Is Bob Robb’s Audience Listening?

Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb’s latest column lays out a number of reason why the Legislature should be feeling good about the progress it has made in its negotiations with Governor Brewer over the State’s budget.  It also makes it clear why the Democrats will not be supporting it.  Given that three Republican Senators remain holdouts – Carolyn Allen, Pamela Gorman, and Ron Gould – and only two of them are even remotely interested in shrinking government, cutting taxes, and cutting spending, we have to believe that Robb’s real audience likely consists of two people, and two alone.

His position concludes thusly: “Frankly, these tax cuts would be worth a permanent increase in the sales tax. For fiscal conservatives, a referendum on a temporary increase should be a no-brainer.”

You can add Robb’s voice to the numerous other conservative voices calling for a Yes vote on the long overdue budget bill, including the Arizona Free Enterprise Fund, the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, and the PAChyderm Coalition.  We can also add the dozens of conservative lawmakers who have already voiced their support for the package.

Liberty is Free Not Cheap

by Gayle Plato


When we were all kids, teenagers wanting to gulp down the cup of life, we all longed for love.  Hearts beat with a passion for the unknown and a sense of self. We want to find love because there’s a moral imperative to know who we are.  Love is a shining light peering in to the holy alliance of a higher power, personal moral righting, and one’s earthly purpose.


Hopefully God blesses each of us with Love’s window into the soul.  As we mature, there is realism that Love is more than a desire for a significant other. Love’s beam of light through the window splits into a fractal of prismatic color. We learn to love in the abstract.  Soldiers talk of the moment, when on foreign soil, a deep ache, a want for America swells. There’s no place like home, and that love of one’s country is a mature love. Our love of God twinkles like a star on any given day, but can super nova in bursting awe as we see our newborn, during a personal epiphany, or even in quiet prayer.


Love of Liberty comes to each American, with Godspeed and deep regard. Sadly, it takes her threatened fate to awaken a protective love for Liberty.  So are we organizing at these rallies, tea party protests, town halls, and coffee chats with like minds because some big head told us so? NO.  Passion of this level cannot be conjured or bought. Whoring feigned devotion does not play with conservative souls.  When we give of our time, our hearts, our good names, we know what we give.  Our word means something.


Liberty is not for sale no more than love can be bought.  You can manufacture mourners, or pay goons for a beat down. You can buy trophy tarts or roll cause-induced celebrity cheerleaders on the liberal Astroturf.  Liberty is free for all true of heart, but she is not cheap.


Our Child Liberty is at-risk and the conservative souls feel you coming like registered predators released from the slammer.  Get this straight- our Child Liberty stands safely behind every single parent of freedom.  We owe it to our forefathers, who passed custodial rights of Liberty on, to stand beside her, and guide through the night with the light from above.


Raul Grijalva: Supports ObamaCare

I guess we know where Congressman Raul Grijalva stands on Obama’s Health Care plan. That would explain why he won’t be conducting any town hall meetings and listening to his constituents.

YouTube Preview Image

Incidental Note: If you really want to get rid of this guy, you need to get out and work for Ruth McClung. The campaign needs volunteers and donations. Please join me in working on Ruth’s campaign by contacting the campaign at Let’s make it our mission to get rid of those who won’t listen to the people they’re supposed to serve!

Ann Kirkpatrick Bails on Holbrook, Arizona; Talks on the Corner in Payson

Here is the latest video from a gathering in Holbrook waiting to ask Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick about the Obama Health Care plan. Looks like all the evil insurance companies called these folks and paid them to show up as a mob to threaten Kirkpatrick.

YouTube Preview Image

We’ve been told this meeting last an entire 15 minutes before Kirkpatrick grabbed her things and abruptly bailed for the white jeep with California plates.

Here is another meeting with constituents in Payson.

YouTube Preview Image

In this meeting she followed the same meeting model of Gabrielle Giffords. According to PaysonVIP,

A meeting on August 5, 2009 of 1st District Arizona US Representative Ann Kirkpatrick and some of her constituents in Payson, Arizona. We discovered a new talking point. It’s called “Talking on the Corner.” Instead of addressing the entire group. the Congresswoman opted to meet one-on-one with concerned citizens. We were unable to locate any citizens who were bussed in, were representative of insurance companies, or wearing Brooks Brothers suits. We did not find any manufactured anger.

He Hears You Amerika (and doesn’t like it)

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag(at)whitehouse(dot)gov.

he's listening to you Indeed, facts are stubborn things Mr. President.  However, here’s my question; If few if any in the Congress bothered to read this bill beforehand, and Mr. Obama has only been “briefed” as to its provisions, how can he call well researched facts reported by various groups who ARE reading the bill “disinformation” and “rumors”?

It seems Mr. Obama’s biggest mistake was not to ram this legislation through as he did the Stimulus debacle.  By providing the delay needed, whether they know it or not, the Blue Dog Democrats provided enough time for interested parties to begin actually reading the Trojan Horse called “Health Care Reform”.

Another curious thing that has been avoided is this question:  If 80 something percent of the population has good health care insurance but less than 20 or so percent are less than covered (although that isn’t the case in Arizona and we’ll ask that in a minute), how is this a “national crisis”?  And what does SEIU or ACORN have to do with this public debate?  (whoops, that’s yet another question for later)

Ok, so much to digest.  But here’s the most disturbing line of that entire White House quote I opened with: “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to…” [Big Brother and the Thought Police]

That should disturb you … a lot in fact.

Attorneys have pointed out that the White House “is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act”.  This simply means that they never have to tell you if someone has snitched you out to Big Brother!

It gets worse.  Legal opinions suggest that any emails collected by this means may be addressed by the Presidential Records Act.  This Act requires the White House to preserve and maintain its records for permanent storage in a government database. (you can read more at the Washington Examiner link below)—-and-permanent-52571822.html

Bottom Line: A secret and permanent database of dissidents(or Americans exercising their First Amendment Rights) will be around for the balance of this administration and those to come.

Decision Time … as they say in the marriage vows;  If there’s anyone here that feels this administration’s actions should not be allowed to stand, let them speak now … or forever hold their piece.

A Failed Experiment in Just 200 Days

The RNC is fighting back.

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Giffords Following the DNC Memo – Avoid the Peasants!

The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords bailed on an anticipated appearance in downtown Tucson last night. Giffords had commited to sponsorship of Cinema La Placita movie week but avoided the event upon learning that conservative community organizers were also planning to attend.

Hat tip to Gila Courier/Arizona 8th for the video clip!

YouTube Preview Image

Obama’s Thugs Begin Shutting Down Citizen Activists

You didn’t expect the Administration to take our community organizing laying down did you? Barack Obama’s protectorate are now fighting back. The memo has gone out to activate all ACORN affiliates and union activists to attend and pack the Democratic town hall meetings in order to place a wall of separation around the congressman and drive regular citizens out of the meeting by blockading or shouting them down.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

It’s getting ugly folks. The citizens are not going to take this.

If anyone attends any of the Arizona town hall meetings, make sure you bring your video camera.

The whole world’s watching!