Tucson rally in support of Border Patrol

     The Jon Justice show on 104.1 in Tucson is holding a Rally and March tomorrow, May 1st. The day will start early with a live broadcast from 6:00 am to 9:00 am from DeAnza Park at Speedway and Stone. At 9:00 am a March will proceed to the Presidio Park in downtown Tucson. Details at the Jon Justice web site (scroll down for info.)

Pullen on air

Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen will be on the radio this Thursday and Friday. He will join Bruce Jacobs at 7:05 am on Thursday and JD Hayworth at 4:35 pm on Friday. Both shows are on KFYI 550 AM. If you live outside of the Phoenix region you can listed on the internet by live stream.

Arizona Republican Convention

update: A copy of the national delegate ballot has been distributed pretty widely within the party.

The Arizona Republican Convention will be held on Saturday, May 10th in Mesa. Unlike Nevada, things should run more smoothly. State delegates should be receiving details in the mail this week. Most if not all of the state delegates have been selected. Despite a few high profile districts in the Phoenix area most other districts and counties selected a fairly compliant set of delegates that will not be making Nevada style trouble. Some districts are without any Ron Paul supporters or hardcore conservatives. The Ron Paul people who did make it are scattered throughout different CDs so will have little effect in the breakout meetings. Even on the main floor they might not have much effect since they cannot seem to agree with the disaffected conservatives about what issues make for a good delegate. Regional and some state Ron Paul activist are further tied down with the unfinished business in Nevada and cannot yet devote full time to the Arizona convention. Either way, look to Sonoran Alliance to cover the inside story of what is happening.

Speaking of the convention, Michael Reagan will be speaking at the dinner the night before the convention. The dinner is $50 and you can even buy your tickets online at azgop.org. See you in Mesa.

Speaking of Nevada, a well connected source vouches for the authenticity of this story about what really happened in Reno.

McCain only 9 point ahead of Obama in AZ

When we last covered the poll numbers McCain was 22% above Obama. In the latest Cronkite-Eight Poll McCain is now only ahead of Obama 47% to 38%. McCain still has a comfortable lead over Clinton, 53% to 37% in Arizona.

Signs up.



I saw my first CD 8 sign for the year. Right on Campbell Avenue just north of Grant (very high traffic.) Looks like we have a 3-way.

Tim Bee
Derek Tidball
Gabrielle Giffords


JD Hayworth is reporting that there will be an effort to recall Phoenix City Mayor Phil Gordon.

Grover Norquist coming to Tucson.

     Author and conservative activist Grover Norquist will be speaking in Tucson on Monday, May 5th. The event will be packed with Republican elected officials and candidates. It will be the place to be seen. An RSVP is required by May 1st. Click here for the details.

Clinton ahead in certain polls

The latest AP/Ipsos poll has Senator Clinton ahead of McCain by 9%. The important thing to remember is that these broad popularity polls do not matter because that is not how we elect presidents. They are selected through the electoral college and that is state by state. There Clinton is still ahead according to some sites. The good news for McCain is that he beats Obama in the electoral lineup and Obama may well be the nominee.

Some web sites were all excited that Clinton was polling ahead in the popularly vote but the latest results from Rasmussen show McCain with a slight lead.

Governor Vetoes HB 2807

Governor Napolitano has vetoed HB 2807, a bill that would have required local law enforcement to take a greater role in immigration enforcement. Phoenix and Mesa are now free to continue their sanctuary city policies of looking the other way when they encounter illegal aliens during routine law enforcement stops.

SCOTUS upholds ID at polls

The Supreme Court of the Untied State has upheld an Indiana law requiring ID at the polls. The ruling is a positive for supporter of Ariozna’s own law requiring ID at the polls.

Juctices Stevens and Kennedy joined the conservative block of Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas. Breyer, Ginsburg, and Souter dissented.

Nevada Republican Convention suspended

YouTube Preview Image 

Update: See detailed minute by minute coverage of the convention at Reno Gazette-Journal.

The amazing news to the north of us is that the Nevada State Republican Convention was suspended. The party chairwoman stated that their time for the room had expired. One of our sources indicated the delay was because those in control were counting and re-counting the votes. We have to admit when things do not go as scripted that ballot counting can be a painstaking process.

This despite reports that pre-screening calls were taking place before the event.

Acknowledgement goes to Seeing Red AZ for picking up the story before us.

Tribune bends definition of self funding

Paul Giblin of the East Valley Tribune has a new threshold for when a campaign is “largely self-funded.” If you raise over $400,000 from outside sources or you contribute under 40% of your own funds you meet Giblin’s definition of “largely self-funded.”

He goes on to compare David Schweikert to Developer Jim Pederson. He left out the fact that David has won several elections and served in both the legislature and as Maricopa County Treasurer. Pederson was a developer all his life and then tried to go straight to the U.S. Senate against a long time incumbent. Slight difference there. Pederson also kept funding his race himself up to the end. David loaned money to his campaign in the 4th quarter of 2007 and has done well raising outside funds since then.

I guess Giblin doesn’t want to talk about who’s donating to Mitchell. All the PAC money and tribal donations don’t rate in a story slanted to make Republicans look bad.

Showdown in Oro Valley.


     The Oro Valley Town Council general election ends on May 20th. I say ends because it is a vote by mail process and ballots have already been received. The two remaining candidates, Barry Gillaspie and Terry Parish, are both incumbents.

     On Friday evening Barry Gillaspie held a very successful campaign forum at the Oro Valley Library. There were so many council members there that several people mentioned to leave the doors wide open in order to avoid any trouble with the state open meeting law. Barry will hold another forum this Saturday at 2:00 pm, also at the Oro Valley Library.

     If you would like to help out Terry Parish his campaign will be walking this Saturday. They will meet at the Oro Valley Town Hall at 8:30 am and the walk begins at 9:00 am sharp.

     Conservatives have been struggling with this election. Gillaspie is a fiscally responsible, environmentally conscious Democrat and Parish in a free spending, developer friendly Republican. The turnout may be even lighter than the low showing during the primary. We are not making a formal endorsement. The locally run Let Oro Valley Excel blog has not formally endorsed either but seems more open to Gillaspie. The Northern Pima Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Parish. The Explorer Newspaper has a question and answer story posted on their site.

Personal rant

If you are not using Microsoft Office 2007 I have one word of advice – DON’T

I am (used to be) a big fan of Microsoft. I remember the days of Windows 2.0 and 3.1. My first application program was Microsoft Excel 2.0. It included a runtime version of Windows if you were still on a DOS machine. The software came in a suitcase sized box and included instruction manuals. What I liked (past tense) about the programs is each upgrade of Excel and later Office took just a few minutes of transition time. No more. Word is a mess. Try finding the Edit, Find option.

If you must upgrade research your options. You might find another word processor that does everything you need for less money. It certainly will not take you any less time to learn a new program since Microsoft Word and Office have been so drastically altered.

You have been warned.

(This post was written in Adobe Dreamwaever.)

He (or she) is too conservative

How often have we heard that sorry line. A decent story on PolitickerAZ about CD 1 got me thinking about what the pundits were saying about Reagan in 1980. Well I found it. A Time article from April 1980. Here is the money quote:

More than half of all voters think that Reagan is too conservative to attract enough independent and Democratic votes to win the presidency

My view is that winning is not about being conservative or moderate. It is about strong candidates with well run campaigns. Bob Dole was moderate enough. He ran a lackluster campaign and lost. Same for George Bush 41 in 1992. Senator Kyl is very conservative and ran an excellent campaign in 2006. In the end Pederson was not even close. I could go on but the fact is that there is no substitute for winning and some candidates do and some don’t, liberals, moderates, and conservatives alike. Go Sydney!

Press Release: Maricopa GOP Plans Candidate Forums

For Immediate Release: Thursday, April 24, 2008
Contact: Frosty Taylor, Communications/PR (623) 977-4532

Maricopa County Republicans Plan Combined Candidate Forums for LDs 4, 9, 10 and 12

Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Chairman Tom Husband has announced that the MCRC will be hosting Republican Candidate Forums throughout the county to give voters a chance to get to know Republican candidates running for election to public office in the fall. 

Three Republican Candidate Forums for Supervisor District (SD) 4 representing combined Legislative Districts 4, 9, 10, and 12 will be held at the Legend Springs School, 21150 N. Arrowhead Loop Road, Glendale.

The first SD4 Forum will kick off at 6:30 p.m., May 14 featuring Arizona Corporation Commission Candidates John Allen, Rick Fowlkes, Joe Hobbs, Marian McClure, Bob Robson, Bob Stump, Keith Swapp, and Barry Wong. For further information, contact Ray Spitzer at (623) 334-2325 or r.spitzer@cox.net 

The second SD4 Forum will be held at 6:30 p.m., June 18 for Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Candidates Max Wilson and William Lipscomb, Maricopa County Community College Board Candidate Paul Srch, and Maricopa County Health Board Candidates Elbert “Bick” Bicknell and Gerald Cuendet.   For further information, contact Mike Albertson at (602) 920-5308 or malbertson@hsami.com

The third SD4 Forum will be held at 6:30 p.m., July 16 for Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Candidate Andrew Thomas, County Assessor Candidate Keith Russell, County Treasurer Candidate Hos Hoskins, Recorder Candidate Helen Purcell, and County School Superintendent Don Covey. For further information, contact Mike Albertson at (602) 920-5308 or malbertson@hsami.com

Dates and locations for Maricopa County Supervisor Districts 1, 2, 3, and 5 will be announced in the near future. For information contact Tom Husband at 602-952-1790 or mcrchairman@aol.com

Franzi adds to the list.

     Two weekends ago Emil Franzi hosted a round table about the leadership vacuum in Pima County with Bruce Ash and John C. Scott. They discussed Tucson area events that are folding up and leaving town or are considering it. In his latest editorial in Explorer News adds two more items to the list, horse racing and the film industry. Hopefully the voters of Pima County will have a full choice of candidates in both the primary and general elections so they can select something better than what they have been getting.