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Time for Dems to throw in the towel on crAZy

The Arizona Democratic Party has a web site with really bad photos of Arizona Republican elected officials. The site distorts many of the issues and takes swipes at Republicans on a personal level. Now that Representative Mark DeSimone has been arrested for wife-beating we see that the Democrats are no better or sometimes worse than the people they are attacking. It would elevate the level of political discourse in Arizona if the Democratic Party would remove their crAZy web site from the internet. Of course they can choose to leave it up but in the wake of DeSimone’s arrest for slapping around his wife in front of at least one of the children what is the point?

A short call to Representative DeSimone’s office resulted in a “I have no information on that” reply to the question of any plans to resign.

Rio Dinero update

We are working on a developing story that materials were dropped off this morning for the Tucson City Mayor and Council with recordings that show either corrupt practices on the part of the city managers office or at least behavior of a very questionable nature.

We will have more as details become available.

Update: Sources tell us that one of the audio tapes has a conversation of Assistant to City Manager Jaret Barr bragging about using a “straw man” to order the appraisal on the Hotel Arizona. Very interesting.

Montini Surprises

Reading EJ Montini’s column today was a rare pleasant surprise. In today’s Republic, he wrote about a class of individuals who have almost all left us. Frank Vegh won a Silver Star in WWII but kept quiet about – even to his wife. Three years ago he passed away. It wasn’t until someone from the VA informed his wife, Elaine about Frank’s heroism and decoration.

Today, we simply cannot forget men like Frank Vegh, our WWII veterans and heroes who sacrificed more than we can imagine in the name of courage, freedom, liberty, humility and bringing peace.  Thanks EJ for writing and reminding us about heroes like Frank Vegh who gave so much and asked for nothing in return.


Kevin Gibbons Fails to Show

Providing excellent coverage of Mesa political events, Mesa Issues is reporting that Senator wannabe Kevin Gibbons did not show up at the Republican Legislative District 18 debate on Thursday night. Anyone who knows Mesa politics know this is a must do if you expect to be considered a serious candidate. Now that he has dissed the party faithful, Russell Pearce may have little to worry about when it comes to mustering troops but that’s not the end of the story.

Also, As Mesa Issues informed us, Kevin Gibbons is the brother-in-law of Congressman Jeff Flake which gives the impression that this race may be an inter-family struggle between the Flakes and the Pearce’s in a district heavily controlled by political families.

While Pearce may have the party faithful, he may not have the biggest bank account. Watch this race to get a lot more interesting as Pearce runs as a publically-financed Clean Elections candidate against Gibbons who probably has been turned on to all of Jeff Flake’s donors. Money may impact this race more than we expect.

crAZy update

Busy Friday for the Democrats. At least he has not been charged with beating her.

Representative Mark DeSimone to Resign

Sources are telling us that Representative Mark DeSimone will resign. Details are still sketchy and we do not know if he will resign immediately or just not run again.

The sad reality of Emily DeRose’s attack-dog, scorched-earth attacks on Republicans is that she and Democrats have set a standard so high that no one can live up to it. DeSimone is a casualty of the acrid tone set by his own party.

crAZy – As in Arizona Democrats

Why are Democrats so angry? First it was Jeff Chimene explaining away a domestic violence charge

“It wasn’t a two-by-four, it was a stick, a two-by-two. A piece of tree or something.”

Then Representative Tom Prezelski lunged at fellow Representative Jonathan Paton and reportedly had to be held back by staffers. Now comes news that Representative Mark DeSimone has been arrested on domestic violence charges. For the party of peace and understanding they sure are hostile. Talk about crAZy!

Harry Mitchell NO Credibility on SCOTUS 2nd Amendment Ruling

Politicker AZ posted a brief mention of Congressman Harry Mitchell’s response to today’s US Supreme Court ruling on the Washington, DC gun ban. Mitchell was quoted as saying, “This is an important ruling for those who believe in personal freedoms and understand that the D.C. ban when beyond constitutional limits.”

Excuse me!?!?! Harry Mitchell wouldn’t know a gun right if he shot himself in the foot.

In 2003, while serving in the State Senate, Harry Mitchell voted against House Bill 2319. This bill ultimately passed (no thanks to Harry) and became law. (And without Governor Napolitano’s signature)

According to the Senate Fact Sheet, the legislation, “Prohibits political subdivisions of the state from regulating the transfer of firearms or ammunition as well as the sale or transfer of firearms on property it owns, leases or operates in a manner inconsistent with state law.” (Look familiar?)

Here was the vote detail during the Senate’s 3rd Read. Harry Mitchell voted AGAINST it.

So Congressman Harry, although you had something to say about today’s 2nd Amendment ruling, you really have no credibility on the issue of protecting the 2nd Amendment given your opposition to it.

More on the Mexican Military Home Invasion in Phoenix

As Sonoran Alliance was the first blog to report, JD Hayworth broke the story of at least one Mexican military member involved in a home invasion early Monday morning (Read Sonoran Alliance’s initial posting).

JD Hayworth has now made police reports available via the KFYI-550 website. Here are those links:

Phoenix Police Department Report on Mexican Military Home Invasion [Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3]


Senate approves 2 billion in new debt

The Arizona State Senate approved a bloated, debt laden budget early Thursday morning. The budget includes massive amounts of new debt financed by increased sales of lottery tickets, the crack cocaine of budgeting. We would like to salute Senators Gould and Harper for a valiant effort to save the citizens of the state from years of debt payments plus interest. They do not make it easy to understand but it looks like the senate version was a collection of 7 bills, HB 2209, 2210, 2211, 2275, 2278, 2391, and 2462. A quick look reveals that all Democrats voted for the bill along with Republican Senators Carolyn Allen, Tom O’Halleran, Jay Tibshraeny, and Tim Bee. Allen may be safe in LD 8 this vote could have an impact in LD 1, where conservative Steve Pierce is challenging O’Halleran, and in CD 8, where Tim Bee is challenging incumbent Gabrielle Giffords. Giffords just voted FOR the FISA bill and may now pin a huge budget mess on Bee. She will need to spend her 1 million dollar war chest on something.

The bills now head to the house. Sources on that side of the capital almost sounded resigned to passage. The Democrats have 27 votes plus Pete Hershberger and Jennifer Burns. Burns is not running again and could easily vote for the senate version. Hershberger is in the race of his political career and will give more ammunition to Melvin if he votes for the senate monstrosity. One more Republican cross over and the package goes to the governor. Now might be a good time to contact your representative. That or buy a lottery ticket, a lot of them!

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