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Blogging on 12

Thanks to the NBC affiliate, 12 News, for sponsoring a special election blogger perspective tonight. Both Greg Patterson and I had an opportunity to share our conservetarian viewpoints on the Obama speech alongside two other bloggers representing the independent and Democratic perspective.

If 12 News continues the series with the Republican Conventions, we’ll be back next Thursday.

Sonoran Alliance Live on 12 News Tonight!

Tune in to Channel 12 News tonight between 8 and 9 to see both Sonoran Alliance and Espresso Pundit working hard to represent the conservative viewpoint on Barack Obama’s speech.

Sonoran Alliance in the News

Tucson Citizen city editor, Mark Evans, has an interesting perspective today crediting blogs like Espresso Pundit and Sonoran Alliance for its unique role in the politico-jounalism arena.

Evans writes:

On the state level, I’m ashamed to say that a handful of political bloggers are doing a better job of covering the state legislative races this year than any of the state newspapers.

Evans then explains the symbiotic relationship between bloggers and newspapers. He suggests that perhaps a more formal or business relationship may be the solution toward saving newspapers and providing good reporting:

One is to add more political reporters at state newspapers. Since more layoffs loom, that’s unlikely.

The other is to bring the bloggers into the fold. Newspapers will get political news they wouldn’t otherwise have and more readers, which leads to more advertising.

Bloggers will get more readers and paid for the rock throwing.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Hey, if Evans is suggesting we bloggers get paid for reporting political news – especially from a conservative perspective – I’m all for that.

Then again, maybe we (Sonoran Alliance) ought to offer advertising.

AZ Civil Rights Initiative to have press conference about lawsuit at 11:00am

What: The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative (AzCRI) will discuss our injunction and lawsuit against the Arizona Secretary of State filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court.

Max McPhail, Executive Director of the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative, will provide examples of valid petition signatures that have been deemed invalid by the County Recorders.

When: Thursday, August 28th at 11:00 am

Where: Outside the Maricopa County Elections Office
510 South 3rd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85003

The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative is dedicated to giving the people of Arizona the opportunity to end preferential treatment based on race, sex, ethnicity or national origin by state or local governments. AzCRI will make Arizona a place of equal opportunity for all, not a state that uses discrimination as a tool to create “diversity.” Achieving “diversity” should never be an excuse to discriminate.

GOP VP Predictions

Last Tuesday, we started a discussion on who Obama would pick for his running mate. I predicted he would pick the strongest candidate to take on McCain – Hillary Clinton. Well, I was wrong although there are quite a few Democrats who agree with me that she should have been the choice. Never mind. That’s history.

Now it’s time to predict who Senator John McCain will choose as his Vice President.

I’ll go out on a safe limb and say that if it isn’t Mitt Romney, I’ll be shocked. Other possibilities include Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Governor Mike Huckabee, former Ohio Congressman, John Kasich, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and former Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Ridge.

Now it’s your turn. What say ye?

Take America Back?

The last few days, I’ve been hearing the Democrats in Denver proclaim, “It’s time to take the country back!”


Who are we taking the country back from? The Assyrians? the Philistines? the Normans? the Mongols? I didn’t realize that Americans didn’t have their country!

The last time I checked we weren’t under any siege – military, religious or political. So what’s up with the constant harping about marauding armies and lands under siege?

The Democrats have been in charge of Congress for 602 days and as far as I can tell, they’ve been in charge of the agenda and have accomplished NOTHING they said they would. If there is any truth to the Democrats statement it’s that we’ve been under seige to an APATHETIC, DO-NOTHING, Democratic Congress.

And another thing that really got under my skin tonight from Joe Biden’s speech. (And this is my little tirade for the night.) Biden went through some fictitious illustrations of families across America having conversations about their financial situations:

Like millions of Americans, they’re asking questions as profound as they are ordinary. Questions they never thought they would have to ask:

Should mom move in with us now that dad is gone?

Fifty, sixty, seventy dollars to fill up the car?

Winter’s coming. How we gonna pay the heating bills?

Another year and no raise?

Did you hear the company may be cutting our health care?

Now, we owe more on the house than it’s worth. How are we going to send the kids to college?

How are we gonna be able to retire?

Then he said this:

That’s the America that George Bush has left us, and that’s the future John McCain will give us.

I’ve got news for the Senator. My family is having those conversations and I know other families who are too. And yes, things are tough around the country. But it’s not because of President Bush. It’s everyone’s fault. We are all to blame. Our culture sends the message that it’s ok to spend and live beyond our means and buy stuff we can’t afford and go into debt.

So Senator Biden, stop blaming The President and start looking at yourself and your fellow Congressmen and our culture that sends the message that its OK to go into debt and live beyond our means. It’s time to sacrifice and burst the bubble and it doesn’t matter who’s living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

AFT-AFP Scorecard for ACC Candidates

Arizona Federation of Taxpayers and Americans for Prosperity has released a scorecard on the Arizona Corporation Commission Candidates.

Topping the list as Champion of the Taxpayer are candidates John Allen and Bob Stump. At the bottom of the list with the titles of Champion of Big Government and Friend of Big Government are candidates, Kara Kelty and Paul Newman, respectively.

Here is a link to the full listing:


Liberal enough for Bob Walkup.

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup rarely endorses fellow Republicans. One blog even complained about Walkup’s reluctance to endorse the only Republican running for congress in CD 8.

Emil Franzi often refers to Walkup as the quintessential RINO. Now Bob Walkup shows up on an endorsement piece for long time incumbent Ann Day, who scored a perfect hat trick with endorsements by the Star, Citizen, and Tucson Weekly. I wonder why RINO’s and the liberal press are so wild about Day?

LD-20 Frank Schmuck Under Investigation by Clean Elections

Legislative district 20 candidate, Frank Schmuck, is being investigated by the Clean Elections Commission for failing to report campaign expenses and in-kind donations for fundraising events according to a report in the Arizona Republic today.

Schmuck, who is running in a four-way primary, failed to report expenses during a fundraising event held in Ahwatukee.

According to the Republic,

But the candidate may have violated several other laws, Lang wrote, specifically when Schmuck failed to report expenses for rental of the country club, did not list vendors providing services for some expenses and appeared to exceed the maximum amount of early contributions from supporters.

The CCEC will continue the investigation with the Primary Election only days away. Whether or not it affects the outcome of the race is to be determined especially with many early ballots already returned.

Sonoran Alliance has endorsed John McComish and Jeff Dial in the Primary race in LD-20.


Direct from the candidate

Here is a guest editorial from David Gowan, legislative candidate for House of Representatives from LD 30*.

The Voters Will Have The Final Say On Taxes/Spending

David Gowan

Republican Candidate LD 30 State House

With our proximity to the border, stopping illegal immigration will remain the top concern for our district for the immediate future, but more and more people are sharing their concerns about the rapid growth of our state government and its implication for our tax burden.

Between 2000 and 2007 our state’s population grew by 24% while our state’s budget grew by 94%. That is shameful and absolutely unjustified. It is the result of big-spending governors and too many legislators without the backbone to defend taxpayers and say “No!” to the lobbyists and special interests. Everyone wants more money, all the time, and if you give them everything they say they absolutely need, they’ll be back the next year for even more. It will never be enough, not for any of them. We are fast approaching the tipping point where the decision will be made to seriously cut spending or to raise taxes.

I have taken a No New Taxes pledge and the only way to keep that promise is to start cutting spending. But before I, or any other genuine conservative can go to work, it will be up to the voters to decide what they want from their government. If they want more spending and higher taxes, then they have those choices available. If they want less spending and lower taxes, then they have that choice available as well.

So there you go Mr. and Mrs. Arizona Voter, as you sit there looking at your mail-in ballot… Its your turn to decide… Don’t forget or set it aside to fill out later. We are relying on each other and you need to fulfill your responsibility before I can go fulfill mine.

*Publication of this editorial is not meant as an endorsement of the author but rather an opportunity for candidates to directly reach our audience.