Long live Reagan!

All this talk of Reagan has made me quite nostalgic. I know that we have to move forward but I thought this piece would give all of us a little chuckle and maybe a smile for the journey ahead.

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Optimism prevails in MI

We will win Michigan. We will win South Carolina, and I will be the next president of the United States. John McCain – January 9, 2008.

ABC News is projecting Romney as the winner in Michigan. With 62% of the precincts reporting Romney was in the lead by 9 points.

Here is a link to the video of Mitt’s victory speech. Has Romney found his message?

Tonight proves that you can’t tell an American that there’s something they just can’t do because American can do whatever they set their heart to.

Why stop with Reagan

     I will go one further than Bruce Ash and say we are entering the post Republican era. Have you been to a district meeting lately? Some people so old and senile they cannot remember where they parked their car when they came to the meeting, if anyone even shows up. Does Bruce or anyone believe for a second that the generation now in college will sit through a district meeting for 5 minutes? If there were there they would be texting each other about how boring the format was or how old fashioned the concept of party is. What will motivate the next generation to attend a party event? A platform of ideas that candidates may of may not follow? Sorry, this new crowd is smarter than that. They will just get online at Facebook or Meetup and find out whom their friends are supporting. Candidates will have no need for a party apparatus when they can reach more voters for less money on the Internet and through text messaging, especially when the values of the party are completely optional and constantly morphing into something new. The next generation will log on and connect with specific candidates or single-issue groups and the concept of a political party may seem very anachronistic indeed.

The Reagan era may not be the only thing left in the past.