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One Third of all Black Americans Terminated

-Gayle Plato-Besley

FACT of US CENSUS- 38.3 million:

The estimated number of U.S. residents who were black or black in combination with one or more other races as of

July 1, 2002. This race group then made up 13.3 percent of the total population.


This post will be concise as facts say it all; US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Barack Obama’s words stand alone.  The quotes should lead me to believe Mr. Obama wants to see all black and multi-racial children have a chance to succeed.  If so, there is no way he would support abortion.  The fact is no conspiracy theory-filled Reverend Jeremiah Wright talking of HIV being forced upon blacks, nor reverberated memories of civil unrest, slavery, nor vile Tuskegee Experiments of the 1930s can even remotely touch the racial genocide of the last 35 years. 

Young women are being racially profiled in the most evil of ethnic cleansing.  This is all a product of  liberal propaganda.  It must stop and only the African-American role models can truly change the horror.  Where are the Black preachers when it comes to the rights of the unborn?  Are black children less valuable than all others? Barack Obama is a false prophet at best when he ignores the
 needs of child bearing women of color.  Help these women find a value to life.

Abortion has changed the face of America, irrevocably extracting African-Americans by the

millions.  In any other definition, this would be considered a genocidal event.

The CDC publishes undeniable facts.  A recent article from The National Black Catholic Congress website  states the following from their research:
“According to the CDC, since 1973, the year of the Supreme Court Decision Roe vs. Wade, 13 million (13,000,000) African American lives have been lost to abortion. The CDC reports that of the approximately 4000 abortions that are performed daily in the United States, 1452 of them are performed on African American women and their pre-born children. This means that although African Americans represent only 12% of the population of the United States, they account for 35% of the abortions performed in this country.”

 I will not vote for Barack Obama for many issue-related reasons.  But I am DEEPLY TROUBLED that African-American leaders do not face this reality immediately.  As I had stated in another article, the “choice” of abortion is propaganda forced on young women.  Minority women are especially indoctrinated ( as evidenced in the satistics) to believe that children are a burden.  We are changing the face of our nation and underscoring a terrible message that children of color are not valued. 
No credible politician can stand up and discuss discrimination nor We the People without tackling the horrendous loss of life.  How do we know where the next Mya Angelou, Colin Powell, Frederick Douglass,  Condelezza Rice, Thurgood Marshall, Denzel Washington, or Duke Ellington will arise?  How many greats of this generation suffer as unborn souls looking down from heaven, heavy in the light of shame- a Paradise Lost?
-Gayle Plato-Besley
Senator Barack Obama said this:
“Thirty-five years after the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, it’s never been more important to protect a woman’s right to choose… Throughout my career, I’ve been a consistent and strong supporter of reproductive justice, and have consistently had a 100% pro-choice rating with Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America… I believe in and have supported common-sense solutions like increasing access to affordable birth control to help prevent unintended pregnancies… As President, I will improve access to affordable health care and work to ensure that our teens are getting the information and services they need to stay safe and healthy.”
[From a statement by Sen. Obama on the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, January 22, 2008. Full statement is available here:]

He also said this:
“If we aren’t willing to pay a price for our values, if we aren’t willing to make some sacrifices in order to realize them, then we should ask ourselves whether we truly believe in them at all.”
A Barack Obama quote from his book, “Audacity of Hope” (Chapter 2)
And this:
“We should never forget that God granted us the power to reason so that we would do His work here on Earth – so that we would use science to cure disease, and heal the sick, and save lives.”
BARACK OBAMA, speech, Dec. 1, 2006
Finally, this is a quote from Obama’s

“A More Perfect Union”speech:
“In the white community, the path to a more perfect union means acknowledging that what ails the African-American community does not just exist in the minds of black people; that the legacy of discrimination – and current incidents of discrimination, while less overt than in the past – are real and must be addressed.   Not just with words, but with deeds – by investing in our schools and our communities; by enforcing our civil rights laws and ensuring fairness in our criminal justice system; by providing this generation with ladders of opportunity that were unavailable for previous generations.  It requires all Americans to realize that your dreams do not have to come at the expense of my dreams; that investing in the health, welfare, and education of black and brown and white children will ultimately help all of America prosper.”