The Rose Supremacy

Congratulations to Jason Rose for making the center of the conspiracy chart put together by the libs over at Phoenix New Times.

At the center of Arizona’s vast right wing conspiracy is the “big-haired, biggermouthed, Republican 30-something king of AZ P.R., Jason Rose.” According to the chart,  Rose is so well-connected he holds the market on a who’s who list of celebrities, organizations and elected officials.

There is one group of conspirators that PNT did leave off the chart and that’s “the mostly anonymous hacks at the right-wing blog” Sonoran Alliance. (Yes, that’s us – SA sitting behind a 386 blogging out our next political pontificating posting.

Congratulations Jason on your coup de PR! We’re waiting by the hotline awaiting your next directive.

Legislature Democrats Already Responding to a Brewer Administration

The Arizona Republic is attempting to paint a picture of what Arizona politics will look like when Republicans take control of the Executive branch along with the Legislature. Here are two quotes from two Democratic lawmakers:

“If (Napolitano) leaves, we’ll have a very different landscape than we did yesterday,” said incoming House Assistant Minority Leader Kyrsten Sinema, a Phoenix Democrat girding for Life After Janet. “It’s going to be very different.”

More blunt was state Sen. Ken Cheuvront, a Phoenix Democrat: “It’s going to be a travesty. We will have no one to stop the extremist legislation that inevitably will be put forward by the Republican majority.”

Sound familiar? Democrats are now starting to sound like Republicans who tried to warn the American people what Washington DC would like with Democrats in charge of the White House and both chambers of Congress. There’s one exception though. While Republicans actually do govern from a center right position, the Democrats in Washington are much more likely to govern from the far left.

Alleged gay basher Slade Mead accuses Jan Brewer of “striving to lead us back into the ’50’s”

On his blog, The Dry Heat, former State Senator Slade Mead expresses his dismay that Secretary of State Jan Brewer might become Governor should Janet Napolitano resign to head the Department of Homeland Security.

Mead writes:

“We are going to see a stream of legislative garbage flow over her desk and happily get signed into law because Brewer, in my opinion, is striving to lead us back into the ’50’s.”

This is an interesting assertion coming from Mead, given his own efforts to ‘turn back the clock.’

During his 2006 race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mead was accused of using the sexual orientation of his opponent, Jason Williams, as a campaign issue.

This what the Tucson Citizen reported at the time:

“During a recent television interview in Tucson, [Jason] Williams announced he is gay. Then he accused Mead of engineering a whispering campaign about his homosexuality.

It was an extraordinary exchange when the two candidates appeared on “Arizona Illustrated,” the nightly local news program on KUAT-TV, Channel 6.

After a friendly, 15-minute discussion in which Mead and Williams agreed on most everything, it was time for each to make a closing statement.

Mead went first, stressing he has long been active in Arizona public schools “as a father, as a site council member, as a PTA volunteer.”

The comment about being a father touched a nerve with Williams.

“With all due respect, Slade, I have to say one comment that you made, too, about being a parent, I feel there is something that I do need to address here tonight in light of just basic fairness,” Williams said.

” … We agreed that we were going to run a clean and honest campaign, and frankly, I’m deeply concerned over comments some of his supporters have made to some of my supporters in recent weeks insinuating that because I am a single gay man, that they should be afraid to vote for me to become the nominee of this party,” he said.

…Williams said that when he made campaign appearances, Mead supporters infiltrated the audience. “They said, ‘You know how Slade is a parent and Jason is a single gay man and we don’t think he should be school superintendent,’ ” Williams said.”


 If bashing the sexual orientation of a political opponent isn’t 1950’s type behavior, what is?