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Pappas Going to Supreme Court

It appears that the Arizona State Supreme Court may be taking up the case of the Pappas Schools. According to a source close to the schools, the high court may have accepted jurisdiction of the appeal. The case is scheduled to be heard on March 18th at 9 am.

Most Arizona’s will vote for McCain but think Obama will win

We do not understand it either but you can read the latest KAET/Cronkite poll for yourself.

CD5 Update: David Schweikert Fundraiser

David Schweikert Fireside Chat

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Contact: Michael Juel, (602) 481-8962

Schweikert Fundraiser A Huge Success!

(Scottsdale, AZ) – In yet another fundraising success, Congressional House candidate, David Schweikert, announced today that his campaign continues to gain financial momentum.  In a fundraising event sponsored last Friday by Chad Kirkpatrick, Chairman of the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee,  over 125 guests packed the home of Chris and Susan Savittieri.

“I am deeply humbled by the support I have received for my candidacy,” Schweikert said in a statement issued by the campaign.  Money raised from this event has now gives the campaign a cumulative of over $600,000 in Schweikert’s bid to unseat Harry Mitchell.

“David’s message of fiscal responsibility and securing our borders is undeniably inline with the voters of this district,” said Adam Kipnes an attendee of the event.

Speaking to his guest Friday night, Schweikert said, “Last quarter our campaign outraised Congressman Mitchell.” He continued, “With your help tonight and your continued support throughout this campaign we will continue to remind Harry that his days in office are numbered.”

Running on a platform of Congressional reform, lower taxes, healthcare reform, and securing the border, former Maricopa County Treasurer David Schweikert continues to out raise every candidate in this race.  “With so many problems in Washington I am humbled that so many people believe I am the guy to change the way things are done in Washington,” Said Schweikert.

The David Schweikert for Congress Campaign would like to thank the host committee and all those who attended the event:  The Hon. Nancy Barto, Hon. Doug Clark, Hon. Sam Crump, Hon. Pamela Gorman, Hon. John Kavanagh, Hon. John McComish, Hon. Michele Reagan, Hon. Bob Robson, The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee Chairman, Chad Kirkpatrick, and Hosts, Chris and Susan Savittieri who were extremely gracious in opening their home for the evening.


Press Release: Special Upcoming Republican Professionals Event

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Contact: Ryan Ducharme, (480) 643-0910

9/11 WTC Survivor Mark Finelli and AZ State Rep. Jonathan Paton to Speak About Their Iraq War Experiences

SCOTTSDALE, AZ –Republican Professionals (RP) announced today that they will be hosting Mark Finelli, a 9/11 World Trade Center survivor who gave up a 6-figure job with Morgan Stanley to enlist in the Marines and fight in Iraq and AZ State Representative Jonathan Paton, a ”rising star” in the Republican Party and Iraq war veteran. Both speakers will appear at the organization’s upcoming March 6, 2008 free networking event at 6 Lounge in Scottsdale.

“We are pleased to have Mark Finelli speak at our event. He is a true American hero and the only 9/11 World Trade Center survivor to enlist in the marines and fight in Iraq. His story is an inspiring tale of honor, courage and steely leadership. It will be insightful to learn about his ‘in the trenches’ account of his experiences in Iraq and his assessment of the current situation,” said RP President Charles A. Jensen.  

Mark Finelli has been a featured guest on Fox, CNN and “Hardball with Chris Mathews” on MSNBC. He’s also appeared on popular radio programs, such as “The Sean Hannity Show” and been written about in major publications like Newsweek and National Review. Finelli will also be appearing in a documentary by two-time Oscar winner and trooper supporter John Voight.

Jensen also expressed his enthusiasm for hosting Jonathan Paton, a popular member of the Arizona House of Representatives and Iraq war veteran: “Representative Paton is a gifted public speaker and admired public servant. We look forward to hearing about his background and recent experience in Iraq.” (Paton volunteered for active duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from September of ‘06 until February ‘07.)

Doors open at 6:00 P.M. at 6 Lounge, a chic and atmospheric Scottsdale nightclub. Given the popularity of past events and limited space available, Republican Professionals highly encourages all interested in attending the March 6th event to RSVP at 

Republican Professionals hosts its free networking events the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 P.M. at the Six Lounge in Scottsdale. Between 150 and 270 professionals consistently attend RP events. For more information about Republican Professionals, please contact Charles Jensen at 602-403-5535 or  

The purpose of Republican Professionals is to link like-minded professionals together in a monthly happy hour where they can network, socialize, and hear directly from prominent politicians and successful business leaders. Founded in the fall of 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, Republican Professionals has already branched off to other cities across the nation.

Renzi Remaining

Embattled Congressman Rick Renzi has pledged to remain in office despite a 35-count indictment against him. In a statement issued by his press spokesman, Renzi asserted, “I will not resign and take on the cloak of guilt because I am innocent.”

An arraignment is scheduled for March 6th in which the congressman will face the 26-page indictment.

Renzi appears confident that he will overcome the charges and clear his name.

From my perspective, it doesn’t look all that positive which makes me wonder if the Congressman is not revealing his hand against the federal government. Is this another case of a federal prosecutor with political motives?

Given Renzi’s confidence that he will prevail, we’d like to know if this will all be washed out in the courts. Renzi’s legal team consists of Reid Weingarten and Kelly Kramer.

McCain McCalling.

     Multiple NW Tucson Republican PCs got a call this weekend with one simple question. Will you support Senator McCain for President, yes or no? The questioner did not go much into detail after the callers answered the survey. One person wondered what it says about the campaign that they need to call PCs and ask them if they will support the apparent nominee. It is not exactly clear how the information from the poll will be used. Anyone in other LDs getting called about McCain?

It’s wrong for illegal immigration sympathizers to tell illegal immigrants not to cooperate with the police

We want you to break the lawThe Arizona Republic has a front-page story today on the latest tactics illegal immigration defenders are using to thwart law enforcement deportation efforts. Led by activists like Salvador Reza, these fringe organizations – including some religious organizations, sadly enough – are training illegal immigrants on how to avoid cooperating with the police by refusing to answer questions about their immigration status. Although it may be within your right not to tell the police anything except your name, it is still a violation of the law to be in the country illegally and encouraging illegal immigrants to mislead the police is just one step away from encouraging someone to ignore our laws. Our tough laws against illegal immigration may seem unfair, but they’ve been passed by the majority and represent the views of most – and Arizona voters in particular overwhelmingly support tough illegal immigration laws, having voted with 70%+ margins in favor of four anti-illegal immigration measures in 2006. Encouraging illegal immigrants to make the job of the police tougher is going to waste more tax dollars as the police have to figure out their citizenship status some other way – because if they don’t, and that illegal immigrant is released and kills someone, there will be hell to pay and it will be all over the news, likely resulting in disciplinary action against that officer. it’s unfair to put our law enforcement officers in the middle of this. Proponents of amnesty should work on getting the laws changed, not violating the law. Encouraging lawbreakers not to cooperate with police starts down the slippery slope to anarchy. Why have police if citizens are taught to do their best to thwart them? Illegal immigrants shouldn’t receive the full panoply of rights as U.S. citizens; if the police require their citizenship status, they should be permitted to determine it without wasting massive resources trying to get around someone who refuses to speak.

Conservatives Must Safeguard Our Judicial Branch

U.S. Supreme Court.jpg

I realize it’s hard to sift through all of our emotions and back a candidate we not only can support on ALL the issues we believe are important, but one that we like as well. I have yet to see a candidate or elected official that I’ve agreed with 100 % of the time.

BUT, our Country demands we do it! Let me explain.

Pro-family conservatives have had a history of concerning themselves with Supreme Court nomination fights. We can all recall the Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas hearings. The liberals took aim and we were successful in shooting back with at least the Thomas’ nomination.

We MUST expect the liberals who support judicial activism will come after future appointment prospects with a fervor we’ve never seen until now.

Recently, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal that got me thinking. The article was written by Steve G. Calabresi and John O. McGinnis and focused on Senator McCain’s election and its impact on the Supreme Court. (See link, I recommend you read it for yourself.)

Here’s what got me thinking. Six of the nine Supreme Court justices will be over 70 on January 20th, 2009. The next president may have the honor of replacing many of them and potentially changing the face of the Supreme Court where we could expect more Terry Schiavo cases, a reversal on the ban on partial-birth abortions, acceptance of gay marriages etc.

How many of you believe that Hilary Clinton or Barrack Obama will not appoint judicial activists? Not many if any of you. Right? One guarantee I can make is Clinton and Obama’s nominations will reverse the direction set by the conservative Supreme Court Justices on the bench today.

Can McCain guarantee conservative appointments? No, but neither could highly regarded President Reagan. Yes, my friends, Reagan’s legacy, while unintentional, brought us Anthony Kennedy and Sandra Day O’Connor.

It’s time to focus on what will really change the Country, for better or worse. And, that’s the future makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s time to take a look at preserving the future of this beautiful Country for our children and their children.

John McCain is the probable Republican Nominee. I know many of you hate that. But this election is pivotal and we CAN’T afford to sit at home, OR vote for the democrat.

That’s counter-productive and frankly, will produce the worst un-American result.

Governor Evan Mecham (1924-2008)


The Arizona Republic is reporting that former Governor Evan Mecham has passed away. He was 83 years old and had suffered a prolonged battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the Mecham Family.

Press Release: David Keene Endorses CD5 Mark Anderson

For Immediate Release: February 22, 2008
Contact: Mark Anderson, (480) 628-9953

National Conservative Leader Endorses Anderson for Congress

Mesa— David Keene, Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), announced his endorsement today for State Rep. Mark Anderson who is running for the GOP nomination to challenge Harry Mitchell, the Democrat incumbent in Arizona’s 5th District.

“I am proud to give Mark my full support,” Keene said. “He is a man who has a track record of putting principle above politics and being a proven leader who will fight to restore fiscal sanity to our government and those values that strengthen our families, economy and nation,” Keene stated.

“I have had the pleasure to get to know Mark personally,” Keene added, “and I have been deeply impressed by his decency, integrity and deep desire to help reform Congress and end the corruption, waste and abuse that has become so commonplace in our nation’s capital. I am convinced Mark will be a Congressman in the mold of his neighbor, Jeff Flake, and will help to rejuvenate the Republican Party by restoring principled leadership in Congress,” Keene said.

“I am deeply honored and delighted to have David Keene’s endorsement,”
Anderson stated. “David Keene is one of the most highly respected, conservative leaders in our nation and his support underscores my deep, personal commitment to  produce results conservatives can be proud of: tax reduction, increased choice in education, improved schools and infrastructure, concrete steps to stop illegal immigration, better laws to strengthen our nations families and much more.” Anderson said.

Founded in 1964, the American Conservative Union is the preeminent, leading national organization of conservatives in America. The ACU also hosts the annual Conservative Political Action Conference that was recently attended by 6,000 conservative activists that also featured President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Sen. John McCain, Governors Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, and many other prominent members of Congress as conference speakers.