Leaders and Sideliners

Today’s vote on the $700,000,000,000 “bailout” was a great illustration of true leadership in action.

Although our entire congressional delegation voted against handing the federal government more of our money to reward the irresponsible behavior and incestuous relationship between Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and their congressional supporters, the motives between our Republicans and Democrats could not have been clearer.

Republican Congressmen Rick Renzi, Trent Franks, John Shadegg and Jeff Flake all did the right thing.  They stood on principle and for the interest of their constituents. This was expected of them and they deserve our gratitude and appreciation.

Both Ed Pastor and Raul Grijalva are in “safe” Democratic congressional districts. They have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting re-elected. They obviously wanted a lot more in this bill and whey they didn’t get what they wanted, they voted against it They know that this bill will be back on Thursday or Friday and they’ll get their fully-loaded bill on the next vote.

That leaves Gabrielle Giffords and Harry Mitchell. Both freshmen Democrats are in districts where voter registration is tight and their respective races are even tighter. Both also have to explain votes they made earlier this year that expanded the power of GSE’s like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to make costly financial mistakes.

But the picture becomes a whole lot clearer when we learn what really happened on the floor of the House today while the vote was taking place. According to an account reported by the Associated Press,

Still, a few lawmakers, among them freshman Democrat Harry Mitchell of Arizona, hung around in the well, potentially ready to switch. Registered as a “no,” Mitchell held a green “yes” voting card. Also from Arizona, Democratic freshman Gabrielle Giffords stood nearby.

One can only imagine what was going through the mind of Harry Mitchell has he held in his hands a vote for the bailout and a vote against the bailout.

It takes real courage and leadership to walk down to the well with only one vote on your mind. Somehow Mitchell’s comments reported earlier in the press doesn’t seem to reconcile with his meandering down at the well.

If there is one defining characteristic that both Giffords and Mitchell demonstrated today, it was a deficit in leadership. And that means there is only one solution for the voters this fall when it comes to this “political bailout” and that’s to place Gabrielle Giffords and Harry Mitchell on the sidelines where they belong.

David Schweikert on “Bailout” Bill

For Immediate Release: September 29, 2008                   
Contact: Lauren C. Barnett
Statement from David Schweikert on “Bailout” Bill

Scottsdale, AZ – Candidate for Congress David Schweikert issued the following statement on the “bailout” bill which failed today in the House of Representatives.
David Schweikert stated, “Today’s vote proves that in these unstable financial times, Americans want fiscally-responsible leadership.”

Schweikert continued, “I offer solutions that will not bankrupt taxpayers.  We also need to stimulate the economy by keeping taxes low and cutting spending. Washington must learn to do more with less.  This will require discipline – but it must be done.  I’m ready to take this fight to Congress.” 

“Our current financial crisis stems from home values plummeting.  Arizona has been especially hard-hit by this reality.  That’s why I have been proposing mortgage tax credit in addition to tax deductibility to help homeowners and reduce foreclosures,” Schweikert continued.

Schweikert managed a $4 billion investment pool as Maricopa County Treasurer. Through his prudent investments, David Schweikert earned taxpayers over $300 million without losing a dime.  As Treasurer, David Schweikert also refused to invest in risky mortgage-backed bonds. 

“I understand families and businesses are struggling. We need leaders in Congress who can develop a solution, protect taxpayers and stimulate the economy.  Let’s get to work,” concluded Schweikert.


Press Release: Tim Nelson Opposes Death Penalty

For Immediate Release: September 29, 2008
Contact: Jim Sharpe

County Attorney Candidate Tim Nelson Deceives Media, Public; Fails to Disclose That He Fought Death Penalty for Convicted Double Murderer

PHOENIX, AZ – SEPTEMBER 29, 2008 – ACLU lawyer Tim Nelson has been campaigning for Maricopa County Attorney for months. He says he’s tough on crime. He even says he’s for the death penalty. He has deceived just about everyone. Until today.

Jose Ceja brutally murdered a Phoenix couple. He shot the wife two times in the chest before dragging her to another room and shooting her four more times in the head. He shot the husband four times. He kicked the victims as they lay dead or dying. He later threatened to kill his own wife.

Ceja was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty.

Nelson volunteered to represent Ceja, and to fight his death sentence even though Ceja’s own wife wanted him put to death.

Nelson argued that Ceja had already endured “torture” by spending so much time on death row. He said the death penalty wasn’t warranted after Ceja had allegedly exhibited his “non-violent behavior by living without incident on death row,” and with “honor and dignity.”

This, despite Ceja’s wife reporting publicly that he had threatened to kill her from death row. This, despite Department of Corrections records listing 18 disciplinary actions for Ceja including “throwing objects” and “rioting.”

“There’s a reason Tim Nelson has received a record amount of contributions from lawyers representing Valley criminals. He’s one of them. And he’s deceived the public about his position on the death penalty,” County Attorney Thomas said.

“Whether it’s his ties to the ACLU, criminal defense attorneys, support for sweetheart plea bargains, opposition to illegal immigration crackdowns or advocacy for murderers like Jose Ceja there can be no doubt that my opponent is far more sympathetic to criminals than I,” Thomas said.

“Additionally, his sanctimonious and tardy interest in domestic violence issues is belied by his representation of a person committing heinous acts against women,” Thomas concluded.


Thomas said his campaign would prominently feature Nelson’s opposition to the death penalty in future advertisements, including his first one which he debuted at the Monday press conference.

Joining the Thomas press conference at the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association were:

*Duane Lynn — Duane’s wife Nila and another woman were murdered in Maricopa County at a homeowner’s association meeting about 8 years ago. He was also a highway patrolman with DPS for 20 years.

*Sally and Jim Goelzer — Sally’s brother was murdered in November of 1995. A man had tried to carjack him but failed. The perpetrator was found, and Sally’s brother was murdered pending trial.

*Michelle Macklin — Michelle’s sister Nicole Traxler was murdered in Scottsdale on Mother’s Day 2006 by Thomas Bliven as Nicole’s 12 year-old son hid in a closet. Bliven later killed himself. Thomas helped Macklin with a bill that passed in 2007 that makes prisoners who are convicted of offenses while incarcerated serve the sentences consecutively.

*Steve RaderHis son was murdered by his ex-wife’s boyfriend. The perpetrator was convicted.

Pelosi’s Persuasive Plattitudes

With leadership like Nancy Pelosi, who needs supporters?

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Sign theft update

     Over the weekend we reported that anti Prop 102 and 105 allies were arrested tearing down Republican signs and installing their signs, a criminal offense in Arizona. It took us a while but we have photos of the actual signs put up in the Sierra Vista area that evening. It remains to be discovered if the sign sponsors were involved in the decision to tear down Republican signs in order to post theirs.

Short and to the point

We salute Congressman Flake for his insightful comments about the bailout plan and what actually casued the problem.

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Kill the bailout, updated

Update: Michelle Malkin reports that the bailout bill has failed.

     The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on the Wall Street Bailout this morning. Please call and express your opinion. The main number for the house is (202) 224-3121. If you know the name of your congressman, you can use the numbers below to call their Washington D.C office directly. The bill should reach the senate later in the week so Monday is the day to focus on the House.

     If you want to read up on why this bailout is such a bad idea see this story by Michelle Malkin or watch the video below.

CD 1 – Rick Renzi
(202) 225-2315

CD 2 – Trent Franks
(202) 225-4576

CD 3 – John Shadegg
(202) 225-3361
Shadegg has called for Paulson to resign.

CD 4 – Ed Pastor
(202) 225-4065

CD 5 – Harry Mitchell
(202) 225-2190

CD 6 – Jeff Flake
(202) 225-2635
Thank Congressman Flake for opposing the bailout.

CD 7 – Raul Grijalva
(202) 225-2435

CD 8 – Gabrielle Giffords
(202) 225-2542

Protecting Their Freddie and Fannie

Huge credit to EspressoPundit for finding these clips on YouTube. Watch as Democrats try to cover for the management of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as early as 2004.

It would be irresponsible for Sonoran Alliance NOT to post this and get the word out about who is responsible for this economic disaster.

Let the politicians words speak for themselves.

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