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Calling on Republican Women…We need you!

Republican Ladies, if you ever wanted to be more involved in the issues at your local level or state level,here is a great opportunity to learn more about the ins and outs of our great state. Grooming Republican women to take on leadership roles at all levels is what this program is all about. Arizona needs you! Consider applying today.

What is the Dodie Londen Series? When was it founded and why?

In 2007, Christine J. Toretti launched the Winning Women: Leadership for the New Century initiative in Arizona to engage more women in the party as voters, donors and leaders. A resident of Tucson, Arizona, Christine J. Olson, CEO of S.W. Jack Drilling Co. and Pennsylvania’s GOP National Committeewoman, accepted the challenge to spearhead this effort in Arizona and established the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series in January 2007.

The Dodie Londen Series is an annual training program for Republican women in Arizona that prepares women to be more effective leaders in government, politics, and in the community. Participants each have a goal to increase their level of involvement in public life as party leaders, elected or appointed officials, as grassroots activists, and/or as community leaders.

Each year a class of talented women representing all regions of Arizona will participate in intensive training sessions over the course of nine months to gain information, tools and skills to enhance their civic and political participation. This executive training program for Republican women is modeled after the successful Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series, which began in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2002 and the Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series founded in the state of Indiana in 1990.

How much time do class members spend with the Dodie Londen Series?

Class members participate in 9 required training sessions beginning in October and concluding in June of each year. Class members travel to different parts of Arizona to attend a training session each month. Each month, the Dodie Londen Class gathers in Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff and other parts of Arizona for a one-day training program. Class members typically arrive on Thursday evening for an optional networking dinner and spend Friday from 8am to 4pm participating in a training session. There are two exceptions to this type of schedule. The state government session is scheduled when the legislature is in session. Also, during the month of May, the Dodie Londen Class meets in Washington, DC for 2 ½ days from Tuesday evening through Thursday evening for a federal government session. This session is a national meeting of all state programs.

How much does the Dodie Londen Series cost a class member?

When accepted to the program, class members pay a one-time $150 participation fee. Some class members have paid this fee personally while others have had this fee paid by their employer or local Republican committee. Additionally, class members are responsible for travel costs to and from the monthly training sessions including parking. The Dodie Londen Series pays for hotel accommodations, meals and other program costs.

How are participants chosen each year for the Dodie Londen Series?

Class members are chosen through a two-tier selection process. First, applicants must submit a written application due May 1st. The selection committee comprised of advisory board members select finalists from a review of the written applications. Finalists are offered a personal interview with members of the selection committee. Interviews take place in late May of every year. For an application or more information, contact Bernadette S. Comfort, executive director at 520-609-6347.

Who was Dodie Londen?

One of Arizona’s grandest ladies and certainly the Grand Dame of the Arizona Republican Party, AZ-TV Chairman Dodie Londen was born May 31, 1930 on a farm near Holdredge, Nebraska. She graduated from Barnes Business School in Denver, Colorado and went to work in Denver as a secretary. In 1951, she married Jack Londen and in July of 1962 they moved their family of six to Arizona.

Through her selfless service to her church, charitable organizations and the Republican Party, Dodie will be remembered as a world-class leader, mentor and friend. Dodie’s political activities and accomplishments are legendary.

As the first woman ever to serve as Chairman of the Arizona Republican party, Dodie used her professional leadership, wisdom and kindness to lead the party to unprecedented prominence and national respect. Her legacy of financial stability and open door policy will serve the Republican Party for years to come. As one political reporter wrote, “She did more to unite the GOP than anyone else in decades…a tough act to follow.”

She served as the Treasurer and Program Chairman for the National Federation of Republican Women and President of the Arizona Federation of Republican Women. She was active in numerous political campaigns and counted President Ronald Reagan as a close friend. With all of her political achievements, she considered being a precinct committeeman one of her most important political positions.

Dodie once said, “I believe an individual should be judged by his or her record of commitment, performance and achievement.” Even by those high standards, Dodie truly achieved greatness!

You can count Chewie among the 40% who will be appealing a photo speeding ticket

I opened up my mail in shock recently to see a photo speeding ticket for driving 67 in a 55 mph zone on the 101 near Shea. (note – I’ve never received a photo speeding ticket since Janet Cams were implemented) Why was I in shock? That stretch of the freeway has been 65 mph for a long time, other than a few temporary drops to 55 mph for construction. In fact, I don’t remember seeing a 55 mph speed sign where I entered onto the freeway around Shea right before the speed van, so you can bet I will be taking photographs before the hearing. I was even madder considering I’d only sped up to the evil speed of 67 to get over a lane to the right since someone (clearly drunk the way they were weaving – but don’t expect the speed camera to stop them) was coming up behind me fast. No police officer would have ever pulled ME over.

Besides all the constitutional and fiscal arguments against photo speeding tickets, the fact that they are placed in temporary construction speed zones that are long-known for being set at higher speeds, in order to trick drivers, is appalling. Those speed vans don’t have the yellow-orange “photo enforcement zone” warnings ahead of them either. Everyone around me was going about the same speed – it was a clear evening with few drivers on the road and no construction going on.

Because of ridiculously located speed cameras like that, 40% of us are appealing these tickets. And the cost of handling our appeals negates the revenues that are brought in. What idiot decided to put speed camera vans in an area that was briefly under construction so most drivers pulling onto the freeway immediately before that location don’t realize the speed limit has dropped?

Thanks to, a ballot initiative is being circulated in Arizona to get rid of these cameras which the government has admitted are nothing more than revenue generators. The Newspaper has a great article exposing this racket, I urge everyone to read it to get the full scoop.

Really Lazy Posting: National Journal Liberal/Conservative Ratings

I only say that because Tedski first posted on this over at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion. So because our blog is geared for the conservative reader and the “experimenting” independent, I thought I’d also post the ratings for our Congressional delegation as just released by The National Journal.

Here are snapshots of the Arizona ratings with the exception of Senator John McCain and Rick Renzi:

Composite (from most liberal to most conservative):

  • Raul Grijalva (D-7): 93.2 L
  • Ed Pastor (D-4): 88.0 L
  • Harry Mitchell (D-5): 52.7 L
  • Gabrielle Giffords (D-8): 52.3 L
  • Jeff Flake (R-6): 90.2 C
  • John Shadegg (R-3): 95.7 C
  • Trent Frank (R-2): 97.3 C

Senator Jon Kyl ranked at 93.2 C

On Economic Issues:

  • Raul Grijalva: 85.0 L
  • Ed Pastor: 85.0 L
  • Gabrielle Giffords: 52.0 L
  • Harry Mitchell: 51.0 L
  • John Shadegg: 97.0 C
  • Jeff Flake: 98.0 C
  • Trent Franks: 98.0 C

Senator Jon Kyl ranked at 96.0 C

On Social Issues:

  • Raul Grijalva: 82.0 L
  • Ed Pastor: 82.0 L
  • Harry Mitchell: 48.0 L
  • Gabrielle Giffords: 48.0 L
  • Jeff Flake: 91.0 C
  • Trent Franks: 91.0 C
  • John Shadegg: 91.0 C

Senator Jon Kyl ranked at 79.0 C

On Foreign Issues:

  • Raul Grijalva: 92.0 L
  • Ed Pastor: 78.0 L
  • Harry Mitchell: 58.0 L
  • Gabrielle Giffords: 55.0 L
  • Jeff Flake: 74.0 C
  • John Shadegg: 93.0 C
  • Trent Franks: 95.0 C

Senator Jon Kyl rated at 84.0 C


200 show up for Tempe Tax Protest yesterday

Read the Capitol Times article here
(of course the Repugnant didn’t bother covering it, although they devoted plenty of space to left wingers protesting budget cuts at the Capitol – who were probably paid or received class credit to be there, and a Sheriff Arpaio protest, which will probably attract fewer than 20 protesters). No wonder no one reads the Repulsive anymore.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, February 27, 2009


Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, today announced that Colin Shipley has been named to the post of political director for the Arizona Republican Party.

“Colin has the right skill set, a great background, and lots of energy and enthusiasm to run our political shop through the 2010 elections,” said Pullen. “I think we’re building a very formidable team over here and we’ll be able to capitalize and expand upon our previous electoral gains in 2010.”

“When looking for a new political director, we wanted to bring on someone who is familiar with Arizona politics and would bring new and fresh ideas to the table. I believe that Colin is that person,” said Brett Mecum, executive director of the Arizona Republican Party. “Colin will be building an aggressive political program that will primarily focus on voter registration and candidate training across our fifteen growing counties.”

“I am thrilled at the opportunity that Chairman Pullen has afforded me,” said Shipley. “This is going to be a critical election cycle for Arizona and I look forward to making a positive difference at the Arizona Republican Party.”

Shipley will be responsible for the entire political operation of the Arizona Republican Party which includes voter registration, Get out the Vote efforts, candidate training, and grassroots development among others. A native of Chandler, AZ and a graduate of Arizona State University, Shipley most recently worked for then-Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters. Previously to that, he was an Account Executive for Highground, Inc., a premier political consulting and government relations firm headquartered in Phoenix. Shipley succeeds Brett Mecum who was named AZGOP executive director earlier this month.

Additional staff hires at the Arizona Republican Party are expected in the coming days.

Oh, How We Yearn for the Good Ol’ Days!

Now for something on the lighter side…

A Boycott Vote Against Common Sense

When the Arizona House Health Committee passed a comprehensive bill to provide women critical health information about an important medical procedure, two State Representatives were conveniently absent.

As noted in an earlier post here on Sonoran Alliance, HB 2564 requires that the abortion industry provide women with important information prior to undergoing an abortion. The bill is pro-woman, pro-information, pro-patients’ rights and pro-choice (in the truest sense of the word).

Instead of showing up for the vote the two pro-abortion Democrats decided to “take their ball” and go hold a press conference. (David Bradley the other Democrat was excused.) I’d call that a legislative temper tantrum. Ed Ableser and Phil Lopes effectively shirked their duties and gave up their opportunity to vote as they always have – AGAINST this important bill.

By the way, did I mention that the bill does NOT prohibit one single abortion?

All the other legislators on the committee voted FOR the bill and after all, who wouldn’t? The bill makes complete sense and gives women everything that so-called “reproductive rights” activists have always demanded – MORE CHOICE!

If this makes you as angry as me, then you need to do something about it. Call your legislators and make sure they will vote on HB 2564 when it comes up for a vote. The bill is expected to receive a vote by the full House sometime in the next two weeks.

Finally, during the hearing, the committee heard powerful testimony from several pro-life, pro-woman advocates. Take a moment and visit the Center for Arizona Policy webblog to see their excellent post.

Teaparty protest tomorrow expanding, combined with #dontgo & #tcot movements

Chicago Tea Party
Americans for Prosperity has issued some more information about the rally tomorrow at noon at Tempe Town Park to protest the foreclosure baillout. The #dontgo rally at the Capitol has been moved to combine with the AFP protest. Check out the facebook page on the event here.
(note – the event originated in Chicago and has spread to other cities)

Noble @ CPAC

Conservatives are more energized than ever as activist gather at the annual CPAC conference in Washington, DC.

Fellow Conservative Blogger, Sean Noble, is covering the event through his blog Noble Thinking. We encourage you to follow his updates as he gives a uniquely Arizona perspective.

You can also follow the event live by clicking here.

Gallego Off the Hook

Ruben Gallego

Phoenix City Councilmen Michael Nowakowski’s chief aide is apparently off the hook after being accused of verbal harassment and creating a hostile work environment for a Phoenix College student. Nowakowski’s aide, Ruben Gallego, was accused of berating and intimidating 20-year-old intern, Maria Alaniz. (Arizona Republic article) Immediately after filing the complaint, Alaniz was laid off.

According to the Republic:

Gallego became upset, Alaniz said, when she failed to inform another councilman that Nowakowski was running late to a meeting.

According to Alaniz, Gallego called her into his office the morning of Feb. 4 and began yelling and pounding his desk so loud that it caught the attention of several aides working in other council offices on City Hall’s 11th floor.

Alaniz reported the incident that same day to the city’s Personnel Department, which referred her to the Equal Opportunity Department. She filed a formal complaint with EOD on Feb. 5.

“He (Gallego) was very unprofessional about it. He was aggressive towards me,” Alaniz, a political appointee, said of the meeting. “I filed two complaints against him, and right after that they let me go.”

EOD later dismissed Alaniz’s complaint, saying it did not constitute discrimination or harassment and therefore did not violate the city’s administrative policies.

Gallego, 29, said he regrets Alaniz felt uncomfortable and characterized the outburst as a “momentary lapse,” but he pointed out that Alaniz was not listening and interrupting him. He said he doesn’t recall pounding his hands on his desk.

“My aim was to make her realize what she did was a big mistake and that she understood what steps she should take to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future,” Gallego said.

Gallego said Alaniz’s position had been slated for elimination as early as December.

But less than an hour after the Feb. 4 incident, he sent an e-mail to council Chief of Staff Penny Parrella and another staffer regarding Alaniz.

“When you have a chance I would like to talk to you about Maria Alaniz,” Gallego wrote. “Her time as an intern is up.”

Alaniz had been employed with the city for nearly three years. She had been hired as an intern in 2006 by then-Councilman Doug Lingner, who recommended Alaniz for the full-time intern job when Nowakowski took over his council seat two years later.

Nowakowski said he was hurt by Alaniz’s allegations. He and his wife had paid tuition for Alaniz’s first semester of college, and Gallego had inquired earlier this year about finding her another position in the city.

If Gallego’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he is a liberal political activist. In fact, Gallego was featured in a sham advertisement put out by the Harry Mitchell campaign. I checked my sources and found that very ad at the website, Gallego was one of the only veterans who Mitchell could find to shill for him in the recent CD-5 elections.

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