crAZy on tape

I thought this guy was going to resign. Now the 911 tape has been released. Read about here and listen to it here. Now would really be a good time for the Arizona Democratic Party to remove their crAZy web site.

RTA press conference well covered by media.

     Today’s press conference about the Pima County RTA (Regional Transportation Authority) vote in 2006 was well attended by the media and political activist. Several elected officials and candidates also attended. The main points put forward by Bill Risner are that they have a signed affidavit indicating that the vote was rigged. He kept stressing that the Attorney General of Arizona should intervene and order a recount of the ballots. If they ever destroy the ballots before a recount this conspiracy will live on for a decade or more. Why not just run the paper ballots through the machine one more time and be done with it? I wonder if it will be an issue in the upcoming election that Ann Day, Sharon Bronson, and Ramon Valadez voted against releasing the vote database even after ordered to do so by a judge.

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Hershberger loses by 556 votes.

     We are not predicting the future. Actually we are pointing a big weaknesses in one of Pete Hershberger’s attacks on Al Melvin, that he lost an election. Melvin is certainly in good company by not having a perfect record at the ballot box. President Abraham Lincoln lost a few. The current President Bush lost his first race for congress as did his father. Jonathan Paton took a while to get it right. Even Hershberger’s supposed political mentor Berry Goldwater lost big in 1964. And… In 1976 Joseph Peter Hershberger III lost a senate race by 556 votes to a Democrat in roughly the same district as the current 26.

     Speaking of Hershberger and Melvin they squared off again Wednesday afternoon at the Saddlebrooke Republican Club meeting. Classic red meat politics. While Melvin was taking Hershberger to task for voting for the governor’s budget he tagged Hershberger for supporting statewide photo radar. Hershberger took the bait and started talking revenue, the safety factor of driving slower, and reducing driving speeds to save gas. I thought he was going to bust out a cardigan, don a southern accent, and pull up a chair for a fireside chat. Total flashback to the late 1970s.

     If you have not yet seen Melvin/Hershberger debate the LD 26 meeting this Saturday will feature perhaps the final face off before early voting begins. The meeting starts at 9:30 am at the Metropolitan Water District building on the west side of La Canada just below Orange Grove. Get there early for a good seat.

     You can read more coverage of the primary on the Explorer News site.

Press Release: Gibbons Takes Liquor Money

We’re not sure if this press release is that big of a deal but since Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock always votes against issuing liquor licenses in Maricopa County based on religious grounds, we’d like to hear from some our our readers if this will make or break a race among East Valley voters

For Immediate Release: July 9, 2008
Contact: Matt Tolman, (602) 616-3749

District 18 Republican Senate Challenger Takes Liquor Donations:

District 18 Chairman Matt Tolman to Kevin Gibbons: “Give Back Liquor Money like You Gave Back the Democratic Chairman’s Money.”

(MESA) District 18 Senate Republican Candidate Kevin Gibbons is in hot water again. Less than a week after it was revealed that he took donations from former Democratic Party Chairman Jim Pederson, it has been announced that his campaign has received donations from prominent members of the liquor industry.

District 18 Republican Chairman Matt Tolman questioned whether Gibbons’ quest to raise big dollars has put his values at odds with those who he intends to represent. “It looks like Gibbons is willing to take money from just about anyone who will write a check,” said District 18 Republican Chairman Matt Tolman, “We need someone who represents the citizens of the district, not special interests.”

 In all, Gibbons has already received $1,950 in donations from prominent members of Arizona’s liquor industry. Donors Include: 

  • Bob Delgado, President, HENSLEY & COMPANY
  • Douglas Yonko, Principal, HENSLEY & COMPANY
  • Steven Barclay, Executive Director, BEER & WINE DISTRIBUTORS OF ARIZONA

 “We need a champion who will continue to fight for liquor control issues,” explained Tolman, “Someone who is committed to preventing underage drinking and supporting DUI laws. We need to know that the people who represent us at the legislature are not compromised because of deals they have cut for campaign donations.”

Kevin Gibbons is searching all over Arizona for donations to run against conservative Russell Pearce for State Senator in District 18. Pearce has been a strong voice on fiscal and immigration issues and is running as a clean elections candidate.

“District 18 already has a candidate for Senate who has been a supporter of family values and a friend to the taxpayer,” said Tolman, “He has the support of conservative groups and taxpayer organizations. Certainly more of a crowd that represents District 18 compared to Gibbons and his laundry list of liquor purveyors and democratic insiders.”

Tolman concluded, “If I were Kevin Gibbons, I would get out the checkbook again and return the money to the liquor industry like he did last week to Jim Pederson. And if he is set on donating it instead, perhaps he should give it to MADD.”



Tim Bee Produces Ad

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This really is a great ad! Maybe some of our Southern Arizona readers can tell us if Tim Bee’s ad is on the air yet.

Pima County RTA vote.

     This could be interesting. Some sources indicate that this press conference may include the accusation that the 2006 RTA election was rigged.