Protection for Arizona Unborn Children Is Revived!

Partial Birth Abortion Procedure 

Today, thanks to the efforts of Senator Linda Gray, the State ban on Partial Birth Abortion was revived through a special legislative procedure in which the language of one bill was replaced with a revised version of the original ban Governor Janet Napolitano vetoed. This was done during a hearing in the House Natural Resources and Public Safety Committee resulting in a vote of 6-3 (vote detail).

When the Governor vetoed the original bill (HB 2769) she gave the following reason for her veto:

Some have tried to portray House Bill 2769 as merely conforming Arizona’s statute to federal law. That is not correct. The federal law provides physicians who are prosecuted under federal law with the opportunity to seek professional opinion of their peers as to the necessity of the medical procedure as part of the physicans’ criminal defense. House Bill 2769 does not. Further, the federal law specifically caps the criminal penalty for violation to two years in prison. There is no comparable cap in House Bill 2769.” (Read Governor Napolitano’s letter.)

The revived version of the ban is now under Senate Bill 1048 which now addresses the very issues that brought on the Governor’s veto.

Now that the Governor’s concerns and objections have been met, there should be no excuse for another veto.

Sonoran Alliance would also like to recognize and thank Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy for their dilligence, committment and hard work on this important issue. Please take a moment to visit CAP’s website.

Blue Dog earns an F

     The National Taxpayer Union ratings for 2007 are posted on the Internet. The two most vulnerable Democrats do not score very well. Harry Mitchell got a D with a score of 18%. Surprisingly “Blue Dog” Gabrielle Giffords does not look very good on controlling spending and reducing taxes. She received an F for her score of 9%. Maybe she can tout the fact that she is 3 points above the House Democrat average of 6%.

Mexico has severe shortage of 21 ft. ladders

The fence is working. A Christian Science Monitor article by Daniel Wood reports that the border fence in the Yuma area is effective in reducing unauthorized border crossings. Read the full story here. (So much for the ladder theory.)

Separation of School and State

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a very revealing article that brings up some interesting issues regarding the separation of church and state or perhaps, the separation of school and state.

A charter school located in Inver Grove Heights, MN, promotes an Islamic worldview within its four walls although it is funded by the taxpayers of Minnesota. The article’s reporter writes that when she attempted to visit the school to clarify what is actually being taught and what activities were being conducted, she was denied entrance. However, a substitute teacher steps forward to reveal that ritual washings and prayer were a part of the daily activities. This brings up several questions which we’d love to hear your comments on.

Does the State of Arizona have any charter schools that teach from an Islamic worldview similar to this school? This begs the question whether an Islamic worldview (with no religious instruction or references) can or should be taught using Arizona taxpayer money.

Are their other charter schools operating in Arizona which teach from a unique non-secular humanist worldview?

Many of us agree that the State of Arizona should not interfere in the activities of private religious schools (unless, as a last resort, there is a danger to the welfare of students, staff or the community) but will stories like this prompt the state to take another look into private schools which preach/teach religious values which run contrary to mainstream values?