Republican Resolutions – Maricopa County Style

Saturday, January 19, 2008, the Maricopa County Republican Party will conduct a mandatory meeting to elect a new county chairman to replace Lyle Tuttle who must resign due to health problems. Our good friend, Tom Husband, will be on the ballot and should win handily and without a challenge and with our raving endorsement.

In addition, the party will be conducting a straw poll on the presidential candidates. Sonoran Alliance will post those results.

Finally, the party will be voting on two major resolutions dealing with the sanctity of life and illegal immigration. Here is the text of those resolutions:


WHEREAS the first unalienable and natural law right stated in our Declaration of Independence is the right to life and,

WHEREAS the unborn child is a human being and therefore has a right to life and,

WHEREAS the life of a human being is sacred and,

WHEREAS it is the duty of all civilized government to prevent the taking of innocent human life and,

WHEREAS abortion is the taking of innocent human life and contrary to natural law and civilized society,

THEREFORE, be it resolved by The Maricopa County Republican Committee that we do hereby affirm our support of the 2004 plank to the Republican Party platform in opposition to the use of public funding for the practice of abortion and the appropriation of government funds to any organization advocating the use of abortion and we

THEREFORE, urge all Arizona delegates to the 2008 Republican National Convention to support a plank to the 2008 Republican Party platform in opposition to the public funding of abortion and all organizations advocating its use.



WHEREAS the federal government has failed to secure our borders and,

WHEREAS the federal government has failed to enforce our laws against hiring undocumented workers and,

WHEREAS the failure of the federal government to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws has encouraged a massive number of persons to illegally enter the United States and,

WHEREAS uncontrolled illegal immigration has allowed persons with criminal histories and persons with contagious diseases to enter the United States and harm the American people and,

WHEREAS illegal immigration has caused increased cost at the state and local level for health care, law enforcement, courts, corrections and, education and,

WHEREAS the non-enforcement of the laws against hiring of undocumented workers in a magnet causing illegal immigration and,

WHEREAS amnesty or the granting of permanent legal status to illegal aliens only rewards illegal immigration and encourages more persons to enter the United States illegally and,

WHEREAS the burden of illegal immigration is being unfairly borne by the American taxpayer,

THEREFORE be it resolved by the Maricopa County Republican Committee that we demand the immediate securing of our international borders and do hereby register our opposition to granting amnesty or to any scheme by another name to grant permanent legal status to persons illegally in the United States and we also do hereby support the enforcement of sanctions against employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers.

Romney strong in NV

While the media obsesses over South Carolina it appears that Mitt Romney will do very well in Nevada. A recent Mason-Dixon poll has him 15 points ahead of his nearest competitor. Nevada is significant as the first major Western state to weigh in on the presidential race. Unlike many other early voting states Nevada has not lost half of its delegates to the convention. The demographics of Nevada are also similar to Arizona so look for Romney to be competitive in the Grand Canyon State.

The details of the poll must be encouraging to the Romney camp. His favorable rating is 61%. That is 20 points higher than the next most favorable Republican. Romney is also doing well with voters on a broad range of conservative issues. According to Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon (as quoted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal)

In every other state we’ve polled, the issues are split. Huckabee wins on moral values, McCain wins on the war on terror, immigration is split, taxes are split. Romney does a little bit better on economic issues. Here, Romney is across the board the best on all five issues. I haven’t seen that anywhere else, and it tells me he’s pretty strong.

So remember while the press is covering the food-fight in South Carolina one candidate may quietly earn another gold in the Silver State.

Attorney General Goddard releases “Guide to the Attorney General’s Guides” booklet


Frustrated by the amount of media attention County Attorney Andrew Thomas has received for his crime prevention handbook, which has resulted in thousands of requests by the public for the booklet, Attorney General Terry Goddard has tried to one-up Thomas by issuing a guide of all guides, a guide to the numerous glossy pamphlets and booklets his office has produced over the years. We’ve included a few pages from this booklet below, which not only feature his photo on the outside of the booklet, as do most of his prior booklets, but on every single page inside as well.

Goddard said he thinks it’s unfair that Thomas issues just one booklet, which doesn’t even have his photo on the outside of it, and he gets all the press. “I’ve been issuing countless glossy booklets and brochures for the public since I entered office in 2003, and not once has the press covered them, other than a tiny paragraph buried inside the back of the newspaper next to the obituaries. It’s unfortunate that I have to resort to putting my picture on every single page in order to get some attention, but I’m willing to do what I need to do. Hopefully by featuring all of my other booklets and videos in this publication we’ll finally get some attention, maybe even some national press. I doubt any other Attorney General has ever issued as many glossy booklets with their picture on them as I have.”

Arizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p5.jpg Arizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p6.jpgArizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p3.jpg Arizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p2.jpgArizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p4.jpg Arizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p7.jpg