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Shadegg: Politics Not A Blood Sport

The following press release was issued by the John Shadegg Campaign:

To: John Shadegg’s Friends
From: John Shadegg
Subject: Politics isn’t a blood sport

“Re-elect John Shadegg and give an out-of-state political barbarian something to weep about on Election Day,” wrote the Arizona Republic this morning.  Based on the amount of money Washington Democrats have poured into this race, it would appear my reelection will cause a lot of out-of-state liberals to shed a few tears.

After reading the recent blog post by the Daily Kos, the most liberal blog in the nation, which said “If you want to decapitate the Republican leadership, [Shadegg]’s our best target in the House…I want to rub salt in their wounds,” the Republic said that “what [Kos] seeks has the unseemly scent of wild-eyed vengeance.”

“Politics isn’t – or shouldn’t be – blood sport,” stated the Republic.  This shouldn’t be a revelation, but in this political year, it is.  Read the full editorial.

By Tuesday night, national Democrats will have spent well over $2 million trying to defeat us.  If you have a TV, you’ve seen plenty of their negative ads; attacks on my personal character, complete with spooky music and morphing images.  What you haven’t seen from the DCCC or Lord is his substantive position on any issue – not one – they’ve taken a back seat to lies.

National Democrats have glossed over the grave issues confronting our nation by simply promising “change,” Barack Obama’s mantra.  No time is spent explaining precisely what this change will be.  Instead, they move right on to assault their opponent’s personal character.

Arizonans care about issues; they want real solutions.  Our elections are not decided by personal vendettas and out-of-state money.

On November 4, we’ll prove this to the country and the out-of-state volunteers working for Bob Lord.  And, America will prove it needs more than vague promises of change, leftist advisers, and redistributionist schemes by electing John McCain President and Sarah Palin Vice President.  So let’s give it our all the next four days.

Again, thanks for your hard work.  Never give in, never, never, never.

John Shadegg

Harry Mitchell Campaign Stealing Signs Again!

Here is the latest press release from the David Schweikert Campaign

For Immediate Release: October 31, 2008
Contact: (480) 946-1125

Mitchell Sign Theft – Once is a Mistake and Twice is a Habit
(Will the courts bother to punish him this time?)

Scottsdale, AZ – The David Schweikert for Congress campaign has just received word that two Mitchell Campaign staffers were seen removing a Schweikert Campaign sign and replacing it with a Mitchell sign.

“It looks like Harry is up to his old tricks.” said J.P. Twist a Schweikert campaign spokesman. “You would think that he would have learned his lesson the first time he was caught doing this a few years back.” added Twist. A few years ago, Mitchell was accused of stealing his opponent’s signs in a state legislative race.

The incident comes on the heels of recent press reports about Young Democrats also stealing signs in the Tempe area this election cycle.

The two men were seen on the corner of Elliot and McClintock in Tempe.  The observer noticed the two men take down the Schweikert sign and move it directly behind the McDonald’s on the corner.

“We demand an apology from Harry Mitchell and his staff.” said Twist. “We have let them slide for continuing to lie about my record but I will not stand for the stealing of our campaign material. Dishonesty reflects only upon him, but theft of signs impacts the entire electorate.” ended Twist.

All that money and just plain templates – updated

     The Democrats and their union allies are pouring tons of cash into Legislative District 30 in SE Tucson/Cochise County and also District 26 in NW Tucson among other contests in Arizona. One of the mailers they sent out for Andrea Dalessandro targets military families. Good idea for that district, which contains Fort Huachuca and is near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. I am not sure how Dalessandro is going to stop foreclosures as a state representative but hey, she is a Democrat so she can do anything.

     The same mailer was dropped into District 26, which has a smaller military presence. Why let a good template go to waste when you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to burn through. I still would like to know more about all these plans to prevent foreclosures. Will the state step in and make the payments? Will the banks be forced to allow people to live in a house for free, without making payments? I actually like that plan. Not sure how it works out in the end but sounds great for now. This from candidates who want to increase property taxes on the very same homes that they are trying to keep people from losing (state equalization tax issue.) Do they not know that increasing property taxes makes it more expensive and more difficult to stay in your home?

     Update: Here is the latest addition to the template mailer collection. This time it was dropped into District 20 and the sponsors name changed from Arizonans for a Healthy Economy to Responsible Arizonans with major funding provided by Arizona Wins. Based on the identical text it looks like the same union special interest groups based in Phoenix and Washington D.C.

Young Wright does her best Kathleen Dunbar imitation

     Last week former Oro Valley Town Council member Conny Culver wrote a letter to the editor in the Explorer News stating that LD 26 House candidate Nancy Young Wright held up the construction of Ironwood Ridge High School while she served on the Amphitheater School Board. The new high school was needed to relieve overcrowding in the fast growing NW Tucson area and Culver contends that Young Wrights actions cost the school hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the delay.

     Probably not too many swing voters read Culver’s letter to the editor and with time still before election day the smart thing for Young Wright to do from a public relations point of view would be to issue a press release detailing her point of view and correct any misstatement of the facts of the case. A rebuttal for the paper to print and a few letters to the editor from supporters should control any damage. Young Wright currently serves in the legislature after being appointed in January 2008. She is a in respectable shape in the polls and has a good shot of getting reelected.

     The above was not enough for Young Wright so she had her attorney, Bill Risner of Pima County Elections fame, fire off a letter to Ms. Culver with a thinly veiled threat of legal action. We have also heard that he sent a letter to the Explorer Newspaper. Nothing better for getting an issue into the news like having your lawyer threaten people with legal action. Not sure how this one will turn out but the technique did not work very well for Kathleen Dunbar in 2005.

     This week the Explorer paper was filled with letters to the editor on the matter of Culver’s letter about Young Wright from both points of view.

     We can not totally blame Young Wright for reacting the way she did. It seems to be the thing to do this year. Kay Hagan is suing Senator Elizabeth Dole over her ad in the North Carolina Senate race. Not to be left out, Norm Coleman is suing Al Franken in the Minnesota Senate contest. At least the lawyers will not be suffering during the current economic downturn.

     LD 26 is one of the hotspots in the contest for control of the legislature. Read yesterday’s story for some background on the district.

The nuts don’t fall far from the ACORN tree

I know, I know, facts are messy things. They get in the way of feelings and ideology. If we could all just learn to get along….. But let me take another stab at providing some ACORN facts.

First and foremost the organization was founded by Wade Rathke, a leftist holdover from the SDS. When the fun and games of participating in overt revolutionary activities waned, he founded the New Party, an avowed socialist group that uses “Rules for Radicals” techniques to pressure candidates to adopt certain political “directions.” Mr. Obama sought their endorsement in his 1996 state election. So it is no surprise that the Rathke community organizing group was a comfortable fit for the ambitious state senator whose claim to fame was as a community organizer in Chicago.

Indeed, Mr. Obama’s relationship with ACORN began in earnest in 1992 and continues to this day as the trail of cash from the Obama presidential campaign leads directly to the Citizens Services Inc., an ACORN, affiliate, for get-out-the-vote activities.

I know that some of you keep defending the group as a small community group of bleeding hearts that only care about the underserved minorities and oppressed. But it is pure political blindness to claim that ACORN is innocent of voter fraud.

With increased concern over apparent voter fraud activities in the current calendar year, ACORN attorney Kathryn Simpson stated: “There’s no voter fraud. There has been no election.” However, according to an FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patterson, “It is against the law to register someone to vote who does not fall within the parameters to vote, or to put someone on there falsely.”

Currently, the FBI is currently investigating allegation of electoral fraud by ACORN in 12 battleground states.

For those of you who have the stomach for the truth, I would encourage you to read “ACORN: Who funds the Weather Underground’s Little Brother?” by Matthew Vadum. ( In addition, John Fund’s book, Stealing Elections, talks about the destructiveness to our system of government when the electoral process is compromised.

I would hope that regardless of your political affiliation you value fair and honest elections. This freedom is the bedrock of our representative government.

Pro-Abortion Advocates Issue Bloodthirsty Mailer

The latest bloodthirsty mailer put out by the Democrats and their pro-abortion advocates is a pretty typical campaign tactic used during the final days of a campaign. In this latest piece they attempt to create fear and panic by misleading and patronizing women to think they are losing some sacred rite. It’s as if the very survival of abortion-on-demand teeters at the edge of oblivion by the election of David Schweikert.

The truth is that David Schweikert can do NOTHING to overturn Roe v. Wade. That ruling can only be overturned by the US Supreme Court and the High Court does not appear to be heading that direction any time soon, especially if Barack Obama becomes the next President.

Furthermore, David Schweikert is running for a congressional seat. He can have no impact on approving a nomination to the Supreme Court. That approval actually takes place in the US Senate. Given the trajectory of the national election, it is unlikely that any conservative pro-life, anti-Roe judicial candidate will be nominated and submitted to the Senate – and that there will be enough pro-life, conservative Senators in the Senate to even approve such a nominee.

Let’s face it, a Barack Obama Administration will be in league with a pro-abortion Senate and there is no way they will give the time of day to a pro-life judicial nominee.

But even if the High Court did decide to overturn Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the states would each be compelled to take up the issue in their respective legislative bodies! This is the big lie put out by the abortion industry and their advocates. They would have you believe that abortion would be made illegal across the country – a bold faced lie!

For anyone who has been involved with this issue intimately, this is actually where the real battle will occur as state legislators will be required to address the issue of reconciling scientific facts with the law.

The bottom line is that David Schweikert will have no opportunity or ability to single-handedly overturn Roe v. Wade.

If the issue of abortion is your threshold issue, your true concern really is where Harry Mitchell stands. Mitchell has been endorsed and financially supported by the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and Planned Parenthood’s Political Action Committee. (Planned Parenthood kills more unborn babies than any other abortion provider in the country.)

This degree of pro-abortion support does not come easy.

Any candidate who receives the full-blown support of the abortion industry must support the horrifying partial birth abortion procedure. Harry Mitchell has pledged to vote AGAINST a ban on Partial Birth Abortion. Harry Mitchell opposes parental consent and notice. Harry Mitchell opposes a woman’s right to access accurate and timely medical information about abortion, its risks and alternatives. Harry Mitchell opposes spousal consent and notification. Harry Mitchell opposes regulation of abortion clinics. Harry Mitchell opposes a prohibition on transporting minor girls across state lines to get an abortion without parental knowledge. Harry Mitchell opposes the born alive infant protection act. Harry Mitchell supports the Freedom of Choice Act which allows abortion for any reason or no reason at all throughout all nine months of pregnancy. And Harry Mitchell supports your tax dollars going to pay for abortions here in the states and internationally! (NARAL on Harry Mitchell)

If anyone is extreme on the issue of abortion, it is Harry Mitchell!

While David Schweikert is a proven and trustworthy advocate for the unborn and their mothers, his efforts and impact will be to reform Congress and to restore fiscal sanity to our federal budget. Any efforts to bring sanity and reasonable legislation to this issue will find a vote of support by David Schweikert but that’s if a pro-abortion Congress even allows it a committee hearing. Don’t expect that to happen anytime soon if the Congress is controlled by Democrats.

Sonoran Alliance Writer Investigated by County Attorney Candidate

The East Valley Tribune had an article by Nick Martin yesterday that makes my blood boil.

Apparently, Tim Nelson, the liberal ACLU attorney who is running for Maricopa County Attorney hired an English handwriting expert (that was money well spent!) to investigate and analyze one of our writers who posts on Sonoran Alliance.

Yes, you heard me correct.

The liberal ACLU county attorney candidate wants to identify one of his political opponents.

In the article, Tim Nelson’s “hired gun” analyzed the writing styles of Sonoran Alliance’s “Pat” and the blog ACLU Tim Will Say Anything to Get Elected in order to identify who is posting the attacks against him.

As the editor of Sonoran Alliance, I find Nelson’s tactics unconsciencable, reprehensible and draconian. If Tim Nelson manages to get himself elected can we expect him to launch investigations against those bloggers and blogsites who oppose him? Will there be serious payback?

Only I know the identity of the writers of Sonoran Alliance and I have solemnly pledged to protect their identities in order to avoid retribution. Can I expect Tim Nelson and his goons to kick down my door late at night and drag me off to some undisclosed location? I don’t know but that won’t happen without a fight and as we say in the 2nd Amendment circle, they can have that info when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

It ain’t over till the last ACORN vote is disqualified

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for this tedious campaign to be over.  I’m tired of the focus groups, studying focus groups who are in turn studying focus groups who put out info-mercials shot at the old West Wing set trying to make their candidate look like something that he ain’t.  And I am really tired of the disembodied head of Harry Mitchell claiming to represent Arizonans when he is really a Pelosi pet voting to curtail our freedoms and rob us of what little cash we have left.  The Dems have always pointed fingers at the Republicans as the fat cat party, but take a look at the load of cash they have dumped on the Mitchell campaign.  So with the likes of Soros, Boxer, Pelosi, Rangle etc. sending money and creating erroneous ads, it is refreshing to see that the party of the little guys, you know the party that represents me and you, funded by small donations and an army of volunteers is still holding their own against such unprecedented odds.  Even more interesting is the news from the Club of Growth.  They aren’t giving up on David Schweikert either.  They are spending money here because they too are tired of Harry’s lies about his record on raising taxes.  They know that the truth will make a difference to you.  They want to give you a reason to keep up the good fight.  So if you have a few bucks support the Club for Growth.  Better yet, vote. 

Here’s a quote from the recent post by Evan Brown:

Club for Growth has put $50,000 more into advertising in the 5th Congressional District in support of Republican candidate David Schweikert, the organization announced Wednesday.

“It is important to run this ad so people in Arizona can know about the kind of high-tax policies Harry Mitchell has been supporting,” said Pat Toomey, president of the anti-tax organization. “Hopefully, they will call Harry Mitchell and tell him to vote for lower taxes.”


Harry, You’ve Got to Stop Using Veterans

With less than a week to go, Harry Mitchell continues to pretend he is a conservative. He parades examples of “sample populations” in his ads in order to trick voters into returning him as a Pelosi drone to the U.S. House of Representatives. All politicians lie to some extent, but to misuse and misstate facts is beyond belief. First, Harry let’s be clear, you cannot support the military men and women serving on the frontlines without supporting their mission. You don’t support the mission. You never have. Even when you were a member of the Arizona legislature, you voted against the military mission: i.e. the war on Islamic terrorism whose central theater is Iraq. Saul Alinsky taught you well; speak like the middle class so you can win them over and destroy them. And now, you are attempting to use the same tactics to win over the military so you can lead them to a shameful defeat by surrendering. But the worst part is to pick up the factual misstatements about the number of suicides of returning military. How shameful! Here is a quote from one of the articles published by Nancy Reyes on Blogger News Networks which throws cold water on your lies. Despite the headlines, the Army must be doing something right, because the rate of suicide is actually lower–yes, I said lower–than that of a comparable civilian population. Yes, you heard me right, I said the suicide rate is lower in the Army than in a similar civilian population.” ( Without any real legislative accomplishments to distinguish his brief time in Congress, Mitchell has to make stuff up. Harry, how dare you claim to be responsible for reducing suicide rates through your mere signature on a bill! You have not supported the military where it counts. I trust that they will return the favor and vote you out of office on November 4th.

Why not just put Endorsed by Pravda?

      Nancy Young Wright was appointed to the Arizona House of Representatives for LD 26 in January 2008. The district has a 9,000 Republican edge in voter registration with a large Independent/NOP vote. Political pundits would advise shoring up your base while also appealing to the middle. Publicizing the Tucson Citizen endorsement might make sense by that metric but touting the Tucson Weekly is akin to shouting “I’m a Liberal.” Works for us.

     For our readers outside of Pima County the Tucson Weekly is the local version of the Phoenix New Times, papers with the latest news on the local club scene and where to go to find a man-seeking-man hookup. Go for it Nancy.

     The LD 26 House contest is a prime example of how the Democrats have over reached this year. The had an inside track at holding on to one of the seats in an otherwise Republican district. The simple approach would have been to field one candidate and save their resources for other contests. It is almost impossible to avoid some single shotting and with two Democrats in the race it just thins out the Democratic vote. It will be almost impossible for Democrats to win both seats, especially in a presidential year when voters turn out in droves. Not the best scenario for Democrats in a Republican district. Depending on turnout and how Independents/NOP voters break, the Republicans have a change of winning both house seats. See Arizona Politics for a list of all the LD 26 candidates.

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