Mitchell’s Macaroni

There’s a post from Paul Giblin in the East Valley Tribune today in response to a press release issued by Harry Mitchell’s campaign. What’s strange about Giblin’s post is that he doesn’t really address the substance of the Mitchell campaign’s press release – probably because he knows that it’s false anyway.

Sonoran Alliance posted a press release by the Schweikert campaign earlier today in which the Schweikert campaign called Mitchell’s latest press release a desperate act of distortion of Schweikert’s tax policy. You can read the details of that press release in an earlier post.

Here’s where it gets strange as Paul Giblin rightly states.

Seth Scott, the campaign spokesman for Mitchell called David Schweikert a “perennial congressional candidate.” Politicos only use the word “perennial” when they’re talking about a candidate who has a perfect losing record when it comes to running for office. These types of candidates continue to run for office election after election but never seem to become an elected official. They are “perennial candidates.” The classic example is Joe Sweeney who runs for Congress every two years.

Giblin then points out the so-called “perennial” characteristics of both Mitchell and Schweikert. He lists each year and office they’ve been elected to. (Mitchell is a career politician if there ever was one.) The title “perennial” does not really apply to either Schweikert nor Mitchell since they have run for different offices and have won seats.

So I have to agree with Giblin’s post that the word “perennial” was improperly used to describe David Schweikert. The Mitchell campaign must be getting desperate and frantic if the only thing they can come up with is a false negative connotation.

Maybe if they put a feather in their hat, they could call it a macaroni.

The true story on Fannie Mae.

     Here is an excellent article on what happened at Fannie Mae and which party stood by as conditions for the current crisis were falling into place.

A Bridge Too Far?

There is little question that the 2006 elections left the Democrat Party feeling pretty cocky, particularly here in Arizona.  A tidal wave, a “perfect storm” of events if you will, led to Democrat pickups and gains in districts where Democrats previously had no reason to be hopeful.  While more cautious political operatives might have given credit to the events surrounding the election and the “macro” circumstances, local Democrats fell into the prideful trap of believing that it was entirely the result of policies and candidates.  They felt that the people of Arizona finally “got it!” and chose Democrats to fill these offices because this center-right state had suddenly swung hard-left.

Such hubris is a dangerous thing for a party, especially because it encourages a party to select and run candidates that appeal even more deeply to its base, in this case, liberal voters.  Emboldened by their success in 2006, AZ Democrats are now running a handful of ultra-liberal candidates, including LD26′s Cheryl Cage.  They seem to ignore that this is a GOP-leaning district with a nine-point registration advantage that only barely elected a Democrat in one of the worst years for Republicans in history.  And that Democrat, Charlene Pesquiera, at least had the sense to run as a moderate.  Consider the following positions that Cage has taken on her Project Vote Smart survey:

Abortions should always be legal (Partial-birth abortion advocates likely cheer this, but how many partial-birth advocates are there in LD26?)

Increase every area of state spending except Emergency Preparedness and Welfare.  Those she would like to maintain at current levels.  (Is Cage aware that the state is facing a multi-billion dollar deficit?  How does she plan to pay for increases across virtually every category?)

Increase taxes on cigarettes and alcohol and consider extending sales taxes to cover Internet sales (Oh, that’s how…  Does she know how high she’s going to be raising these taxes to pay for her plans?  Start smoking Arizona!)

Opposes state education standards and testing requirements for K-12 students (Who needs standards anyway?  The important thing is that these kids start smoking, and soon!)

Include sexual orientation and gender identity in Arizona’s anti-discrimination laws. (Because nothing makes your local Disney store happier than having to employ a 6’3″ bearded cross-dresser as a front-door greeter!)

Increase the state’s minimum wage. (Sure, it went up this year and it is going up next year too.  In fact, it now gets adjusted every year for inflation.  But Cage wants it higher still.  How high does she want it?)

Opposes increasing production of traditional domestic energy sources and opposes funding for improvements to Arizona’s power generating and transmission facilities.  (She does however, support more funding for open space preservation, so there you go, more desert, less light.)

Require a license for gun possession (Really?  Because I thought that Democrats had learned that this issue was a sure loser for them?)

Legalize physician assisted suicide (At least she’s consistent and wants to get them coming and going.)

Wants Arizona to recognize same-sex civil unions AND same-sex marriage AND require the state to provide state-level spousal rights to same-sex couples.

There is more on the survey, like state-run guaranteed medical care for all citizens, but you have to ask yourself, what are the Democrats thinking, running such an extremely liberal candidate in a GOP-leaning district?  Do they really believe that 2006 was a mandate for the loony left?  Or have they overreached, as so many folks do, and nominated an extreme candidate who will be unable to deliver victory in November?

Schweikert: Mitchell Getting Desperate

For Immediate Release: September 22, 2008                  
Contact: Lauren C. Barnett
Schweikert: Mitchell’s Tax Attack Reeks of Desperation

Scottsdale, AZ – Today, David Schweikert for Congress spokeswoman Lauren C. Barnett said, “Harry Mitchell is becoming nervous and attempting to hoodwink voters instead of having a conversation about America’s broken tax system.  Mitchell has resorted to grossly distorting David Schweikert’s tax policy.”

In the strongest terms, David Schweikert does not support eliminating the home mortgage tax deduction.  Schweikert stated, “That assertion is totally and completely false. I support the home mortgage tax deduction and understand the importance of real tax relief.  Voters have made that abundantly clear – I’ve heard that message – apparently, Harry has not.  That is why I recently proposed adding a home mortgage tax credit to help homeowners and stimulate our housing market,” he added.

Unlike Harry Mitchell, David Schweikert has experience managing billions of dollars as the Maricopa County Treasurer and supports comprehensive tax reform.  

Barnett added, “Perhaps we find ourselves in the current financial crisis because people like Harry Mitchell are satisfied with status quo.  In his patently false press release, Mitchell implied America’s tax code doesn’t need reform. How out-of-touch is Harry Mitchell to think our tax system doesn’t need reform?  Do Mitchell and Charlie Rangel share a tax adviser?” Barnett asked.

“This doesn’t distract voters from the fact that Harry Mitchell is a serial tax hiker and in 2005, even voted against property tax relief,” Barnett concluded.

On his tax policy, Schweikert said, “We need to seriously study and investigate options to reform our tax system and provide tax relief to the American family.  In Congress, I will work to make all existing tax cuts permanent.  I will push to reduce capital gains taxes so that people are encouraged to save and invest.  I will work to eliminate the incredibly unfair alternative minimum tax that is hitting far too many middle class families in our district.  In addition, I will work hard to eliminate the death tax in order to save small family businesses, farms and ranches.”

Gabby Spikes Ethics Inquiry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 22, 2008
Contact: Paula Maxwell

Gabby Votes to Spike Inquiry on Rangel’s Tax Dodge, Pockets Campaign Cash: Pima County GOP calls on Gabby to give back tainted dough

TUCSON, Ariz. – Gabby Giffords last week voted to quash an inquiry into disgraced New York Congressman Charlie Rangel’s ethical lapses, which include his failure to pay taxes on rental income from a vacation getaway in the Dominican Republic.  (ABC News Report)

Gabby has also been the beneficiary of Rangel’s desire to see his liberal colleague retain her seat in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. In February of this year, Giffords received $4,000 from Rangel’s campaign committee.  []

“Giffords’ refusal to investigate Charlie Rangel’s failure to pay his taxes while he’s in charge of the committee that writes tax policy, makes a mockery of her party’s claims that they’re presiding over an ethical Congress,” Pima County Republican Party Chair Judi White said.  “Giffords should do the right thing and give back the tainted Rangel dough.”

Obama ad attacks Gianna Jessen

Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen appeared in an ad about Barack Obama’s record from Illinois. Obama now has an ad criticizing Jessen’s ad. Is this the topic Obama really wants to discuss just days before early voting begins? Visit for more information.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Here is Gianna Jessen telling her story on Hannity and Colmes.

YouTube Preview Image

Stop the Scam!

     The Bush Administration is pushing through one of the biggest scams ever foisted on the American taxpayer. The $700 Billion “bailout plan” is little more than welfare for Wall Street Investment Banks and Hedge Funds. It is an aid package for the Crack Addicts of speculation and leverage. The plan goes way beyond the home mortgage market and rescues rich people and businesses from their own bad decisions.

     In the past several weeks the U.S. taxpayer has already bailed out Bear Sterns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG – to the tune of hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars. And to what end? An ever collapsing market for speculative investment banks. These are not regular banks but the Captains of Greed. In fact several of the largest traditional banks are still making a NET PROFIT, among them Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase. In fact these banks will still loan you money to buy a house if, surprise, you have income, good credit, and some money to put down. Imagine that!

     There is no crisis in the regular economy where you produce something that the market place wants or needs. Certainly the regular economy is slow but not in crisis. What is in crisis is the world of hedge funds and corporate rip-off artists, where you suck 10s of millions from companies for producing NOTHNG! These companies and people do NOT deserve a bailout.

Please contact your Representative and Senators and tell them to say no to a bailout for the Robber Barons of the 21st Century.

District 1 – Rick Renzi

District 2 – Trent Franks

District 3 – John Shadegg

District 4 – Ed Pastor

District 5 – Harry Mitchell

District 6 – Jeff Flake

District 7 – Raul Grijalva

District 8 – Gabrielle Giffords

Senator Kyl

Senator McCain

     One problem with the $700 bailout program is that there is no guarantee that it will solve anything. The other problem is that the U.S. Government cannot afford the tab. The national debt is already above 10 Trillion dollars. The last thing we need to do is add another trillion dollars to the tab. This bailout plan will not only transfer bad debt – it will move the eventual bankruptcy from private firms to the U.S. Government.