Barack’s Rhodium Bailout

Drudge Report is reporting that Barack Obama will be buying his wife, Michelle a $30,000 Rhodium Diamond encrusted ring for her support during the campaign. If that isn’t payback, I don’t know what is.

In case your wondering what the ring looks like here is a photo.

Obama Ring

If you’ve never heard of Rhodium like me, you’ll want to read the Wikipedia entry on this precious metal mined in South Africa.

Governor Irrelevant

Len Munsil has an insightful post today on the split loyalty of Governor Napolitano.

As Janet prepares for her rigorous confirmation process expected to take place some time in the next 60 days, she apparently thinks she can craft the next State budget, prepare her State of the State address and make a personal move to the D.C. area.

I’m especially impressed with her dedication to crafting a speech in which she pretends she still cares about the State of Arizona and will lay out the future (what? for 14 days?)

Janet almost gives the impression that they will have to carry her out of Arizona kicking and screaming to her next government job.

Instead, Janet should be conducting an extensive and thorough transition to her successor, soon-to-be Governor Jan Brewer.

Meanwhile Republican Legislators are ramping up for a major “clean-up” operation of the State Budget once the primary cause of the mess is out of the way.

Call me a cynic (aren’t all bloggers?) but I call Janet Napolitano irrelevant at this time. The best thing she could do is resign and get out of the way. Republicans are anxious to clean up her mess.

Janet Napolitano – Over the First Wall!

Janet “51-foot ladder” Napolitano has just been named as the Obama Administration’s nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security and part of Obama’s National Security Team.

Governor Napolitano will now face the Democrat-controlled Senate as part of the confirmation process. She can leave her 51-foot ladder here in Arizona as she should have an easy leap over the first wall to her next job.