Auld Lang Syne 2010 … Real Hope & Change

Wishes for the New Year: (Previously my Santa list)…

  1. Return ALL U.S. troops from overseas (Iran, Afghanistan, Korea & Bosnia)
  2. Repeal the 17th Amendment & return to how the Constitution said US Senators should be selected
  3. Send the man in the White House on a lifetime assignment to his homeland.
  4. Repeal all aspects of Obama-Care
  5. Repeal the entire Food Safety Act
    & fire all members of Congress who voted for it
  6. Repeal Cap-n-Trade and legislate barriers against *any* climate change U.N. schemes and fraud
  7. repeal the Patriot Act I and II
  8. Open the Gulf oil operations
  9. Begin construction of an oil refinery in the Yuma Arizona area
  10. Begin drilling U.S. domestic oil reserves, including Alaska
  11. Open Arizona’s uranium fields to mining operations and create jobs
  12. Begin building state-of-the-art Nuclear power & Clean Coal plants
  13. De-fund Homeland Security, it’s an expensive failure
  14. De-fund the US Department of Education, since its creation education costs have soared and education outcomes have declined
  15. De-fund the USEPA, since its creation jobs have moved overseas in record numbers
  16. De-fund the UD Department of Energy, since its creation energy prices have soared to record levels
  17. Send John McCain to find Jimmy Hoffa
  18. Return immediately to the Gold Standard
  19. Terminate the Federal Reserve Bank
  20. Expel the United Nations out of the United States and terminate all payments to any of their organizations.

COURT ORDERED THEFT: Expect to be outraged!


For most Americans, the concept that the government could take control of your life, seize for redistribution all of your assets, and deprive you of the comfort of family and friends while doing so is beyond a Kafkaesque notion. The court ordered control of lives, destruction of families, elimination of personal wealth, and the complete disregard for individual directives is happening.  These are not isolated cases of bad people, mismanaged funds, or folks with duplicitous intent looking to surreptitiously get rich quick off of Grannies life savings…there are many cases of full blown, court ordered removal of Constitutional rights, personal directives being ignored, families drug though years of legal wrangling based on hearsay without the benefit of evidence, and nothing short of legal thievery.  The families fight back at great personal cost and suffer at the hands of the courts in ways most citizens would never believe…until you see it for yourself. 

There is a storm building of moral outrage.  Families being torn apart, lives shattered, and the best laid plans of loving and caring spouses, parents, and children being ignored.  The collusion that is taking place between the courts/judges, the fiduciary agents, and probate attorneys could make organized crime syndicates look weak in comparison.

This coming storm is not to be ignored.  Here is one story…the first of many.

A Violation of Due Process – Part 2

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has possibly exposed taxpayers to a major lawsuit over how the County pays overtime to its Deputy Sheriffs. In the original article exposing the arbitrary limits and policy manipulations by the County, the following questions were posed:

 On what authority can the County deprive a deputy of property rights obtained through honest labor?

 On what authority can the County manipulate internal policy to force its Deputies to not only work for “free” (unpaid “comp” time) but also sacrifice their earned vacation time (vested property right) as a result of the County’s manipulation of policy?

 Now it comes out that the County, when confronted with a Deputy’s need for overtime money to pay for essentials at home, the County refuses to pay overtime owed until the Deputy can show that he truly needs the money by showing financial statements, bills and other documentation. On what Constitutional authority does the County rely upon for this egregious invasion of privacy?

 Pinal County may have legal exposure at this moment. Nothing the County is doing with regard to its overtime policy for Deputies is ethical or legal: it is as politically motivated and as corrupt as it gets.

 Members of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office have made formal demands for overtime payment of overtime earned. One employee of the Sheriff’s Office made a request on November 19th. On November 30th, the Pinal County Human Resources Department acknowledged receiving the request.

 On December 14th, the Human Resource Director punted the problem down the road, saying he had just sent out a new policy for comments and he will be using the new policy, if approved, for cash payouts. But until it is approved, he will not process cash payments for overtime.

 Initially, Ms. Brandi Clark, Human Resources Manager, wrote the employee that the process will take one to two weeks, which puts the request for payment into mid-December, a full four weeks after the request was made. It looks like the County is stalling until January.

 Apparently, the Deputy Association’s attorney has already sent the County a “cease and desist” letter regarding the intrusive and invasive process the County established for payment of overtime. It is my understanding the Association’s attorney is ready to take the next step.

 In the course of correspondence with Supervisor Rios, he made the following post script on December 22nd:

 “PS…We are working on OT pay…Most will more than likely be very satisfied with the solution……..” I hope so, for it is not only a matter of correcting the current process but also repairing past damages.

 The Pinal County Citizens for Excellence in Government await the County’s resolution to this harmful and morale destroying issue.

Rob Haney throws his hat in the ring following two years of outstanding accomplishments

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona
December 23, 2010

It’s right before Christmas, and we think it’s stunning

For County Chairman, Rob Haney is running

Rob Haney throws his hat in the ring following two years of outstanding accomplishments:

It has been my honor to serve as your Maricopa County Chairman these past two years.  I am running for reelection and ask for your vote on Jan 8, since the job of implementing the grassroots conservative message remains ongoing.  My political ideology has not changed since 1964 when as a student at Penn State I backed Barry Goldwater for president.

Unity in the Republican Party must be based upon support of Constitutional and Republican Platform principles of limited government or we become but a wing of the Democrat Party.

As precinct committeemen (PCs), we do not lose our first amendment right to free speech in advocating for or against political policies.  This is especially true when a policy proposed by a Republican Representative is clearly in opposition to the Constitution and is opposed by the majority of Republicans.     

During the last two years while I served as your Chairman we have:

·          Increased Maricopa County Republican new voter registrations by 59,212

·          Increased Maricopa County Republican PC rolls by 40% from 2,079 to 2,884 under the direction of Executive Director Tom Husband and Member-at- large Dan Schultz, which helped fuel the massive and historic Republican victories of 2010

·          Closely monitored expenses and operated on a sound financial basis

·          Provided resources by which PCs could receive a concealed carry permit

·          Provided resources by which PCs could receive training in Founders’ Principles and the meaning of the Constitution

·          Provided line-by-line Maricopa County Republican Committee Bylaws training for District Chairmen elected in 2008

·          Provided hard copy Republican Platform booklets for fund raising & PC education

·          Provided website where PCs could obtain copies of the County and State Bylaws

·          Provided County Office service through the volunteer office staff directed by Karen Thomas

·          Provided County Briefs and Events Calendar through the volunteer talent of Communications Director, Frosty Taylor

·          Provided GOP County website service through the volunteer talent of Kevin Myers

·          Provided voting ballot and computer tally services at a significantly reduced cost for District

·          Reorganization Meetings through the volunteer talent of George Teegarden

·          Established working relationships with TEA Party organizations to encourage their enthusiastic participation in the Republican Party

·          Provided PC training when it was not available in the Legislative Districts

·          Walked precincts in LDs 23 (Avondale, Tolleson) & 25 (Tonopah) recruiting PCs and district officers where they never before existed, aiding in Republican upset wins in 2010.

Rob Haney BIO

Education…..1964, Business Management, Penn State University

Military……….1964-1968, Captain, USAF

Employment.1969-2002, IBM Corp, various staff and management positions

Politics………1996-2010, PC, State Committeeman, County and State Member-at-Large,

                      Lincoln Bust Award, District Chairman, County Chairman

Family………Married to Marne for 43 yrs: Daughters, Kathleen Haney Bufkin and

                      Sister Karol Marie Haney, (Carrie)

Membership..Mesa Right-to-Life, Focus on the Family, American Family Association, AZ

                      Citizens Defense League, National Rifle Association, Pachyderm Coalition,

                      Goldwater Institute, TEA Party, American Citizens United, AZ Republican

                      Assembly, Pachyderm Member of the Palo Verde Republican Women’s Club,

                      American Legion Post 75, Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

Other………..AZ Capitol Times in Dec. 2008, referred to me as the man seen as the leader of

                      Arizona’s Grassroots Republican movement.

Endorsed……By Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Senator Russell Pearce, President of the AZ Senate

Questions….. , 602-996-1004

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          There was much fanfare this week as the Census Bureau unveiled the official Census figures before the end of the year, as required by law. Everyone here in Arizona was paying particularly close attention.  There was certainty that Arizona would pick up one legislative seat to nine, and who knows perhaps a 10th?

          Of course, as has been well detailed, there was a slowdown in settlement here in Arizona by illegal aliens after the 2004 proposition requiring employer sanctions for hiring illegal aliens and requiring proof of citizenship for voter registration. This law perhaps single handedly derailed any opportunity, in fact most certainly prevented Arizona from picking up two additional seats instead of just one.

          What can’t be explained however, is the incredible drop in population from the July 2009 estimates from the US Census Bureau when contrasted with the Official Census as of April 1, 2010; the figures that were just released this week.  Here are the gory details:

          According to Quick Facts, Arizona’s estimated July 2009 population was 6,595,778. The population change was 28.6%, a very healthy increase.  HOWEVER, the “Official” Census figures showed Arizona’s population on April 1st this year to be only 6,392,017!  This is a precipitous drop of over 203,000 people in Arizona, and only a 24.6% change from 2000!  Now when you compare the difference for any other state in our region, or across the country, no other state had any population drop! Oops! The exception is Michigan, which did show a loss of 83 thousand people in the same time. That’s not surprising, since the auto industry has been demolished by the Obama and the Unions. Now just NW of Arizona in Nevada, the fastest growing state in the nation; in spite of the Nation’s highest unemployment rate at 14.3% STILL gained 57 thousand people in this same time that Arizona lost.  The facts don’t lie, so WHY would there be such a change? Don’t take my word for it look at the websites and compare the figures for yourself.

          Well, obviously the answer is wrapped around the most significant legislation in 2010, SB1070, which required the state police departments and County sheriff’s offices, to verify identity and citizenship of anyone who is stopped for some other violation.  Certainly this legislation pushed the Illegal Immigration battle to the forefront of the National debate.  However, the Legislature did NOT EVEN PASS the law until April 19th and the governor signed it on April 23rd! So IF the Census bureau figures are based on April 1st population and they show such a huge drop in population BEFORE April first, ISN’T it the cruelest of April Fool’s jokes?

          Now, WHO would EVER question the integrity of the Census Bureau? Well let me remind you of one crucial fact: The Obama administration took the control of the Census away from the Commerce Department, moving it to the White House.  So I ask, WHO would EVER question the integrity of the White House!!??

          Yes, there were recent news reports that we’d lose population due to SB1070, perhaps as much as 100K  (Many in Arizona might say, ‘Good Riddance!’).  But 200K? And BEFORE the bill even passed? Give me a Break!  Why should we trust a bureaucracy and the Political Party that encourages IRS to investigate Non-Profits who oppose abortion, and prosecutes actors while ignoring the Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner? This is the administration that is ready to hire over 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce the Health Care bill, threatens to shut down the Internet and demands that Fox News and Glenn Beck to be silenced. Why WOULD we trust anything they tell us?

          SO, while we were indeed in the hunt for that elusive tenth Congressional seat, perhaps even passing Washington, and having indeed passed Massachusetts and Indiana in population; this White House controlled Census now shows us losing 203K in nine short months. All BEFORE SB1070 became law. Who woulda thunk it!?

Flash Mob hits Scottsdale Fashion Square

Maybe you were out shopping today at Scottsdale Fashion Square when the following happened…

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Update on Christopher Smith

The Arizona Republic has uncovered additional information about the recent months of Christopher Smith’s life:

Records show Smith moved out of the home he’d lived in with his wife and three daughters in March. His wife stated in court documents that at that time, there had been “at least six months of erratic, bizarre, unexplained behavior” from Smith that culminated with her finding him with glass pipes, other drug paraphernalia and a large amount of pornography in their home.

Court documents mention “severe drug dependency issues” and state that “wife believes husband is so withdrawn as a result of the substance abuse that he cannot make rational decisions.”

She filed for divorce in June and was granted an order of protection against Smith.

Former State Senate Chief of Staff, Christopher Smith, found shot to death

Former Chief of Staff for the Arizona State Senate, Christopher Smith, was found shot to death on Saturday night in South Phoenix. The former mover and shaker in the State Senate served throughout the 1990′s until 2000.

According to police reports, the 51-year-old Smith was found shot several time in his vehicle located in the 1000 block of south 18th Avenue.

Smith also served as Executive Director at the prestigious Goldwater Institute.

He is survived by his wife, Vanessa, and three daughters, Roxanne, Sophia and Isabella.

We will follow this story as it develops.

Here is the video from ABC-15:

If Jon Kyl Doesn’t Step Up, Who Will In 2012?

U.S. Senator Jon Kyl has curiously not yet declared his intentions for a re-election race in 2012. After a distinguished career in public service it’s understandable, if not regrettable, that he may want to entertain other pursuits. But it begs the question: what might that crazy Republican primary look like? A quick glimpse.

*Congressman Jeff Flake: The look. The LDS base. The adoring national press. A top tier candidate.

*Former Congressman John Shadegg: Can he raise the dough being out of office?

*Former Attorney General Grant Woods: The likely recipient of John McCain’s support. Could he win a fractured GOP primary? The same strategy did not work for another liberal Republican, Paulina Morris.

*Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu: A darkhorse. He knows how to raise a profile. Does he know how to raise money? Speculation is he wants a bigger prize than Arizona’s new congressional seat.

*Congressman Trent Franks: A conservative’s conservative. Would he risk a very safe seat for a very big reward?

*Congressman-Elect Ben Quayle: He wouldn’t, would he? He did, successfully, didn’t he?

Let the games begin.

Stick A Fork In Him

Word is that wannabe chef and perennial candidate for anything, Vernon Parker, is dropping his bid for GOP Party Chairman.

Parker, wholly owned and operated by the most unsuccessful political consultancy in Arizona history, Nathan Sproul, left his failed congressional campaign in debt.

We are now indebted to him for leaving the race, we can only hope.

Gosar Picks Alaskan Attorney as Deputy Chief

Looks like high profile Alaska attorney, Tom Van Flein, will be heading to Washington, D.C. to help head the office of newly-elected CD-1 Congressman, Paul Gosar.

An Alaskan, you may ask?

Van Flein, who has been counselor to Governor Sarah Palin and GOP TEA Party candidate, Joe Miller, will serve as Deputy Chief of Staff to Arizona’s newest member of the congressional delegation.

Here is the excerpt from the Anchorage Daily NewsAlaska Ear:

ON THE MOVE … Word in the northwest corner of Anchorage is that Tom Van Flein, attorney for Palins, Millers and others, is taking a leave of absence from his firm for at least a year so he can move to Washington, D.C., to be deputy chief of staff for Arizona’s newly elected congressman, dentist Paul Gosar.

It makes sense, darlings. Gosar was endorsed by Our Sarah. He supports Arizona’s anti-illegal-immigrant law and he’s been inducted into the Arizona Dental Association’s Hall of Fame. Sounds like Tom’s cup of tea.

Defeated liberal Republican Paula Pennypacker bashes Russell Pearce, other conservatives

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Failed legislative candidate and Arizona Republic Plugged In blogger helps disrupt “LD8 meeting,” insults conservatives 
Tries to kick social conservatives out of Tea Party

Liberal Republican Paula Pennypacker

Paula Pennypacker, who was soundly trounced in the LD8 race for the House of Representatives this year by the more conservative Tea Party candidate Michelle Ugenti, has decided to take out her rage on conservatives. In an astonishingly rude blog post for the Arizona Republic, she bashes Senator Russell Pearce and Maricopa County Republican Chairman Rob Haney, complaining about an LD8 meeting where her hateful views against social conservatives weren’t warmly accepted.

She showed up to the meeting at a private residence, which was NOT an LD8 meeting, with her friend Honey Marques, a liberal Republican and one of the biggest supporters of liberal Republican Susan Bitter Smith. Both women attempted to take over the meeting and tell social conservatives they were not welcome in the Tea Parties.

Maricopa County Chairman, Rob Haney spoke at the meeting, and said that Senator Russell Pearce is a hero to the Tea Party. Honey objected, and told the crowd that illegal immigration is not a Tea Party issue because the Tea Parties only care about fiscal issues, saying Pearce is not a hero to the Tea Party. According to Pennypacker, the crowd heckled her.
I would say she got off lucky.
The crowd’s response is no surprise, since illegal immigration is one of those issues that does stretch across both fiscal and social issues, contrary to Honey’s assertion. The cost of illegal immigration is staggering. According to Fox News, illegal immigration costs the U.S. $113 billion each year.

Most Tea Party members are also social conservatives. A Google search on “tea party” and “illegal immigration” pulls up thousands of results where Tea Parties have rallied against illegal immigration.

Pennypacker is angry that she lost an election to a real conservative Tea Party candidate. She is angry that the views she and her friend Honey espoused were the extreme minority at this meeting. Even the liberal Arizona Republic rag has had to admit an overwhelming majority of voters support strong immigration enforcement.  Her little mind cannot seem to grasp that there is a huge difference between legal and illegal immigration.  No one has a problem with people who immigrate here legally.

Her divisive attitude is doing no good but instead hurting the Republican Party, Tea Parties, and conservative principles. Instead of attacking conservatives and dictating to them what the Republican Party and Tea Parties should be like, she should back off and maybe actually try to get along with the grassroots base.

Pennypacker’s pretense at being a principled Republican isn’t fooling anyone. She tries to make people think she is a conservative but there isn’t enough dye in the world to cover those liberal roots. She is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party. She fits in well at the Arizona Republic.

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Democrats want to end all wars – through a Totalitarian DRAFT

Last week, the Democratic Party-controlled Congress produced a Democrat-dominated Congressional Committee panel announcement that it was “time for women to be cleared for combat positions.”  This is a curious announcement, since the military is easily meeting all recruitment goals and has not asked for this, and the timing of it in the middle of a lame-duck period should raise eyebrows.

Right on cue, blogs began to be salted with comments from “women” claiming to be out-performing their male counterparts on PT tests, and grumbling about being barred from combat duty.  This has been added to the current media narrative already found in papers across the country – “some regions disproportionately serve in the military” and that “disparity” should be “fixed.”  Unemployed and undisciplined youth it is “suggested,” could “benefit” from national service, plus repetitions of the disproved lie that our current high-tech, high skill, multilingual military is full of the “poor and uneducated.”   Hmm.  To employ the favorite media rhetoric: “Experts suggest” and “Data suggest” that … “something wicked this way comes.”

Quite a number of people who have neither military experience nor background nor interest for soldiering may shrug.  If some women want to be in combat, then isn’t it the dreaded “intolerant” to say no?  After all, we have an all-volunteer military, so male or female, if one wants to join the military as a career; they can, and concurrently, not join as the case may be.  It’s quite obvious that a volunteer army is self-selecting, appealing to only those who have an affinity and talent for soldiering and the military life.  This self-selecting saves the military numerous enormous headaches – they start with a population that wants to be there, instead having to sort out and manage a hodge-podge of disgruntled civilians – the onerous separating the sheep from the goats – that is the result of a Draft.    Not every male is cut out for combat; the military spends quite a bit of its time already testing and sorting out who’s better at it than who is not within the all-volunteer military.  Only a fraction of all military positions are actual combat, even true during the height of World War II, so there is no practical need to open it to women.  What happens though when the all-volunteer military abruptly isn’t volunteer anymore – to serve not the  nation, but the goals of one political party?

The wild card is being held up the Democratic Party’s sleeve: the game-changing, odious and despicable H.R.5741 — Universal National Service Act, quietly reintroduced by now-disgraced Democrat Charles Rangel in this session of Congress this past summer, waiting for an opportune moment, that is when no one looking, to be voted into law.

Disgraced Democrat Charles Rangel’s bill has morphed over the past several years, from its initial very bad idea, heavily praised and promoted early on expressly as a means to sour Americans on any military undertakings by Democrat Hillary Clinton, of a Universal Draft of all males and females 18-26; to today’s extremist version of a totalitarian national servitude by Draft, under the direct authority and highly centralized control of the POTUS as Commander-in-Chief,  of all males and females, 18-42 for three types of service:

1)      Military

2)      National Service

3)      Other Purpose

No provision in this bill exists to address the problem of a husband and wife with children, and both parents being called up for service.  There are no limits specified to the chillingly vague “Other Purpose.”  Politically-appointed committees determine who is selected for “Military” who gets “National Service” and who under the full force of government authority, must abandon a job, business or family to be tasked for “Other Purpose.”  The potential for massive fraud, bribery and abuse in such a system is enormous, the uncertainly and disruption this would cause amongst our most productive sector of our economy and amongst families would be devastating. 

The Democratic Party evidently still secretly harbors its reprehensible love of slavery.  It’s despicable that such an inhumane scheme would come out of the minds of men and women who have lived in comfort, peace and security all their lives; this disgusting desire to deny to the next generations of Americans by oppressive legislation what  Rangel and his fellow Democrats like Hillary Clinton take for granted for themselves.  That they introduced it, it’s waiting, they have a multi-faceted campaign to promote it,  they fully intended to push it through with a Democratic Party majority and a sitting president, Obama, who wants it for his disturbing vision of a “National Service Corps as well-funded as the military” is clear or they wouldn’t have slipped the bill into the House this year. 

 Its passage is now uncertain with a GOP resurgence to rein in what is becoming rampant Democratic Party legislative excesses, but it never should have even occurred to any Democrat to even consider anything remotely like this in the first place.  As with previous efforts, Democrats will  just put H.R .5741 it back in the file cabinet, waiting for another chance, put a new number on it to confuse identifying it,  sell it as a noble-sounding “National Service” when it should be burned.  One would say, “Shame,” but it’s evidently a word and moral concept wasted on a political party that has none.

GOP Nominee Poll at Red State

I figure I’ll have a little fun and drive some traffic over to Red State to a poll that Erick Erickson just posted on the GOP nominee choices.

Sorry all you wild-eyed Ron Paulians but his name doesn’t appear on the list. But that’s OK, you can leave comments there like you did when we posted our poll here on Sonoran Alliance.

As for my latest predictions (not picks), I’m sticking to Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee, Palin will NOT run and one of the young upstart govs will be VP. Sorry Chris Christie supporters. I like the guy’s approach but I think he’s a shooting star at the moment!

(Here comes our crowd, Erick!)

The Arizona 2012 Project delegation to attend fallen officer’s memorial service

Here’s the link to the full page:

Few details are available yet, however we are in touch with the U.S.B.P. station in Naco, the Border Patrol union, and others in southern Arizona, so they should be available soon.

Please help us honor this agent’s service on behalf of a greatful nation.

Thank you

There can be no sacred cows in Arizona’s budget debate

by Byron Schlomach, Ph.D.
Goldwater Institute

Editorialists throughout the state have waxed eloquent calling for restoration of funding to various parts of the state budget. University presidents complain of too little funding to universities and community colleges. School administrators complain that schools are short-changed. We’ve all seen the horror stories about reduced health benefits affecting organ transplant recipients and behavioral health services.

Calls for increased funding ignore one important point: the state doesn’t have the money. As I have pointed out before, the state budget will be in deficit through 2014 and beyond, even in years when the temporary sales tax passed last May is in effect. In the current fiscal year, almost half over, the state faces a deficit of at least $800 million. The minimum projected deficit in 2013 is $1.3 billion.

Spending on public education makes up 42 percent of the state’s general budget. Add health, welfare, and other social services and it’s 70 percent. Universities put it at 81 percent. Prisons at 91 percent. Every one of these categories should be immune to reductions according to someone. If the last nine percent of state government, which includes the judiciary, the legislature, various regulatory agencies, and the governor’s office, were eliminated, it would not fill the budget hole.

I believe organ transplants are more important than spending $665,000 on the Commission on the Arts and $194,000 on the Governor’s Office of Equal Opportunity. However, those little bits of money here and there only go so far. The other 91 percent of the budget cannot be off limits. When it comes to fixing Arizona’s budget shortfall, everything must be on the table.

Dr. Byron Schlomach is director of the Goldwater Institute’s Center for Economic Prosperity.

Learn More:

Goldwater Institute: Victory on Nov. 2 requires lawmakers to outsmart budget trap

Joint Legislative Budget Committee: Highlights of the FY 2011 Budget

Joint Legislative Budget Committee: Revenue and Budget Update, November 19, 2010

Senator John McCain on the Tax Package Deal

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image