Dumping & Receiving the Welfare Class

With California poised to dramatically slash its welfare programs and Arizona still trying to determine how it will close the Napolitano spending spree deficit, I have to wonder if our legislators are thinking far enough ahead to prepare for a mass exodus from California? When (it’s not a matter of “if” anymore) California’s government “folds,” Arizona, Nevada, and other surrounding states should expect to be overwhelmed by those in the California welfare class crossing our border to jump on our roles. Unlike illegal immigrants, we can expect these folks to be more demanding with really no other place to go.

Trillions & Trillions with No Accountability

This is politically horrifying. It’s only a matter of time before the grassroots rise up and demand accountability.

YouTube Preview Image

This video was provided courtesy of Representative Alan Grayson. (Hat tip to Councilman Jeff Weninger for bringing it to my attention.)

Surprise Council Hands $50,000 to Local Chamber

From the chapter on taxpayer-funded handouts, here’s a story on more of your local tax dollars being used to “help out” another private entity. In this case, the Surprise Chamber of Commerce.

Surprise to help Chamber finance new location” – Arizona Republic, June 13, 2009

According to the vote, the Chamber is to use $35,000 to help them relocate their office out of a strip mall to a new location and $15,000 is to be used to find and hire a new CEO.

I have to wonder how the council would vote if another organization like NFIB came asking for $50,000. Of course, the Surprise Chamber is now beholden to the Council to the tune of $50K.