How your legislators voted on banning speed cameras

The voting broke down along party lines. The legislators in the Rules committee all voted in favor of HB2106 to ban speed cameras: Kirk Adams, Jack Brown, Martha Garcia, John McComish, Ben Miranda, Andrew Tobin, Steven Yarbrough, and Warde Nichols.

In the Appropriations committee, legislators Nancy McLain, Rick Murphy, Russ Jones, Vic Williams, Andy Biggs, and John Kavanagh voted in favor. Legislators Steve Court, Matt Heinz, David Schapira, and Kyrsten Sinema all voted against the ban.

In the Transportation and Infrastructure committee, legislators Judy Burges, Sam Crump, Nancy McLain, Frank Antenori and Andy Biggs voted in favor. Legislators Eric Meyer and Rae Waters voted against the ban.

Read more about the bill, sponsored by Sam Crump, here.