Goddard’s confusing waffling on concealed weapons laws

Terry Goddard in 1994: “I would have vetoed the concealed weapons bill signed into law by Symington.” –The Arizona Daily Star, 8/22/94

Terry Goddard in 2009:  “The current [concealed weapons] law in Arizona is not broken. It has worked exceptionally well.”–The Arizona Republic, 6/19/09

It’s amazing what Terry Goddard gets away with.  Goddard has a long history of anti-Second Amendment activism.  In 1994 he opposed the original bill that allowed concealed carry in Arizona for the first time.  (Aug. 22, 1994 article from the Arizona Daily Star).  The Star article does not say exactly what the grounds for his opposition were, but obviously he felt the bottom line is that law abiding citizens cannot be trusted with gun rights and the law would lead to more violence.

Fast forward to 2009.  Senate Bill 1270 is pending, and it would loosen the current concealed carry law, the one Goddard opposed 15 years ago.  So who is leading the charge this time in opposition to the Second Amendment?  It’s Goddard again, and he has the chutzpah to say that Senate Bill 1270 would effect “a very dangerous change to state law.”  http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/local/articles/2009/06/19/20090619guns0619.html

But why should we listen to Goddard now, when he has been so spectularly wrong about gun rights in the past?  And why is it that the Republic journalist failed to point out Goddard’s previous attacks on the concealed carry law he now says works “exceptionally well,” a fact that completely discredits him on this issue?  I guess I just answered my own question.

Anti-gun rights activists like Goddard always oppose any loosening of gun laws, and they always argue that gun rights are strong enough as they are and any new rights will lead to more violence.  But had we listened to Goddard and his gun grabbing pals in 1994, we never would have known the effect of the original law, which even Goddard now agrees works “exceptionally well,” as if he was with us all along.  That’s one reason we shouldn’t listen to them now. Have you no shame, Mr. Goddard?

Goddard…wrong then, wrong now.

Reality Check: Life is Short

Governor Mark Sanford must be relieved. He’s just been bumped from the front page of every national newspaper by the headline, “The King is Dead.” (I’d have to disagree with that proclamation since the Real King died back on August 16, 1977 – although the Real King’s daughter married the “King of Pop.”)

Back to my point.

Expect a blackout of Biblical proportions on political news over the next week as every media outlet examines every jot and tittle of Michael Jackson.

Us middle-aged guys however, will really be mourning the death of that incredible embodiment of sex appeal, Farrah Fawcett, who also passed away today from cancer at the age of 62.

And let’s also not forget Ed McMahon as the footnote of the last week.

All this goes to prove that we are getting older and reality is setting in that no one gets out of this world alive.

So at the end of the day, some of us may be mortal political enemies but we are still human, suceptible to error, sin and entropy.

Give each other a break every once in awhile.

No Media Time For You!

Here is the latest demonstration of “mainstream media” bias as presented by our own Congressmen, John Shadegg and Trent Franks.

YouTube Preview Image