 years. Do they want to elect someone with a strong record of adherence to conservative values, or do they want to elect someone who seems to have been an adversary as often as he has an ally? As I pointed out earlier, Arizona conservatives who support John McCain know that if he is re-elected, they will regret their vote sometime in the next 6 years. Will it be because of cap-and-trade, or amnesty, or taxes, or Guantanamo Bay, or terrorist interrogation, or – who knows – traditional marriage?

Do Arizona conservative really want to play Charlie Brown, and fall for Lucy and the football… again?

To have your eyes opened, head over to Red State and read Faughnan’s piece for yourself.

Shadegg Endorses Jim Ward

Jim Ward




Scottsdale, AZ (January 22, 2010) — Jim Ward, Republican candidate for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District, today announced that U.S. Congressman John Shadegg (AZ-3) endorses his candidacy for Congress.

“I am proud to endorse Jim Ward. His focus on fiscal responsibility, tax reform and smaller government give him the conservative credentials to be the right kind of Representative we need in Congress today, and he is certainly the right candidate to beat Harry Mitchell this fall,” said Congressman Shadegg. “As an experienced businessman, Jim knows how to balance a budget, create jobs, and curb needless deficit spending. He will bring these important skills to Washington which will serve him well in his commitment to help create a more efficient, less intrusive government that promotes individual liberty and free markets,” he added.

“To be endorsed by such a true conservative warrior and leader as Congressman John Shadegg is an honor for me personally and also an inspiration to take back the House of Representatives this November. My promise to him is that I will be successful and I will spread his conservative legacy to the neighboring 5th District,” said Jim Ward. “I couldn’t have asked for a stronger vote of confidence to demonstrate to Arizonans that I can serve them well as their representative.”

Congressman Shadegg announced his retirement from Congress just last week and has declared his ongoing commitment to the mission of promoting conservative principles while remaining committed to preserving America’s freedom.

Jim Ward is a dynamic, successful businessman running for Congress in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. His 25 year business career has placed him on the forefront of some of the most innovative and leading-edge technologies in the world having worked with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Nike and Lucasfilm. Currently, Ward works with companies in developing new technologies while at the same time supporting the local economy and creating jobs. For more information about Jim Ward please visit

Republican Professionals’ February Event with Jim Ward

Logo - Republican Professionals

Scottsdale, Arizona – Republican Professionals’ February networking event is going to take place at the elegant and popular SUEDE Lounge Thursday, February 4th, from 6-8pm, with Congressional Candidate Jim Ward as the featured guest speaker.

With the 2010 election season looking good for the GOP, “Which Republican candidate will face off against Harry Mitchell?” is a question being asked by many Arizonans.  Republican businessman Jim Ward thinks he is the answer and is looking to gain more campaign steam at the next popular Republican Professionals event.

For the third consecutive month the free networking event will be hosted at the hip Euro-Asian lounge, SUEDE, in Old Town Scottsdale.  Take advantage of the exclusive Republican Professionals’ happy hour drink specials, mingle with like-minded Arizonans, political bigwigs, and interact with our future Arizona representatives.  Over 170 guests and political leaders attended last month’s event, so newcomers and repeat guests are encouraged to RSVP early at

Republican Professionals hosts free networking events each month in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

For future events or contact information, view the website at or contact Ryan Ducharme at

The purpose of Republican Professionals is to increase the participation of Republicans in the political process, further the goals of the Republican Party, and bring Republicans together so that they may network, volunteer, organize and communicate with fellow professionals.




Immediate Release
Contact: Sean McMaster
(480) 319-3131 or

Barack Obama floated into the White House on the mantra of “hope” and “change.” Desperate Americans, out of work, and witnessing the decline of their retirement savings wanted the newly elected president to succeed. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has failed to deliver on the promises he made to 300 million Americans.

Harry Mitchell, a loyal foot soldier for Nancy Pelosi and the Obama agenda, has not forcefully held the President accountable for his broken promises. Mitchell has stayed silent and passive while Barack Obama has conducted health care negotiations behind closed doors, passed a stimulus bill that has sputtered and granted terrorists the same legal rights as patriotic Americans.

This is not the “hope” and “change” the American voters were promised. This is not the kind of leadership that the people of the 5th Congressional District expect. The voters of the 5th Congressional District deserve brave leadership from their representatives in Congress.

The $787 billion stimulus package’s main goal was to put Americans back to work. In this respect it has been an abysmal failure. President Obama and Harry Mitchell would have created the same number of jobs in the past year if the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act cost a mere $787! Today, more Americans are out of work, more employers are reluctant to hire, and the economy shows no sign of improving. Barack Obama promised us the unemployment rate would never rise above 8% if the stimulus bill was passed; the unemployment rate is now over 10%.

How much higher must the unemployment rate go before Harry Mitchell admits the stimulus bill was a mistake? How many more Americans must lose their jobs before Harry Mitchell states his regret on voting for a bill that has only succeeded in saddling our children with more debt? How many more TRILLION dollar spending bills must we endure before the Democrats in Congress are held accountable?

Every day I speak with the voters of my 5th Congressional district and the message is clear. We all agree that our leaders in Washington must cut costs and create jobs, not raise taxes and build more bureaucracies.

No amount of words by Barack Obama, in his State of the Union speech, or the inaction from Harry Mitchell can undo the damage inflicted in the last year. Arizona and the 5th Congressional district deserve better. Join team Wnuck today!

To learn more about Eric Wnuck and find out how to get involved, visit


AZ House Passes Arizona Economic & Job Recovery Bill

For Immediate Release: January 28, 2010


STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (January 28, 2010) – The Arizona House of Representatives passed House Bill 2250, the Arizona Economic and Job Recovery Act, on a 34 to 25 vote. The bill now goes to the Arizona Senate.

HB2250, sponsored by Speaker of the House Kirk Adams and 29 other Republican members, provides for a fairer tax structure and puts Arizona on equal footing with those states that have better weathered the current economic downturn.

Specifically, the Arizona Economic and Job Recovery bill addresses four key areas:

  • Job creation and training programs
  • Incentives to attract new base industry companies to Arizona
  • Tax relief for large and small businesses
  • Economic development programs

Not one Democratic House member voted for the legislation geared to attract new business to Arizona and help grow Arizona out of the worst fiscal crisis in the state’s history.

“This legislation comes at a critical time,” said House Speaker Kirk Adams. “We must broaden Arizona’s economic base and create jobs. That’s what the Arizona Economic and Job Recovery bill does. We urge our colleagues in the Senate to move speedily on the bill’s passage so we can get Arizona on the right track in creating jobs and building our economy now.”

In yesterday’s Appropriations hearing, House Democrats failed to present a budget alternative or solutions. “While site selectors are continuing to bypass Arizona because of our non-competitive tax structure and lack of highly-targeted economic development programs, Democrats continue to use class warfare while refusing to offer any budget solutions of their own,” said Rep. Steve Yarbrough.

According to Representative Steve Court, “This legislation is a great step in growing our way out of this budget crisis while creating higher wage jobs for Arizona citizens. We must improve our quality of living on an individual level for each Arizonan. This bill will increase economic output.”

To learn more about the Arizona Economic and Job Recovery Bill visit the House Republicans’ Web site, Facebook or Twitter.



PHOENIX, AZ:  Today, the Arizona Energy Forum ( praised President Obama’s pledge to pursue nuclear power and off-shore drilling in his State of the Union speech.

The organization, which is comprised of Arizonans concerned about our energy future, was formed to achieve energy security for the United States and hold the elected officials accountable for shaping energy policies.

Chairman Troy Hyde said, “We are greatly encouraged to have the President say that he wants to pursue these important energy issues and we will be writing to both Senator McCain and Senator Kyl encouraging them to push the President toward those goals.  We’ve been skeptical about the President’s interest in making the U.S. energy independent and secure, but since he put these issues on the table, we hope our Senators will use this opportunity to hold him to his pledge.  These energy sources are the best way to secure our nation’s future for jobs and clean energy.  Today we have hope that President Obama has finally seen that we have the resources, means and perhaps the will to move forward on these issues.  We’ll ask our Senators, who both support these efforts, to do all they can to get government out of the way so production can begin.  

The Arizona Energy Forum also encourages all who share their interest in energy security to contact the President and their elected officials to ask them to use the moment to push for off-shore drilling, building more nuclear power plants and expansion of the use of clean burning coal. Please visit and become a member by signing our pledge of support. 


PR – Vernon Parker to Host Concealed Carry Course Fundraiser



Contact:  Kassee Bulen

Phone Number:  602-710-7397




Congressional Candidate to Host Concealed Carry Course Fundraiser


On Saturday, February 20th, congressional candidate Vernon Parker will host a concealed weapon carry course taught by expert instructor Jim Neff of Generation Firearms.  Parker is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, and will be earning his own concealed carry permit at the event.  Neff is a highly regarded firearms training expert, and the course will be limited to 30 individuals.  The course will start at 7AM and runs 10 hours.  The cost is $85.  Contributions to Parker’s campaign for Arizona Congressional District 3 will be accepted.




Parker announced an exploratory committee for Governor on September 23rd and since then raised his seed money faster than Governor Brewer, generated endorsements and excitement across the state and was on track to qualify for Clean Elections funding next month. 


However, since the surprising announcement by Congressman John Shadegg that he will not seek re-election, Parker has been called by dozens of supporters and state leaders encouraging him to consider a run for the Congressional District Three Republican nomination. 


Paradise Valley lies in the heart of the district, where just two years ago Parker garnered a record number of votes in his initial run for office.


Parker, 50, is the current mayor of Paradise Valley, Arizona.  He previously served as General Counsel of the United States Office of Personnel Management, then in the White House as Special Assistant to President George H.W. Bush.  Later, Parker was nominated by President George W. Bush and unanimously confirmed with bipartisan support by the United States Senate, as an Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Agriculture.  A small businessman, Parker also served as a pastor for two years at a small non-denominational church in Paradise Valley.  He is a graduate of Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C., where he met his wife Lisa.


Parker’s life story is compelling.  Raised by his grandmother in a severely underprivileged neighborhood in Long Beach, California, Parker was able to escape the drugs and violence through love, education and the commitment of family.


For more information contact Kassee Bulen.




Paid for by Vernon Parker For Congress

J.D. Hayworth Launches 1st Campaign Communication with State Republican Voters

JD HayworthFor Immediate Release: January 28, 2010

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. JANUARY 28, 2010. Just days after signaling his intent to soon declare his formal, conservative challenge to 24-year incumbent U.S. Senator John McCain, the Hayworth campaign has launched pre-recorded calls to tens of thousands of Republicans statewide.

The calls were launched Thursday morning. A copy of the script is below. An audio version can be supplied upon request. The tone and tenor stand in stark contrast to Senator McCain’s highly negative, false and sometimes buffoonish attacks launched earlier this month on Hayworth.

For example, someone’s faulty research led the McCain campaign to criticize Hayworth on spending despite McCain’s nearly 3-decade tenure in Washington, registering an even lower McCain score with Citizen’s Against Government Waste than Hayworth enjoys.

One publication has even called the McCain tactics “scorched-earth” and “angry,” leading best-selling author and national conservative talk-show host Mark Levin to blast McCain on-air Tuesday and endorse Hayworth.


Hi, this is JD Hayworth calling. If you share my opinion that John McCain has admirably served our country but that 28 years in Washington is just too long, then I want you to know that I will soon be announcing my

candidacy for the United States Senate. Arizona’s Republicans deserve a choice and an alternative to Senator McCain¹s moderate record on taxes, social issues, the border, and bailing out the banks. I will be a consistent, faithful conservative that you can rely on to put Arizona first. This is going to be a great debate, and I need you. Please get involved by going to

Paton: You’ve had a year; Where are the jobs?

For Immediate Release: January 28, 2010

The one-year anniversary of the stimulus spending bill, Where are the jobs?

One year after Congress approved the nearly $800 billion federal “stimulus” bill, Jonathan Paton is asking: “What happened to all the jobs?”

“Maybe we should call in Jack Bauer to solve this mystery. Gabrielle Giffords said that record spending would create at least 40,000 jobs, but our economy keeps shedding them,” Paton said. “Nationally, we’ve lost 3 million jobs in America since this spending bill was passed and the unemployment rate has soared to 10% — not including those who have given up hope and stopped looking for a job.”

“I think it’s safe to say that the verdict is in on last years ‘stimulus’ bill, “ Paton said. “The only thing it actually helped to stimulate is the rate of job loss over the past year.”

Paton, who was named a “Champion of the Taxpayer” Tuesday by Americans for Prosperity, has a record of fighting against wasteful spending and voting for tax cuts for families and small businesses. He voted for both the largest tax cut, and the largest cut to government, in Arizona history. Active duty military personnel don’t pay state income taxes in Arizona today because of a bill that Paton wrote — and passed. And his call for more oversight of downtown Tucson’s Rio Nuevo project ruffled the feathers of the local establishment and has provided oversight of taxpayer money after years of mismanagement by the city council.

“Those are the type of spend-thrift meaningful tax relief policies we need in Washington right now, rather than reckless spending and tax increases, like the cap and trade bill,” Paton said. “Someone needs to be an advocate for the taxpayer and for families who are struggling to make ends meet.”

“Equally disturbing,” Paton said, “is that last year’s stimulus spending bill included millions of dollars in waste, which Rep. Giffords had to authorize in order to vote for the whole package.”

“These many wasteful projects included $200,000 to fund an anti-capitalist puppet show in Minnesota, nearly $400,000 to study people who drink malt liquor and smoke marijuana at the same time, and $219,000 to figure out whether women are more likely to ‘hook up’ after drinking. Talk about weird science.”

“Enough is enough,” Paton said. “Taxpayers are tired of being fooled by those who say one thing to get elected, yet when no one is looking they do something entirely different.”

Beauchamp Responds to Sophomoric Attack

Bradley Beauchamp

For Immediate Release: January 28, 2010

In response to a recent attack from a new and unknown opponent, the Bradley Beauchamp for Congress campaign released the following:

Bradley Beauchamp has been civil in his interaction and discourse with other Republican candidates throughout the months he has been campaigning. He has presented his case, over the better part of a year, to the citizens of CD-1 while being respectful of others’ positions. Now, at the 11th hour of the cycle, an absolute unknown has entered the race and decided to attack Mr. Beauchamp instead of focusing his efforts on the defeat of Ann Kirkpatrick. The Beauchamp for Congress campaign finds this both irresponsible and unacceptable, and has thereby chosen to respond.

Bradley Beauchamp has already shown the political courage to lead while campaigning throughout the district. Instead of name-calling and complaining through press release, Mr. Beauchamp has driven over 30,000 miles across the district, met with thousands of people and proven to the voters of Arizona that he is the one candidate with will to lead and the knowledge necessary to take back Arizona’s First Congressional District.

“Bradley is the candidate to beat in CD-1, so I understand he’ll get attacked,” said campaign manager Erik Stauber. “What I find both funny and sad is the manner in which he was attacked, by a man who should be a friend to conservative Republicans like Bradley. Bradley Beauchamp shows political courage in everything he does while campaigning. He tackles the issues head on. He has left a thriving business to risk everything for the good of the nation and the Constitution. He is the only candidate who has his Juris Doctorate, a degree obtained to better understand the rights and freedoms of our nation. Indeed, Bradley Beauchamp has had the courage to obtain more endorsements than anyone in the field, and he has the courage to defeat Ann Kirkpatrick in 2010.”

Bradley Beauchamp is running for Congress because the Constitution is being undermined, our individual freedom is under attack, and our fundamental liberties hang in the balance. He knows it is time for a reality check in Washington, D.C. to remind Congress that America’s greatness comes from hard working families and free enterprise, not billion dollar bailouts or government takeovers. He is the one candidate who will defend freedom, defend the Constitution, and defend the American Dream.


Sen. Kyl to speak to Federalist Society tomorrow on Citizens United decision


The Federalist Society Phoenix Lawyers Chapter invites you to
An Evening with the Honorable Jon Kyl, United States Senator.
The Senator will discuss the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision as well as recent congressional legislation and developments.

This event may qualify for up to 1 hour of Arizona CLE credit.

WHERE: The Embassy Suites Hotel,
2630 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, Arizona
WHEN: Friday, January 29, 5:30-7:30pm
DETAILS: We will serve appetizers and a cash bar will be available.

Attendance is free but there will be a $10 fee for CLE credit.

The courtesy of an RSVP is appreciated, and is required for CLE credit. Send your RSVP to Kasey Higgins (