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Congressional Endorsements

Sonoran Alliance has put our congressional endorsements online. Please click here or on the 2008 Primary Candidate Endorsements on the right column.

Congressional District 1
Sydney Hay – ENDORSED. All other supposed conservatives are a day late and a dollar short.

Congressional District 5
David Schweikert – ENDORSED.

Laura Knaperek and Mark Anderson have a conservative record but Schweikert has the edge in effort, money, and best chance to beat the Democrat.

Susan Bitter Smith was not able to support life on the CAP survey. This combined with her past affiliation with WISH List takes her out of the running for us. Ogsbury has been endorsed by Kolbe. If Tim Bee is too conservative for Kolbe then Ogsbury must be pretty liberal.

Congressional District 6
Jeff Flake – ENDORSED. We are not happy with his stand on illegal immigration but he is conservative on most other issues. This is not the year to fuss with an otherwise safe seat.

Congressional District 7
Gene Chewning – ENDORSED. Chewning is a solid conservative. His primary opponent is a complete nut, even by our standards.

Districts 2, 3, and 8 are uncontested in the primary but we support Trent Franks, John Shadegg, and Tim Bee.

Senator Harper responds.

Amanda Crawford of the Republic took a cheap shot at State Senator Jack Harper in Sunday’s Political Insider. He was nice enough to send a copy of his reply to us so we have posted it below.

In an attempt to avoid the same vitriol from Amanda Crawford that she heaps on Cathi Herrod from the Center For Arizona Policy, I have tried to be pleasant in casual conversation with her. After she was reassigned to the House of Representatives, I expressed that we missed her in the Senate and she only seems to come over when “SOMETHING crazy” happens. Ms. Crawford is obviously not swayed by polite comments, as she took the very words that I said to be nice, and twisted them to imply that the entire controversy over the Marriage Amendment was designed to bring media attention to myself. That is not the case.

For one thing, hardly any Republicans in my legislative district still read the Arizona Republic. It is on the internet, though and seems to be referenced during campaigns. That is why I was very disappointed to read the “Political Insider” on Sunday and that Ms. Crawford was auditioning to replace Emily DeRose at the Arizona Democratic Party. Ms. Crawford expressed the same vitriol on the KAET Horizon show on Friday. I hope that is not characteristic of what the Republican Party can expect the rest of this election cycle.

I am looking forward to working around your Capitol Team of reporters next year. Obviously, it will be at arms length along with the rest of the Democratic Caucus.

State Senator Jack Harper

CPS in the news again.

     This story really struck me, maybe because the child who died is about the same age as my own son. I will refrain from politicizing this case other than to say something needs to change at the Tucson area CPS office. The state might as well close down the agency and just let the police and sheriffs departments deal with these cases given the history of CPS.

Drilling the message

Here is a winning message for 2008 from the Tennessee Republican Party.

CD 1 GOP field

Now that Preston Korn is supporting Dr. Sandra Livingston in the Republican primary for CD 1 there are only 4 people running. The other candidates in the GOP primary are front-runner Sydney Hay, Tom Hansen, and Barry Hall

Press Release: Preston Korn Suspends Campaign for CD-1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, July 25, 2008

Preston Korn Suspends Campaign
To Support Sandra Livingstone For CD-1

Flagstaff, AZ, 7/26/2008 – Preston Korn announced this morning to the Arizona Republican Executive Committee that he has suspended his campaign for U.S. Congress and is now supporting Republican candidate, Dr. Sandra Livingstone, for the same seat.
Korn explained, “My campaign has always been about making a needed change in the culture of Washington.  I believe that the first step in this process is to elect representatives who will base their decision-making on what is best for our future generations rather than the next election.  Our nation is facing some very significant challenges which have only been heightened by Washington’s poor stewardship.”
“Our district has an opportunity to elect someone who does value people over position.  Dr. Livingstone and I line up very close on the issues, and most importantly, in our belief that honesty and quality of character are of utmost importance in a leader. Because of this, I have decided to suspend my campaign and focus my efforts on supporting Dr. Livingstone for CD-1.  In doing so, I believe that we can achieve a Primary victory for all that I have fought for.”
Livingstone filed for candidacy just before the June 4 deadline.  She was born and raised in Prescott and has taught law and international relations at Cambridge University. She has also worked at the U.S. Department of State where she worked on policies related to human rights and religious freedom.
Korn stressed his great appreciation for his supporters. “I want to sincerely thank everyone who has supported my campaign.  I know that you may be disappointed by this news.  Rest assured that I would not suspend my campaign for anyone less than someone who would stand just as firm on the issues and make the same decisions that I would.  Dr. Sandra Livingstone will do that.  I ask you now to give her your vote and your support.  With our combined efforts, we can make a difference in Washington. I will be involved in the Livingstone campaign and plan to continue to fight for what is right for many years to come.”
Korn also remarked, “Hopefully, this is the only time I will be telling people not to vote for me!”
Preston Korn
Preston Korn For Congress
P.O. Box 3731
Flagstaff, AZ 86003


DeSimone finally resigns

The Arizona Capital Times is reporting in story dated July 24 that Democrat State Representative DeSimone submitted his resignation on Thursday. The resignation by Democrat DeSimone follows an incident in which his wife called 911. The police arrested DeSimone for domestic violence when they arrive at his house.

The Capital Times story quotes DeSimone as stating that he did not hit his wife:

I have never struck my wife and any allegations to the contrary are false. Unfortunately, there was a family dispute that became public and has caused unnecessary pain to my children.

The Democrats have selected Dr. Eric Meyer to run on the Democrat ticket in LD 11.

Here is a timeline of the case.

11/7/06 DeSimone elected to the Arizona House of Representatives.

6/27/08 DeSimone arrested and charged with domestic violence.

6/27/08 Sonoran Alliance breaks the news that DeSimone will resign.

7/9/08 Tape of the DeSimone 911 call released.

7/10/08 Democrats select Dr. Meyer to run in place of DeSimone.

7/24/08 DeSimone resigns.

Group targets Pearce

Update: Mesa Issues has posted what sounds like a copy of the e-mail that was reported to us.

The East Valley Tribune is reporting that a independent expenditure group, Judgment Matters, has been set up to target Russell Pearce in the LD 18 Senate Republican Primary. The Secretary of State web site lists Mark Ogden as chairman of Judgment Matters. Alan Beckley shows up as Treasurer but Tribune story quotes Farrell Quinlan regarding the group. The paper is quoting Quinlan as saying:

the first priority of Judgment Matters is to prevent Pearce from winning the Senate seat in District 18

Reports of an e-mail circulated on Wednesday correlate with the facts of the Tribune story. The people behind Judgment Matters promise some mailing about the same time as early ballots arrive in the mail. Pearce is quoted in the story as not being worried about the attack strategy against him. Pearce must have pretty high name ID in LD 18 and Republican primary voters tend to be pretty conservative.

The group targeting Pearce might have been better off to find a business friendly Democrat to run against Pearce in the general.

The same Tribune story reports another group, Mesa Deserves Better, has been set up by Tim Bee’s campaign consultant, Nathan Sproul. We do not have any information at this time about this second group. Pearce was on the JD Hayworth show yesterday and said opponents may spend up to $400,000 against him. This should be an interesting primary to watch.

Pearce has been a strong conservative and works hard to keep government spending and taxes under control. To assist his campaign visit the web site at Pearce is running as a clean elections candidate so he cannot accept any more money but people can volunteer for the campaign.

Senator Harper Under Fire for Marriage Amendment Referendum

Democratic Caucus staff members in the Senate have intimidated Senator Bee into stacking the Senate Ethics Committee with members that will attend the hearing to persecute Senator Jack Harper for referring the Marriage Amendment to the ballot.  Yesterday, the committee members were Democrats, Arzberger, Landrum-Taylor, and Republicans Leff, Blendu, and Tibshraeny.  Tibshraeny is a wildcard, while Landrum-Taylor and Arzberger were reluctant to travel to the Capitol for a partisan slap-down to make amends with homosexual activist.  Now, Landrum-Taylor has been replaced with another Democrat on the committee.  The new member is Richard Miranda.  He is not likely to cross the activists that are pushing for the hearing, despite his personal faith. 
Sonoran Alliance is not asking you to contact any of the committee members, but we are asking you to contact Senator Bee and tell him you will not tolerate a betrayal again.  The Marriage Amendment did not get a vote until the last night of the legislative session.  Members had to make a motion from the floor to force it to a vote, in spite of Tim Bee’s reluctance.  Jim Kolbe, the former Congressman who is openly homosexual, quit as Bee’s Campaign Chairman for Congress after the vote of the Marriage Amendment. 
Senator Bee’s office can be reached at and 602-926-5683.  Leave a message if after hours.
If Senator Arzberger comes to the committee and Tibshraeny crosses party lines, as he often does, the complaint will be referred to an investigation.  Sources close to Harper say he will be fine in the investigation, but it will smear other Republicans.

Press Release: Armer Endorsed by Farnsworth

Contact:  Andrew Compton, Communications Director, 480.298.3421

Adam Armer, Candidate for AZ State Representative
Endorsed by District 22 Representative Eddie Farnsworth

Mesa, AZ – Adam Armer, a candidate for Arizona Representative has been endorsed by current Republican Representative Eddie Farnsworth of Gilbert. Armer was also recently endorsed by Representative Andy Biggs. He is proud to have the endorsement of both incumbents who have become knows as “anchors of the conservative right.” Armer is proud to be known as the conservative running for the seat vacated by Representative Farnsworth, due to his term-limit.

Concerning Adam Armer, Farnsworth said, “Adam Armer believes that the ‘government which governs least, governs best.’  I know he will strive to guarantee the freedoms and individual rights that the people of this state value so highly.  He understands the conservative principles that will continue to make Arizona a desirable place for our children and grandchildren.
Please join with me in supporting Adam Armer for State Representative.”
State Representative Eddie Farnsworth