Press Release: Pullen: Obama’s Plan Adds Fuel to the Fire

For Immediate Release: April 23, 2008
Contact: Tony Reinhard, (602) 957-7770
Pullen: Obama has the pump wide open

Phoenix, AZ – Although Democrats, including Barack Obama, Harry Mitchell and Gabrielle Giffords told Americans in 2006 they would lower gas prices, costs at the pump are at an all time high and continue to rise.
United States Senator John McCain has developed a plan to immediately help Americans with the rising cost of gas, said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen. Senator McCain’s plan would save American families 18.4 cents per gallon of gas and roughly $6.8 billion in taxes during the summer.
“When it comes to taxes, Barack Obama, Harry Mitchell and Gabrielle Giffords are holding the pump nozzle wide open,” said Pullen. “Rather than reduce the burden on American families, they keep pouring fuel on the fire.”
-          As Of April 22, 2008, The Average Price Of Regular Gasoline In Arizona Was Over $3.40 Per Gallon. (AAA Website,, Accessed 4/22/08)
-          Under Sen. John McCain’s plan, Arizona families would save 18.4 Cents on every gallon of gas.  (John McCain For President Website,, Accessed 4/22/08)
-          Barack Obama has rejected gas tax relief, calling it a “bad idea.” (Nick Timiraos, “Clinton Joins McCain On Gas-Tax Holiday,” The Wall Street Journal’s “Washington Wire” Blog,, 4/21/08)
-          In the Senate, Obama voted in favor of an amendment to add a $32 billion tax hike package to the CLEAN Energy Act of 2007 (H.R. 6)
o   A Heritage Foundation study found this vote alone would have caused gas prices to rise to over $6 per gallon by 2016 (S.A. Miller, “Senate Votes To Raise Auto Mileage Standards,” The Washington Times, 6/22/07)

CQ looks at CD 1

Congressional Quarterly writes about the CD 1 race. Everyone keeps saying that Sydney Hay may be too conservative. What was Rick Renzi? Hardly a liberal but he kept winning elections. If the moderates in the party succeed in getting someone to run against Hay in CD 1 should the conservatives recruit a candidate to run against Bee in CD 8?

Live on the internet

Update: The interview will be available on line for a few hours. Select the channel with the Leave Us Alone icon under it. Pullen comes on about 45 minutes after the hour.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen will be talking with Grover Norquist. To tune in go to The chairman should be on about 45 minutes into the show.

Reaching the voters.

     A visit to the Pima County Fair last Friday revealed a surprising scoop by the Tim Bee over Gabrielle Giffords. The Bee campaign had their own booth. At first it does not seem like a big deal but the Pima Democratic Party booth did not appear to have any Giffords promotional items. The big hint that Bee was working the fair was all the Tim Bee balloons tied to baby strollers. The fairgrounds are located on the far east side of Tucson, well situated to reach CD 8 voters. Congratulations to the campaign and volunteers for an excellent retail politics showing.

     The other candidate in the race, Independent Derek Tidball, also had a booth and was there in person. Several Republican activists keep telling us that Derek will get out of the race but he is still running. When asked, Tidball said he was in the race for real and had no plans to get out. He informed us that the campaign just passed the $5,000 threshold and would soon be filing their FEC report.

Update on the county attorney race

Let’s take a look at the two candidates running for Maricopa County Attorney against Republican incumbent Andrew Thomas. Both Democrats, one held a press conference yesterday and the other issued a press release. Gerald Richard officially announced his candidacy yesterday at a press conference. He slammed Andrew Thomas for authorizing the Phoenix Police department’s request for emergency wiretaps on the Phoenix serial shooters. At that time, Richard was the Police Director of the Phoenix Police Department. Great way to start off a campaign, Richard, slam yourself too. Ironically, thanks to Michael Lacey (of N-word fame) for setting Richard up to say that. Richard also criticized Thomas for prosecuting illegal immigrants, saying if he is elected he will stop prosecuting them under human smuggling statutes. Apparently he feels it’s best to ignore certain crimes.

Tim Nelson is the other Democrat candidate, an ACLU attorney and partisan hack whose career has consisted mostly of serving as an advisor to Janet Napolitano and working for large left wing law firms. Sources say he was pushed out of the governor’s office since no one really liked him. He currently works for Osborn Maledon, which has a reputation for representing the worst criminals in the state. One of the firm’s most prominent partners is the anti-death penalty and criminal defense activist Larry Hammond, who has defended numerous mass murderers including Sammy “the Bull” Gravano and Felipe Cisneros of the Cisneros crime family.

Osborn Maledon is owned by Wiliam Maledon, president of the Phoenix Country Club, which refuses to allow women into its “Men’s Grill.” As a liberal Democrat, how can Nelson support a policy like this? It will probably hurt his support among women.

For his work on behalf of the ACLU, Nelson sued the City of Gilbert over one of its many proclamations, because it was “Bible Week.” Pretty extreme, but it shows where his priorities are.


(actually it’s the ACLU’s defense of NAMBLA and pedophiles that is the most troublesome aspect of the ACLU – how can you separate your support of the ACLU on this issue from your duty to prosecute pedophiles?)

Nelson issued a press release yesterday with three endorsements. None of them were very substantial, although they sound sort of good on paper. One was from the correctional officers association. Nelson got that endorsement because the correctional officers don’t like the thousands of repeat felons that are now being sent to prison due to Andrew Thomas’s tougher policies – it creates more work for them.

His second endorsement was from the Sheriffs’ Association. He got the desk chiefs’ support because of their dislike for Arpaio and their reluctance to enforce illegal immigration laws. They don’t represent the vast majority of police officers, however, who are fighting crime on the streets every day and would like the ability to enforce immigration laws.

Nelson’s third endorsement was from the Capitol Police – the state’s police officers who patrol around the Capitol Building. This comes as no surprise, considering they work for Napolitano and protect her building.

Nelson boasted in his press release that he has raised $130,000 in just two months. But he doesn’t indicate where the money came from. Probably because it came from criminal defense attorneys. Not exactly who you want running the county attorney’s office, it’s like the fox guarding the henhouse. If the criminal defense attorneys can buy the county attorney, what happens to the scales of justice? Who is he planning on appointing as his Chief Deputy, Larry Hammond “my main goal for the county attorney’s office is to abolish the death penalty?” We’ll look forward to reviewing Nelson’s campaign finance reports when they’re filed in June to see where his support is coming from.

These two candidates have made their differences clear from Thomas, they take a softer, gentler approach to crime.

Why is Pima GOP sending $ to NM?


     I know, I just don’t get it. There is some good reason that funds from the Pima County Republican Party are going to a congressional candidate from New Mexico by the name of Darren White. What that reason is I don’t know. Maybe the county decided it had enough money and didn’t need the extra $10,000 for local candidates in the November general election.

Obama / Clinton

For some time, I have been arguing that the only way the Democrats can win (not that I want them to win!) was that they team up with Obama at the top of the ticket. This way, both Obama and Clinton voters make nice, avoid splitting the party and put a formidible team against John McCain. In fact, I even predicted this back in July of 2007.

Now the New York Times is running an article on Tuesday proposing just the notion that the two settle up and move the Democratic Party forward. The Times even goes as far as reminiscing on the Kennedy-Johnson ticket and how they “put aside animosities for the sake of victory.”

Tomorrow may be a significant day in moving these two liberal Democrats toward a unified ticket or further dividing a party obsessed with retaking the Presidency.

Regardless, Senator John McCain’s task of healing the party may be nearly complete as he prepares to take whatever the Democrats give him.

Bennett stays out of CD 1

Former State Senate President Ken Bennett has again decided against running for congress from CD 1.

Hunting tag for rare puma is only $14.50.

     I like Daniel Patterson’s blog. He is a bit liberal but I enjoy reading his stories about Arizona wildlife and agree that quads and other off highway vehicles can do a lot of damage to the environment.

     I have been following his coverage of the Kofa Wildlife Refuge and was surprised to read that mountain lions are rare. Are all mountain lions rare or is there a special Kofa sub-species? Daniel will certainly want to alert Arizona Game and Fish because they are selling over the counter mountain lion hunting tags for only $14.50 and the season is from September 2007 to May 2008. I guess that is better than when there used to be a $50 bounty for each mountain lion that you could kill.

     Are these the same rare mountain lions seen wandering around Tucson? Here is a map or lion sightings around the Old Pueblo.

Sydney Hay endorsed by Taxpayer group

Sydney Hay for Congress

Sydney Hay has received another major endorsement, this time it is from the National Taxpayer’s Union Campaign Fund. Here is a short quote from the April 18th press release.

“As a respected voice in the grassroots movement to stem the growth of government, Sydney Hay is a taxpayer advocate in every sense of the word,” NTUCF President Duane Parde said. “Backed by years of work on behalf of Arizona taxpayers, Sydney will bring bold leadership to Congress.”

Doomsday update

The sky is falling crowd predicted economic winter as a result of the state’s employer sanctions law. We are now 3 months in and the unemployment rate is still a low 4.0%, more than 1% below the national average of 5.1%. Last month Arizona added almost 10,000 new jobs. And these numbers are during a huge adjustment in the housing market.

PolitickerAZ shows their hand

The relatively new PolitickerAZ is a pretty active site. They specialize in posting press releases and such. At first it appeared that they were neutral but the other day the site showed its colors. In a story about CD 1 they used the media template phrase “ultraconservative” as a label for Sydney Hay. The article was about Ken Bennett’s plans for the district. Given Bennett’s record we challenge Politicker to point out a substantive difference on issues between Bennett and Hay. We are waiting for Politicker to label Congressman Grijalva an “ultraliberal” or the Governor Napolitano a “Culture of Death” Democrat.

Speaking of CD 1 Ann Kirkpatrick has been endorsed by Feminist Majority PAC. Does that make her an “ultrafeminist?” The president of Feminist Majority is Eleanor Smeal, probably a mainstream policy advocate in Politicker’s book.

For the record we are not objecting to a blog being opinionated. We certainly are but our viewpoint is clearly disclosed in the right column of the site.

Last one out turn off the lights.

     The headline is probably a little stark but the fact is that the Tucson area sorely lacks for leadership. Rio Nuevo has failed year after year to yield any appreciable results. Bruce Ash has a radio ad this week covering the mess. Bruce and John C. Scott were also on last week’s Inside Track lamenting the total lack of progress in the Tucson area.

     It looks like spring training is on its way out of town and now there is some talk of the Gem and Mineral Show leaving the Tucson area. I could not confirm that the gem show might go somewhere else but it would be a huge blow to the area if they left town. Spring training is a nice boost but not uniquely Tucson. Losing the long-running gem show would be a crushing blow to Tucson’s economy and psyche. Add this to the school closings in Tucson Unified and it makes for a sad time in the Old Pueblo.

     If it ever happens that the gem show and spring training leave town one of signature events left in the Tucson area would be the Accenture golf tournament in Dove Mountain. That event is actually in Marana. Speaking of Marana, if they build a nice baseball facility on the western edge of the town it would be about a 1 hour drive to spring training facilties on the eastern edge of the Phoenix area.

Update: The Arizona Daily Star has an article about declining enrolment at TUSD. The district’s solution? An ad campaign for $25,000. Wouldn’t that be better used toward the salary of a full-time math teacher?

Hat tip to Espresso Pundit. The article was written by a journalism student from the U of A.

Tim Bee Closes In on Giffords

 Tim Bee for Congress

Daniel Scarpinato reports in the Arizona Daily Star that State Senator Tim Bee and Congressman, Gabriell Giffords, virtually matched each other in fundraising during the first quarter of 2008. Bee successfully raised $466,092 to Giffords’ $466,786 between January 1st and March 31st. But the Republican hopeful is still behind when it comes to cash on hand. Giffords, the incumbent, holds an advantage obviously due to her congressional connections. Over thirty-three percent of her money has come from special interest political action committees while only nine perect of Bee’s funds come from PAC’s.

Don’t count Bee out quite yet as the State Senator continues to pick up momentum for a seat that has been held by a Republican although liberal.

The funniest quote in this story comes from Michael NcNulty, Giffords’ campaign chairman when he said, “…outside of his legislative district, I don’t think many average voters know who he [Bee] is.”

Mr. McNulty ought to follow current events more often given that the President of the State Senate receives quite a bit of press in the Southern Arizona media market.

Although Giffords may have more cash on hand than Bee, there is a silver lining in this as the DNC reconsiders dropping more money into Arizona knowing that Senator McCain will overwhelmingly carry the state. Any dollars Democrats do invest in Arizona will have to be strategically targeted.

Please consider adding to the momentum of Tim Bee’s campaign by visiting his website at

Latest Numbers – CD8:
Tim Bee (R):
Raised 1Q: $466,092
Cash on Hand: $525,439
Total Raised: $752,686

Gabrielle Giffords (D):
Raised 1Q: $466,786
Cash on Hand: $1,672,821
Total Raised: $1,925,354

Press Release: Napolitano Veto Could Increase Property Taxes

For Immediate Release: April 15, 2008
Contact: Tom Jenney, (602) 478-0146

Napolitano veto means likely increase in property taxes

PHOENIX—Governor Janet Napolitano’s veto today of House Bill 2220 will likely result in the return of a $250 million property tax, for an average property tax increase of $100 per year for the Arizona homeowner. Combined with likely increases by city, county, and local special taxing districts, the Governor’s tax increase may contribute to significant increases in the overall property tax bills of home and business owners.

There is still a small chance of repealing the $250 million state-imposed education equalization property tax, as a part of budget negotiations later in the legislative session. The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity has vowed to keep up its fight on behalf of Arizona home and business owners. “We thank all of the taxpayer activists in Arizona who took the time to contact the Governor and the Legislature,” said AFP Arizona director Tom Jenney. “Unfortunately, we are going to have to double our efforts and keep fighting. If we quit now, we will get stuck with a huge tax increase.”

Although the Governor is reluctant to help Arizona property taxpayers, slim majorities in the Arizona House and Senate favor repealing the tax. In the House in March, 32 Arizona Representatives (31 Republicans and 1 Democrat) voted for the HB 2220 property tax relief bill. We have listed the names and districts of the Good Guys here.

At the same time, 28 Representatives (26 Democrats and 2 Republicans) voted against HB 2220. We have listed the names and districts of the Bad Guys here.

Last week, 16 Arizona Representatives (15 Republicans and 1 Democrat) voted for HB 2220. 14 Arizona Representatives (12 Democrats and 2 Republicans) failed to vote to protect property taxpayers. Here is the list of Good Guys and Bad Guys for the Senate.

Schweikert’s Numbers

David Schweikert for Congress 

The David Schweikert campaign announced $175,000 for the quarter. The campaign had raised $680,000* overall as of March 31st and just recently surpassed $700,000 total. Cash on hand at the end of the quarter is over a 1/2 million.

Please consider adding momentum to David Schweikert’s campaign by visiting his website at

*We have corrected an earlier mistake made on our part, not the campaign’s.

Should Bennett enter CD 1 race?

Ken Bennett’s consideration of CD 1 reminded me of the messy case of Clifton and his hijinks at a summer “leadership” camp. Due to time constrains and discretion we did not want to bring up the matter again but the DCCC beat us to it. PolitickerAZ ran with the story. Not willing to let the Clifton angle die down a little, Ken Bennett responded. Bennett even brought up the dreaded S word himself.

He also condemned the way newspaper reporters at the time “exaggerated” the charges against Clifton, saying their use of the words like “sodomized” was a mischaracterization

What happened to simplicity? Here is what Bennett should have said. “What my son did was wrong and his case worked its way through the courts without any intervention on my part. The Democrats must be desperate if they have bring up such a private matter completely unrelated to any campaign of mine” or something along those lines. Big mistake for Bennett to use the S word.

Ken Bennett had excellent conservative ratings from his days in the state senate so his entry into the race would add little to the solidly conservative candidates already running in the primary, Sydney Hay and Preston Korn. Bennett’s inability to skillfully navigate the issue of his son’s conduct should give everyone pause. Maybe the DCCC will pull back from the edge but Emily Bittner lives for this kind of story. Her friends at the Republic may be all too happy to pick up the issue (see Even a Broken Clock…) As recently as late February it was clearly demonstrated that the Arizona Republic has no limits or restraint on how disrespectful they are willing to be.

News reports are stating that party insiders are urging Bennett to enter the race. Presumably they are dissatisfied with the current candidates. We are mystified why, when Hay is doing so well lining up endorsements, anyone one would want to complicate the issue. This when the party cannot even find a candidate for a competitive LD senate seat.

Speaking of Preston Korn, several news sites have mistakenly stated that Sydney Hay is the sole Republican candidate in the race. In the interests of getting the news correct we simply called Preston and confirmed that he is indeed in the race. In fact he pointed out that he believes the district is looking for someone who is not a professional politician and added that he has lived in the district for the past 14 years.

update: The Democratic State Party has gone for the jugular. Bittner attacks Ken Bennett’s reaction to the incident more than the origional event. If Mr. Bennett does decide to run he is going to have to come up with a better way to deal with this matter.