WOW-Stimulus adds/saves 650 jobs in Arizona

In a recent report, the president’s oversight board released data specifically showing more than 30,000 jobs created or saved nationwide, including more than 650 in Arizona. Recipients in Arizona said they had received $29.6 million of $139 million in contract awards so far.

Again, for you folks educated in the public school systems, I’m going to my old-school calculator to help you out.

$29.6 million divided by 650 jobs equals $45,538.46 per job!  And this is being reported as good news.  Uh-huh.

One last question, How do prove that you saved a job?

via azstarnet.


  1. You realize these numbers are only for federal contracts.

  2. Federal contracts? Oh Yes. And since this is Theoretically a one time shot of federal funds, what happens in the following years? Are these ongoing sustainable jobs and in what segment Fed/state/local jobs or are they in the private sector (yeah right)?

  3. Well the data is all there – why don’t you look it up. The ones I saw mostly seemed related to civil construction.

  4. It’s pretty pathetic that USG “job creation” is limited to the usual “build something.” With managers, real estate professionals, from brokers to appraisers, highly skilled trade specialists and so forth, it’s very telling that the symbol for USG is “shovel-ready” and a graphic of a stick figure with … a shovel.
    Wow! Ditch digging!
    Just the thing for a college-educated for high tech work force.

    Why don’t we all just stop the pretend and build the triumphal arch, like the conquerers of old? That’s make-work, and is something decorative for the population to ooh and ahh over in two hundred years when it becomes like Paris’ Arc de Triomphe a tourist landmark.

  5. If USG pork barrel make-work construction “job creation” projects actually worked, West Virginia, the state of “Robert C. Byrd Monuments to Me” wouldn’t be perpetually dragging around in the economic bottom of the USA.

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