John McCain Wins South Carolina

While Sonoran Alliance is not enamored with Senator John McCain we do have to congratulate him on his win in South Carolina.

While this win does provide him with additional momentum moving into the other states, he is still down in the delegate count by four behind Huckabee and 23 behind Romney.

The other factor that led to Senator McCain’s success is the number of Independents who voted for McCain. This probably gave him the edge against Mike Huckabee in a traditionally conservative evangelical state like South Carolina. As McCain moves forward, he will continue to bank on states with open primaries and the independent vote.

Perhaps this is why those home state Republicans closest to the senator have such a problem with him – his shunning of the party platform which has remained the North Star for the party faithful.

This is the debate that will take place from here on forward within the GOP if McCain continues to win. Republicans will have to decide if they want to get in bed with independents, water down the platform and possibly break up the longstanding coalition of cultural, fiscal and international conservatives.

Today’s episode of Meet The Press summarized this discussion perfectly.