Democrat Bloggers Trying To Encourage GOP Primary?

It what is best described as a case of wishful thinking, both Tedski over at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion, and David Safier at My Gay Arizona (CAUTION:  Lots of gay cruise ads on this page) are playing up the notion that State Representative Vic Williams is gearing up for a primary challenge to State Senator Al Melvin down in LD26.  Gila Courier has already contacted Williams and he has dismissed the rumor as pure nonsense, but should the GOP be encouraged that the hard left in Arizona is trying to encourage such an event?  We think so.

Melvin ran in 2006 and won the primary, besting Sen. Toni Hellon, but then he lost by several hundred votes in the general election.  In 2008 he ran again, and had to first beat Rep. Pete Hershberger in another rough primary, before winning and recapturing the seat for the GOP in the general election.  Unable to find another candidate, the Democrats are again running Cheryl “Tax the Golf Carts” Cage against Melvin, but given that she lost to him in a good year for Democrats after Melvin endured back-to-back bruising primaries, do the Democrats really expect to win the race in 2010′s political environment, especially with Melvin enjoying a more unified GOP supporting his effort?  Not likely.

Thus the rumor mongering and wishful thinking from Tedski and Safier.  From what we hear, LD26 Democrats need to be far more worried about protecting Rep. Nancy Young Wright than wasting their time and money on Cage.  Republicans already have a strong challenger in that race, who is getting good reviews from everyone in the local GOP.